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 Chapter 302: Everything This Knife Points to Shall Become Ingredients

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An ear-splitting growl resounded across the heavens, reverberating through the Western Mystery City. It prompted the hearts of every resident to tremble.

The crowds on the city walls gazed down at the sea of spirit beasts, each with a hard look on their face.

The beautiful Ni Yan, for one, had on a grave expression. The city lord Kong Yao's complexion, for another, was as pale as a ghost. As for the soldiers, terror was stamped all across their faces.

However, there was a glaring outlier-a face that displayed an unexpected degree of delight...

Delight... How is there thrill on your face when there are swarms of spirit beasts below?

Tang Yin, observing Bu Fang's ecstatic face, suddenly felt his heart jerk. He felt like he could never genuinely understand Owner Bu's mind.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, was indeed extremely excited. He had spent the last few days mulling over how to make a dish that could pass the system's evaluation. Alas, all the ingredients provided by the Cook's Army Unit were of mediocre quality. He had cooked the Four Precious Soup with rather unremarkable ingredients before. Though the system had approved it then, Bu Fang couldn't use the same approach again, and this was precisely what gave him a headache.

He was just fretting over the lack of superior ingredients when he came across the spirit beast fever that occurred once every three years. This was akin to... a timely dose of rain after a long period of drought.

"Father, don't worry. Although these flocks of spirit beasts appear unnerving, it isn't anything we haven't already dealt with in the past. We should stay put and not ruffle their feathers. Once today passes, the spirit beast fever will naturally recede." Though Kong Xuan wore a long face, he managed to pull himself together in consoling Kong Yao.

City lord Kong Yao nodded his head. Every single encounter with such spirit beast fever was a blow to his peace of mind.

Nonetheless, just as what Kong Xuan had proposed-the best they could do now was to stay in the city and wait it out. The swarms of spirit beasts were due to retreat after a full day.


The growls of seventh grade spirit beasts reverberated in all directions, ear-splitting and deafening.

Those standing on the city wall felt like the wall was even quivering amidst the beastly howls.

"Want to taste more gourmet delicacies?"

After more waves of roars, Bu Fang suddenly turned his head to Ni Yan, who was on his side. He curled the corners of his mouth before asking her this question.

Ni Yan was taken aback.

Tang Yin, after hearing these words, was also shocked. Owner Bu... what do you mean? Do you really see the fearsome spirit beasts below as ingredients for your dishes? Tang Yin felt his entire world go dark. Knowing the nature of his Master Ni, he had an extremely bad feeling about this...

"Gourmet delicacies? More tasty gourmet delicacies?" Ni Yan's beautiful eyes instantly lit up, as resplendent as a pair of glittering gemstones.

"Yes! I promise they will be extremely delicious!" Bu Fang nodded seriously.

"Speak up, what do you need me to do?" Ni Yan stuck out her delicate, rosy tongue to lick her red lips, asking enthusiastically.

Tang Yin immediately rubbed his forehead helplessly. He knew it... His Master Ni could not contain herself when it came to food. This was definitely a sickness that needed to be treated.

Yet what Bu Fang said next really made Tang Yin lose the will to live.

"Do you see that fiery red lion? Imagine its flesh roasted by flames-it'll be oh so juicy and succulent."

"Also, observe the elephant covered with thorns, which help protect its high-quality flesh. We need to see through the appearances to observe the essence within. I can promise that this elephant flesh will be a fine treat."

"And there's that giant tortoise, with its shell brimming with energy. Given that it is cooked properly, it could be a highly nutritious dish!"


Bu Fang critiqued the seventh grade spirit beasts one after another. As he went on, Ni Yan's eyes sparkled even more brightly.

"So you're saying that the seventh grade spirit beasts down below are all extraordinary ingredients? Then which one do you need captured?"

Bu Fang paused for a moment. Then, he stood up straight, curling the corners of his mouth.

He scrutinized the ferocious waves of beasts below. A wisp of smoke twirled around his hand and the pitch-black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his palm.

He gripped the knife firmly, using it to point at the beasts below.

"Everything this knife points to shall become ingredients."

Bu Fang announced majestically.

Ni Yan was dumbfounded, and so was Tang Yin. Kong Yao, Kong Xuan and the other generals of the Western Mystery City all shoot him a crazy look. Was this fellow loony?

"With the spirit beast fever erupting down there, forget about cooking ingredients already... plus, it is hard to determine who will be whose dinner once you charge down there. Maybe tomorrow... you'll be effectively digested and passed out of the spirit beasts' system."

"Senior... Senior Bu. Don't mess around. This is the spirit beast fever. Once it recedes, we can come up with a better plan to hunt for preys," Tang Yin said in a feeble voice.

With his goofy, gluttonous master on top of a maverick like Owner Bu, he sensed that something was about to go down.

"Will it really be that delicious?"

Be that as it may, just as Tang Yin had predicted, Ni Yan stared at Bu Fang and inquired him with glistening eyes.

"If not, you can kick my ass."

Bu Fang waved his hand skillfully and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife instantly twirled in his hand like a magician's tricks.

"All right! This lady shall take your word for it this time. All for the sake of gourmet delicacies!" A breathtakingly beautiful smile beamed on Ni Yan's incredibly charming face, her eyes narrowing into slits.

Bu Fang patted Whitey's belly, and instructed, "Whitey, let's go!"

Go where?

Everyone on the city wall except for Tang Yin and Ni Yan ogled at Bu Fang in utter disbelief.

After a split second, they gawked at Bu Fang with mouths agape, as if they were looking at a lunatic.

Right under their eyes, Bu Fang jumped up and leaped over the city walls.

"Oh my god! Is this guy committing suicide?"

"There's a sea of spirit beasts down there! Could you not behave like you're jumping into a bathtub? That is so unfitting."

"Is this pale-faced fellow scared out of his wits? Feeding the beasts with his own body?"


The crowds failed to comprehend Bu Fang's actions. They all leaned against the wall, craning their necks to peer down.


A refreshing breeze swept by, bringing with it a wonderful scent.

An exquisite figure also soared high into the sky. Her white satin robe danced in the wind, her head of silken hair fluttering in a dreamy fashion.

Without any warnings, Ni Yan also followed after Bu Fang and jumped.

"Elder Ni!!"

Kong Xuan's pupils shrank as he burst out shouting. He leaned against the wall, feeling like all meaning has been sucked out of his life. You are too beautiful to be sacrificed, why cast away your life!

Bu Fang's legs parted, still clutching the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife firmly in one hand. His knife shone radiately under the sunshine. His entire body swooped down like a gust of wind.


Whitey was the first to land, causing the ground to tremble as its figure left behind a deep indent. Several spirit beasts were directly crushed to death under Whitey's weight.

Afterward, Bu Fang's feet also hit the ground. He trampled on the back of a spirit beast, squashing it onto the pavement.

Ni Yan was as swift and agile as a swallow. As her white robe rippled, she managed to tread upon the air, gracefully hovering right above the spirit beasts.

Her ruby lips curled slightly as her delicate fingers tapped the air softly. Then the spirit energy around her body began to boil, transforming into waves of fluctuations that spread to all directions.

"Owner Bu, I'll take care of this lion! Keep your promise in mind, for if the food is not good I'll punish you!"

Ni Yan's delightful voice rang before she became a flash of light and charged at the lion burning like a ball of fire.

"Trust me, there will be a hearty feast."

Bu Fang replied calmly.

He stood up straight. The spirit beasts nearby were all recovering from their initial shock. Savage ferocity filled their eyes as they bolted toward Bu Fang.

Everyone on the walls gasped out loud. From their perspective, the flock of beasts below was much like an army of ants, swarming around Bu Fang and piling together like a small mountain. The sheer amount of beasts prompted one's heart to race and one's muscles to twitch.

Kong Xuan stood up straight and gave a dry cough. He had forgotten that Elder Ni had a superior cultivation level and that she could walk among the clouds... and so her life wasn't necessarily in danger.

However, that young fellow was merely a sixth grade Battle-Emperor who couldn't even tread on air. What gave him the guts to jump off the city walls. Wasn't he aware that even the sixth grade spirit beasts down there were beyond count?

Watching as beasts after beasts charged toward Bu Fang aggressively, a trace of thrill unknowingly flashed across Kong Xuan's eyes!

Ni Yan has visited Bu Fang much too frequently over the past few days, something that irked Kong Xuan deeply. If Bu Fang was blatant enough to court death himself, it certainly saved him from doing the dirty work later on.

Tang Yin rubbed his forehead. Sure enough... the combination of Senior Bu and Master Ni always led to trouble.

From afar, tempestuous waves of true energy burst out of Ni Yan's body. She battled that wild seventh grade Fire Lion with her bare hands.

Ni Yan's cultivation level was indeed excellent, enabling her to quickly subdue the Fire Lion.

Unfortunately, she was surrounded by waves of beasts, so plenty of other spirit beasts tried to pounce on her as she fought the Fire Lion. That she did find somewhat nettlesome.

However, all was worth it for gourmet food!

She trusted Bu Fang and especially had faith that his cooking would never disappoint.

Ni Yan twisted her head toward Bu Fang and her face instantly blanched. What she saw was Bu Fang completely swallowed up by layers after layers of spirit beasts.

The corners of her mouth twisted. She suddenly recalled that Bu Fang was merely a sixth grade Battle-Emperor.

Owner Bu... hasn't already been devoured, has he?


With a deafening boom, a golden beam of light shone through the cracks of the mountain of beasts. It shot straight to the sky, glistening brilliantly.

The roar of a dragon reverberated in the heavens. An invisible fluctuation began to spread through the heap of spirit beasts, much like waves rippling when a stone was tossed into a lake.

Right under everyone's astonished gazes-

The swarm of spirit beasts suddenly exploded.

A figure carrying a giant golden kitchen knife stood proudly amidst the shambles. Beside him was a puppet flashing its deep purple eyes.

This spectacular duo slowly sauntered out of the circle of spirit beast carcasses.

With a wave of the kitchen knife, countless spirit beasts all... recoiled fearfully.