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 Chapter 298: The Supreme Will of Sword

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

"He's... been swallowed?"

From afar, Zhu Yue felt his pupils shrink and a chill shot down his spines. The formidable force of energy emitted by the gigantic iguana made his entire body tremble.

He was the general of the Third Corp, but his cultivation was merely at sixth grade Battle-Emperor. Which meant he was the same as Bu Fang, who he had just witnessed being swallowed by that beast.

"Senior Bu!" Tang Yin's heart also quivered as he rushed forward with a shout. He swirled the sword in his hand, slashing it to send his will of sword towards the gigantic iguana.

However, the gigantic iguana rolled its eyes, swaying its tail like a steel bludgeon, and simply swept away the incoming will of sword.

The Shura Sect warrior immediately burst out into laughter as a look of delight surfaced in his eyes!

Though this puppet was currently kicking his ass and leaving bloody gashes left and right on his body... he was assured that he would easily subdue this metallic lump shortly.

This was because once a puppet lost its master, it would merely regress into scraps of iron waste.


The Shura Sect warrior was slashed by Whitey's blade once more. As blood spurted everywhere, he was sent crashing into the floor, causing the pavement to tremble violently.

"Damn it! Why don't you freaking come at me again!"

The Shura Sect warrior struggled to get to his feet, a sense of madness flickering in his eyes, "Damned lump of iron, just you try to finish me off!!"

Whitey's purple eyes glistened and it suddenly stopped in its tracks.

Tang Yin's pupils shrank, as did Zhu Yue's. Mo Lin, on the other hand, howled with laughter excitedly.

This puppet finally froze!

The Shura Sect warrior threw back his head and laughed sardonically, his hair loose and disheveled, his eyes full of spite. He brandished his long spear, stamped it on the ground and sprinted toward Whitey, ready to pierce through this lump of iron.

He was determined to puncture this lump of iron so many times that it would look like a hornet's nest.

He condensed the spirit energy on his spear, holding back nothing.

Unable to strike back at Whitey earlier, he felt extremely aggrieved. He was a Battle-Saint at the end of the day, and had never felt so powerless before!

He was about to throw all of the humiliation he had suffered earlier back into the face of this metallic lump!

With Bu Fang already swallowed by the gigantic iguana, he was not worried about Whitey striking back. The Shura Sect was located far beyond the southern region and possessed countless records of secret documents, many of which were on such puppets.

There was a powerful sect in the continent called the Puppet Sect. Everyone in that sect possessed several puppets, all of which had impressive combat capabilities. However, once the puppets' master was killed, they would immediately lose all their battling abilities, until they were somehow retuned.

This iron-made puppet before him was very powerful, which meant that the pale-faced young man very likely belonged to the Puppet Sect. Hence, everything should be under control once again now that he had slaughtered the master!

His howling laughter was accompanied by gusts of wind whistling in the air. He thrust his spear forward forcefully, almost digging a deep hole in the air.

Zhu Yue fell into a deep despair as Tang Yin's face paled. Was Senior Bu... truly devoured by this gigantic iguana?

Was the Third Corp of the Western Mystery Army about to perish right here, right now?


Just as the Shura Sect warrior's spear was about to hit Whitey's body, the purpleness in Whitey's eyes suddenly lit up. That beam of light burst out like the rosy evening clouds, almost blinding the Shura Sect warrior's eyes.

What the hell?!

A blade swooshed down in a whistle as the Shura Sect warrior suddenly felt a searing pain. His body had been effectively cut into half by this strike.

The long spear dropped down helplessly as his entire figure was violently smashed onto the ground.

"How is this possible?! Why can this puppet still move?!"

Both madness and bewilderment filled the Shura Sect warrior's eyes.

He lifted his head only to see Whitey waving its blades and charging straight at him.

In the distance, the tongue-thrusting gigantic iguana suddenly widened its eyes and opened its mouth wide. A dazzling golden blade glistened in the air as the iguana's jaw instantly exploded.

Blood splattered everywhere as the gigantic iguana shrieked miserably.

The shadow of a figure suddenly emerged from the rising fog of blood.

A slender figure, carrying a large kitchen knife, gradually came into view.

Waves of true energy whirred as gusts of wind brushed past, blowing away the hazy mist of blood. Alas, the face belonging to the slim figure was exposed.

Bu Fang, with a calm composure, held his Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in one hand. The knife was glittering in a resplendent golden sheen of light, utterly dazzling.

He waved the knife, bringing about a giant pressure, which shocked Mo Lin and Zhu Yue, causing their hearts to shudder.

The iguana, with shattered jaws, lay flat on the ground. With shrunken pupils, it eyed Bu Fang with the utmost terror.

The pressure from such a superior being had completely dissolved its will to resist.

"What's going on? My dear! Stand up and bite him to death! Don't just lie there! Bite him!"

The Shura Sect warrior widened his eyes. He covered his wounded shoulder with a hand and bellowed in rage.

Upon hearing those words, Bu Fang was dumbstruck. He lifted up the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and twisted his head towards the Shura Sect warrior.

"You ordered this beast to bite me? A creature like this... dares to bite me?" Bu Fang uttered calmly. His voice was not loud but his words were clearly articulated so that they traveled into the Shura Sect warrior's ears.

His eyes dimmed as he saw the golden kitchen knife in Bu Fang's hand rise to the air. The giant knife swirled in the young man's hands, as if a magician's trick, and then...


Slashing down at a speed nearly invisible to the naked eye, the golden knife gave off a dazzling shine, one so lustrous that it jolted everyone's heart.

Amidst a wretched wail... Bu Fang had already dissected the gigantic iguana alive, stripping off even its skin.

Given his extremely proficient Meteor Cutting Technique, it was way too easy a task to cut through a large iguana.

"A seventh grade spirit beast, nice. It looks like the critical ingredient for the next dish is set."

Bu Fang's hands slightly trembled as the giant Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife gradually lost its golden sheen. It transformed back into a wisp of smoke and evaporated in Bu Fang's hands.

Peering at the soon-to-be ingredient that was the gigantic iguana, Bu Fang curled the corners of his mouth. He was just fretting over what to cook for the next dish, and here was a god-sent ingredient-a seventh grade spirit beast. The second dish to be deemed satisfactory by the system was due soon.

The Shura Sect warrior felt his entire body stiffen, his eyeballs almost popping out of his eye sockets. That was his precious baby... now merely a plate of ingredients to Bu Fang. His rage swelled up in his heart as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He had personally raised up that gigantic iguana and saw it as his best buddy, his precious baby...but now it has been slaughtered and would soon appear on someone's dinner table.

"Unforgivable! You are a dead man!" The Shura Sect warrior, with his bloodshot eyes, picked himself up from the floor and glowered at Bu Fang ferociously.

Yet just as he was back on his feet, a cold blade flashed by and directly sliced him in half. Both halves of his body were tossed into the sky and then plummeted onto the ground.

Blood gushed out like a fountain. A loathsome look lingered in his eyes even to the very last moment.


The magic array formed by the five talismans suddenly began to shake in the sky. Afterward, white threads of spiritual essence were forcibly pulled out of the Shura Sect warrior's dead body. His phantom spirit fought to escape with a terrified look across its face, but such a struggle was purely in vain.

Alas, the shrieking spiritual essence of the Shura Sect warrior was also absorbed by the talisman magic array.

The pieces of talisman glistened, still glossy as ever. They suddenly trembled in the air, as if being dragged toward something, and quickly glided away.

Tang Yin's face changed as he pulled out his sword, muttering incantations. Then, he leaped onto his sword and sped toward the talisman.

That magic array contained at least tens of thousands of spiritual essences. Once retrieved by the Shura Sect, the consequences would be beyond imagination.

Tang Yin was determined to destroy this magic array and sent a chilled sword beam toward it.

Nonetheless... another sword beam suddenly burst forth from the magic array, one bloodthirsty and deadly.

Tang Yin's body came to a sudden halt. Without warning, his sword beam was smashed into pieces under the powerful will imbued in the enemy beam.

That sword beam continued to advance. It spanned a long stripe in the sky as if setting out to eliminate Tang Yin as well.

Whitey abruptly leaped high into the air. It hauled Tang Yin back onto the ground with one palm and effectively blocked the sword beam with the other fist.

With a loud bang, numerous beams and its mighty will shattered and spread in multiple directions.

Whitey's body fell down from the sky, crashing and leaving a huge deep hole in the ground...

Tang Yin struggled to his feet. He peered at the fading Talisman Magic Array with a lingering trace of fear in his heart. Blood continued to trickle down from the corners of his mouth.

"That... that was the Supreme Will of Sword! This magic array is actually guarded by the Supreme Will of Sword! As I suspected... the Shura Sect certainly cherishes this magic array! What on earth is this magic array for?!" Tang Yin's lips quivered. His four limbs, down to every piece of bone in his body, shivered.

Barely escaping death from the Supreme Will of Sword, he was still in a state of shock.

Bu Fang's expression was also somewhat solemn. Yet he was neither concerned with the Supreme Will of Sword nor the disappearing magic array.

Instead, he came to the deep hole where Whitey fell. Whitey was just crawling out of the pit.

The corners of Bu Fang's eyes twitched as he discovered a frightening scar on Whitey's body.

After all, this was just a duplication of Whitey. If the real Whitey were there, this Supreme Will of Sword would be nothing compared to it.

Patting Whitey's chubby belly, Bu Fang sighed in relief.

The purple sheen in Whitey's eyes had already dispersed, returning to its usual rosy red shade. It raised up a hand and rubbed its head. The scar on its belly had already recovered at a speed noticeable to the naked eye.

Everyone nearby was simply dumbfounded by the sight. Mo Lin was the first one who snapped back.

The Shura Sect warrior had been defeated!

The gaze Mo Lin cast at Bu Fang was filled with terror. This fellow...

"Everyone listen up! Retreat immediately!!"

Mo Lin shouted out before riding away on his spirit horse. Without a second of hesitation, he sprinted off. His troops followed along.

The morale of Zhu Yue's troop instantly boosted. The soldiers chased after the enemies with ear-splitting bellows.

In that very moment, the battle had become rather lopsided. Yet Zhu Yue's army could only chase after them to intimidate Mo Lin. It was impossible to truly exterminate the opposing force.


Outside Mo Luo City.

A sudden light flashed by and slipped into a tall tent.

Inside the tent, another warrior wrapped in a black gown immediately fluttered open his eyes. He raised up a hand and tugged at the Talisman Magic Array floating before him. Seeing how cracks were spread over the five pieces of jade talisman, the black-robed man narrowed his eyes.

"This magic array is supposed to be controlled by Nu'Er. Why has it come to me? Besides... it looks like the Supreme Will of Sword bestowed upon it by the High Priest is shattered. From the looks of it, Nu'Er is most likely doomed." This man in black drew in a deep breath. An obscure look clouded his eyes.

"Did anyone from the Celestial Arcanum Sect or the Hundred Thousand Mountains step in?"