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 Chapter 296: Are You The Principal Conspirator?

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Angry roars filled the campsite as flames shot to the sky. The sound of arrows being plucked was comparable to hearts being ripped apart, sending goosebumps down one's body.

Mo Lin led his storm of troops into the enemy's campsite. The way he flicked his long spear, sending blood everywhere, made him look invincible.

Zhu Yue charged in, seeking to resist Mo Lin. Finally, the great generals of the two armies have clashed in a battle to the death. Both were courageous and spirited as they swooped in with bloodshot eyes.

In the sky, a black-gowned warrior from the Shura Sect levitated in the air. In his hand were five spinning talismans. These jade runes emitted an eerie beam as if releasing its extraordinary power of suction to absorb the phantom spirits and spiritual essences of the dead corpses from down below.

The bodies of piles of dead soldiers had yet to turn cold before their wailing spiritual essence was forcibly dragged out and sucked in by the magic arrays of the talismans.

The black-gowned man had elation written in his eyes, and even the muscles on his face ticked excitedly.

With the flash of a sword, Tang Yin charged out of the campsite. His target was the Shura Sect warrior controlling the magic array.

That warrior suddenly bellowed, prompting a pitch black wave of true energy to fluctuate and smack back at Tang Yin's sword. This palm made of force was formidable, bringing with it a terrifying pressure as it came crashing down.

Tang Yin's complexion became all the more somber. In the present moment, his body was still recovering from heavy injuries. In the face of this strike, he had to bear a tremendous amount of pressure.

The battle up in the sky did not alleviate the situation on the battleground below. The two armies continued the bitter battle, staining the soil with blood.


After catching a breath, Wei Dafu felt his body turn ice cold. He wasn't alone in this since everyone else in the Cooks' Army Unit sat there with trembling bodies, nobody daring to make a noise.

The ground, covered with dead bodies, reflected in their eyes like a horrible nightmare. Though these were all the corpses of their enemies, they simply couldn't erase the earlier scene from their minds.

That metallic lump... turned out to be so powerful. In fact, so powerful they found it hard to breathe.

However, even though they were shocked and pale with fear, they secretly sighed in relief. That they had managed to save their provisions gave them great hope.

Wei Dafu and the others stood up, ready to handle the shipment of their remaining supplies.

However, just as they pushed away a cart of provisions, the earth began to shake violently. The sound of hooves hitting the ground traveled into their ears. Another group of men charging forth came into view.


Those from the Cooks' Army Unit bawled as they began to fish out their weapons. Some couldn't locate their usual blades and instead clutched kitchen knives in their hands, but still managing to instill an imposing manner.

This time there were only three adversaries. All three were dressed in black and emanated sinister levels of energy. Their brows were furrowed into frowns when they observed the heaps of dead bodies on the ground.

"There appears to be a warrior safeguarding the army provisions... I was wondering why the special task force took such a long time. I guess they met a match!"

A black-gowned warrior sneered coldly and shot a glance at the corpses on the ground before studying the Cooks' Army Unit. His face instantly darkened.

"But you are all going to die!"

This black-gowned man widened his eyes. As the tip of his feet touched the floor, he leaped off his horse and extended a claw of dark-toned true energy. This surge of true energy directly pierced through the bodies of numerous soldiers, killing them instantly.

The three were all warriors of the Shura Sect with the cultivation of fifth grade Battle-Kings. The slaughtering of the Cooks' Army Unit was as easy for them as a wolf storming through a pack of sheep.

Long Cai turned around in terror. In the face of such three demons, he simply couldn't muster up the courage and instead got ready to escape.

Wei Dafu had the same thing on his mind as he struggled to flee for his life... His main concern was protecting the army provisions, yet these three presented too much of a challenge. This was a clear case of a willing spirit paired with a weak, helpless body.

"Thinking of taking off?"

A black-gowned man smiled cruelly before charging straight for Long Cai. His bloody hands clawed at Long Cai's heart.

Long Cai's young face was filled with horror, his entire body stiffening at the adversary's strong killing intent.

Right before the blood-dripping hands were about to pierce through Long Cai's body, a cool voice rang amidst the howling winds.

"You can't kill him."

The voice was so calm that it contained no trace of emotion. A black frying pan spun in the air, hurled straight at the black-gowned man.

"What the hell?!" The black-gowned man squinted his eyes only to see a flying pan, which unexpectedly gave him a fright.

The man in black was furious as he clawed the pan, intending to smash it into smithereens. Yet, just as his monstrous claw collided with the pan, he was sent flying backwards by a terrifying force of energy.

The black pan also exploded the air.

Bu Fang sauntered in from afar, accompanied by Whitey.

With each and every step, Whitey's eyes flickered a deeper shade of purple...

"Looks like you are the hidden warrior... who killed our entire special task force! You've got quite the guts!" The black-gowned men sneered as all three gathered together to study Bu Fang.

Bu Fang patted Whitey's chubby belly as his lips suddenly curled. He couldn't be bothered to waste his breath on this crowd.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three surging waves of true energy spread outwards. The auras on these three men had already reached the level of fifth grade Battle-King. Within the army, a Battle-King was powerful enough to lead as a general.

No wonder the entire Cooks' Army Unit was no match to these three.

A purple beam of light glowered, flaring in a way that stumped the three figures. Afterwards, they sensed a chilled breeze as the flash of a figure suddenly charged toward them.

It was the metallic lump of a puppet beside the young lad!

How dare he send a puppet to tackle them? Was he looking down on them?

Bu Fang held his hands behind his back and watched the battle silently with an unflustered face. With Whitey stepping in, he was reassured.

The brutality of war exceeded his expectations. It was as if one's life had become so petty and meaningless in this series of battles.

Mess cooks discussing gourmet delicacies with him a second earlier were now chilled corpses. The thought of this made him sigh with sadness.

"Exterminate all." Bu Fang emitted a light breath, its eyes dimming.

Whitey's figure froze and then launched forward ferociously like a thunderstorm. Its punches rained down with a force that could break mountains, sending one of the men in black into the sky. The pummel left a deep indent in his chest. It dawned on him that he had no capacity to strike back.

Spat! A mouthful of blood sprayed out. The warrior was knocked onto the ground and simply couldn't muster the energy to stand up again.

With a palm transforming into a sharp blade, Whitey stomped its feet. Then, it dashed forward once again at the speed of lightning.

The blade was too fierce to withstand for the remaining two that have already turned pale with fright. In the blink of an eye, they were thrashed into the air. Both were severely wounded with deep gashes across their stomachs, out of which gushed a river of blood.

Before Whitey, the three Battle-King warriors did not have the strength to defend themselves.


After thrusting three punches, one for each adversary, Whitey restored its usual red-eyed state and returned to Bu Fang's side.

"A pleasant army chef training session completely spoiled. How infuriating." Bu Fang scratched his head and drew in a deep breath as he mumbled.

Afterwards, his eyes flashed a fierce look before he wandered away with Whitey by his side.

He was headed for a direction erupting with deafening roars.

Long Cai and Wei Dafu gaped with widened eyes as they shuddered in a remote corner, holding in their breaths.

Those three fearsome cultivators were completely powerless... against the metallic lump. The clear winner of the battle emerged within a matter of seconds. Just how forbidding was this metal puppet?

Long Cai trembled as he picked himself up from the floor. This time, he summoned up the courage to chase after Bu Fang, his figure disappearing in the direction where Bu Fang took off.


Tang Yin spat out a mouthful of blood. His complexion was turning somewhat sallow...

A Shura Sect warrior hovered majestically in the air, extending one hand to suppress Tang Yin. The latter did not make a worthy opponent.

After all, he had just recently reached the seventh grade Battle-Saint echelon and simply couldn't rival a veteran Battle-Saint.

The worst was the adversary's black-toned true energy, which brought with it a corroding sense of pressure. This tactic forced him to summon shields of true energy in resistance, without which his flesh would be easily corroded.

As time went on, his strength was waning by the minute.

"Who would have thought that the Celestial Arcanum Sect would send a piece of trash like you...surely the Celestial Arcanum Sect doesn't think our Shura Sect has nobody left?" With a smack, the warrior swatted away Tang Yin's sword and laughed contemptuously.

Afterward, he twirled his hands. A blood-colored longsword crystallized.

With a slash, the bloody vigor of sword leaped out and charged toward Tang Yin. This time, it went for the final kill.

This Shura Sect warrior was very much elated. Tang Yin was a seventh grade Battle-Saint. Though he had only recently reached his breakthrough, his spiritual essence must still be rather rich. This meant that his spiritual essence alone was equivalent to that of tens of soldiers.

If he could collect this spiritual essence, his trip this time would be considered a success. In fact, he would even surpass the task that the High Priest assigned him.

As the sword sliced down, blood splattered everywhere.

Tang Yin's pupils shrank. He was sent sprawling on the ground, which shook violently beneath his body.

Cough Cough...

As he spat out another mouthful of blood, Tang Yin got up to his feet with an incredibly pale face. He felt he was about to meet his maker right there, right now... He was simply no match for the Shura Sect beast!

"So, are you the principal conspirator who ruined my army training?"

A calm voice rang in the air. From a distance, the shadows of two figures sauntered in from the ghastly bloodshed.

Tang Yin was dumbfounded as he twisted his head, and his pupils shrank.

"Senior... Senior Bu!" A sense of excitement flashed across Tang Yin's face. He had forgotten all about the formidable existence known as Bu Fang.

He had heard all about the battle in the Imperial City. That incident inadvertently spread the fame of Bu Fang's store. Countless warriors perished and turned into dry bones in that battle!

Supporting five rotating jade runes with a single hand, the Shura Sect warrior tilted his heads and observed Bu Fang and Whitey. He narrowed his eyes.

"Who the hell are you? Another idiot seeking his doom? A trifling sixth grade Battle-Emperor... yet so reckless and bold."

As a veteran seventh grade Battle-Saint, this Shura Sect warrior naturally had a discerning eye. Though Bu Fang's cultivation level was not conspicuous, he still easily detected his capabilities.

As for the metallic lump of a puppet, since there was zilch true energy fluctuations on its figure, he didn't bother with it.

A seventh grade Battle-Saint in addition to a sixth grade Battle-Emperor?

The Shura Sect warrior twitched the corners of his mouth, "Another one to volunteer his spiritual essence. It looks like I'll be reaping quite a gain this time!"