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 Chapter 295: As the Wind Rose, the Scent of Blood Permeated the Air

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"How sweet! It's truly a delicacy!"

"It's pretty good, this dish is pretty good!"

"It's extremely delicious, I feel that my whole body is overflowing with strength after drinking it!"


After those soldiers drank the Four Treasures Broth which Bu Fang distributed, they were full of praise, for this dish made them experience what was a true delicacy.

Although Bu Fang only used ordinary ingredients which didn't contain the slightest trace of spiritual energy, since he used his special True Energy cooking technique, there was always a trace of his True Energy that would seep into and fuse with the dish.

This was the main reason his dishes were so delicious.

"Owner Bu is indeed Owner Bu. Your dishes are always popular," Tang Yin said with a smile. The appearance of Bu Fang in the army was quite an inconceivable matter, and he was hesitating about whether he should inform his master Ni Yan of this or not.

However after he carefully thought about it, he decided to wait until Bu Fang returned to the Western Mystery City before considering it.

This was a rare opportunity to drink a soup made by Bu fang without having to pay a single crystal, so Tang Yin also joined the group of soldiers and drank several bowls of the soup.

However, just when they were enjoying the soup, sounds of war cries resounded from outside the camp and the sound of a war bugles echoed through the whole camp.

Zhu Yue complexion immediately changed, and he quickly drank the soup in one mouthful. He turned around and walked out toward the outside of the camp. The transmission of the war bugles meant the enemy had come to assault them.

The current Western Mystery Army was already compelled to leave Mo Luo City's range, but the enemy was still as aggressive as before. Zhu Yue's complexion became somewhat ugly as his face was full of anger.

Tang Yin urged Bu Fang to pay attention to his safety before he also turned around and left. Since the enemy came to assault them, the devil of the Shura Sect would definitely appear. That devil wanted to kill them all to turn them into spiritual essence and spirits of the formation by his hand.

Although there wasn't a large amount of Bu Fang's soup, at least several hundreds of soldiers had already drunk it. All of these people felt enlivened and full of energy. They waved their weapons as they rushed out of the camp, and their terrifyingly imposing manner caused the enemies which were rushing toward them to become stunned for a second.

The battle immediately erupted once more.

As the two armies collided, deafening war cries began resounding.


Inside the camp, Bu Fang already collected the empty four woks and was planning to return to his tent.

Wei Dafu and many cooks from the army were standing at a distant place as they stared at Bu Fang, all having a somewhat ugly complexion.

They didn't know how they should face Bu Fang. At first, they thought that he was only a newcomer who could be freely bullied. They didn't expect that this newcomer had such strong backing.

Wei Dafu didn't want to believe any of that, but the scene he'd witnessed earlier was already enough proof.

Moreover, Wei Dafu's fate had shifted from being the captain of the Cooks' Army Unit to the cook of the ordinary ingredients... This was truly more unbearable than directly killing him.

Woosh! Woosh!

The sound of pulling at two bowstrings resounded, and immediately after, two arrows as fast as lighting shot out from far away, piercing the heads of two guards of the Cooks' Army Unit.

Wei Dafu and the others stared at this until their eyes widened. They all raised their heads and looked at a distant place. The figures of dozens of spirit beasts were rushing toward them.

"They are the enemy troops!"

Wei Dafu and the others immediately started roaring. The position of the military's provisions was unexpectedly discovered by the enemies. They were already rushing toward them, a fact that showed how brutal this battle was!

Once their provisions were destroyed, the soldiers would lose their food supplies, an utter disaster for the Third Corps.

At this moment, the Cooks' Army Unit members were obliged to join the fight. The protection of the provisions was their responsibility, and as their hands could use knives to cut dishes, they could also be used to cut an enemy.

Although the enemy's forces weren't large, the personal strength of each soldier was formidable. They also rode spirit beasts, making the speed at which they were rushing at them extremely fast.

Woosh! Woosh!

Several arrows were shot from the enemies' longbows, and they quickly reached them, piercing several of the cooks and tightly nailing them on the ground.

Bu Fang's pupils contracted as he, for the first time, felt a cold killing intent enveloping him. This was a battlefield, a true battlefield where there was only "kill or be killed".

"Let's destroy the provisions! The general already gave the command. We won't let anyone from this Western Mystery Army return home alive!"

The enemy troops gave out deafening roars as their imposing manner almost made the cooks' knees shiver in despair. Although their number was equal to the enemy's, their prowess lacked much when compared to theirs.

The figure of Bu Fang who was carrying the four woks on his back shifted slightly as he dodged an arrow. His gaze became dignified as he stared at this group of enemies rushing toward them.

Whitey suddenly appeared at his side, and its mechanical eyes twinkled with a terrifying red glow.

Ding ding ding!

Several arrows pounded its body and produced a crisp sound before Whitey waved its hand and broke the arrows, sweeping them aside.

Facing such a scene, the enemies which were riding spirit beasts were stunned for a short while. They didn't expect that a metallic lump which appeared out of nowhere could block their arrows. However, they didn't care much about this.

As the sound of their horses' hooves resounded beneath them, two enemies rushed forward toward Whitey and Bu Fang, each wielding a lance. Since arrows weren't able to pierce it, then they would use lances. No matter what, all who prevented them from destroying the provisions would die.

Their objective was destroying the Western Mystery Army's provisions, ensuring their enemy's soldiers would starve there.

Their squadron was formed from the most capable of Mo Lin's subordinates. Each of them had quite a strong cultivation level. Mo Lin sent them there to prevent any mishap from happening.

"Sensing a killing intent... Initiating Extermination Mode."

Whitey muttered as its red eyes changed into a deep purple color. Such a profound purple seemed like it was able to wrestle one's very soul.

Both fourth-grade Battle-Spirit riding the swift spiritual beasts were relentlessly wielding their lances as they rushed toward Whitey and Bu Fang.

In the instant that the Purple-Eye Mode was activated, Whitey's entire aura changed, and its figure instantly rushed out, blocking Bu Fang's front while raising its hand. It unexpectedly tried to grab the lances which had been rushing at them.

"You are seeking death!!"

The enemies stared at it as they thrust their lances toward Whitey.

However, Whitey's palm stubbornly grabbed the lances, and as sparks flew around, the two people atop the spiritual beasts were pushed out off their mount's backs.

A purple light flickered in Whitey's eyes as its hand which held the lances' tips slightly shook. Swinging them, it firmly swatted the two spirit horses into the ground, stopping their charge.

Those spiritual horses were only second-grade spiritual beasts, so how could they bear such a strike. They immediately fell to the ground and spurted blood, gasping for breath.

The two enemies were also swept by the lance, and after this, Whitey leisurely threw the lances at them, directedly piercing both of them and nailing them on the ground as their blood started flowing out.

This scene was extremely shocking, and no matter if it was the enemies or the cooks, they all became dumbfounded while witnessing such a scene.

Wei Dafu was even more so as he directly fell to the ground with his mouth trembling...

This scene was truly too terrifying. Those two enemies who were nailed to the ground with eyes opened wide were full of resentment.

The clothes-stripping crazy demon was... unexpectedly that powerful.

Its foes were a rushing cavalry duo, yet it was unexpectedly able to drag them down. Their spiritual horses were thrashed to death, and their riders killed by nailing them into the ground.

There was such an unexpectedly fearful existence beside Bu Fang, yet they all still foolishly went to him looking for trouble.

When they recalled how Whitey stripped their clothes, they couldn't help rejoicing. In light of that metallic lump's strength, it would be easy for it to kill them all if it had wanted.

Bu Fang, who was carrying the four woks on his back, calmly took a look at the enemies nailed to the ground. Seeing Wei Dafu and the others who weren't far away and holding onto lances while preparing to risk their lives fighting the enemy, he indifferently turned back and continued walking.

That small squad of the enemy was angered, and the enemy roared as they rushed at Whitey. They were one of the strongest squads of Mo Lin and they unexpectedly ended up losing some of their soldiers with this mission.

A purple light flickered in Whitey's eyes as its arm quickly changed into a machete.

As this group of dozens of peoples rushed at it and tried to surround Whitey, it also ferociously rushed toward them.

Following that... the cooks from the Cooks' Army Unit witnessed a scene which would be impossible for them to forget in their entire lives.

Those enemies which pressured them to the point where it was difficult for them to even gasp for breath were easily killed by the metallic lump. Their blood splattered everywhere as the puppet took out one of them with each swing of its arm, and in just a short while, this group of enemies was completely annihilated by the metallic lump. During the whole process, they hadn't been capable of any retaliation.

Whitey's pure shiny body stood up among this group of corpses. All of the blood which had splattered onto its body was automatically processed, keeping the metal completely and spotlessly clean.

The purple glow in its eyes slightly flickered before it transformed back into a red glow. Whitey's mechanical head turned around as it swept the terrified Cooks' Army Unit members before it followed after Bu Fang, who continued to carry the four woks.

As the wind rose, it swept away the bloody smell reeking from the ground. Wei Dafu felt that the fact that he was able to live until now was... simply a miracle.