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 Chapter 293: The Youth Who was Cooking with Four Woks

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The camp was set among rubbles, and the tents' shade overlapped with each other as smoke rose to the skies. As the rising sun's light shone upon this place, it made the scene look quite desolate.

In the tent, Tang Yin's face was pale-white as he sat cross-legged. The True Energy around him was fluctuating as he made it revolve around his body in order to heal his internal injuries. He wasn't a match for that Shura Sect's expert with his cultivation, as he had just broken into the Battle-Saint echelon.

After a long time, the unstable True Energy around his returned back into his body. Tang Yin spurted a mouthful of blood and his face instantly became paler.

"I didn't expect that Shura Sect devil's cultivation to be this powerful..." Tang Yin's face was as pale as paper and a slight trace of worry appeared in his eyes. If he was unable to stop this Shura Sect's expert, Mo Luo City and even Western Mystery City might fall into the hands of those devils. If that were to happen, it would truly be a tragic scene. Blood would flow until it formed rivers in the hands of the devil sect.

His understanding of the Shura Sect was quite limited. However, he had some knowledge about it because of what Ni Yan told him. For example, he knew that the Shura Sect arrived a thousand years ago at the land of the Southern Region coming from other regions. He knew that its arrival was a true disaster which concerned this land. If one wanted to cultivate the Shura Sect's cultivation method into its peak, he would need a large quantity of spiritual essence and spirits. The only way they could obtain spiritual essence and spirits was by slaughtering.

In the past, the Shura Sect's Master had a terrifying strength. He was able to sweep through the entire Southern Region. The Wuliang Mountain's Celestial Arcanum Sect, the Hundred Thousand Mountains' Clear Sky Pagoda, Godly Temple of the Wildlands, the Illusory Spirit Swamp's White Cloud Villa, and some other factions only managed to annihilate the Shura Sect which was tormenting the Southern Region after they joined hands. Who would have expected that such a powerful faction would appear in this world again?

Moreover, from the way they were behaving, it was obvious that they were the ones who caused such a war. They caused the war in order to further their cultivation as they could gather a large amount of spiritual essence and spirits. Just to further their cultivation, they caused innumerable deaths. It was truly too cruel.

"The Shura Sect is lying low at the moment, and they had only caused a war between empires. It's too easy for people to die in such wars. For the members of the Shura Sect, the amount of Spiritual Essence and spirits they could gather would be quite significant."

"They might have wanted to stay low-key and quietly recover their strength, but they had the guts to kill a someone who was almost a Supreme Being from the Wildlands. As such, they would definitely have to pay the price for doing so. Once the Shura Sect was discovered, another fight might break out. Both sides would suffer. I only hope that they would still retain their conscience and not massacre a whole city." Tang Yin opened his eyes and sighed.

Eventually, Tang Yin stopped his cultivation. Zhu Yue, who was standing outside the tent, entered. The expression on his face was quite respectful. After all, Tang Yin was a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

"Thank you, senior, for helping us," Zhu Yue said.

Tang Yin waved his hands to dismiss Zhu Yue's gratitude. He was only following the orders of the Great Elder. Currently, there were many experts sent out. They all belonged to major factions and he just happened to be the one sent here to support Mo Luo City.

As for Ni Yan, she was sent to support the Western Mystery City. However, the Western Mystery City was one of the Light Wind Empire's ancient cities. It was the capital of many ancient empires, and the Shura Sect's devils wouldn't dare to excessively affront it. After all, Western Mystery City possessed a considerable amount of prestige.

"Commander Zhu, what's the current situation in Mo Luo City?" Tang Yin asked. He was extremely concerned about the situation of Mo Luo City. If Mo Luo City was seized, the Western Mystery City would be isolated. That would place it in a dangerous situation.

"I still didn't receive any report from the scout in Mo Luo City... However, Mo Luo City is beside the territory of the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou. Although they are a group of thieves, if Mo Luo City was seized by King Yu, they would lose quite a bit of their territory. They won't be having any easy days anymore. So... if they are willing to help Mo Luo City, Mo Luo City would be able to persevere for some time."

Zhu Yue gave him the analysis of the situation. However, he was only making wild guesses and he didn't know if the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou would actually support Mo Luo City or not.

"The Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou?" Tang Yin's complexion became slightly strange.

He met the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou for the first time in Owner Bu's store. At that time, the cultivation level of each of them had only reached the level of a sixth grade Battle-Emperor. However, he heard that after they returned from Owner Bu's store, several of them broke through. That led to the current Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou who became one of the greatest faction in the Light Wind Empire.

"Senior, I've already sent people to request reinforcement from the Western Mystery City. When my Western Mystery Army First Corp's elite come over, those enemies won't be worth mentioning!"

Tang Yin nodded absentmindedly and he seemed to be uninterested in whatever Zhu Yue was saying.

Suddenly, a sweet fragrance found its way into Tang Yin's nose. His complexion instantly changed.

His nose slightly wriggled as he cried out in surprise, "That smells really good!"

Zhu Yue was also quite surprised at the sudden arrival of the dish's fragrance. Walking out of the tent, Tang Yin stood at the entrance as he tried to find the source of the aroma. He narrowed his eyes and tilted his head. It was as if Tang Yin wanted to immerse himself in the fragrance of the dish.

"Commander Zhu, I didn't expect that the skills from the Cooks' Army Unit on the Third Corp to be this impressive. The only time I smelt something this fragrant was in the capital!" Tang Yin smiled and said to Zhu Yue. Owner Bu's dishes had the sweetest fragrance, and he had never expected to smell anything as fragrant as Owner Bu's dishes in the army.

Tang Yin actually became hungry as he smelled the aroma of the food.

Zhu Yue immediately laughed loudly and invited Tang Yin for a meal.


Long Cai stood at the side, stupefied, and his face was filled with an intoxicated look. The sweet scent which filled the surrounding seemed as if it would grab him and wrap him up.

He had never once smelled such a sweet smelling scent before. It practically... practically opened up all the pores in his body.

In a distant place, Bu Fang was holding a big ladle as he stood in the middle of four big woks. Under each wok, there was a blazing fire which heated up the contents inside. The fire was surging and anyone could tell that the temperature was extremely high.

Bu Fang took his big ladle and mixed the woks' content. His True Energy covered the ladle, and it was as though his spiritual force was sticking onto the ladle. Every time he mixed the pots' content, he was able to exert precise control over the flavor of the ingredients., Since those were only ordinary ingredients, he could only depend upon fine regulation as he controlled the ingredients' flavor in order to improve their taste.

There were four pots around him which contained completely different dishes. All four pots were made up of the various different ingredients he possessed.

He mixed many different ingredients together and their flavor didn't affect each other at all. Instead, they caused the sweet smell of the dish to become extremely rich.

This was due to Bu Fang's special way of cooking, as using True Energy to cook allowed one to regulate the True Energy in the ingredient. As for ingredients which didn't possess True Energy, their flavor and smell would be regulated. Under his True Energy's fine control, the flavor of each ingredient became independent and burst out with a special fragrance. Those different fragrances fused in the air and formed a richer one, which would enchant anyone.

The words "a fragrance that permeated ten miles" wouldn't be wrong if they were used to describe it. The aroma dispersed by the four woks was unceasing and it diffused with the wind. As the wind blew through the whole camp, the fragrance drifted into everyone's noses.

It wasn't only Tang Yin who smelled it. Almost all of the soldiers in the camp caught the smell, and they were all stunned.

Wei Dafu became lifeless as his hand grasping the ladle stiffened. The smell was indeed incredible and unbelievable.

"Captain Wei, what are you cooking? It smells really nice!"

Just when Wei Dafu was lost in his thoughts, Zhu Yue with a face full of smiles brought Tang Yin over. Zhu Yue was pretty satisfied with Wei Dafu's performance. It seemed Wei Dafu took out his specialty this time. He must have known that all the soldiers were in low-spirits! He's using delicious food to improve their vigor and morale... That is such a good idea, he's truly promising!

Why did Commander Zhu come over? Wei Dafu was startled when he saw that Zhu Yue was walking toward him. He had an awkward expression on his face as he hurriedly put out the thing in his hands. He quickly walked toward Commander Zhu.

"This isn't the source of the fragrance." Tang Yin shot a single look at Wei Dafu before completely ignoring him. Sniffing around, he continued to walk in the direction of the fragrance.

An awkward look flashed in Zhu Yue's eyes for a second. Following behind Tang Yin, he thought, "Isn't it Wei Dafu? Was there someone in the Cooks' Army Unit whose skill was superior to his?"

A resentful look appeared in Wei Dafu's face for a moment. It was definitely that kid again.

Tang Yin placed his hands behind his back and led the way. Zhu Yue and Wei Dafu were following behind him as they looked for the source of the amazing aroma.

After passing by several tents, their eyes brightened. It seemed as though they had finally found the source of that fragrant smell which filled the entire camp.

Their eyes were attracted by four big woks which were boiling above the flames. Their noses concentrated on the smell emitted by the pots and they realized that they had finally found the source of the smell.

"He's using four woks at the same time for cooking. Captain Wei, when did such an impressive cook appear here?" Zhu Yue exclaimed in admiration. He was cooking with four pots, and each pot's fragrance was this rich... Such skill was... truly indescribable.

"Senior, why don't we try some? This smell is truly mouth-watering."

Zhu Yue raised his head and said as he looked at Tang Yin. However... Zhu Yue's pupils immediately contracted when he realized that Tang Yin had a strange expression on his face.

Tang Yin wasn't looking at any of the four woks. He also seemed to be unattracted by the fragrance emitted by the dishes inside the pots. Instead, he was staring at the frail youth who was holding a ladle, while wandering between the four woks leisurely.