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 Chapter 292: Tang Yin Rushed in as the Battle Started

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Gurgling! Gurgling!

The wok was emitting clouds of steam which rose into the dark night. Floating high up into the sky, the clouds slowly dispersed.

Bu Fang removed the lid from the pot, which allowed the fragrance of the soup to permeate the air. The dish he was preparing was still the Sour Spicy Soup. What choice did he have? However, Bu Fang didn't care about preparing the same dish again, after all, he was assigned to a position where all he had were ordinary ingredients. The types of ingredients he had were extremely limited.

There were countless pieces of potatoes boiling in the Sour Spicy Soup, along with pieces of mushroom that danced around the broth as the liquid bubbled.

Although the soup was already thoroughly boiled, Bu Fang allowed the fire under the pot to continue burning. It appeared as though Bu Fang didn't have the slightest intention of extinguishing the fire. With a bowl in his hand, he leisurely scooped himself a serving of the soup as he walked over to a corner. Taking a deep breath, he scooped a mouthful of soup into his mouth.

In a distant place, the other army cooks were diligently making their dishes. Their mental state wasn't at their peak as they had been on the move for quite some time. On the road, all they experienced were fear and trepidation. Their nerves were taut the entire journey, and they were finally able to loosen themselves up. They were finally completely and thoroughly relaxed.

As Bu Fang drank this bowl of delicious Sour Spicy Soup, he felt a warm current flow through his entire body. As the nights in the northwest plains were extremely cold, the sensation of the warm soup flowing into his belly felt extremely comfortable.

Long Cai dragged his exhausted body as he walked toward Bu Fang. His nose slightly twitched as he smelled the scent of the Sour Spicy Soup boiling in the pot and his eyes immediately brightened.

Scooping himself a bowl, he sat beside Bu Fang with the steaming hot soup in his hand. As he took a deep breath, he started drinking the bowl of Sour Spicy Soup.

After the cooks in the Cooks' Army Unit prepared their dishes, they distributed them to the soldiers who were setting up their camps. Since the ingredients they used were spiritual ingredients, the soldiers felt full of energy after consuming the dishes.

This was the reason behind the existence of the Cooks' Army Unit.


Zhu Yue's eyes widened as he stared at the scout whose whole body was soaked in blood. Before the scout was able to reach him, he collapsed onto the ground. Zhu Yue's heart clenched for a second before he raised his head. Looking into the pitch black area before him, it seemed like the mouth of a terrifying devil.

"Damn! There is an ambush!"

Zhu Yue angrily roared. He used his True Energy as he shouted, and his voice was heard by all the soldiers who were eating the dishes the Cooks' Army Unit prepared. Their nerves immediately tightened and they leaped from their seats. They quickly gathered together and got ready to fight.

A single flash... Two flashes...

There were countless spirit beasts whose eyes were blood-red as they emerged from the pitch-black region in front of the campsite. They rushed toward the Western Mystery Army crazily and tyrannically as they pounced on the soldiers.

Zhu Yue took the lead and brought a group of soldiers with him. They started killing the spirit beasts one by one.

"It's another flock of crazy spirit beasts! Damn! What on earth is going on?" Zhu Yue was enraged and became even more ferocious. With each swing of his sword, he would behead one of those spirit beasts. It was easy for him to kill them as the beasts didn't have a high cultivation level.

The only thing the beasts had were numbers.

Suddenly, Zhu Yue seemed as though he heard the sound of a bow being drawn. An arrow shot out from the darkness with a vast and powerful momentum. It cut through the wind and it traveled as though it wanted to rip the sky apart. It shot in a straight line toward Zhu Yue's head.

In such a critical moment, Zhu Yue roared and blocked this arrow.

An arrow... This meant that there were enemy troops up ahead.

Zhu Yue's heart tightened for a second. In the next moment, he could hear the shouts of countless people coming from the patch of darkness. The enemy had unexpectedly arrived to attack them at such a crucial moment.

The Western Mystery Army's Third Corp immediately started engaging the hostile force which attacked them.

Zhu Yue's killing intent raged on. He easily reached the conclusion that the people who attacked them were the ones who controlled the flock of spirit beasts. He had been holding back the entire time, and he finally had an opportunity to release his pent-up anger and frustration. Although he was already tired from the journey, the hands which he used to extinguish the lives of his enemies didn't slow down at all.

The battle immediately reached its crescendo. In just a short while, blood splattered everywhere, its amount so great that it could be used to form a river. A dense smell of blood permeated and filled the entire valley.

When the fight broke out, Bu Fang and Long Cai were still drinking the Sour Spicy Soup. The only thing they felt was the shaking of earth beneath them. The fight had erupted without any prior warnings. The sound of blades colliding against blades unceasingly rang out.

"They started fighting?" Long Cai was startled. He was frightened in his heart.

"That should be the case." Bu Fang drank a mouthful of the Sour Spicy Soup as his eyes flickered with a strange radiance.

They were vigorous in the first fight, weaker in the second and completely exhausted by the third. the Western Mystery Army experienced unceasing spiritual beasts raids, and its vigor and momentum were already at its weakest. The soldiers were currently in low spirits. How could they fight against the enemy who was attacking them in their current condition? It seemed as though the Western Mystery Army was in quite a precarious situation right now.

Mo Lin was holding his long spear and his face was full of excitement. Although this was the weakest corp among the Western Mystery Army, if he managed to annihilate them, he would still be able to rake up great merits.

He swept his spear around and cleaved a soldier completely in half. As the hot blood of the dead soldier splattered around, Mo Lin became extremely excited.

Among the broken and ragged rocks on top of the cliff, stood the black-robed old man. His eyes were twinkling as he muttered unceasingly. All of a sudden, he started drawing an array. The array was extremely profound, abstruse, and queer. Although it was complicated, the old man didn't take long to complete the entire array.

As the array took shape, five scarlet talismans floated in the air and gave form to the array. In an instant, a suction force burst out from the array. Along with the unceasing roaring in the valley, bursts of ash-gray smoke billowed out. The smoke was made up of countless fuzzy figures. Some of them were raging as they struggled around, while others were wantonly roaring.

Those were the soul essences of the soldiers who died. It was coupled with their spirit which didn't disperse as it contained their anger and unwillingness from when they were still alive. Looking at the fuzzy figures, it could be said that their feeling of resentment was extremely dense.

"Haha! Continue to kill each other! The more deaths, the better!" This black-robed Shura Sect expert was extremely excited. He couldn't help laughing out loud.

Suddenly, his laughter abruptly stopped. When his gaze wandered into the distance, he saw that there was a glowing sharp sword rushing towards him. It was flying toward him from the sky at an extremely fast speed.

"Shura Sect's devil! Get out here and go to hell!"

The light around the sword dispersed and it turned into a rain of swords. The numerous swords covered the entire sky and shot towards the black-robed old man. The swords beheaded anything which stood in its way.

With swords-like brows above his eyes which shone like stars, Tang Yin appeared in mid-air. Walking on air, Tang Yin approached the black-robed old man as he held a sword which was spinning in front of him.

It was obvious that he had already reached the seventh grade Battle-Saint realm. It could be seen from his ability to fly in the air. He was truly advancing quickly in his cultivation.

The moment Tang Yin joined the battle, the Western Mystery Army's morale rose. In an imposing manner, they started to ferociously retaliate against their enemies. Turning the tables, they started killing their enemies.

Mo Lin looked at Tang Yin who was floating in the air with a grave expression. In the past, it was quite difficult to see a single Battle-Saint expert. However, Battle-Saint experts were appearing continuously as the war raged on.

"Damn... Is he another person from the Celestial Arcanum Sect? Or is he someone from the southern region factions? Why does everyone want to prevent the rise of our Shura Sect? That would only happen in your dreams! All of you are going to die!"

A blood-red light burst out from the black-robed old man's eyes. He shot out and flew toward Tang Ying. As his claw-like hand rushed toward Tang Yin who was floating in the air, it turned into a blood-red light. This light was extremely imposing as it shot towards Tang Yin.

Tang Yin didn't fear him in the slightest as he raised his sword. In an instant, he engaged in a battle with this black-robed old man.

This battle was extremely tragic as the whole valley seemed dyed red with blood. Anyone would tremble at the sight of the valley.

Bu Fang looked at Tang Yin with a confused expression on his face. When he saw that Tang Yin was grasping his swords and fighting the black-robed old man in the air, his eyebrows slightly rose up. He didn't expect to meet an old friend in such a place.

From what he could see, Tang Yin wasn't a match for the black-robed old man. After all, Tang Yin had just broken through and wasn't strong enough yet.

This battle was fought from night till dawn. Tang Yin's condition worsened as he fought against the black-robed old man. Eventually, he flew back with a pale complexion. Zhu Yue also loudly shouted an order to retreat to his men as he saw that they were unable to defeat the enemy. The Western Mystery Army, in the end, chose to leave the valley.

As the army retreated, the cooks from the Cooks' Army Unit also retreated. They protected the provisions as they retreated, keeping the ingredients safe.

In the sky, the black-robed old man's eyes flashed with a cruel glint as he roared, "Pursue them! Kill them all!"

Running away? How could I let the piece of fat meat which reached my mouth run away? If I eliminated this division of the Western Mystery Army, then I would have completed half of the mission the High Priest assigned me. At this rate, I would be able to finish collecting the soul essence and spirits after attacking Mo Luo City. This would be a huge step towards the rise of the Shura Sect.

As such, this black-robed man didn't want to let this division of the Western Mystery Army withdraw. As for the Celestial Arcanum Sect's expert, the black-robed old man had already fought against him for so long that he wasn't afraid of him at all. He knew that there was no way for the Celestial Arcanum Sect's expert to defeat him.

Mo Lin's eyes were glimmering with excitement as he waved his weapon. With a loud roar, he pursued the retreating army. He didn't want to let this opportunity slip through his grasp.

Tang Yin was quite angered by this. Was this Shura Sect's devil still not satisfied?

The Western Mystery Army which was pushed into desperate straits started another round of battle against the enemy. Another grand battle occurred in this valley. However, the Western Mystery Army's Third Corp was only able to retreat at the cost of Tang Yin's heavy injuries.

The Western Mystery Army's Third Corp who had just set camp in another place was in quite a sorry state. Around half of their provisions were lost in their retreat.

As they were currently lacking ingredients, Wei Dafu's face darkened as he could only look for Bu Fang. Since there were only a little bit of spirit energy ingredients left, their only option was to use ordinary ingredients.

Wei Dafu felt his face glow in shame. However, Bu Fang didn't make things difficult for him. He immediately agreed to start cooking using whatever ingredients he had.

Long Cai was left at Bu Fang's side as his assistant.

After Wei Dafu left, the two of them started preparing the ingredients. They needed to cook a large amount of food as they had to feed a large number of people.

This was Bu Fang's first time cooking in such a big wok.