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 Chapter 288: Newcomer, Did You Think That You Could Ascend to the Sky?

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The Mapo Tofu was spicy, numbing, crisp and sweet. The moment it entered the soldier's mouth, his eyes widened. His head started to feel numb and the hairs on his body stood erect. At the same time, every single pore on his body widened.

"Oh! My! God!"

The feeling after putting the Mapo Tofu in his mouth was quite strange. It was as though there were thousands of small hands caressing and teasing his whole body. He felt as if his mouth was holding onto a fragrance bomb. His lips nearly lost all feeling, and at the same time, he felt as though the piece of Mapo Tofu was a slab of hot iron on his tongue. Such a feeling was truly indescribable.

He didn't even have the time to chew onto the piece of Mapo Tofu before it slid down his throat. Moving down into his stomach, it gave him a burning sensation.

"It's too spicy! However, there is a kind of sweetness hidden behind the spice." The eyes of this soldier became moist, as he gasped for breath with this ruddy lips. The tip of his nose became red and he felt as though his whole body was burning up and about to erupt. It was as if he was experiencing the head in the middle of the volcano.

All of the surrounding soldiers anxiously looked their fellow comrade who was the first to eat the Mapo Tofu. They were all curious about the taste of this Mapo Tofu which had an extremely tempting smell. They were ready to devour bowls after bowls of this Mapo Tofu after smelling the aroma coming from it.

The dishes served in the Western Mystery City were mostly spicy and sweet. It was difficult for them to resist the temptation of a spicy dish when it was placed in front of them. However, the only point which made them hesitate to put the food in their mouth was the fact that the Mapo Tofu was prepared with ordinary ingredients.

If this Mapo Tofu was made from spiritual ingredients, they would have already started fighting over it. Moreover, they would fight over it crazily, even if they had to put their lives on the line.

"This taste... Humhum... It's really too sweet!" The soldier who was the first to try the Mapo Tofu already had a numb mouth. The numbness had already made its way to his tongue, and the soldier stuttered in his speech. The intense spiciness of the Mapo Tofu was no joke.

The eyes of the surrounding soldiers immediately brightened. They swallowed their saliva simultaneously as they stared at the Mapo Tofu in front of them. They were like a pack of hungry wolves staring at their prey.

Who cares if it was a spiritual energy dish or not! They only cared whether the dish tastes good. Only fools would miss a good meal.

"Serve me one piece!"

"I'll have a piece too! I was always fond of spicy food."

"Hurry up and serve me a piece of Mapo Tofu! I can't bear the hunger anymore!."

Shouts and angry arguments broke out and it echoed continuously. All of the soldiers crowded before Bu Fang as they ordered their Mapo Tofu. They were all excited and couldn't help but shout out their orders. They were unable to resist the temptation any longer after one of their fellow comrades tried the delicious Mapo Tofu in front of them.

They were already at the edge of the endurance when they smelt the fragrance coming from the Mapo Tofu.

Wei Dafu's complexion immediately changed. A disgusted expression appeared on his face. How could this group of people behave like this? Weren't they all soldiers? It didn't matter how good the dish tasted, it was only an ordinary dish made from ordinary ingredients. As long as a dish wasn't made from spirit energy ingredients, it wouldn't be able to improve anyone's condition to their best state. If they were to go into the battlefield in suboptimal conditions, then... It was an important matter which concerned their life and death!

"All of you shouldn't fight over it... It's just a dish made from ordinary ingredients." Wei Dafu looked at the group of bustling soldiers and he couldn't help but open his mouth to advise them.

"Slurp! What the f*ck? It's so sweet!"

Just when Wei Dafu finished speaking, a soldier beside him swallowed a piece of Mapo Tofu with a slurping sound. The moment he tasted it, he gave a loud shout which caused some of the food residue in his mouth to spray out. Coincidentally, the food residue landed on Wei Dafu's face.

The spicy and numbing feeling instantly affected Wei Dafu. What the f*ck! Wei Dafu's tears nearly flowed out as the spicy food irritated his skin and made it feel as though his skin was on fire.

Running to a corner, Wei Dafu tried to use his hands in order to rub off the food residue on his face. He wanted to get rid of the scalding pain on his face as soon as possible.

Raising his head, he saw the scene before him. His mouth opened wide and his eyes became filled with incredulity.


All of the soldiers' faces were filled with happiness as they narrowed their eyes and gasped for breath. They licked their rosy lips as beads of sweat formed at the tip of their noses.

Wei Dafu had almost never seen such happy expressions on the soldiers' face. Even if they ate the dishes he personally cooked, they were never this happy. Although the soldiers loved to eat the dishes he prepared, they never revealed such a satisfied expression when eating his dishes.

Could it be that... This something tofu was extremely delicious?

At this moment, even Wei Dafu couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

Bu Fang's pottery was quite small, and in a short while, all of his Mapo Tofu was gone. It was served to the hungry soldiers, who had even licked the bottom of their bowls after eating their food.

At this moment, the soldiers which were far away noticed a crowd of soldiers surrounding Bu Fang. They rushed over curiously in order to find out what had happened, and were surprised when they saw the appearance of the soldiers surrounding him.

"There was delicious food here? What the f*ck! You bastard! Why didn't any of you call us over?"

"F*ck! What do you mean? Everything is gone?"

"What the f*ck? Did all of you go crazy? Why did you guys eat a dish made up of ordinary ingredients with such relish? Are all of you planning to die on the battlefield?"


The soldiers in the camp started arguing and chatting with each other. The soldiers who ate Bu Fang's dish were unwilling to be outdone as they discovered an astonishing fact. After consuming Bu Fang's Mapo Tofu, their breaths became stable and steady. Their body seemed to possess boundless strength, and even the speed of the True Energy revolving within their bodies became faster.

As for the condition of their bodies... It had unexpectedly reached their best state! It was as if they ate spirit energy dishes rather than ordinary food.

It was truly unfathomable!

The soldiers who had just finished licking the bottom of their bowls looked at Bu Fang with a glistering and passionate gaze.

"He's able to use ordinary ingredients to make such a delicacy. It was even able to improve the condition of our bodies..."

When did such an impressive chef appear in the army's kitchen?

As Wei Dafu clenched his teeth, the surrounding cooks also furrowed their brows as they stared at Bu Fang. The newcomer's dish attracted all of the soldiers' attention and no one was interested in the dishes the other chefs made. Even for those who were already eating, they were not thinking about the food at all. It seemed as though their mind was preoccupied with other thoughts.

The appearance of the soldiers who were eating dishes from other chefs showed a great deal of disrespect. After all, all of the dishes were prepared meticulously by other chefs. This caused much unhappiness among all the other chefs.

"What are all of you doing? Are you guys eating or fighting on the battlefield? Am I too lenient and tolerant toward everyone?"

The commander Zhu Yue wore a serious face as he placed his hands behind his back. He slowly made his way toward the crowd. He furrowed his brows and looked at the soldiers who were arguing as though they were in a market. He was dissatisfied with their performance and scolded all of them.

After they were scolded by the commander, all of the soldiers who were causing a ruckus immediately became obedient and quiet. They went over to choose other spirit energy dishes to eat.

It was the same for the soldiers who ate the Mapo Tofu. As there were only a few pieces of Mapo Tofu, they only had the opportunity to grab a taste of it. It was impossible for them to eat to their heart's content.

When those soldiers ate other spirit energy dishes, their complexion became ugly. They felt as though they were eating tasteless dried food.

"Pah! What the hell is this thing? It's horrible!"

"Is this food made to feed pigs? It's too gross... Not to mention the fact that the spice in this dish makes it no different from plain water!"

"Why are the skills of the current cooks so bad? The dishes they make are becoming more and more horrible!"

After eating a mouthful of the other spiritual dishes, the soldiers who ate the Mapo Tofu couldn't help but complain. Although their voices weren't loud, their words were heard clearly by the other army cooks.

Wei Dafu was angered to the point that his face became distorted.

Their repayment for the dishes which they meticulously prepared was "what the hell is this thing"? What happened to their taste buds? Was it because they ate a bowl of that Mapo Tofu?

It wasn't only Wei Dafu who had a disgusted expression on his face. The other cooks also had the same reaction. After thinking about the possible reasons, they simultaneously looked toward Bu Fang with a hostile gaze.

Facing their gazes, Bu Fang wasn't flurried at all, neither did he care about their vicious gazes.

"Is it my fault that the dishes I made turned out to be delicious? Why are all of you blaming me?"

"Why you don't want to eat it? If all of you are not interested in eating, hurry up and pack up! Get ready to move out!" Zhu Yue took a bowl of food, swept his gaze over the soldiers whose face was full of resentment and said in a cold voice.

After the commander expressed his dissatisfaction, no matter how unwilling the soldiers were, they obediently ate their food. After all, people were like iron on the battlefield. The food they ate was like the steel they were made from. If they didn't eat their fill, they would definitely end up dead on the battlefield.

Wei Dafu's chest was heaving up and down, and the surrounding cooks seemed as though their skins were trembling. All of them made their way toward Bu Fang.

Those who approached Bu Fang were old and experienced army cooks. They were all resentful of Bu Fang due to the humiliation they had just suffered.

They completely surrounded him to form an invisible pressure around him. They wanted to force him to lower his head so that he could show his respects toward his seniors.

He was just a trivial newcomer. Was he thinking of ascending to the sky?