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 "What is he trying to do?!"

"Is he crazy! That punch was so strong this ceramic pot almost shattered!"

"You call that cooking? It's more like a comedy show?"


Bu Fang smashing the pot affected all the people who were looking at him. They were shocked and their faces turned pale. That act of smashing was so rude and reckless, how could this be called cooking?

Wei Dafu was taken aback and snorted. That blow dealt by Bu Fang was so powerful, he could imagine how badly damaged the ceramic pot became and also how the steamed golden potato ended up... It's a pity that the perfectly steamed potato had been ruined and wasted!

However, what's even more shocking was that the punch by Bu Fang that landed inside the ceramic pot did not destroy it. There wasn't even any loud noise created.

Bu Fang's punch was filled with true energy and it was as if it sunk into the pot. He controlled the use of his true energy precisely and the potato was shattered without damaging the pot. Only a rare few would be able to control their true energy with such precision.

That punch landed on the potato and it was mashed up, sticking onto the fist of Bu Fang as he lifted it up. Bu Fang hit it repeatedly as if he bore a grudge against it.

However, each punch he delivered did not damage the fragile ceramic pot. The surrounding crowd was astonished by that.

The innocent young man was astounded as he opened his mouth widely. He smelled the surrounding air that was filled with a strong potato fragrance. This was the smell of the steamed potato after it had been mashed and that aromatic fragrance covered the whole area.

Bu Fang hit it with a few more punches, but his expression remained the same throughout. He was more serious and it seemed as if he had to be precise with every single hit as the amount of true energy used had to be controlled. It was the same situation when he made the Thousand Wrapped Silk Year Cake for the first time.

As he landed each hit, the true energy dissipated into the mashed potato and added a unique texture to it.

As the true energy dissipated, the lump of mashed potato that was sticking on his fist landed back into the pot. Steam could be seen coming out from it.

Bu Fang stopped handling the mashed potato. He took down the wooden rack from the pot and poured clean water into the pot after he washed it. This was for him to make soup instead of steaming the potato.

He placed the diced mushroom into the boiling pot and stirred it with a steel ladle. The aroma of the mushroom came out from the pot and Bu Fang had a pleasant look on his face.

As the mushroom soup boiled, Bu Fang grabbed the mashed potato, took a handful from it, then dropped it into the pot. It sank into the bottom of the pot of rich and flavourful mushroom soup.

Bu Fang continued doing that at high speeds and the portions of mashed potato he rolled in were small yet round.

Bu Fang covered the lid of the pot once all the mashed potato was placed in. He concentrated and controlled the true energy, observing the condition of the dish in the pot. True energy was channeled into the pot to control every slight change to the ingredients.

True energy culinary was his specialty and now that his true energy cultivation was high, using this small amount of true energy was a piece of cake for him.

As the soup in the pot turned yellow-orange, it gave off a strong fragrance. This smell was the result of the perfect combination between the mushroom and the potato.

The soup was boiling and filled with bubbles. The originally clear liquid became thick and as Bu Fang stirred and scooped the soup with a steel ladle, the silky and creamy soup slid down it.

He tasted the soup and its pure yet rich flavor filled his mouth. There was a rich fragrance of a dish made with mushrooms. He added the vegetable he had cut previously into the soup, adding some colors to it. This made the soup look more appealing.

As the soup simmered, Bu Fang added some vinegar and chili sauce. He was supposed to add chili instead, but as it was not prepared, he replaced it with chili sauce.

Although there were little ingredients, all the condiments were available. This made the job much easier for Bu Fang.

He took a clean ceramic bowl and poured the soup into it. The rich flavor of the soup along with the sour taste of the vinegar filled the surrounding air. It was mouthwatering. The people around gulped as they stared at the bowl of soup.

The smell of the soup alone was irresistible. This dish would definitely not taste bad!

"Sour Spicy Soup, please give it a try."

Bu Fang delivered the ceramic bowl to Wei Dafu and he looked lost as he accepted the bowl from Bu Fang. He then regained his senses and gave By Fang a look of shock.

Bu Fang was a proficient cook with superb culinary skills. He was even more experienced than some of the old chefs. For a man of his age, this was truly amazing.

However, he quickly turned his attention to the bowl of Sour Spicy Soup in his hands.

The soup was yellow-orange in color with bits of green vegetables floating on it. The black and white color of the mushroom created a contrast in colors and it was embellished by the golden yellow colored potato.

Aesthetic wise, this Sour Spicy Soup did not look too exquisite, but the fragrance of the food was too alluring.

He scooped the soup with the porcelain ladle and the silky smooth soup strongly attracted Wei Dafu. The piping hot soup went down his throat smoothly and into this stomach. His mouth was instantly filled with the rich flavors of the mushroom and potato. There was also a slight sour taste and spiciness, and his eyes brightened up uncontrollably.


He finished the soup in one gulp and irresistibly took another scoop of soup. This time the ladle was filled with the mushrooms. The mushroom bits were tender and chewy. Wei Dafu gaped as it was hot.

With a slurp, sweat covered the tip of his nose due to the refreshing sour taste.

"Feels great!"

Wei Dafu was amazed and took yet another scoop. This time he wanted to try the golden yellow mashed potato-it was the part he was most curious about.

After cooking the potato, it was covered with a layer of transparent skin. That layer of skin was smooth and soft. It could be bitten through easily and once bitten, the mashed potato burst out from within, filling his mouth.

It seemed soft like tofu yet sturdy like sand.

This two conflicting ingredient, along with a spicy and sour taste surged up in Wei Dafu's brain. At the moment, his mind went blank.

After finishing one big bowl of Sour Spicy Soup, Wei Dafu's lips turned red and there was even more sweat on the tip of his nose.

"Phew... Phew..."

He panted. However, Wei Dafu felt great and relaxed. The spicy and sour taste of this soup complemented each other very well. He was mesmerized by it. He imagined himself wandering around the soup and the black and white mushroom as a fair and beautiful lady who was using her tender hands to caress his body.

The extravagant taste of the mashed potato had given him an experience out of this world.

He finished the last drop of soup in the ceramic pot and before long that look of enchantment disappeared. He instantly had a stoned face and he blushed.

Many around him looked at him in surprise. Wei Dafu's being mesmerized by the soup shocked all of them. This was the first time they saw such an expression on his face.

"I..." Wei Dafu tried to explain himself. He was supposed to criticize the food and embarrass the young man... In the end, he was convinced instead.

He then straightened his face and pointed toward the pot of boiling soup. The aromatic soup made him gulp uncontrollably.

"This soup... the handling of the ingredient.... errr, condiments.... errr that...."

He tried to be picky but could not utter a word out of his usually foul mouth and sharp tongues. This embarrassing moment made him blush even more.

"Big brother, Can I... try a bowl of soup?"

The innocent young man could not take it anymore. The fragrance of it was too irresistible. To that, Bu Fang did not reject and signaled them to get a bowl for themselves. At that moment, the surrounding people dropped whatever they were doing and rushed forward. They were all fighting to get a bowl of the soup for themselves.

"Wow! So good! This spiciness... this sour taste!"

"How could this mushroom be so tender yet chewy... I'm falling in love with it!"

"This is potato? What's with the smooth and tender texture mixed with an extravagant taste? How did he do it? Amazing!"


Words of amazement repeated continuously and soon filled the whole Cooks' Army Unit Barracks.

Those who drank Bu Fang's Sour and Spicy Soup were flabbergasted, totally mesmerized by it.

The innocent young man finished his bowl of soup and sneakily tried to get another bowl.

Bu Fang smirked and wiped the water off his hands. His gaze landed on Wei Dafu, who was trying to control his craving. He murmured, "How was it? Are you satisfied with my skills?"