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 Chapter 276: Xia Yu in Utter Despair

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

The Wildlands Flood Dragon turned stiff as a rock as it set its large eyeballs on the black dog that was obstructing him from the front of his nose. Before the colossal monster that was this dragon, the black dog seemed more like a housefly than anything. Even the dragon's eyes were bigger than him.


Livid, white air puffed out from its nostril and a cold radiance was emitted as it growled, showing its grotesque and sharp teeth. The Flood Dragon extended its scaly wings and started to thrash up, swirling up a myriad of gales. It brought forth a large amount of strength and started to push its body forward, having a strong will to crush the puny little puppy. However, regardless of how hard the Flood Dragon flapped its wings, it was still unable to move forward by even a fraction. Like a majestic mountain with its peak reaching way over the heavens, the hellhound did not budge.


The black dog frowned in irritation as the dragon roared. Thanks to that annoying lizard's constant roaring, his ears were ringing from all that ruckus --didn't that lizard know how tone deaf its roars were?

Subsequently, he sent his exquisite dog paw at the Flood Dragon, making its huge body tremble backward. Blacky's eyes shrunk as its dog paw increasingly enlarged, eventually becoming as enormous as the dragon's head.

In an instant, tremendous pressure exploded out as it shrouded the Flood Dragon. It was the kind of pressure that caused it to tremble. When the extremely fierce Flood Dragon, who had thought itself to be unsurpassable existence, felt such power, it felt immensely intimidated.

Thereafter, the dog paw that was fluttering in the wind slapped down as it smashed the dragon's head ruthlessly onto the ground, producing a rumbling sound in the long streets of the imperial capital. Drowned in pain, the Flood Dragon raised its head out from the floor, with bits of bricks tumbling onto the floor.


The Flood Dragon bellowed out an indignant roar once again.


Blacky responded with only his paw, directly slapping the head of the Flood Dragon once again, and sending it back to the ground. The powerful hellhound strode in a graceful manner as it jumped. It leisurely walked above the Wildlands Flood Dragon and indolently harrumphed.


Whitey sliced into the back of Xia Yu. Blood splattered out instantly. An enormous force pounded out as Xia Yu was turned into an artillery shell that shot out ferociously and rammed onto the wall, causing it to turn into ruins. Whitey's purple eyes flickered as he landed on the floor akin to a heavy boulder.

Xia Yu emerged out from the ruins, violently gasping for air. He was struggling. This was the first time he had felt so much pain in his whole lifetime.

He walked in the direction of Brother Tyrant while his eyes shrunk as he sucked in a breath of cold air. He had thought that Brother Tyrant had already wiped the restaurant into flat ground. After all, violent fluctuations had come from that direction.

However, at this moment, Xia Yu saw with his own eyes Brother Tyrant, a spiritual beast of the eighth grade who was not any weaker than him, beaten on the ground and not daring to move even an inch.

"How is this even possible?!" Xia Yu's eyes contracted as he cried out in shock. How did Brother Tyrant, a beast who did not hold even the slightest degree of fear when he came across other powerful beings, turned into such a sorry figure?

Panic, an unfamiliar feeling to Xia Yu, filled his mind. Didn't they say that there was only one supreme beast in this restaurant? Then, what was the situation happening before his eyes? He had already brought forth all his strength to hinder the supreme beast... What kind of situation was happening at Brother Tyrant's side?

Whitey's purple eyes twinkled as it waved the machete on his hand and pointed it directly at Xia Yu. His figure once again burst off as he skimmed over.

Xia Yu clenched his teeth and thought, "To be able to defeat Brother Tyrant, there must have been another supreme beast with such invincible powers. This is simply too frightening. What exactly is the origin of this restaurant?"

The spear blocked Whitey's attack as Xia Yu whistled out. A true energy armor began to cover Xia Yu's body. He couldn't continue being entangled with Whitey like this any longer. The spear thrust out in a myriad of spear images, whizzing out as if it had been turned into a hurricane, unexpectedly causing Whitey to retreat forcefully.

Xia Yu took out a talisman, waving it at the direction Brother Tyrant. When he saw how Brother Tyrant's state of mind had been clearly beaten up into mush, he knew that he must quickly revoke him back into the Beast Tamer Talisman. If not, Brother Tyrant might just die there. A superior Flood Dragon at the pinnacle of the eighth grade was too precious!

Blacky elegantly strode and stepped on top of the Wildlands Flood Dragon's head. All of a sudden, he felt peculiar fluctuations emerging from the dragon's body, as if something wanted to suck the dragon away.


Blacky shot a quick glance at Xia Yu who was pinching on the talisman. He harrumphed coldly. Thereafter, he lifted up his hind legs and stamped on the dragon's head ruthlessly.



Xia Yu's complexion faded. Instantly, a needling stab of pain transmitted through his brain. Subsequently, blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth, his figure retreating two steps whilst staggering.

Whitey whizzed over, and its violet eyes flickered while it chopped out with his knife, almost slicing Xia Yu into two. Blood squirted and splattered everywhere. Xia Yu managed to utter a miserable bawl as he pinched onto the talisman that had already been ruptured inch by inch.

Xia Yu finally knew the feeling of pure horror. He looked at the dog with its head still turned up as it continued to trot all over the back of the Flood Dragon's body with its cat-like grace. He shuddered. What kind of f*cked up dog was that?

The Flood Dragon's head was like a balloon that was being trampled on until it was deflated. Blood flowed out of its mouth. Though its brain did not explode, his life energy had already disappeared.

Blacky's stomps had shattered the Beast Tamer Talisman along with the Spirit Formation Array that lay in the depths of the Flood Dragon's brain, that had long been turned into a pool of mud. If it weren't for Bu Fang, the vicious hellhound would have completely destroyed the body of the once-supreme beast.

Lord dog harrumphed. He was never interested in the lizard who flaunted its dragon race. Therefore, he was not in the least merciful when it came to the big lizard who had the audacity to act tough in front of him.

Xia Yu shivered from head to toe as pain panged in his heart. He had been relying on his eighth grade Flood Dragon in order for his position to never lower in the Godly Temple of the Wildlands. If he were to ever lose the Flood Dragon, his position would surely plummet.

"Damn it! Damn it!!" Xia Yu's mountain-like body fervously trembled and in his eyes there was strong regret.

A long hiss echoed. The distracted Whitey was sent flying back as Xia Yu did not hold back in the slightest and focused all of his power onto his fist, giving out only a single punch.

Xia Yu took a quick glance at the lifeless body of his companion. He did not have any signs of hesitation as he turned around and ascended into the sky. He was trying to flee! He knew well of the underestimation he placed on the restaurant's strength and defenses. The merciless and unmeasurably strong mutt had caused any bit of confidence in him to be crushed into bits and that swelling steel puppet had left him feeling helpless as he learned that no attack had proved to affect the puppet in the slightest. He was truly at his wit's end.

Swish! Swish!

Two flying knives whistled over once again as it sliced onto his back. Floating in the wide sky, Xia Yu spat out mouthfuls of blood. His eyes were bloodshot as he grabbed onto the two flying knives and ripped them out, leaving his back covered with warm blood and cuts.

He ferociously tossed the flying knives along with his steel spear. With a mental command, the spear immediately became like a runic flame, resembling a luminous burning arrow, ignited whilst advancing directly toward Whitey.


The ground instantly exploded as towering billows surged.

Blacky swept his gaze lazily at the stumbling Xia Yu who was planning to escape in mid-air. Nevertheless, it did not have any desire to attack. He was just an ant. So what if he had escaped? So long as the dragon meat was left behind, everything would be great.

However, just as Blacky had twisted its head around, a reckless howl of laughter from Xia Yu resounded above the vault of heavens.

Subsequently, a sparkling and translucent jade talisman fell down while swaying from the vault of heavens as it flew toward the restaurant.

On the Jade Talisman, peculiar fluctuations spread out with a loud bang. In a flash, a vast Formation Array took shape above the sky. Within the Formation Array, frightening destructive energy was lingering. The energy sped towards the restaurant as it came crushing over.

Bloodstains covered Xia Yu's body. He stared at the exploding jade talisman and the Flood Dragon's corpse, eyes filled with distress.

"Since I am unable to defeat you, I will kill you all with an explosion! This is... Hidden Dragon King Hall's Formation Array Spirit Talisman that was drawn by a Supreme-Being. Damn it! You may kill my brother and slaughter my dragon, but you will die for it!!"

After tossing out the Formation Array, Xia Yu no longer hesitated. He dared not to even look back as he burst off toward the outside of the imperial capital. He knew that very quickly half of the city would be completely turned into ruins. After all, the Formation Array Spirit Talisman, made by a Supreme-Being, was as frightening as a nightmare!


Outside of the imperial capital, on a vast field, a group of Single-Horned Spirit Beasts draped in fish scales sped over. Their speed was like lightning as they pulled open a huge yellow line on the vast field. If one looked closely at the yellow line, they would realize that the yellow line was surging smoke and dust that they created.

A carriage, with a coffin being dragged from behind, stopped before the band of beasts. Those who were riding the Single-Horned Spirit Beasts were all experts draped in black gowns. Their objective was the lofty imperial capital that was situated at the center of the vast field.

High above in the heavens, an Intense Sun Bird that was covered in flames all over its body swooshed past swiftly as its cry spread in all directions. The slightly plump old man seated cross-legged was abruptly taken aback. He lowered his head and took a peek, witnessing a pitch-black and awe-inspiring carriage as well as the Single-Horned Spirit Beasts. The old man was somewhat slightly puzzled as he frowned.

All of a sudden, the speeding troops slowly came to a stop. The carriage curtain was pried open and an aged figure strode out from it. He stood on top of the carriage as he raised his head and looked at the Intense Sun Bird. The plump old man was thrown off guard, suspicion rising.

"Honored Sir, in another half a daytime, we will arrive at the capital of the Light Wind Empire," respectfully said a black-gowned expert to the old man.

The aged figure nodded his head indifferently and continued to stare at the Intense Sun Bird "Hundred Thousand Mountains Clear Sky Pagoda experts... Never had I expected to bump into them so quickly. Could it be that the Shura Sect plans have been exposed? No... that should be impossible. It's probably just a mere coincidence."

"Let's continue with our journey. According to King Yu's instruction, after we send this eunuch's corpse back to the imperial capital, I would still need to head over to the Light Wind Empire imperial capital to retrieve a treasure."