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 Chapter 274: Whitey's First Ever Rival

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

Inside Xiao Mansion, in the Imperial Capital.

A surging energy soared like a longsword that wanted to sever the vast sky as a boundless might burst forth.

An image of an incorporeal large sword phantom condensed above the Xiao Mansion, magnificently circulating. A monstrous amount of spirit energy came together and was turned into a big spirit energy whirlpool that revolved unceasingly.

Xiao Meng, who was in his study room reading the secret letter seriously, immediately changed his complexion. Subsequently, he became ecstatic. In the blink of an eye, he rushed out of his study room and arrived at the middle of the Xiao Mansion. His gaze was directed to the secret room as happiness circulated in his eyes.

"Broke through?" On Xiao Meng's face, there were hints of excitement.

A long whistle resonated. The sharp sword energy dispersed and scattered down as if it wanted to sever the blue dome of heaven. With a crash, the secret room's door immediately opened. A tall and straight figure strode out from the secret room.

The man was like a sharp sword, and his sword was like a rainbow.

A huge change had happened to Xiao Yue's temperament. His hair was like fluttering longswords that cut the air. In his eyes, there were traces of sharpness. It was a kind of sharpness that advanced courageously and sliced everything that was in its way.

"Father... I broke through." Xiao Yue looked at Xiao Meng as he smiled. His hoarse voice resonated throughout the Xiao Mansion. Thereafter, behind Xiao Yue's back, a longsword whistled out, as if it wanted to split open the sky. Xiao Yue drove the sword forward and pointed it directly at Xiao Meng.

Xiao Meng immediately started to laugh as he stood proudly above the blue dome of heaven. He moved his fist and circulated his true energy as he collided with the sword Xiao Yue had thrust at him.

The swordsman's sword advanced courageously with an unrivaled offense. It was the consensus of cultivators that a Battle-Saint realm swordsman was an extremely formidable existence.

And now, Xiao Yue was finally also a Battle-Saint. A family with two Battle-Saints. This Xiao Family's fortune was the empire's fortune!


However, the happiness did not linger for long on Xiao Yue's and Xiao Meng's faces as an extremely frightening energy burst out abruptly within the Imperial City.

The energy swept out and the duo's complexion changed. They felt that their hearts were being oppressed incessantly.

"This..." The father and son duo looked at each other and gazed in the direction of the turmoil. It was where Fang Fang's Little Store was located.

Owner Bu's store... did he cause trouble again?!


A steel spear that shimmered in metal-cold might looked like it wanted to rip the air apart. The spear was ignited with a fiery red brilliant pattern. That grandeur was practically too frightening. Under this spear, those Battle-Saints might not be able to retaliate before getting pierced by it!

A ray of purple radiance streaked across the air. Subsequently, a slashing ray collided against the spear, causing a huge explosion.


A loud sound resonated. The sound wave spread out. The diners in the small store couldn't help but cover up their own ears. It was like this sound could shatter people's eardrums.

Whitey's purple eyes flickered with cold rays as its figure somersaulted in the air, resembling a ball that was revolving in high speed as it landed on the ground with a loud bang. Thereafter, the formidable leaping force burst forth as it shot up once again.

Its hand had already been turned into a large machete that was emitting cold beams. It was extremely horrifying.

The steel spear revolved in the air. Ultimately, it abruptly flew back into the hands of Xia Yu, being caught by the bulging muscular arms. His energy was like a dragon while his eyes shone in extreme radiance. It felt somewhat inconceivable.

A long whistle resounded. Subsequently, he shot down violently like a cannonball, ramming toward the incoming Whitey.

The spear brandished down as the torn air rumbled.

Bang Bang Bang!!

Whitey and Xia Yu collided with each other in the air and in a split second they got tangled up. A person and a machine, with both of their sizes extremely huge. Spear and huge machete bombarded each other unceasingly. Whenever they rubbed against each other, bright sparks would scatter.

Xia Yu's malevolent face was extremely beserk. Numerous spear strikes rained down, resembling a downpour.

Whitey's machinery eyes flickered as the purple rays became denser. The huge machete also continued to bombard attacks as it faced the spear.

Everyone beneath them sucked in a breath of cold air and felt their hearts were in extreme oppression. This... what kind of level was this battle? Just by looking at the battle, they could already feel that their hearts shuddering in fear and a trepidation in the face of disaster.

Bu Fang leaned against the door shutters as the battle that was happening in the heavens created strong gales that caressed his jet-black hair. He stared at the battle, and within his eyes, brilliant rays were circulating, making him looked unperturbed and excited.

Blacky strode around the ground with its cat steps for a while. Subsequently, he looked at the battle happening in the heavens with interest.

That human may have yet to reach the Supreme-Being realm, but his corporeal body had indeed already achieved that. His actual fighting strength was not any weaker than that of a Supreme-Being.

In the end, his small store still provoked this kind of existence... However, so what?

The old dog harrumphed and did not seem to mind it.

A loud noise resounded in the heavens as a figure was smashed down ruthlessly. It crashed onto the main street of the Imperial City, shattering the ground with a deep crater.

Fortunately, the location of the alley was rather desolate. Very little hawkers set up their stalls nearby. Even if initially there were some, they had already left this area long ago.

Smoke and dust filled the air. Whitey's purple eyes twinkled while it climbed up from the ruins as the sounds of falling debris continued.

All of a sudden, Whitey's purple eyes illuminated brightly.

Xia Yu, who was standing proudly in the heavens, stroked the knife cuts on his majestic body and grinned. His face was filled with excitement.

Shoot Shoot!

At the center of the ruins on the ground, the sounds of two cuts echoed out. Afterwards, Xia Yu's pupils contracted as he saw that there were two formidable flying knives slicing out at high speed towards him.

Ding Ding!

Xia Yu held his steel spear and ferociously swept away the flying knives. However, the flying knives turned around and advanced toward Xia Yu once more, threatening to cut him.

Due to the fearful might from the flying knives, Xia Yu did not dare to use his body to resist it. He knew that the might on the flying knives could damage his body. Even though he did not know if the thing in front of him was a supreme beast or not, without a doubt, its fighting power was extremely dreadful!

Although this thing wasn't bursting with true energy, he still did not dare to look down on it.

"Die for me!"

Xia Yu bellowed out as he blocked the two flying knives with a strike. Then, his entire being was like a cannonball as he dived. With a loud rumble, he rammed into Whitey, who was on the ground of the long street, as they started to fight in hand-to-hand combat once more.

The location of the long street in the Imperial City had been thoroughly wrecked. The place was filled with drifting sands and loose pebbles; a layer of the ground had also been erased away. The surrounding homes all bore holes from the storm of sand and stones.

The amount of prestige the duel had attracted was extremely vast. The both of them had fought from the Long Street to the alley and from the alley back to the Long Street. This continued repeatedly.

Within the Imperial City, the guards had already sealed off the surroundings as they prohibited the masses from approaching.

Xiao Yue and Xiao Meng rushed over to watch the battle at a distant spot. The both of them couldn't help but tighten their hearts. Both sides' strength was too formidable; it was way beyond their imagination.

Xia Yu was very strong. By relying on his body, he could fight against Supreme-Beings. In the Godly Temple of the Wildlands, his position was not low. He was also the Great Elder of Ferocious Divine Hall. That hall majored in cultivating the body, therefore, his body was extremely formidable.

Whitey did not possess any true energy, but ever since it started to protect the restaurant, it had shredded countless clothes. This was the first time it met such a formidable opponent and this was also the first time it fought with someone who kept up with him so closely.

Bu Fang's eyes flickered. He was extremely flabbergasted. It seemed the enemy this time wasn't a nobody. He was even able to sense Whitey's ever-rising fierce battle technique.

A loud rumbling echoed out!

Both figures suddenly shot out, leaving behind a long and narrow gorge on the floor when they separated from each other. Xia Yu was gasping for breath violently. His body was covered in knife cuts as blood spread over his body.

The speed Whitey's purple eyes twinkled was beyond imagination. Its plump body was covered in punch marks as well as spear cuts. It was very obvious that it was having a hard time fighting.

However, compared to Xia Yu, Whitey held a bigger advantage. It would never tire. Yet, Xia Yu, after all, had a human body made of flesh. Eventually, he would tire and his state of mind would drop. Therefore, Xia Yu knew that he must not continue fighting in this manner.

Otherwise, he would be worn down to death by this puppet!

He tossed up the talisman on his hand. Immediately, the talisman blossomed in radiance in the sky and an earth-shattering huge figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the sky.

A loud and clear dragon cry resonated throughout the nine heavens as it spread out to the whole Imperial City. The great prestige of the Flood Dragon pressured down, causing the whole Light Wind Imperial City to sink into a panic.

"Hahaha! Your toy is very strong and I, Xia Yu, admit that I can not do anything to you. But with me tangling it, what other methods does your restaurant have? If my elder brother Tyrant wanted to destroy your restaurant, he could have done so with ease! Killing off my younger brother... I want you to pay with your life!"

Xia Yu tightened the grip on his spear. He pointed out with his spear and the pressure whizzed out as he laughed incessantly.

His eyes were filled with malevolence and self-confidence.

In the sky behind him, a sinister looking pinnacle eighth grade spirit beast was stretching out its enormous calluses. It was a Wildlands Flood Dragon!