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 Chapter 273: Ferocious Hall's Xia Yu, the Body of a Supreme Being

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A giant quake brought ripples that spread in all directions. There was a domineering voice shouting in anger at the store.

Bu Fang's mind went blank. Was this an indication that someone was causing trouble in the store? Which ignorant fellow still dared to make a scene in the store after that last incident?

Ji Chengxue was also stunned. He wasn't the only one; everyone else in the store was equally surprised.

All the customers knew how powerful and scary Owner Bu's store was. Many had shed blood outside the store, at the recently repaired alley. That was the blood of foolish and ignorant people.

They always believed that no one in this world would dare make a scene at Owner Bu's store again. However, soon enough, someone came knocking on trouble's door again.

Bu Fang snapped out of his blank state of mind and stayed composed. He stood up and strolled to the door. Behind the thick smoke, the shadow of a man appeared. He was big in size and tall like a mountain.

Bu Fang stared at this dark figure and felt that he was familiar.

Among the experts Whitey had killed previously... there seemed to have been someone who looked very similar to the person before him.

With a swing of the steel spear, the smoke in the alley dissipated, revealing the person. This person's body was dense with muscles. His energy was constantly circulating. He stared at Bu Fang at the door, smirked, and swung his spear to point it at Bu Fang.

"You are the owner of the store? Was it you who killed my brother?"

His voice was crystal clear and very intimidating as he questioned Bu Fang.

A strong gust of wind blew toward the shop. However, the shop was protected by the system, so the energy dissipated before it reached Bu Fang. His heart skipped a beat due to the pressure. The pressure exerted by the person in front of him was the strongest Bu Fang had ever experienced. Even the War-God from before did not measure up to him.

Xia Yu was stunned. He did not expect Bu Fang to be so composed and indifferent even under such pressure. How was this possible?

Although he wasn't a Supreme Being, he was already halfway to becoming one. His true energy cultivation was also one step away from becoming a supreme being, and his body was already at the level of one. His combat efficiency was almost there; even if he were to face the few old monsters in the Wildlands, he might be on par with them.

The pressure he exerted was not something that a normal person could withstand. Besides, this young man was only a Battle-Emperor.

Battle-Emperor? To him, killing a Battle-Emperor would be as easy as squashing an ant.

"Who's your brother..." Bu Fang nonchalantly asked this big-sized man. This triggered the outsider even more and he was prepared to finish off Bu Fang.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, was also not showing him any respect. His expression made Xia Yu fly into a rage.

He took a step forward and the earth split. You caused my brother to die and yet you do not remember who he was?!

Blacky, who was lying at a corner, looked up and took a glance at this big man. It was clearly not happy with him.


The huge Whitey was already behind Bu Fang, and its blinking red machinery eyes were locked onto Xia Yu.

Ji Chengxue also stood up and the other customers looked on stiffly.

"Hmmm... since you refuse to come out, I shall destroy your store! Let's see how you continue doing business!"

Xia Yu was chill. He jumped up with all his might, reaching a height of ten meters, as if he was floating in the sky. He raised his hands and a great amount of true energy was released from his stomach, filling the sky. It accumulated to become a True Energy Palm. The patterns on his palm were very unique and quite eye-catching.

The customers in the store were terrified; they had not seen such a scene before. Being able to accumulate a True Energy Palm in the sky... Even a Battle-Saint could not do that?! Could it be that the person before them... was a War-God?!

Oh my gosh! It's a War-God!

Bu Fang was calm as he stared blankly at Xia Yu who was in the sky. The latter seemed like he was mocking and looking down on Bu Fang. He was extremely confident that he could easily destroy the store.

He knew that there was a supreme beast in the store, but he was unfazed by that. Even if it's a supreme beast, he would dare to challenge it. Among the Godly Temples of the Wildlands, Ferocious Hall's Great Elder was fearless and impeccable!

A raging storm brewed, bringing along with it a very strong pressure. This atmosphere made all the customers in the store tremble, panic visible in their expressions.

This true energy that filled the sky looked like it was capable of destroying them. It was too horrifying.

Ji Chengxue was also scared, but as the emperor, he had to remain calm. A weird color swirled around his eyes. This was a true expert! Indeed a strong expert. If the empire had such a person defending us, we would have nothing to fear!

Ji Chengxue took a deep breath. He had never yearned for such an expert to be by his side before.

In the past, he always thought that a Battle-Saint was the highest attainable level already, but after he met Owner Bu and all these strong people... it was then he understood that his expectations, no... the expectations of the world was too low.

A true expert... was beyond their wildest imagination.

"Detected enemy's killing intent. Purple eyes mode, on."

Boom boom!

That huge palm attacked fiercely. He was out to destroy the store.

Blacky slowly stood up; he was very irritated. Why do all these random strangers keep coming here asking for death? Why couldn't they just let this dog eat his Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in peace?

However, Blacky did not get involved, because even before he could do so, a white figure flew to the sky at the speed of light.

A loud tremor was felt.

The muscles on Xia Yu's face vibrated. He had a cold look in his eyes. Even though there were many people in the store, and many innocent people living around the shop, so what? I'll just bury them with my brother!

He dealt a blow with his palm.

However, Xia Yu's eyes squinted. He felt a force opposing him, blocking his blow from destroying the whole area. The True Energy Palm was weakened by countless continuous attacks. Did the spirit beast get involved?!

"Bring it on! Let me experience how strong a spirit beast can be!"

Xia Yu cockily shouted and began to laugh. He was certain that this was the spirit beast that killed his brother. The shop owner was only a Battle-Emperor, so how would he be a match for his brother, who was a War-God!


The True Energy Palm was negated and dissipated in the air, blowing away with the wind.

In the eyes of Xia Yu, he saw a purple light bean rushing toward him. He held his spear tightly and his muscles tightened. He rushed forward and attacked the purplish figure.

The speed of that spear... was amazing!


Outside Imperial City.

Mu Sheng placed his hands behind him, looking at the towering Light Wind Empire. Two people followed behind him-they were the experts of the Ferocious Divine Hall.

He was a little afraid of this Imperial City. Although he wanted to see it destroyed, he knew that Elder Xia Yu had already taken action... This store must be destroyed no matter what, even if a spirit beast stood in their way.

The Ferocious Hall's Great Elder had obtained the body of a Supreme-Being. Destroying a shop would be a piece of cake for him.


There was a ringing sound. Sheng Mu squinted at the sky, then saw a bird that burned with flames soar across them.

Sitting on the Intense Flamed Bird, was a slightly plump old man.

The aura of the flaming bird was terrifying. This made Sheng Mu uneasy. This Light Wind Imperial City... Why was there such a being there?!

No mistaking, the slightly plump old man was the person who had finished the Dragon Liver Popsicle at Fang Fang's Little Store. He sensed the tremor that came from the city but was not affected by it. Owner Bu's store had a spirit beast, right? It should not be so easily destroyed.

The slightly plump old man laughed. He opened the lid of his gourd and took a sip of the Eight Spirit Fruit Vinegar.

"It would taste better if it was paired with a Dragon Liver. Let me return to Hundred Thousand Mountains to catch a Flood Dragon to try. If I succeed, hehe, I can make a fortune by selling it to the old fools in the tower..."

In the air, the slightly plump old man's evil laugh disappeared.


In the Imperial City, there was an explosive sound. The whole city seemed to be shaking.