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 Chapter 266: The Pan-Fried Pork Buns of the "Beauty of Bun"

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

An awful odor spread through the kitchen, causing everyone to pinch their noses in disgust. This smell was simply too repulsive for anyone to bear.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and waved his hands before his nose. Then, he sauntered out of the kitchen and instructed calmly, "Someone watch over him. Once the toxins are driven out, he should be able to recover."

The members of the Xiao Family stared at one another blankly. At the end, only Lin Qin'Er and Xiao Yu stayed behind, with everyone else clearing out.

Xiao Yanyu, on the other hand, accompanied Bu Fang on his casual stroll in the Xiao residence garden.

The sun gradually dipped down the horizon, emitting the lasts of its dusky rays of light. The sunset stretched out the shadows ot the pair, bringing with it a distinctive atmosphere.

As the sun had completely set, darkness obscured the entire sky. Sparkling stars twinkled around the two crescent moons. At last, Bu Fang and Xiao Yanyu returned to the halls of Xiao's quarter.

Xiao Keyun was already fully recovered. He had taken a shower to cleanse his body of the poisons and reeking stench. His entire physique still appeared fragile, with a pale face and bloodless lips. It was obvious that the process of toxin expulsion put him through a tortuous suffering.

However, giant smiles beamed across both Lin Qin'Er and Xiao Yu's faces. The expressions of the other family members also appeared much relieved. It was apparent that the toxins within Xiao Keyun's body had been fully purged.

"Thank you, Young Master Bu, for saving my life." Xiao Keyun stood up from his seat. Though his body was still in a weak state, he mustered up the energy to cup his hands and bow to Bu Fang. His face was filled with gratitude.

Bu Fang merely waved his hands. It seemed like Xiao Keyun had truly recovered.

"Though your body is now rid of poison, you can probably tell that you are still quiet feeble. That is because your conditions were too severe. Now that the toxins are cleared, their side effects are still affecting you. Your cultivation level has been set back, and this retrogression means a fragile physique is inevitable," Bu Fang announced calmly.

Xiao Keyun fell silent. He was already a sixth grade Battle-Emperor, yet the healing process caused him to slip back to the echelon of fifth grade Battle-King, to an extent even weaker than before. Plus, his body had suffered total exhaustion, which meant a long rest was in place before he could regain his strength.

One could say he was hit by a huge loss this time, gaining nothing in return.

Bu Fang didn't engage in any more small talk with the Xiao Family members and immediately returned to the guest room arranged for him. He was so worn out that he directly hit the hay after taking a quick shower.

To say he had all the energy sucked out of him may be a slight exaggeration. Yet, it was true that he had just butchered a seventh grade Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish and cooked an Elixir Cuisine. These were certainly taxing tasks.

This was especially true for slaying of the Thunder Dragon Demonic Fish, an absolutely exhausting feat. This was precisely why Bu Fang did not enjoy being dragged into bloody conflicts-they were too enervating.

By dawn the next day, rays of sunshine shot through the windows of the room. They hit the floorboards, giving out a trace of warmness.

Bu Fang got up, stretched himself and yawned. Then, he washed up and walked out of his room.

The environment of the Xiao household garden was excellent, especially the air, which was extra refreshing. The early morning sunshine cast through the cracks of the bushes, scattering glimmering golden glints all over the ground.

Bu Fang wandered through the garden, walking on the tracks made of stone. In this very moment, an unprecedented sense of relaxation washed over his body.

He had sauntered for a while before another figure from a distance slowly jogged toward him.

Xiao Yanyu stared at Bu Fang, who was his usual cold and aloof self, as he stood amidst the specks of sunlight. Her face slightly changed. The Owner Bu in this very moment exhibited a unique quality, one that she has never seen before.

However, she had to get down to business, and so snapped out of it quickly.

Bu Fang was led into the main hall of the Xiao residence by Xiao Yanyu. Not many people were here this early in the morning, but a special aroma drifted in the air.

Detecting this scent, Bu Fang immediately felt his eyes brighten. Gourmet delicacy alert!

Owner Bu, to repay you for saving uncle's life, Aunt Lin stepped into the kitchen herself to make you Pan-Fried Pork Bun..." Xiao Yanyu explained.

Bu Fang was taken by surprise, and the corners of his mouth curled up. Now, this was interesting.

Bu Fang strode into the hall and found himself a seat. Not after long, Lin Qin'Er walked in with a plate of delicate Pan-Fried Pork Buns in her hands.

Her face was somewhat pale, and her lips also quivering.

"Young Master Bu, I know that this Pan-Fried Pork Bun is nothing compared to what you have done to save my husband's life. Consider this a small gift from us. I hope my cooking doesn't disappoint you." A soft smile smeared across Lin Qin'Er's pallid face.

Pan-Fried Pork Bun? Bu Fang's eyes sparkled as he nodded.

A plate was placed in front of him. It was not huge and there were a total of four buns inside. Each was fried to perfection, golden and crispy, as they emitted a rich fragrance.

Hot steams rose above the Pan-Fried Pork Buns. Their golden appearance was exquisite. Tiny drops of oiled sauce trickled through the buns, creating tiny bubbles.

The Pan-Fried Pork Bun was a specialty cuisine of the Southern City. Bu Fang had eaten this dish before and remembered that it tasted quite good. Its fried, crispy outermost bun had an especially delightful texture. However, that dish was also just barely satisfactory for Bu Fang.

He wondered how the highly praised but no longer available Lin Qin'Er buns would taste. Hopefully, he wouldn't be let down.

Lin Qin'Er's body was trembling a bit. She found a seat for herself after setting down the plate. She seemed slightly out of breath and looked very much enervated.

Bu Fang shot a glimpse at her, and then retreated his glance. He grabbed a pair of chopsticks and picked up a bun.

After studying it for a bit, he opened his mouth and took a big bite.

A dense, tasty hot oiled sauce oozed out of the bun after his bite. It slid right into his mouth, sending a shiver down his body.

The flavor was undeniably marvelous. Both the fragrance of the meat and vegetables perfectly set themselves free in Bu Fang's mouth, tingling his taste buds. Bu Fang couldn't help but curve his eyes into a smile.

Indeed, it tasted much better than any of the other Pan-Fried Pork Buns he had tried in the Southern City. Besides...as he chewed and savored it carefully, he discovered something else worth mentioning.

It was the fact that Lin Qin'Er's Pan-Fried Pork Buns actually contained spirit energy. Though it was not rich in concentration, it was still perfectly reserved within the ingredients. Since this Pan-Fried Pork Bun was not made of rare ingredients, it didn't hold much spirit energy to begin with. What Lin Qin'Er had accomplished was managing to retain most of it in her dish.

This was what amazed Bu Fang the most. It surprised him that someone could make such a Pan-Fried Pork Bun.

No wonder Lin Qin'Er had that awful look on her face. It was no easy task to preserve all of the spirit energy within the ingredients. Judging by Lin Qin'Er's state, she must have exhausted a large amount of true energy in making this dish. After all, she did not have a high cultivation level or a strong physique.

In order to retain the spirit energy, one must connect with the spirit energy within the ingredients. This meant performing the Spirit Resonance, which entailed maintaining the same frequency as the spirit energies of the ingredients. Such an endeavor was a huge burden to one's energy and spirit force.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, had already mastered the control of spirit energy. Besides, his spirit force was strong enough to make it a less arduous task. For Lin Qin'Er though... it must have been laborious.

This was also probably why Xiao Keyun didn't want Lin Qin'Er making this Pan-Fried Pork Bun anymore.

"Not bad." Bu Fang, quite out of character, didn't offer any criticism of the dish. Instead, he merely uttered two words to express his thoughts.

It was by no means easy for someone with Lin Qin'Er's cultivation level to cook such a dish. Deep down, Bu Fang even felt true respect for her, since she must have gone through countless rounds of training, not to mention trial and error, to make a gourmet delicacy like this.

Flutter. The sound of pages flipping echoed in Bu Fang's mind. His eyes dimmed, sensing that another recipe has been added to the journal. It was the details procedures for cooking Pan-Fried Pork Bun.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled as he happily devoured a few more buns. After clearing the plate, he let out a long, satisfying breath.

Lin Qin'Er grinned at Bu Fang as she felt her heart fill with a swelling comfort. Seeing a smile on the face of someone who consumed her dish was one of the most gratifying experiences.

Now that everything has been settled in the Southern City, and that he had tasted the Pan-Fried Pork Bun, Bu Fang knew it was time to take off. His trip to the Southern City could be considered a success.

Though there occurred some unexpected incidents, including the men in black on top of the somewhat familiar poisonous pills... Bu Fang really couldn't care in the least. What good would come by involving himself? These were none of his business.

Thus, Bu Fang didn't stay at the Xiao residence for long and instead immediately bid farewell to Xiao Yanyu and the others before taking off with Whitey. They were ready to depart from the Southern City.

Across the rising tides of the Dragon River, Bu Fang walked with his hands behind his back. Whitey followed his every step.

Xiao Yanyu watched as Bu Fang's figure faded, feeling somewhat dejected inside. However, she quickly concealed this sense of desolation with a cool expression. She couldn't leave the Southern City just yet, as many things remained unsettled for her family... including the reason behind the mysterious men summoning her back to the Southern City, and so on.

At the Ten-Mile Pavilion of the Southern City, starry beams glistened as a whistling breeze howled.

Bu Fang's hair danced wildly in the wind. He stepped into the circle of storm and in a split second, vanished into thin air.