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 Chapter 264: The Fall of Lian Fu

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The pitch-black arrow, launched from the cabin of the giant ship, slit through the air. A dark wind rumbled like thunder booming in the sky.

This speed was too fast, leaving no time for Lian Fu to react.

His white strands of hair rustled in the fierce storm. In a split second, the pitch black arrow had already arrived before his face.

Ji Chengyu's heart trembled. He felt a domineering aura pressing down on his body, as if he was being crushed by a gigantic mountain. The arrow gave him an awful sensation of unsettlement, prompting him to twist his head towards the ship's cabin furiously.

"When did this sovereign ask for your help?" Ji Chengyu roared in wrath.

However, the only reply he got was silence.

Lian Fu shouted with a hoarse voice and planted the Black Firmament Sword before his chest, hoping to resist this nearly inescapable strike.


The arrow sped through the air and rammed into the Black Firmament Sword shielding Lian Fu's chest. The sword, despite how sturdy and sharp it was, nearly wailed, unable to withstand the strike.

Lian Fu's body was hurled backwards by a formidable force. His figure slid onto the surface of the ocean, sending waves crashing into the sky.


With a crispy snap, the Black Firmament Sword in Lian Fu's hands shattered into pieces. He spat out a mouthful of blood, sensing his energy wane.

A trace of fear flickered across his eyes as he gravely peered toward the ship. That shot of arrow...was terrorizing, and definitely not the work of an ordinary person.

"King Yu... what kind of people are you colluding with? I sincerely urged you not to be so misguided as to bring disaster upon yourself. Don't ruin the great Light Wind Empire!" Lian Fu pressed hard on his chest. The Black Firmament Sword in his hands had already smattered into smithereens, only leaving behind the handle. Peering at this sword's handle, Lian Fu was overcome with incredible sorrow.

Ji Chengyu, with his bloodshot eyes, turned toward the ship. He never expected the folks on the ship to step in... they had promised to stay out of it!

"You, eunuch, are way too noisy."

A thunderous boom reverberated above the sea as another arrow dashed out of the ship. It was as black as ink, instantly cutting through the air.

Lian Fu's eyes widened as he tried to concentrate whatever energy remained in him. Thrusting a palm forward, he attempted to block this shot of arrow.

However, the arrow slit through the sky and instantly pierced through his body, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

Lian Fu staggered several steps backwards in the air. He bit his lips as the muscles on his face quivered. A huge hole appeared on his chest, on which black mists of energy twirled about to further corrode the wounded flesh.


Another mouthful of blood burst out as all colors drained from Lian Fu's already pale face. He no longer had the energy to hold on to the handle in his hand. As the remains of the sword fell into the ocean below, it made a small splash in the water.

"The Black Firmament Sword..." A dejected grief smeared across Lian Fu's face. That was the sword granted to him by Emperor Changfeng. Alas, this last token of memory was just smashed into bits.

He had sworn to guard the sword with his life. Now that it has been shattered... his time was also up.

"You!!" Ji Chengyu widened his eyes and glared at the blurry figures resting in the cabin furiously. He gitted his teeth with puffeded his cheeks, displaying the rage burning within.

He didn't want anyone else to get involved. Instead, he aspired to defeat Lian Fu on his own, to vanquish a figure he had considered unbeatable in the past.

He gazed at Lian Fu, who seemed to be rapidly losing signs of life. Blood gushed out of his chest, dripping into the vast sea, and was instantly swallowed by violent waves.

In the ocean, swarms of plump fishes traced the scent of blood as they leaped up. The creatures gathered by the spot where drops of Lian Fu's blood hit the water, making splashes in the wave.

Lian Fu's dry hair gradually withered. His face was as white as a sheet of paper, sending the signals of near death.

"King Yu... Don't ruin your father's lifetime of work!"

Lian Fu sighed with a low voice.


Ji Chengyu's pupils shrank as the scarlet redness gradually faded from his eyes.

Another pitch black arrow burst out of the cabin at full speed and directly penetrated Lian Fu's fragile body, which was dangling in the air. The huge force of energy flung Lian Fu far away, generating splattering pools of blood.

Lian Fu's body has been wrecked, as if a dead leaf spiraling downward against the blowing winds.


Lian Fu's body smashed into a small boat floating on the water. As he dully gazed at the infinite sky, his gray hair withered at a speed visible to the naked eye. His energy and spirit were dissipating, his signs of life fading.

"Your Majesty... I'm coming to serve you."

A deep sigh of relief seemingly echoed from a distance.

Ji Chengyu drew in a sharp breath and closed his eyes. When he fluttered open his eyelids once more, he had already restored his calm composure.

He took a step and returned to the ship's deck. As he stared at that lonely boat, with a twitch of the mouth, he sensed an unexpected surge of grief fill his heart.

Lian Fu still died after all. Yet perhaps this death was also a kind of liberation for him.

"King Yu, if the Venerable Master hadn't stepped in, you probably couldn't have defeated Chief Officer Lian. Isn't this a sign that the Venerable Master cares for you?"

Inside the ship cabin, Zhao Ruge waved his paper fan as he emerged. There was a gentle smile on his face, yet in Ji Chengyu's eyes, it looked more like a mocking smirk.

"Well... what should we do with Lian Fu's corpse?" Zhao Ruge asked.

Ji Chengyu cast another look at Lian Fu's dead body. Sighing softly, he turned his head and walked deeper into the cabin.

"At the end of the day, he was still my father's right hand man. Take good care of his remains... send it back to Ji Chengxue for a proper burial."


The Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire.

Inside the main halls stood Ji Chengxue with his hands behind his back, pacing slowly. The halls were quite empty since all of the servants were sent away on his order. This was so nobody would disturb him.

Suddenly, Ji Chengxue froze on his tracks. His right eyelid began to twitch violently, with his heart shivering.

He pounded his chest hard as his face paled.

He turned around and peered at the sky through the gates of the main halls. There seemed to be a shooting star gliding across the infinite heavens.

Ji Chengxue narrowed his eyes and sighed softly.

The Xiao residence of the Imperial City.

Xiao Meng was sitting in his study room, practicing his calligraphy at ease until all of a sudden, his brush jerked. It left a huge blot and sent ink splashing everywhere, ruining the piece of work laying before him.

In this precise moment, his heart began to feel fretful and agitated.

After hanging his writing brush back onto a shelf, Xiao Meng tore up the piece of work on his table. He walked to the windows, hands behind his back, and gazed at the sky.


Hot steams and a dense fragrance surged from the dish placed on the table, bubbling fervently.

"Owner Bu... isn't this how the Dragon River Vinegar Fish is cooked?" Xiao Yanyu batted her beautiful eyelashes once she saw this Elixir Cuisine, asking out of curiosity.

The cooking procedures for the Dragon River Vinegar Fish... how could Owner Bu know it so well? Especially when it came to the sauce, which demanded particular skills and high proficiency.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled. The journal had recorded detailed steps as well as important precautions for the cooking of Dragon River Vinegar Fish. Having studied it several times, Bu Fang felt like these instructions have been imprinted in his brain.

It just so happened that the main ingredient of today's Elixir Cuisine was also fish, giving him a chance to practice the cooking of Dragon River Vinegar Fish.

Though apparently only the fish selected was not the same, in reality, the fundamental purpose of the two dishes were also quite different. He was making an Elixir Cuisine after all, the focus of which was the medical effects of the dish.

He had utilized numerous spirit herbs to boil the fish, enabling the essence of the herbs to seep into the flesh. Furthermore, his sauce was also made with Blood Crown, which meant the medical effects of the dish should be striking enough.

He had observed Xiao Keyun's conditions. The poison that had infected him was terribly strong and also immune to any ordinary medicine, which could only serve as temporary remedies instead of long term solutions. To fully cure him would be too difficult, or perhaps even impossible. Thus, Bu Fang decided to give it a shot by utilizing ingredients with higher concentrations of medical properties.

This particular piece of flesh was the finest part of the Demonic Fish, as it could successfully resist the erosion of the black forces of air. This meant it had special qualities in defending against that horrid dark force, making it the perfect main ingredient of this dish.

Furthermore, the piece of fish had absorbed the essence of numerous spirit herbs. By making a sauce with Blood Brown, this Blood Crown Intoxicating Demonic Fish was bound to contain a formidable degree of healing effects, even more so compared to the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup that Bu Fang had cooked long before.

He reached the doors to the kitchen and pushed them open. The crowd waiting right outside immediately shifted their glances at Bu Fang, blinking their eyes.

"Come on in, you may now bring the patient. The Elixir Cuisine is ready. Now, whether or not it'll work... will depend on his luck."

Bu Fang announced calmly. Xiao Keyun was severely wounded, as the poison had already corroded nearly half of his body. Though they've got that prime piece of flesh from the Demonic Fish, whether or not it could serve its functions was still unknown.

Lin Qin'Er was all worked up, urging the servants to carry the Second Master here immediately.

Xiao Keyun still looked rather weak and fragile, his vigor dimming.

However, upon smelling the rich aroma that drifted through the kitchen, he felt his eyes sparkle and the pain in his body greatly easing.

"Thank you for your troubles, Young Master Bu." Xiao Keyun gestured at Bu Fang with cupped hands.

Bu Fang waved his hands, looked around, and then pointed at the steaming hot Elixir Cuisine on the table.

"This is the Elixir Cuisine. Madame Xiao, you can feed him," Bu Fang said calmly.

Everyone in the Xiao family gazed at the dish Bu Fang had cooked. Suddenly, their eyes narrowed with a shred of doubt.

"Isn't this just... Dragon River Vinegar Fish? Can a plate of Dragon River Vinegar Fish cure the Second Master? This is absolute... nonsense!"