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 Chapter 262: Lian Fu's Battle with King Yu

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

"Cooking?! Cooking can save lives?"

Someone in the Xiao family questioned this notion out loud. It wasn't because they didn't trust Bu Fang, but because this truly sounded too outlandish.

The best a chef could do was make gourmet delicacies, which would certainly satisfy one's hunger, but surely it couldn't save one's life?

"Ignorant. If I say it can, then it certainly can. Or else, do you care to venture a try?" Bu Fang curled his lips and threw Xiao Kecheng a cold look as he sneered. He did not appreciate his cooking skills being questioned, let alone by someone with such trivial queries.

Xiao Kecheng's face froze as he sniggered quietly. Give it a try himself? What a joke... he couldn't wait for Xiao Keyun to pass away so nobody would compete with him for the patriarch role of the Xiao Family, never mind lend a helping hand... Besides, he also didn't have the required capabilities.

Lin Qin'Er was actually also in doubt. Her husband's life was on the line there, so she dared not act recklessly. Saving lives with cooking... this really did sound absurd. She was different from Xiao Kecheng in that she was excellent at cooking herself. But even so, she had never heard of rescuing people with cuisine.

However, she did not challenge Bu Fang directly, especially since Xiao Yanyu kept on signaling her with winks. She knew Xiao Yanyu was never one to talk big.

At this point in time, she really had no other choice. At last, she made up her mind and answered with clenched teeth: "All right! Young Master Bu, allow me to prepare the kitchen for you right away."

Xiao Yanyu breathed out a sigh of relief. She was worried that her Aunt Lin would question Owner Bu just like Xiao Kecheng. If that were the case, given Owner Bu's peculiar temper, he might outright refuse to offer any further treatment.

Nobody said anything else. This group of people proceeded to carry the fragile Xiao Keyun back to Xiao's Quarter.

It was also this very day that the Xiao residence had become the spotlight of the Southern City. Many of the strong warriors in the city paid their visits, hoping to befriend the young man who had butchered the seventh grade spirit beast.

This even alarmed the Lord of the Southern City.

However, the Xiao Family turned away numerous visitors on the pretext that Bu Fang needed to conserve his strength in order to save a life. This caused many to go home crestfallen.

Of course, plenty of them also expressed their empathy. In witnessing the battle of the Southern City, they knew that Xiao Keyun, the Second Master of the Xiao Family, was badly hurt and was nearly killed by the seventh grade demonic fish. Therefore, they didn't hold a grudge against the Xiao Family's excuses.

By the time Bu Fang had entered Xiao's Quarter once again, everyone's attitude was completely changed. Putting aside whether Bu Fang could rescue their Second Master, simply his cultivation level deserved respect from the Xiao Family.

The grand master of the Xiao Family also came out of the loft. His body trembled as he conversed with Bu Fang, entrusting him with the task of saving his second son.

"Young Master Bu, the kitchen is ready." Lin Qin'Er wiped off the beads of sweat from her forehead. She was slightly out of breath from running back here. In order to provide Bu Fang with a spotless space, she cleaned the kitchen herself. All was done so Bu Fang would be wholly satisfied.

Bu Fang nodded his head, beckoning Lin Qin'Er to lead the way. A crowd made of Xiao Family members trailed behind Bu Fang, very much intrigued.

The swarm of folks all gathered by the kitchen. A trace of curiosity flickered across Xiao Yanyu's eyes. She was very excited to watch Owner Bu cook again.

"I just need one person to take care of the fire. Everyone else, please leave the kitchen." Bu Fang ordered calmly.

The crowd made a ruckus, breaking out into lively discussions. They were looking forward to witnessing a cuisine that could save lives. But since Bu Fang demanded for their departure, they had no choice but to clear out.

At the end, only Xiao Yanyu remained in her spot. She stood there with an elegant posture, blinking her lovely eyes at Bu Fang.

"You're going to light the fire?" Bu Fang was somewhat shocked. This was no easy task so he had expected a burly fellow to stay behind... nonetheless, it didn't make too much difference.

"Owner Bu, are you sure about this? My uncle's circumstances... seem very severe." Xiao Yanyu rolled up her sleeves, exposing her fair, jade-like wrists. They looked so impeccable that not even a single blemish could be found.

"Let me give it a try. It might work," Bu Fang replied.

After patting Whitey's belly, Bu Fang turned around and walked to the kitchen counter. He pulled out a cutting board and placed it on the table along with some porcelain bowls. He scanned the environment within the kitchen with his eyes, familiarizing himself with the available tools in here.

After that, he sunk into the chair and started to rest.

Xiao Yanyu blinked her eyes in bewilderment as she peered at Bu Fang, "Owner Bu..."

"Let me take a break first. Without enough true energy, how could I make a qualified Elixir Cuisine?" Bu Fang rolled his eyes and grumbled impatiently. He had nearly exhausted his supply of true energy today by grappling with the Demonic Fish. There was no way for him to recover so soon.

Xiao Yanyu was instantly taken aback but couldn't help bursting into a soft laughter. That was certainly true... Bu Fang had just used up a lot of energy, yet a dish as advanced as Elixir Cuisine required a great deal of true energy. Without good conditions, mistakes could easily occur.

Bu Fang casually waved his hand and took out a piece of golden Oyster Pancake from the System's dimensional bag. The pancake emitted a hot steam and a rich fragrance.

This was food he had prepared for himself before leaving home. The Oyster Pancake tasted delicious, but its main function was helping him regain spirit energy. Though not enough spirit energy could be recovered, it was still of use.

Bu Fang took a bite of the Oyster Pancake. With his cheeks stuffed full, he chewed hard with widened eyes.

Xiao Yanyu gazed at Bu Fang quite speechlessly, not knowing what to say.

"Um, please ask the others to bring any elixir they can find in the Xiao residence. I'll see if anything can be used to my advantage." Bu Fang muttered with a mouthful of Oyster Pancake, after which he took another bite.

Xiao Yanyu smacked her lips and shot a glimpse at the Oyster Pancake. She swallowed her saliva and stood up. Unsure whether to laugh or cry, she sauntered toward the door.

Bu Fang watched as she left. Then, he took out another piece of Oyster Pancake from the System's dimensional bag and shoved it into his mouth.


The sword clashed against the spear, emitting a loud crispy clonk.

Waves of true energy burst forth, spreading as if ripples breaking through the air.

Lian Fu's figure trembled slightly in the air. His white locks of hair swayed as he fumbled several steps backwards. With a long face, he held the Black Firmament Sword in his hand, trying to concentrate his true energy.

Ji Chengyu, with a long halberd in his hand, exerted an unparalleled pressure. Scorching flames burned in his eyes as hot steams practically rose from his body. As he floated in the air, he looked simply undefeatable.

He brandished his long spear and charged toward Lian Fu much like a fearsome dragon. Lian Fu had reached seventh grade Battle-Saint and thus protected the Imperial City for as long as he could remember. The old Ji Chengyu could have easily gotten his ass kicked by Lian Fu. But today... he was able to rival Lian Fu.

That sense of power felt too good to be true!


Lian Fu's body quivered as he staggered a couple more steps backwards. Ji Chengyu pressed on hard, waving his long spear as he swooped on Lian Fu.

Waves of true energy from both sides collided and scattered through the air, sending turbulent sea waves from beneath to roll about violently.

Lian Fu's heart began beating with fear as the battle continued. Since when did Ji Chengyu's cultivation improved to this staggering extent?

The barrier to seventh level Battle-Saint was not easy to overcome. When Ji Chengyu's cultivation was officially sealed by the late Emperor Changfeng, he was still merely a sixth grade Battle-Emperor. Yet... his capabilities now reflected entry into the seventh grade echelon. Something unusual must have taken place.

Pitch-black streams of mist wrapped around Ji Chengyu's arms, rattling like tiny serpents. They provided immense strength to Ji Chengyu, and thus every time he waved his long spear, he was able to force Lian Fu down and stir the oceans below.

"Chief Officer Lian, that's all you've got? You have truly disappointed this sovereign!"

Ji Chengyu was becoming more wild and savage as the battle went on. His eyes flickered red as he launched vicious words of contempt toward his opponent.

A warrior that was way out of his league in the past was now easily subdued by him. This kind of thrill and pleasure opened up every pore in his body. It felt like he was about to reach even higher grounds in terms of power and strength.

The two's duel moved from the sky to the surface of the ocean. Seething waves tumbled, but neither paid any attention. Every time they crashed against one another, towering ocean waves would rise up and shower down like a rainstorm.

The downpour of sea water drenched Lian Fu. He looked like a sorry mess, with his cap completely shattered and white pieces of hair sticking all over his face.

"King Yu, if this is the case, then I will no longer hold back!"

Lian Fu was enraged. He was also fed up with constantly being at a disadvantage in this battle.

After a deafening howl, Lian Fu waved his sword. Waves of light blue true energy gushed out, wrapped around his body, and transformed into a soaring eagle.

Lian Fu tapped several times on the ocean surface with the tip of his toes. Then, his figure suddenly accelerated and appeared right before King Yu. His sword slashed through the air-the first slice knocking off King Yu's cap, the second leaving a gash on King Yu's cheeks, and a third greatly wounding King Yu's majestic momentum.

Now this was an experienced seventh Battle-Saint, whose abilities remained incredibly daunting.

Zhao Ruge stood on a large ship and watched as the tide suddenly turned against King Yu. He couldn't help but shake his head in disappointment. After all, King Yu had just newly acquired this power and was still no match to a Battle-Saint like Lian Fu. If he was already slipping into the inferior position, then it would only be a matter of time before he was captured.

Zhao Ruge gave Lian Fu, who was now crushing King Yu, a hard look and retreated to the ship's cabin.

Not after long, a violent force of energy surged out of the cabin.

The sound of a bowstring being plucked echoed in the ship. Then, a long black arrow shot out of the cabin with a loud whistle, almost distorting the space of air around it.

Lian Fu was forcing King Yu to retreat when he suddenly sensed danger coming his way. He lifted up his head only to see a pitch black arrow expanding in his vision.