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 Chapter 261: Your Poison Runs Too Deep

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Having gone through turmoil after turmoil, the Southern City finally welcomed a period of peace.

A portly white figure stood beneath the towering city gates. Its robotic eyes slowly changed from a purplish hue, a color that stirred bone-chilling memories in those who witnessed it before, to red.

The machete on Whitey's hand slowly softened and became a fan-sized palm.

Five bodies fell around it. These five mysterious people had been intending to assassinate Bu Fang but were all killed by Whitey. The ground was covered in dark blood.

Whitey blinked its eyes, not bothered by the five rotting bodies. It turned its back and returned to Bu Fang's side.

Bu Fang shifted his gaze from the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish to the five rotting bodies. He immediately frowned as he felt that the pungent stench from the bodies was familiar.

It was the same... as the Ghost Chef's.

"Well... Never mind. Who cares about that?" Bu Fang relaxed slightly and did not bother to look at the five pools of blood. He patted Whitey's chubby belly and continued to concentrate on the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish.

The size of this Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish was huge. It was even bigger than the Wandering Dragon Cow in the system's storage space. However, its worth was not as high compared to the Wandering Dragon Cow.

When Whitey eliminated the five mysterious people, Bu Fang had already analyzed the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish. The quality of the fish's flesh was clearly contaminated as black stains surfaced.

After walking around the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish once, Bu Fang patted the body of the fish and suddenly jumped onto it's back. He used some of the true energy he'd just recovered and summoned the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

After a moment, he continuously thrust his palms into the back of the fish. With a serious look and high explosive power, he actually managed to remove the bones of this demonic fish.

Its humongous fish bones resembled a very sharp weapon. Each one was capable of penetrating through any object, being extremely sharp.

However, Bu Fang wasn't interested in the fish bones and threw them aside. The Battle-Emperors of the Southern city were all shocked.

"These were the fish bones of a seventh grade spirit beast... Throwing away all that money!"

The people of the Southern City were all very intelligent. With many businessman residing here, all the cultivators naturally also became good at doing business. These fish bones would definitely fetch a good price.

When Bu Fang threw these fish bones aside, it caused many of the people around him to be greedy. They were all plotting on how to snatch these fish bones later.


The loud noise caught everyone's attention, stunning them. The body of the Demonic Fish was cut in half, and Bu Fang jumped into the centre of its body, searching for something.

"Oh... I found you."

After searching for awhile, Bu Fang finally found a piece of fish meat from inside the body. That piece of meat was uncontaminated and as pure as white, giving off a light scent.

Bu Fang spun the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hands, displaying some knife handling skill, and removed the piece of meat that was roughly the size of a grindstone.

This piece of meat was the essence of the Demonic Fish. Being uncontaminated proved the spirit energy it possessed was extremely high.

The pure white fish meat was soft and warm. Bu Fang smelled it, but it didn't have a fishy smell. Instead, it gave off a light scent, similar to milk.

Satisfied, Bu Fang put this piece of meat into the system's storage space and jumped out of the body of the Demonic Fish, landing on top of it.

Bu Fang took a deep breath, causing his true energy to flow and take away some of the impurity left on his body.

The crisis in the Southern City was finally resolved. This Demonic Fish that caused so much trouble had been slain, and even its most precious meat had been removed from it.

After Bu Fang left, the Battle-Emperors in the Southern City slowly inched toward the corpse of the Demonic fish. Their gazes flickered as they started searching for valuable parts.

As Bu Fang expected, the mysterious five men made use of this Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish, contaminating it. It was a pity that now most of the fish meat could not be used for cooking.

If not, the meat of a seventh grade spirit beast would surely fetch a good price.

However, most people still managed to find some valuable items from this Demonic Fish and were extremely pleased.

Many people were fighting for the fish bones. Although the fish meat could be used as an ingredient, the fish bone could be made into weapons. If one could find a good smith, they might be able to craft some high level weapons from them. After all, the spirit energy and spirituality of a seventh grade spirit beast's bones couldn't be underestimated.

Whitey followed Bu Fang, walking in line with him. Both of them walked briskly along the streets of the Southern City.

Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Yu rushed over. Xiao Yanyu tapped her chest. She felt a load off her chest when she saw that Owner Bu was safe and sound.

Xiao Yu, on the other hand, was excited, blabbering on and on to Bu Fang. His immense respect for Bu Fang was unceasing like the water in a river.

Bu Fang nodded his head to Xiao Yanyu and walked toward the Xiao Family members with Whitey.

Xiao Keyun was saved, although his whole body was covered with the blood of the Demonic Fish. With the help of the Xiao Family members, he was partly healed after drinking an elixir.

He was weak and pale as he looked at the approaching Bu Fang.

"Thank you, Sir, for saving me. If not....." Xiao Keyun said faintly but full of gratitude. He was still a little traumatised by the dangerous moment just now.

If Bu Fang did not interfere, he would have been crushed to minced meat by the claws of the Demonic Fish.

Bu Fang nodded his head, accepting the gratitude of Xiao Keyun.

"You have been poisoned. While the elixir may have helped you achieve a breakthrough, it will also penetrate your body, reaching into its deepest depths and lodging itself there with its venomous tendrils. If you face a similar problem in battle next time... you will surely die," Bu Fang explained.

The heart of the people from the Xiao Family trembled slightly. Xiao Keyun felt an urge to say something but couldn't think of anything to say.

In the end, he only had himself to blame for what happened.

If he had been more cautious and examined the elixir before consuming it, such incident would not have happened.

"Second Master, our... our antidote stocks are running out." An old member of the Xiao Family worryingly said.

Xiao Keyun was lost and afraid. The person who provided him with the elixir had been killed by the puppet behind Bu Fang. The antidote was going to be out soon. The next time his condition acted up, he might truly die a terrible death.

Xiao Kecheng stood to one side, not daring to make a sound. He felt relieved, happy even. Initially, the five mysterious men were looking for him but felt that he was too weak and his standing in Xiao Family too low. They had only used him to get to know his second brother. He hadn't expected them to have such evil intentions.

If he were to test the drug for them, the one suffering would certainly have been him.

Thinking of that, his heart lightened up.

Lin Qin'Er's face was pale as she grabbed her husband's arm. The skin on his arms was rotting, releasing an odor, but she wasn't bothered by it. She was overwhelmed with worry and helplessness.

Xiao Yu was also dreadfully pale. He hadn't expected things to end up like this.

"Owner Bu..... do you have any way to save my second uncle?" Xiao Yanyu kept turning her head from Bu Fang to Xiao Keyun, frowning.

Owner Bu was not an ordinary chef. At that time, the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup rescued her from the brink of death. Maybe Owner Bu had a way.

"Senior, please save my father!" Xiao Yu turned to Bu Fang after hearing what Xiao Yanyu said. Bu Fang's previous accolades had convinced him there was nothing this senior couldn't do.

Lin Qin'Er seemed as though she was holding onto her only life line as she stared at Bu Fang.

Xiao Keyun was helpless. He knew the condition of his family. Without the antidote, the next time his condition acted up, he would definitely become a puddle of black water.

But what could Bu Fang do? He wasn't a doctor.

Xiao Kecheng also stared at Bu Fang. This guy that came out of nowhere, don't tell me he even has some medical skill? Don't tell me he could really save Xiao Keyun? If this was true, he would really crawl into the toilet and cry.

Bu Fang was troubled. It's not that he didn't want to save him, but he wasn't confident he could do so. This poisonous elixir was extremely toxic. Even the seventh grade spirit beast had been poisoned to the point that all its meat had been contaminated too. The body of Xiao Keyun might already be corroded by now.

"Master Bu... Please save my husband, I will agree to all your demands!"

Lin Qin'Er saw that Bu Fang was contemplating and quickly kneeled down. Her eyes were full of tears as she pleaded him.

Bu Fang quickly helped Lin Qin'Er up.

"I cannot guarantee that he will be saved. He has consumed the elixir for far too long, and his body seems like it's already been corroded by the poison. I can only say... that I will give it a try." Bu Fang relented.

Lin Qin'Er and Xiao Yu's eyes glowed up instantly. Bu Fang didn't reject them, meaning there might still be some hope.

The two of them were elated and thanked Bu Fang profusely.

Xiao Yanyu pursed her lips and looked toward Bu Fang. Her beautiful eyes glowed, touched by his compassion.

Bu Fang felt pressured by the expressions and warmth from these people. He waited for them to calm down before re-emphasizing, "That... I said I would give it a try. Please don't get your hopes up too much. Oh... and since you all want to save him, you should prepare a clean kitchen for me so I can give you my best."

Eh... except for Xiao Yanyu, the rest of the people were stunned and looked at Bu Fang in embarrassment.

To save a person, don't you have to feel his pulse or prescribe him some medicine? Why do you need a kitchen?

At such a critical moment, we don't have time to cook!

"Young Master Bu, please save my husband. If you want something nice to eat, I will prepare it for you myself..." Lin Qin'Er said, after staring awhile a bit anxiously.

Bu Fang's face turned black. He did not want to explain too much. He coughed and scanned through the faces of the people.

"Just do as I said, prepare a clean kitchen for me. I am the one saving him... there is no need for pulse taking, I will rely on my culinary skills.