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 Chapter 257: Owner Bu Plans to Make a Move?

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Raging territorial waters separated the Mahayana island from the continent. A large vessel sailed through the immense waves, causing them to splash ruthlessly on either side of its hull. The sound of the crashing waves resonated uninterruptedly.

Above the heaven vault, an eagle spreading its wings soared. Its clear and loud cries reverberated through the empty world.

"King Yu, tomorrow we will arrive at the continent. When that time comes, we will advance forward and meet up with our companions from the continent. They have already started the operation. The chaos for Light Wind Empire has already started..." Zhao Ruge was dressed in a white robe as he stood at the bow of the large vessel. Only his hair was blown by the biting cold wind that caressed over him.

Ji Chengyu's gaze was like electricity as he looked at the vague reflection of the long and narrow coastline gradually appearing before his eyes. He wasn't frightened at all.

In the end, he still needed to return there to fight for the things that originally belonged to him.

All of a sudden, King Yu's eyes narrowed as he stared at that distant place.

Zhao Ruge's unconcerned gaze had also faintly contracted. He walked over to Ji Chengyu's side and stared at the same spot. The ocean mist had thinned out as a fuzzy figure appeared before their eyes.

A small boat floated on top the vast ocean's waves as it moved unhurriedly toward their ship.

A person and a small boat. It looked rather lonely.

Ji Chengyu and Zhao Ruge had already started squinting to determine the person's identity.

It was as though that person had also just seen the large vessel when a frightening energy burst unexpectedly from his body as the small boat under his feet suddenly sped up. Towering sea waves puffed out behind him with such a large driving force it caused the small boat to speed forward.

"Battle-Saint?" Ji Chengyu said gravely as his complexion changed slightly.

"That's right... He should be coming for you, King Yu. Could he be the court eunuch Lian, who wants to recapture you?" Zhao Ruge said, raising the corner of his mouth.

Under the duo's gaze, that small boat became faster and faster and the figure had also become increasingly closer. Gradually, they were able to clearly see the person who was standing on the small boat.

Lian Fu was dressed in an embroidered gown and wore a formal headdress on top of his head. His face was fair and clear, while his white hair swayed unceasingly as it was caressed by the frantic sea breeze.

"King Yu... This servant has finally found you."

He looked at Ji Chengyu, who was standing at the bow of the large vessel, and then rays of light immediately burst forth from within Lian Fu's eyes.


River water had submerged half of Southern City. At the entrance of the city gate, a constant rumbling resonated as the enormous Burst Dragon Demonic Fish frantically struggled.

It was as if the city gate was about to be smashed to pieces by the struggle as traces of cracks continued to appear. It seemed as if at any time, it would collapse and be reduced to rubble.

The ten Battle-Emperor experts seemed extremely insignificant in front of that Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish. Their true energy burst forth as they brandished their weapons and flew towards the creature. True energy radiated out from the weapons in their hands as they continued to attack the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish with their strongest martial skills.

The might of all these martial skills was impressive and brought a lot of pain to that trapped Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish, but they were still unable to cause any substantial damage to it. Furthermore, the fish seemed to have gone berserk under these attacks.

Its densely packed teeth opened up, causing a fishy smell to waft towards them.

Xiao Keyun endured the pain in his body as he continued to attack and smash the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish's oral cavity wall, significantly injuring it.

However, the black energy in his body became even more intense as it constantly scattered about, causing him to feel as if his whole body was being bitten by ants. The pain was extremely hard to endure.

The other Battle-Emperors continued to bombard the fish with their strongest attacks. They absolutely needed to prevent this Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish from entering Southern City. At this moment, they no longer had the time to think as they put in their utmost efforts. Otherwise, this furious creature would wreak havoc on Southern City!

"Brother Xiao! Are you ok?"

Those Battle-Emperor experts who were close to Xiao Keyun detected the peculiarity in his behavior. Puzzled, they immediately inquired about it.

Xiao Keyun waved his hand, indicating that he was fine. He was still able to endure the pain.

Bu Fang stood on top of the roof quietly watching the distant battle from the side. His eyebrows faintly wrinkled. He saw Xiao Keyun but the latter's situation did not seem to be very optimistic.

Faraway, inside the Xiao Mansion, a lot of people continued to rush over. However, with the flood below them, everyone stood further away.

On the roof, Bu Fang was relatively more eye-catching. With just a glance, Xiao Yanyu spotted him.


Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Yu jumped one after another and landed beside Bu Fang on the roof. The space on the rooftop was relatively large and didn't seem very cramped.

"Your father's doesn't seem to be doing too well," Bu Fang said nonchalantly, shooting a glance at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was somewhat puzzled. When he saw his father facing that Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish so valiantly, he felt that nothing was wrong. He only felt a fit of hot bloodedness surge within him.

Bu Fang curled his lips. This Xiao Yu's cultivation was merely in the Battle-Maniac level, so it would be hard for him to spot the peculiarity about Xiao Keyun.

Xiao Yanyu's complexion changed when she heard Bu Fang's comment. She absolutely knew the reason for this peculiarity in Xiao Keyun, because the lord of Xiao Family had told her about it.

"Second Uncle's symptoms surely wouldn't erupt at such moment, right... That would be bad!" Xiao Yanyu murmured.

Bu Fang remained silent, but continued to look at the distant battle.

The ten Battle-Emperor experts bombarded the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish and finally, there were some visible results. A wound was being cut open on the monster, and blood spurted, dripping onto the ground.

Yells reverberated out. The Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish grew more violent. The appearance of the wound and the stimulus of the blood caused the fish to fly into a rage. The fish scales on its body became erect, and its aura suddenly changed. To everyone's surprise, it actually struggled free from the city gate's bindings, bringing along it, swirling boulders as it charged into the city.

There were actually some distinction between this demonic fish and an ordinary fish. On its abdomen were two sinister claws that held tightly onto the ground. Its enormous fishtail swept back and forth, sending out a wave of fishy smell.


Numerous Battle-Emperor experts were sent flying.

The Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish's eyes narrowed. The scales on its body seemed about to shoot out as they released a whistling sound before flying outwards rapidly. Their speed was so quick that it was extremely hard for anyone to evade them.


A piece of scale whistling overhead rotated at such a high speed that it gave the impression of having a dreadful slicing power. Xiao Keyun clenched his teeth and summoned his true energy, hoping to evade it. However, the next moment, his eyes contracted. The pitch-black energy on his face burst forth as the flesh on his hand started corroding...

With his whole body freezing him to his current spot, Xiao Keyun was unable to evade and could only use his weapon to defend against the scale's attack. His weapon was smashed into pieces as the mighty force sent Xiao Keyun flying.

In the air, he vomited a large mouthful of blood, and his face instantly paled.

The complexion of the Xiao Family members who were watching the battle immediately turned deathly pale. Sweet-tempered Lin Qin'Er's body was also on the verge of collapsing. Luckily, she was supported by the person beside her, preventing her from tumbling down.

Xiao Kecheng looked at the scene with slightly narrowed eyes.

"Father!" Xiao Yu's excited look immediately turned rigid as he shouted out in fear.

The emergence of such drastic changes caused everyone to be caught unprepared.

The black energy rushed over Xiao Keyun's collapsed body and threatened to overwhelm him. The flesh on his arms had started corroding, producing a rotten smell.

Xiao Keyun was helpless to do anything about it. He could only endure the condition of his injury and use the true energy in his body to suppress the surging black energy. Otherwise, he was afraid that, in the next moment, he would be corroded by the black energy into nothing.

"Brother Xiao, quickly dodge!!"

A bellow of rage resounded. Xiao Keyun was taken aback. Subsequently, he subconsciously lifted up his head, but his eyes were obstructed by an immense pitch-black shadow.

The Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish had lifted its huge claws and obstructed the sky above of him. The atmosphere felt as though it had frozen at that very moment.

Alarm and panic appeared within Xiao Keyun's eyes... If this claw were to strike down, he would definitely be smashed into a pulp of fresh meat. He would be dead to the point of being unable to die anymore!

Lin Qin'Er saw the scene and her heart felt heavy. Various people in the Xiao Family had also turned ghastly pale as they hung on the verge of collapsing.

"Owner Bu..."

On Xiao Yanyu's beautiful face, traces of anxiousness started to appear. She quickly turned around and spoke to Bu Fang. She had no idea what was Owner Bu's current cultivation realm was, but if his puppet Whitey were to make a move, it would certainly be able to obstruct that fish.

Bu Fang frowned. Even if he were to make a move, he had no idea if he would be able to stop the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish.

Before he set off on the journey, the system had regulated that if he wasn't in danger or under attack, Whitey wouldn't interfere. Therefore, Bu Fang could basically rule out the possibility of Whitey making a move to save Xiao Keyun.

But to simply watch Xiao Keyun be turned into minced meat by that claw... it was impossible for Bu Fang to stay so aloof about it.

He lightly sighed. True energy suddenly burst forth from under Bu Fang's foot as his figure flew from Xiao Yanyu's blanked out gaze.

Xiao Yanyu's complexion immediately changed. "Owner Bu... What are you doing? Get Whitey to make a move! How could you possibly stop the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish?!"

It had never occurred to her that Bu Fang would make a move personally... Why not just get Whitey to make a move? With Whitey's strength, it was not a problem for it to handle this fish.

Staring at Whitey's flickering machine eyes beside her, Xiao Yanyu was immediately stupefied.

Not only her, but Xiao Yu and the rest of the Xiao Family found their mouths open wide as they displayed an expression of bewilderment.

However, on Xiao Kecheng's face there was mockery. That Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish was a seventh grade demonic beast... Who does that kid think he is?