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 Chapter 248: I Never Thought You Were Like This, Owner Bu

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Bu Fang's calm composure surprised the surrounding crowd. Guard Chen narrowed his eyes, with the muscles on his face quivering.

He was utterly irritated by this fellow's unperturbed nature. What was the meaning of this? Was he looking down on the guard of Spring Fragrance Brothel? Everybody who sought to make a scene at the Spring Fragrance Brothel trembled with fear when they came across him, Guard Chen. This was the first time he had encountered someone so undaunted.

Bu Fang finished his cup of tea and exhaled a soft breath. He eyed the glowering Guard Chen coolly, then scanned the taunting crowd of people around him before standing up slowly.

"Who told you to stand up? Sit down!" Seeing that Bu Fang dared to stand up, Guard Chen's face darkened even more. He twirled the fire iron in his hands and aimed it at Bu Fang's shoulder, trying to keep him in his seat.

Bu Fang lifted his hands up gently and grasped the fire iron that Guard Chen launched his way. His expression remained calm.

By now, Bu Fang's cultivation level had reached sixth grade Battle-Emperor. In reality, he did not have strong combat abilities, and was only comparable to the worst of fifth grade warriors when facing an average sixth grade one. Yet, this Guard Chen, despite his ferocious appearance, merely had a cultivation of fourth grade Battle-Spirit.

A fourth-grade Battle-Spirit... Bu Fang was not the least bit intimidated.

Bu Fang stood bold upright, unrestrained by the fire iron. He managed to pull it toward him, sending Guard Chen down on his knees. The chair beneath the latter's feet crashed onto the floor.

"You brat!" Guard Chen was enraged.

He didn't expect this fellow to make a move when he was so outnumbered. Was he trying to get killed?

Bu Fang fiddled with the fire iron. Suddenly bored with it, he tossed the fire iron carelessly on the side, which clanked as it landed on the floor.

"Reckless! When it comes to being so foolish and imprudent at the Spring Fragrance Brothel, you're a first!" Guard Chen's fury burned like flames. True energy surged out of his body, sending violent winds thrashing through the entire room.

Bu Fang wrinkled his brows. This fellow didn't know when to stop huh?


Forces of energy burst out of Guard Chen's body, accompanying his smug laughter. Amongst the bodyguards in the Spring Fragrance Brothel, he had the highest cultivation level, because of which he was appointed the head of the guards. His cultivation level was something he deemed his greatest asset.

A fourth grade Battle-Spirit was already considered a top-tier warrior around there. Since the Southern City was one big on trades and commerce, few strong warriors resided in it.

Bu Fang glimpsed at him calmly. He didn't understand where this burly fellow got his confidence. Never mind a fourth grade Battle-Spirit... Bu Fang was someone who had already encountered eighth grade War-Gods. It was natural he didn't think that highly of fourth grade Battle-Spirits.

"Stop bothering me."

He was not in the mood to get involved with these people.

Bu Fang uttered this coolly as the energy within his energy core began to circulate. True energy gushed out of his body, releasing a formidable pressure.

Guard Chen was hit with this force of pressure before getting a chance to unleash his own true energy. In that instant, he almost jumped up in fright. This gigolo-like young man, with such fair and clear skin, had suddenly become a towering mountain, nearly crushing him out of breath.

What a terrifying level of true energy...

Bang... the layer of true energy enveloping Guard Chen's body immediately shattered. His entire figure staggered several steps backwards as he slumped onto the floor butt-first. The muscles on his face trembled as his lips quivered.

Crap, this pale-faced man turned out to be a sixth grade Battle-Emperor! This level of power... was one he had only felt before on the chief general of the Southern City!

At this point, he wanted badly to slap that damned Aunt Liu out of her nonsense. What did she mean by "making a scene", or "merely a shabby chef"? This guy before their eyes was a sixth grade Battle-Emperor!

This fellow could squash him with the lift of a single finger. Make a scene? How ridiculous. Even the big bosses behind the Spring Fragrance Brothel dared not offend a sixth grade Battle-Saint. In the Southern City, sixth grade Battle-Saints were the big dogs.

Bu Fang's pressure wasn't one of absolute domination. Instead, it was more serene and calm, much like his own personality. Nonetheless, it was still that of a sixth grade Battle-Saint. Hence, everyone present felt somewhat stifled by that force of pressure.

Bu Fang looked around and noticed the frightened crowds. He suddenly raised his eyebrows, feeling a little bored.

He took out a piece of crystal from the system's storage space and tossed it casually onto the table.

The sparking crystal made a crispy sound as it hit the table. That very sound echoed in the ears of Aunt Liu and her crew, turning their legs to jelly.

Aunt Liu felt like a brainless dummy... She made the wrong call, yet again. This young man was no chef at all, and was instead a strong Battle-Emperor.

Aunt Liu wanted desperately to weep. Why did he have to torture her this way.

Bu Fang held his hands behind his back and scanned his surrounding coolly. At last, his gaze landed on Aunt Liu. With his lips curled, he asked: "Is one crystal... enough to pay for the food?"

Aunt Liu's legs trembled. She wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. Nodding hurriedly, she replied: "Enough, enough, definitely enough."

A piece of crystal was enough to purchase this entire room, let alone these dishes. These food were all made with ordinary ingredients and wasn't worth much.

"Good. Then I have another question for you. Be honest," Bu Fang stated calmly.

Aunt Liu felt her heart tighten, but still nodded quickly.

"Tell me about the speciality cuisine of the Southern City. Where can I find gourmet delicacies around here?" Bu Fang asked in a serious tone.

Um... huh?

Aunt Liu was at loss, and so were the others around them. He was asking about food?

None of them expected Bu Fang to end with a question like this. In fact, this was rather... amusing.

Aunt Liu breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Bu Fang didn't demolish the Spring Fragrance Brothel out of anger, she was happy enough.

"Sir, haven't you just tasted the speciality cuisine of the Southern City? It is that Pan-Fried Pork Bun, which counts as one of the top dishes of the Southern City. The buns you had were cooked by the chef of our Spring Fragrance Brothel. It is not surprising that you don't find them to your liking, since they aren't technically authentic," Aunt Liu replied.

Bu Fang was taken back. It turned out that Pan-Fried Pork Bun was a speciality cuisine of the Southern City? No wonder it tasted much better than the other dishes he had tried.

"Then where can I get the authentic Pan-Fried Pork Bun?"

"You can't anymore. The only person who could make the most authentic Pan-Fried Pork Bun is Miss Lin of the Lin's Steamed Bun House. Not only did she inherit her grandfather's cooking skills, she is also incredibly beautiful. In fact, she was named the "Beauty of Bun" in the Southern City. It's a pity that she has married into the Xiao family and no longer cooks Pan-Fried Pork Buns anymore. To get a taste of Pan-Fried Pork Buns made by her hands is difficult nowadays." Aunt Liu sighed.

She recalled the days when Lin's Steamed Bun House was so popular it had queues that went on for several blocks. It was a shame she could no longer relive these moments anymore. And that she could never eat her delicious Pan-Fried Pork Buns anymore.

"Why did she stop making Pan-Fried Pork Buns? How could she let such good cooking go to waste?" Bu Fang frowned as he asked in confusion.

Aunt Liu peered at Bu Fang cautiously and responded: "It's all because of the second master of the Xiao family. He doesn't want Miss Lin to expose herself in public all day long, and so stopped her from making the Pan-Fried Pork Buns. This is also why Lin's Steamed Bun House eventually shut down."

The wealthy and influential Xiao family of the Southern City?

Since it was such an authentic gourmet delicacy, how could they allow it to simply disappear?

Bu Fang was pretty upset. He had specifically visited the Southern City in search of authentic speciality dishes. How could he return home empty-handed?

"Got it, thank you for informing me." Bu Fang took in a deep breath, glanced at the nervous crowd again, and withdrew his force of pressure. Then, he turned around and stepped out of the store without another word. Whitey's mechanic eyes flashed red as it followed Bu Fang's steps.

The two soon left the Spring Fragrance Brothel.

Everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief and sank onto the floor. The force of pressure of a sixth grade Battle-Emperor nearly squeezed the life out of them, making it hard for them to breathe evenly. It was fortunate that this young master did not seek to make things worse.

Bu Fang had no intentions of making a scene. He merely came for the gourmet delicacies, yet the dishes of the Spring Fragrance Brothel were plainly unsatisfying.

Back onto the bustling streets of the Southern City, Bu Fang did a little stretch. He felt much more clearheaded and relaxed without the irritating scent of makeup surrounding him.

"Owner Bu?"

Just as Bu Fang was stretching himself, a gentle and pleasant female voice rang behind his back.

Bu Fang's eyes narrowed as his face froze. His stretch was also paused mid-way.

What the hell? How could there be somebody calling him Owner Bu... in the Southern City?! Bu Fang's heart trembled. He slowly twisted his head around only to see an elegant, eye-catching beauty. The lady wore a veil over her face, yet her eyes were as mesmerizing as an autumn lake.

There was a trace of surprise in Xiao Yanyu's water-like eyes. She peered at the Spring Fragrance Brothel on the side and then back at a dumbfounded Bu Fang. She looked like she had just made a new discovery.

"I never... thought you were like this, Owner Bu!" Xiao Yanyu remained dumbstruck as she muttered.