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 Chapter 247: A Mere Chef Dares to Cause Trouble in a Brothel?

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"Aunt Liu!"

Spring Fragrance Brothel, first floor. Aunt Liu, who was sitting on the chair massaging her thigh, heard someone calling out for her. Subconsciously, she raised her head. She saw Chun Hua whose face was of one who didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she ran over.

"What's wrong? What are you doing here and not serving that young master?" Aunt Liu's face was filled with puzzlement. She had wasted a long time hoodwinking that stupefied young master before managing to pull him in. No matter how she saw it, that young master was a cash cow. She must not neglect him at all!

"No... Aunt Liu, this young master... is a little weird." Chun Hua's pretty face was showing a very weird expression. It was as if she wished to laugh but could not.

This was her first time meeting such a weird man. He had actually come over to a brothel filled with woman to sample food and for...'fun'.

Furthermore, he could have just focused on eating his dishes and then had 'fun' after that, but the scoundrel just kept on prattling while eating his dishes.

Aunt Liu listened to Chun Hua's narration with a look of marvel on her face. Previously, she had also heard Bu Fang asking her if Spring Fragrance Brothel had anything to eat. Aunt Liu thought that was Bu Fang just asking her in a very vague manner... Never had she expected it was just her misconception.

"That scoundrel was really here to eat food!"

Thus, the two hastily went back to that room. Before she even stepped near the room however, she heard his unceasing criticism resonating out from it.

"Is this Drunken Sweet Fish or is it Vinegar Fish? Why did they pour so much vinegar in it? Are they trying to sour the diner to death? Furthermore, why is the fish flesh so tough? Was the temperature managed by a newbie chef?"

"This is Lotus Flower Soup? It should be Rice Paste instead! It's so starchy and does not even have any taste. Do you think that just because you had arranged it in a lotus flower shape, it would become a Lotus Flower Soup?

"This Floral Barbecue Duck, did you even defeather it properly? Do you expect me to eat the duck or its feathers?"


Bu Fang frowned. Each time he tasted a dish, he would ridicule it coldly with a loathing expression. Furthermore, with the way he heaped on dislike and criticism for all their dishes, even the maids themselves were stunned. Were all those dishes truly garbage?

Even though their Spring Fragrance Brothel head chef was not as good as those head chefs in the genuine big restaurants in Southern City, his culinary skills weren't bad either. The taste of every dish he cooked was still pretty decent, but when those dishes were placed in front of this young man, why did it seem like they had all turned to garbage?

The moment Aunt Liu entered the room, she took a look at Bu Fang, who was criticising unceasingly. Immediately, her face become a little awkward while Qiu Yue stood at the side, feeling extremely wrong.

"Aiya! Young Master, what's going on? Could it be that Chun Hua and Qiu Yue did not serve you well?" Aunt Liu sat beside Bu Fang and said with a beautiful smile.

Bu Fang did not reply to her question but instead, he picked up a piece of pork rib and took a bite. After that, he placed the pork rib back onto his bowl.

"The heat used to fry this pork ribs is completely wrong! Did the chef who made this dish just started learning how to cook? It is very obvious that the heat of a pan is very important when it comes to cooking a dish. However, almost all the dishes he had cooked were done with a bare satisfactory heat intensity."

Aunt Liu coughed once and her complexion was quite ugly. This kid... If it was not because you looked like a wealthy man, I would have long fallen out with you.

"Young Master, our Spring Fragrance Brothel is not a restaurant. Aren't your demands a little too stringent?" The smiling expression on Aunt Liu's face gradually disappeared. Chun Hua and Qiu Yue stood behind her, pouting and nodding their heads.

Bu Fang's chopstick reached out to the last dish. It was a plate of buns and was still emitting hot steam. The aroma of it was pretty good.

This dish was called Pan-Fried Pork Bun. It was placed into a pan filled with a layer of oil and was pan fried till it had become golden yellow. While pan-frying it, the chef would have to add pressure to the top of the bun. The skin of the dish was crispy while the meat was tender. It was incomparably fragrant.

Bu Fang's eyebrow pricked up after taking a bite off the Pan-Fried Pork Bun. The taste was quite good. It was a lot better compared to the other dishes. However, the flaws in it were truly too many.

"The dough used was too hard so the skin ended up too hard and chewy as well. Such a bun skin would easily get stuck in between the diner's teeth. The fragrance of it is not dense enough. The grease inside hasn't been fully rendered out. The heat used to cook the Pan-Fried Pork Bun wasn't controlled well..."

"Young Master!"

Aunt Liu looked at Bu Fan,g who had started to talk non-stop again. She was taken aback by it and quickly interrupted Bu Fang.

Bu Fang complexion was very indifferent. He put down the chopsticks on his hand and said: "Regardless of where you are, since you endeavor to provide dishes for your customers, you will have to be responsible for your dishes. After all, food is one of the ways to make your customers stay. As a chef, one has to attach importance to every dish one makes. Strictly speaking... It would be beneficial to you people."

Aunt Liu's face got even colder when she heard Bu Fang's words. Food was meant to be eaten, and as long as it could fill one's stomach, it was fine. Coming over to Spring Fragrance Brothel to eat was just so they could fill their stomach and would have the energy to do the thing everyone knew of.

Why was it that when it came to Bu Fang, there was just so much obstacles hindering her way? This scoundrel must be here to cause trouble. Or could it be that this scoundrel in front of her is a professional chef?

"Young Master, my Spring Fragrance Brothel might be just a romantic location in Southern City, but we will not allow anyone to bully or humiliate us. When your servant here saw Young Master's majestic appearance, I thought that you might be one of those elegant and graceful wealthy Young Masters. But it seems like this is the first time that I, Aunt Liu, has made an error of judgement. Since you are so focused on the dishes, and are so fussy about the taste, going so far as to criticise it with such clarity, could it be that sire is a chef?"

The more Aunt Liu spoke, the more impolite she got. Ultimately, the address she used changed from Young Master to sire. This was the tempo of wanting to thoroughly shed all pretense of cordiality.

However, Aunt Lie was indeed not afraid of shedding all pretense of cordiality. The amount of influence her Spring Fragrance Brothel had in Southern City was not something that could be imagined by a commoner. When it came to those troublemakers, basically none of them had a good ending after offending them.

"That's right. I am a chef." Bu Fang nodded his head seriously.

Puchi! Chun Hua and Qiu Yue who were standing behind Aunt Liu covered their mouths and started laughing. Chef? This guy in front of them was actually a chef? Previously, all of them thought that this guy was some rich Young Master and became immeasurably self-satisfied when they were chosen to serve him. Never had they expected that the other party was a poor chef!

Chun Hua and Qiu Yue tried to imagine the youth in front of them, who looked rather handsome and elegant, wearing on a white gown covered in grease and a towel which was dangling around their neck, with their face covered with oil and was sweating non-stop like the chef they had in their brothel... Immediately, both of them could not help but shudder.

When Aunt Liu heard Bu Fang's words, her red phoenix eyes widened up in shock. The slight smiling expression that had been on her face had also disappeared as she stared at Bu Fang coldly.

Chef? This guy in front of her eyes was actually just a chef?! How much money could a chef possibly have?!


The more Aunt Liu thought of it, the angrier she got. She slapped on the table ferociously and the dishes on the table immediately produced crashing sounds. All the maid inside the room looked at Aunt Liu and cringed.

Chun Hua and Qiu Yue were frightened by it as they backed a step away. They knew that Aunt Liu was angry and an angry Aunt Liu was a scary one.

The two ladies glimpsed at Bu Fang while gloating at his misfortune. However, when they saw the calm and indifferent expression on Bu Fang's face, they felt eccentric about it.

Bu Fang astonishingly took a glance at the fierce lady who slapped the table. What did she mean? What's wrong with being a chef? For what reason did she have to look down on a chef?

"Merely a poor and destitute chef and you actually dare to come to my Spring Fragrance Brothel to act as a big shot? It seems that if don't teach you a lesson today, you would really think that my Spring Fragrance Brothel is a place you can muck around in." Aunt Liu stood up. Her twin peaks kept on moving up and down while she said coldly.

Bu Fang frowned for a moment. His complexion had also turned chilly. This woman was too unreasonable! Wasn't she the one who dragged him in? When did it become him coming in to act as a big shot?

"Chun Hua, go and call the guards over! Today, I must teach this kid a small lesson. It's a pity that I have to waste a table worth of expensive ingredients to do so." Aunt Liu said.

Chun Hua nodded her head without delay. She felt that at this moment, Aunt Liu was in a fit of anger. It's better for her to obediently listen to what Aunt Liu said.

"Chef. Humph... Poor and destitute chef." Aunt Liu glared at Bu Fang while she shook her head continuously and sneered. There were actually times when she had made an error in judgement.

As a metter of fact, Aunt Liu was clear in her heart that being a chef did not mean being poor. But, since the start, she had already thought Bu Fang was a rich young master. After all, he possessed the temperaments and appearance that a rich young master should have.

However, the moment she realized he was actually just a chef and the discrepancy between what she had expected was too big, she couldn't help but to fly into rage out of humiliation.

Comparing a chef to a young master, it was practically comparing the difference between a pheasant and a phoenix, the disparity between heaven and earth.

Chun Hua returned very quickly. Behind her, a group of muscular men who exposed their muscles and were wearing mandarin jackets flocked in. All these muscular men's faces were very fierce-looking and tyrannical.

The moment these men came in, it caused the maids in the room to be intimidated as they flinched and retreated.

"Aiyo! Aunt Liu, what's wrong? Which lowly person dares to cause trouble again? Oh? The person who is causing trouble this time is a pretty boy?"

The leading muscular man looked at Aunt Liu lustfully and said with a big smile.

"Guard Chen, this kid did not have any money but still tried to pose as a big shot. Merely a poor and destitute chef and he actually dares to come over to our Spring Fragrance Brothel to act so ostentatiously to swindle us. He had even criticised our food. He's up to your disposal." Aunt Liu's complexion had eased up a little. She pointed at Bu Fang and said coldly.

"Oh? Kid, you are quite courageous to actually come over to Spring Fragrance Brothel to create trouble. Are you tired of living?" Guard Chen's eyes widened up while holding onto the burning fire stick on his hand. His leg stepped onto the chair beside Bu Fang as he slanted his eyes and looked at Bu Fang.

Those guards behind him also eyed Bu Fang with a taunting and predatory gaze. Coming over to Spring Fragrance Brothel to create trouble... Was he looking for death?


The teapot was lifted up slightly with the piping hot tea flowing out from the teapot mouth as it was poured into a teacup.

Bu Fang held onto the teacup and drank a sip of tea calmly while savoring its taste. The only thing that was barely enough to make him felt pleased about in the Spring Fragrance Brothel would be this tea in front of him.

After drinking the tea, Bu Fang looked at the surrounding people unhurriedly. He looked at those guards who were eyeing him covetously and Aunt Liu who was loathing him incessantly. Suddenly, the corner of Bu Fang's mouth opened slightly.