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 Chapter 246: This Dish... Is Bad

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At the heart of the wildlands, there was a city with many buildings. It was surrounded by thick walls that were built to protect it. Within the city, there were rows after rows of houses.

At the center of this city, there was a black tower that seemed to be made of alloy, and every floor of the tower looked incredible. The black color on the tower gave off the feeling of a very simple and unadorned architecture style.

Sheng Mu stood in front of the tower. The two elderly people who sat on the high above the first level of the tower scanned him before allowing him through. He thanked them and entered the tower. He walked up the winding stairs and did not stop until he reached the top of the tower.

There, there was only one room. Sheng Mu mumbled some words and that steel door that was sealed tight started opening, making a loud noise in the process. He respectfully entered the room and found himself staring into pitch blackness.

"Great Elder Xia Yu... I, Sheng Mu, humbly requests your presence." Sheng Mu lowered his head and paid respect while entering this pitch black yet spacious room.


The air buzzed. A muscular figure appeared from the darkness and slowly walked out. The figure looked humongous, even when compared to Xia Da. Looking at the muscles, one could not help but to feel pressured and threatened.

A fervent glint crossed Sheng Mu's eyes before swiftly passing as he respectfully cupped his hands.

"Young Temple Master Sheng, why have you come here?" Xia Yu's body was as huge as a ferocious beast, and yet his footsteps barely made a sound, as if he was hovering along rather than walking.

"Great Elder Xia Da... is dead," Sheng Mu answered in a voice full of grief.

All of a sudden, the beast was filled with rage and anger. He stared and coldy uttered, "What did you just say? While Xia Da may be my younger brother, he is still at the level of a War-God. How could he die so easily? It's not like he is brainless. I even warned him not to provoke those few old monsters. Why would he die?"

Sheng Mu trembled and cold sweat ran down his back. Xia Yu was a Great Elder of the Three Godly Temple of the Wildlands... Needless to say, his cultivation level was unfathomable. He achieved the echelon of a War-God years ago and was even close to becoming a Supreme-Being. It had been many years since then, and no one knew what was his cultivation level now.

Sheng Mu fearfully explained to the raging Xia Yu what happened in Light Wind Empire, after which he kept his lips sealed tight. His fear was caused by the icy cold killing intent the hulking man before him radiated, and even the air around him seemed to freeze up in fear as well.

"He dares to kill my brother... Even if he were a Supreme-Being, he would have to pay the price!" Xia Yu gritted his teeth, eyes turning red with killing intent.

He then looked at Sheng Mu and coldly yelled, "Get lost!"

Sheng Mu turned pale. He looked up at the fearsome Xia Yu and despite his aggrieved state, left without saying a word. Leaving the tower, his face was as dark as night itself. At the end, however, he laughed. He laughed so uproariously, that the air around him seemed to reverberate from the laughter.


Bu Fang could definitely attest that, right now, he had indeed entered the so-called "Man's Paradise". It was said that Jiangnan in China was a place for philanderers. This Southern City could be considered a southern region of the Light Wind Empire as well-in that sense, the two places seemed to overlap onto each other, not only in terms of location but in terms of their philandering ways as well.

In the capital, places like brothels had to be more discreet as that was where the Son of Heaven lived.

Bu Fang was an aspiring young chef back in his previous world, one that was laden with responsibilities. Naturally, he had no time for such places.

Now, however, he found himself in just such a shady place that was so nicely renovated, it was even comparable to the compound of the palace. No wonder the Southern City was considered the land of wealth in the Light Wind Empire. There was truly a lot of rich people there.

Bu Fang expression did not change although he felt perturbed. A place of debauchery huh... It sounded amazing, but how was its food? Would there be any local delicacies there?

If the Aunt Liu dragging him along right now knew of his actual thoughts... she would have probably given him a tight one across his face with her shoes.

"A grown man like you visits the Spring Fragrance Brothel just to taste some food? How about showing some aspiration?" Was what she would have probably said if she knew.

Admittedly, his heart skipped a beat for the briefest of moments, but for the most part his expression remained calm despite being surrounded by a bevy of girls. Soon, hee was brought to a resplendent room by Aunt Liu.

Sitting by the table, Aunt Liu smiled and gestured for two young beautiful ladies to come over.

"Serve this young master. This young master has a special fetish, so remember to give him a few extra flavors, got it?"

"Don't worry, Aunt Liu. This young master is so good-looking, this servant's heart is giddy just thinking about it."

Aunt Liu covered her mouth with a handkerchief and laughed, "Youngsters, remember to restrain yourselves, Aunt Liu will leave first. Chun Hua, Qiu Yue, it's up to you now."

Aunt Liu worked in this industry for years and developed sharp eyes for identifying rich men just by looking at their clothing and temperament.

Bu Fang was neatly dressed and his facial appearance was clean as well. The clothes on him were clearly made of expensive material. Based on her astute judgement, she identified that it was made in a silk villa in the capital. The silk made there was very expensive and a normal person would usually be unable to afford it.

Based on all that, this young man was surely a rich person. He might just be a playboy from the capital who came here to have fun.

If not for his perceived status, she would not have grabbed Bu Fang in, no matter how good-looking he was.

The crowd dispersed and the place seemed to quieten down. Bu Fang felt more relaxed and finally manage to catch a breath.

"Young master, I heard from Aunt Liu you have unique tastes?" Chun Hua was a very young girl. Her skin was as fair as snow and she looked at Bu Fang with her puppy dog eyes.

A handsome young master that was so adored by Aunt Liu, how would she not be moved.

"The two of us might not be the most popular girls, but our beauty isn't too low either. Besides..." Qiu Yue changed her sight and sauntered beside Bu Fang in small steps. She laid her tender hands on Bu Fang's shoulder, and gently whispered, "Us sisters have all kinds of tastes as well. Whatever you want, we'll provide for you."

Bu Fang frowned as the rouge smell on Qiu Yue almost made him sneeze.

However, after rubbing his nose, he held it in. He then calmly scanned the gorgeous room and poured himself a piping hot cup of tea. A concentrated tea smell came out from the cup.

The slight bitterness of the tea somewhat cleared his mind and brightened his eyes. "The tea, it's not bad."

Chun Hua and Qiu Yue were shocked, neither understanding the situation at all.

"I'm feeling a little hungry. Do you have anything nice to eat here?" Bu Fang glanced at Qiu Yue.

He had seen many pretty girls and Chun Hua and Qiu Yue were also very beautiful. However, when compared to sources of calamity like Xiao Yanyu and Ni Yan... Haha.

"Ah? Young master is hungry? This servant will have some food prepared right away." The stunned Chun Hua chuckled and left the room.

"Oh... Remember to bring one of every dish, especially if it is a specialty in the Southern city." Bu Fang added as he looked at Chun Hua's swaying figure.

Chun Hua, who just stepped out of the room, staggered, "Young master, you are so humorous."

This was the first time she had seen a customer come to the Spring Fragrance Brothel and specially ask for their local delicacies... Did he think this was a restaurant?

"This Spring Fragrance Brothel's environment is really good. If only the rouge smell was a little lighter, it would be a lot better. All that pink is really disrupting the mood." Bu Fang thought to himself.

Qiu Yue looked at Bu Fang, who just took a sip of tea, and walked behind him. She used her tender palms to give Bu Fang a shoulder massage.

"Young Master, you haven't told your servant what flavor you prefer. Aunt Liu instructed us to take good care of you."

The moment he had his shoulders massaged, Bu Fang felt that something was weird. Immediately, his face revealed his confusion and he gave a dry cough. "Hey... stop the massage, it's freaky. Open up the door, my puppet is still outside, bring it in."

Qiu Yue was stunned. Puppet?

Opening up the door, Qiu Yue nearly jumped back in fright as she saw the fat lump of iron with red eyes standing at the doorway.

"That's it. Bring it in and please serve the dishes soon," exclaimed Bu Fang.

After Qiu Yue lead Whitey into the room, the atmosphere in the room became a lot less bewitching. Qiu Yue truly found the sight unusual...

"Are these people really here to tour the brothel? Why does this situation feel a little off?" She thought to herself.

After a while, Chun Hua returned and behind her were a few maids. These maids were all young and their face still looked innocent.

Each came in with a fragrant dish that would bring a sparkle to most.

Bu Fang looked at these dishes and took a deep breath. Looking at these dishes made him feel more comfortable.

"Young Master, these are the famous dishes of the Southern City. Lotus Flower Soup, it tastes really good. This is Drunken Sweet Fish. This one is Reminiscent Lotus Root..." Chun Hua pointed at every dish and introduced them to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang nodded his head, picked up the chopsticks and took a piece of the so called Reminiscent Lotus Root.

He put the Lotus root into his mouth and it tasted crispy and sour. Bu Fang instantly frowned.

"Bad! The lotus roots are too old, and the texture is terrible. Besides, you added too much vinegar..."

Chun Hua and Qiu Yue shockingly looked at Bu Fang, who talked incessantly, and could not stop nagging. The jaw of the maids who served the dishes dropped, not knowing how to react.

Brother... are you messing with us? Did you really come to a brothel to critique its food?