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 Chapter 245: Go On Then, Live

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Southern City, in the Hang Yang Province, was situated at the southern part of Light Wind Empire. The empire's land area was not small, containing seven large provinces with many large cities within each of them.

"Seven provinces, three cities, one large island." This saying summarised the layout of how Light Wind Empire would look like on a map. Hang Yang Province was one of those seven. The three cities referred to were the three great ancient cities, one of which was the capital.

The capital, Western Mystery City, and Border City, all had extensive histories. Western Mystery City existed even before Light Wind Empire was established, and its history could be traced back to many previous dynasties.

As for the large island, it could be said to be the nearest island to Light Wind Empire. The empire was very far away from any sea. The large island was the first island that Emperor Changfeng conquered and had previously been the Moon God Palace sect's monastic grounds. After Moon God Palace was conquered by Light Wind Empire, this island then became the land of the empire.

There were many other large islands close to Moon God Island, with the most famous one being the Mahayana Islands. Even the ten big sects were in fear of the power that resided in Mahayana Islands.

Southern City was located within Hang Yang Province. Even though the province's strength was not the greatest among the seven provinces, everyone knew that its proximity to the coast allowed it to be rich materially. It was the richest province in the empire, and Southern City was an extremely important city in Hang Yang Province.

After Bu Fang had tidied his messy hair, he turned toward the towering city walls of Southern City, which were still less majestic and sturdy than the capital's.

Shi Li Pavilion was a place for rest, and few people came to this place. After resting for a moment, Bu Fang walked toward Southern City.

The reason for his trip was to find excellent food. Every location had its special local cuisine for sure, and because the culture of every area differed, the flavors in its local cuisine would also not be the same.

Beyond Southern City's walls was a large river with surging currents, and the water flow was rapid. The crashing sounds of the waves were deafening.

There was a fishing boat swaying in the river, with fishermen throwing out their net to catch large fish.

At both ends of the river, there were many fishing enthusiasts who closed their eyes as they fished. They held their fishing rods, pulling on the long fishing line and waiting for the fishes to be hooked.

A loud crash sounded, and the water splashed in all directions.

A large and fleshy fish was hooked out, and its scales glistened under the sun.

Bu Fang looked at the scene and nodded his head. Southern City's livelihood depended on this large river, and with such natural resources, it was not hard to figure out why the city was so rich. There would also surely be a large variety of seafood in the city.

A slender silhouette moved through the official road, with Whitey following behind slowly in an inanimate manner.

Occasionally, there would be fast moving horse carriages on the official horses. The horses were not ordinary horses and were likely to be a type of spirit beast, as their bodies were covered by scales similar to fish scales. Their limbs were filled with strength and moved rapidly like the wind.

Southern City had large city walls, and there were four large gates around it. The river spanned through the city gates, and it ended at a large bridge for people to pass through.

As it got closer to Southern City, there was an increase in the number of people on foot. These people were carrying heavy travel bags containing different types of fruits and vegetables. Some of these people were also fishing enthusiasts who had caught some fish.

At the city gate, there were armored guards who did throughout checks on people, their belongings and products as they entered the city.

After the checks, the fishing enthusiasts had to pay an amount depending on the mass of the fishes they caught before they were allowed to enter the city. The people that carried fruits and vegetables also had to pay a fee.

In Southern City, fruits and vegetables were rarer products compared to products from the sea.

Of course, apart from these traders who came and went, there were also travellers like Bu Fang who came to the city.

Bu Fang was very cooperative when the guards checked him. However, the guards had certain suspicions about Whitey.

"This is my puppet," Bu Fang calmly replied the guard's question.

"Comrade Liu, I know, I think this gentleman is what legends describes as a puppet master. I read it from some books. These puppets are similar to servants," a guard said excitedly.

"Oh my, Er Gou, I really didn't expect you to know about puppet masters, you must share more about puppeteer stories with us."

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled up. Seeing the guards speaking amongst themselves in a local accent, he did not talk any further to them. He tapped Whitey's huge belly and stepped into Southern City.

The city was not any less prosperous than the capital. The floor was laid out with bricks that were extremely even and comfortable to walk on. Row after row of buildings filled the city, although these buildings were not tall. They had white tiles and black walls, and the tall buildings looked a little weird. Although the colors were very plain, one did not get tired of looking at them.

Bu Fang seemed distant in thought, and felt as if he had been transported back to the memories of the Water Villages of Jiangnan.

The current inside the city was not as rapid, being slower and gentler instead. On the river, there were flowery lanterns and boats. There were even idle gentlemen who were at the bows of ships reciting poetry to each other as they held to their paper fans.

The culture in Southern City was more gentle when compared to the capital. This could be said to be the difference between the two regions.

Bu Fang walked to a street that was more crowded. The people around the street were visibly more active. On both sides of the streets, there were many traders peddling their goods, and the fragrance of aromatic food filled the air in a captivating sense.

"Hey handsome, it's a great day, welcome to Spring Fragrance Brothel."

Bu Fang was looking around when his ears heard an alluring tune. This was quickly followed up with a rich smell of rouge powder which unsettled him, causing him to twitch his eyebrows.

As Bu Fang turned, he saw a scantily clad lady, with rouge powder as makeup on her face, swaying her body as she moved toward him.

When Bu Fang saw the lady, he hurriedly took a few steps back, what the hell was this?!

The lady had decent looks which were above average, but she looked at Bu Fang with the predatory gaze of a wolf, or even a tiger.

When Bu Fang took a few steps back, the lady followed closely, and immediately held his arm tightly to her body. Bu Fang's face froze, and he could feel his arm pressing against something voluptuous.

"Sir, you must have just arrived in Southern City. How about coming to Spring Fragrance Brothel as well? Come, please enter," the lady said charmingly in a flirtatious tone as she covered her smile with a handkerchief.

The rich smell of the rouge powder made Bu Fang's nose itchy, and he could not help but let out a sneeze.

Covering his nose, Bu Fang's eyebrows twitched as he extracted his arm from the embrace of the lady, saying, "Do not come near me, let's talk things out."

The lady was stunned, and thereafter let out a smile as she waved her handkerchief.

Bu Fang looked around and noticed many other ladies who were similarly scantily clad. They were smiling and laughing as they brought men into this gorgeous and exquisite-looking brothel.

"Sir, why are you still hesitating? Spring Fragrance Brothel is famous in the entire Hang Yang Province. This place... Can help you to regain your confidence," the lady said with a sweet smile, waving her handkerchief. The smell of the rouge powder once again entered into Bu Fang's nose.

Bu Fang retreated a few steps back in disgust, shaking his head and covering his nose. He wanted to turn around and leave. The smell of the rouge was too strong, and to someone like Bu Fang, whose senses were very sensitive, this was simply torture.

"Please excuse me, I am only interested in tasty food, does spring-whatever brothel serve any good food?" Bu Fang asked in a muffled tone as he covered his nose.

The lady was stunned, and at the same time felt that the handsome man in front of her was an interesting person. She winked and said, "Good food... of course there is good food, many types of good food. Whatever taste you desire.... We have it here. But stop asking so much, you will know once you come in, Spring Fragrance Brothel will definitely not disappoint you. Those who enter it enjoy themselves so much that they even forget to return home." The lady once again moved and grazed Bu Fang's body, holding onto his arm and bringing him into the brothel.

Although Bu Fang was a chef, this lady's tone was seductive and charming, which made him wonder... Was this brothel the one that legends were talking about?

Bu Fang was deep in thought, and when he snapped out of it, he had unknowingly been brought into the brothel. His eyes widened.

Red flashing lights illuminated Whitey's mechanical eyes, and it raised its fan-like palms to scratch its rounded head. It then stepped out to follow Bu Fang in.

Upon entering the brothel, Bu Fang was amazed. The interior of the brothel was as splendid as its exterior, with many activities going on and an endless stream of people.

"Sisters, welcome the customer."

The lady pulled Bu Fang in and waved her handkerchiefs as she shouted. As Bu Fang was still stunned, a group of ladies giggled and came to him. An uncomfortable feeling started to emerge within him... Did he enter the wrong place?

Was this the place that legend described as.... Heaven for men?