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 Chapter 244: Go Forth! The First Stop on the Delicacy Map

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

The two chef apprentices were finally found and they were talented. Although the dishes that Yu Fu cooked could not be compared to Bu Fang's, it was enough to make customers want to pay for it, which was already a big improvement.

Xiao Xiaolong had just become an apprentice so he would require more practice and experience before he could reach Yu Fu's level.

All these required time to train. After all, culinary skills were not something that could be achieved overnight. Real chefs underwent countless practices to attain that level of ability.

In the following half a month or so, Bu Fang remained in the store to teach Yu Fu and Xiao Xiaolong culinary techniques and ways to cook dishes, mainly the signature dishes, Egg-Fried Rice, Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Red Braised Meat. These were the store's best-selling dishes.

Every morning, a rhythmic sound could be heard from the shop. This was the sound produced when the knife and the cutting board collided.

Bu Fang, Xiao Xiaolong and Yu Fu were meticulous when holding and using the knife to cut the ingredients. This was to train their cutting skills.

Xiao Xiaolong originally intended to stay in the store itself, but Bu Fang rejected him as there was only one guest room in the store, which was already taken by Yu Fu. Although Xiao Xialong's appearance was average, he was still a male. Bu Fang knew clearly that he had to separate the two of opposite genders.

The operation of the store was now on the right track and with the help of Xiaolong and Yu Fu, Bu Fang's stress has been reduced significantly. Bu Fang taught them daily and after training for half a month, they could now cook pretty well.

"Host, may I have your attention please. The first Delicacy Map Transmission will begin in two hours..."

Bu Fang was barely awake from his sleep and the solemn and strict sound of the system was lingering in his mind. He blanked out for a moment, feeling a little confused.

"It will start in two hours?" Bu Fang yawned and got out of bed. There were still two hours, it is still early.

After washing up in the bathroom, Bu Fang casually waved his hand and took out a notebook wrapped in cow skin from the system's storage space. The notebook was titled Recipe Notebook.

This was Bu Fang's reward for completing the abrupt mission. This was an ancient notebook, and it even had an ancient formation carved on it.

Flipping open the cow skin cover, there was only a piece of stainless, pure white paper.

"This recipe notebook, how do I use it..." Bu Fang did not have a clue. However, since it was the reward for the temporary mission, it should not be such a simple notebook.

After reading through it once, Bu Fang felt a little bored. There was only blank paper with no content at all.

Bu Fang stored the notebook and placed some casual clothing into the system's storage space, then walked out of the room, entering the kitchen.

Xiao Xiaolong came very early in the morning, cutting the ingredients with two knives in the kitchen.

"Good morning, boss!" Xiao Xiaolong raised his neck in his free time and greeted Bu Fang as he saw him.

Ever since he got in touch with culinary, Xiao Xiaolong was simply addicted to it. This genius now held a knife instead of a pen and really enjoyed himself.

Bu Fang nodded his head, pleasingly looking at the two hardworking people while smiling.

Yu Fu was now closer to Bu Fang, hence she was no longer as shy as before. She also smiled brightly when she saw Bu Fang.

"I would be out for a few days, so the two of you share be responsible for running the store. In this period, the operation and the dishes of the store will rest on you both. Please do not tarnish our reputation," Bu Fang stood between the both of them and gently said.

"Eh?" Xiao Xiaolong and Yu Fu were stunned and raised their heads. Owner Bu was leaving the store?

"Owner Bu, where are you going? The shop cannot live without you... We are so confused." Xiao Xiaolong put down the knives in his hands and looked at Bu Fang anxiously.

What Bu Fang actually tried to do was to tell them that it was time to showcase their skills... But the two of them were still lacking confidence. After all, Bu Fang was there guiding them how to cook daily. With Bu Fang around, they would feel more secure.

Bu Fang glanced at him, saying, "Do not panic, with Whitey around, no one will create trouble in the store."

Xiao Xiaolong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He did not mean it that way.

"As my apprentice, the two of you cannot be always living in my shadow. I hope that you all would follow your own path and have your own direction in life. The first thing that the two of you have to develop is your confidence." Bu Fang righteously voiced out, "My temporary absence is to allow the two of you to train. I hope you will not let me down."

Ehhh.... Xiao Xiaolong and Yu Fu felt touched, but it seemed as if the words Bu Fang said were a little weird.

"No, the two of you shall practise your cutting and carving skill. I will start packing as i need to leave in less than two hours," exclaimed Bu Fang as he took some condiments and ingredients and put them into the system's storage.

Xiao Xiaolong and Yu Fu exchanged glances but all they could see was the nervousness in each other's eyes. They were finally officially starting their own business, so it was no wonder they were nervous.

"Relax, don't panic, boss trusts you," Bu Fang said as he took out many bottles from the cupboard.

After preparing the ingredients, Bu Fang started cooking. He made a set of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for Blacky. After stroking its black fur, he returned to his room.

The two hours deadline was about to end, and Bu Fang heard the sound of the system in his mind.

"The Delicacy Map started, all cameras ready..."

As the sound of the system stopped, Bu Fang's vision became blurry. The originally bright room instantly became dark, just as if he was wandering through the galaxy.

As the stars disappeared, small dots of white lights appeared in front of Bu Fang, creating a large light map. Every dot of light seemed to possess an unceasing amount of attraction.

"System transmission starts... Di Di Di."

There was a sudden sound from the robot and a transmission formation appeared at Bu Fang's side. The light from the formation were unceasing and a fat body appeared from within the light.

Bu Fang's jaw dropped. Wasn't that Whitey? However, compared to the huge Whitey, the robot in front of him was much smaller, only the size of a normal human.

"It is still as fat as ever." Bu Fang patted the stomach of this robot that resembled Whitey.

"This is the bodyguard to accompany the host in his journey through the Delicacy Map. It is one with Whitey and the host can still address it as Whitey. Its mission is to protect the host. If the host is in any danger, it will activate its automatic protective mode.

Amazing! Bu Fang's eyes glowed up and he patted on Whitey's head. Whitey's robotic eyes glowed up in red and gave Bu Fang a familiar feeling. Although it was smaller in size, the smell was still the same as Whitey's.

"Host, please take note, map transmission starts now...."

Bu Fang expression froze and became serious, as he felt a little excited.

"Delicacy Map, initial range, first location of transmission, Light Wind Empire, Hang Yang region, Southern City."

The system voice rang out, serious and cold, before becoming silent. Bu Fang realised that there were lines made of light appearing above his head. That thin lines started combining, forming a sophisticated formation.

Bu Fang's vision became blurry and he felt himself being pulled by a force. Next moment, he vanished from the room.


The pavillion ten miles away from the Southern City within Hang Yang region, Light Wind Empire.

The light appeared in the void and as the lights developed, a raging storm brew. A man came out from that storm. This was a shadow of a man, who was tall and skinny. His long hair were messed up as the raging storm brew.

Bu Fang heaved a sigh of relief. His hair was messed up by the strong winds and, behind him, Whitey's mechanical eyes lit up with red lights. He tied up his hair with a velvet rope and looked toward the big city not far away from him. It was a city that was surrounded by a river stream. The perimeter of the city walls were the river streams and surrounding the river was a thick forest.

This was the first destination of the Delicacy Map, Hang Yang region, Southern city.