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 Chapter 235: The Gourmet Map of Another World

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In the main halls of the Imperial Palace, Ji Chengxue was dressed in golden imperial robes. With hands held behind his back, he paced around the main halls, with his chest puffed and his face clouded by anxiety.

He slowed his steps once in a while, then lifted his head to peer into the distance. His brows were tightly knitted. It was hard to tell what he had on his mind.

Suddenly, the sharp voice of a young eunuch resounded from outside of the main halls.

"Your Majesty, General Xiao Meng seeks your audience."

This shrill voice reverberated within the main halls. A trace of joy suddenly smeared across Ji Chengxue's face, and he quickly responded: "Please let him in."

Xiao Meng was dressed in full body armor. He stepped in from outside of the main halls with a helpless expression and a bitter smile.

Seeing Ji Chengxue taking big strides to receive him, he quickly erased the bitterness from his face, and bowed deferentially to the sovereign. Though Ji Chengxue was many years his junior, he felt it important to uphold the ceremonial protocol. After all, Ji Chengxue had assumed the throne and was his emperor.

"General Xiao, with regards to the little store... has everything been adequately resolved?" Ji Chengxue asked in agitation.

This was a matter that demanded his attention, especially since it had occurred within the Imperial City and now even involved eighth grade War-Gods. God forbid any of these warriors from becoming infuriated by a defeat in vying for the treasure, then vent off anger by stirring up a mess in the Imperial City. That would truly bring about a disastrous chaos.

"Rest assured, Your Majesty. Owner Bu has the store's affairs under control. Both his solid background and trump card have been simply beyond my expectations." Xiao Meng drew in a deep breath and explained.

When it came to what Bu Fang had up his sleeves, he still couldn't help but shudder inside. That metallic lump puppet which could only break even with him back then now had the capability of seriously wounding an eighth grade War-God with a slice of the blade... that was plainly frightening.

As for that dog... the fat one lying sluggishly by the door all day long, this was the first time Xiao Meng witnessed this dog making a move. His maneuvers were shockingly menacing, nearly invincible.

He had always wondered whether this dog was a supreme dog. Today, his speculations were finally corroborated. This big black dog was indeed a formidable, majestic supreme beast!

Ji Chengxue's eyes instantly lit up. He was confined within the palace and had no idea what happened in the small alleyway. At this point he was finally able to gather some intelligence from Xiao Meng.

Xiao Meng laughed slightly bitterly and recounted to Ji Chengxue every little detail of the occurrences in the alleyway.

Within the main halls, Ji Chengxue listened to Xiao Meng's description with gaping eyes and a dropped jaw, once in a while drawing in a chilled breath.


Strong warriors left the Imperial City one after another. The capital, at one point flooded with War-Gods, had finally restored its peace and tranquility.

Wu Yunbai and Master Ah Wu were taken away by Zhan Kong. Before their departure, Wu Yunbai found serpent-man Ah Ni and reminded him of the promise he made her.

Serpent-man Ah Ni and serpent-man Yu Fu, alongside his daughter, planned to officially bid farewell to Bu Fang before leaving. Because of that, they decided to stay in the Imperial City for a few more days.

Zhao Musheng was badly injured by Zhan Kong's smack and had already fled the Imperial City. His whereabouts nowadays was a mystery. Not getting to participate in the dreadful confrontations within the small alleyway turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If Zhao Musheng was present at the battle of the alleyway, he may have found himself seriously wounded, if not reduced all together to a pond of blood.

After having achieved her breakthrough, Ni Yan dragged the tipsy old drunkard out of Bu Fang's store. Her absolute repugnance at both of them caused even Bu Fang to feel dumbstruck.

The battle at the alleyway of the Imperial City ended in a silent denouement. That clash of forces was incredibly horrendous. Just how many warriors had fallen before the doors of the store? Even the pavement of the small alleyway was stripped an even layer as a consequence of the fierce duels. Now that was simply appalling.

The brothers of the thirteen bandits were lucky survivors of that battle. If they hadn't scurried off fast enough, they would have also been rendered mists of blood by the terrifying black dog's aura.

These thirteen fellows were so traumatized they took flight overnight and returned to their hometown, the Mozhou province.

"The water is too deep in the cities, we'd be better off retreating to the countryside..." these words probably ran through their minds at that moment in time.

The night had fallen. A light breeze brushed by, adding to the chill in the air.

Two crescent moons hang from the sky, radiating magnificently to flaunt their splendidness.

Surrounding the two full moons was a thick spread of stars twinkling, evoking the image of a vast, boundless sea. Such endless horizons filled one with infinite wonders.

The Imperial City, Fang Fang's Little Store.

Bu Fang shook his head, clearing up the dizziness that had rushed to his head, before pulling together the shutters and closing business for the day.

He directly retired to his room instead of setting foot in the kitchen first. After a hot shower, he had washed off the strong scent of alcohol from his body, and then stepped out of the steaming bathroom with squinted eyes.

Bu Fang draped a robe over his body, with his chest left bare, and walked out of the bathroom. He inhaled deeply and tossed his headful of damp hair, instantly sending splashes of water flying everywhere.

He felt much more clear-headed after the shower. He sat by the window and patted his slightly numb face. As a light breeze brushed past, his moist strands of hair became somewhat chilled as they slapped across his face.

Accompanied by the slightly cool night winds, Bu Fang's eyes became hazy as his mind focused. The solemn voice of the system began ringing within his head.

"Host, the system's reward has been issued, please observe."

The system's temporary tasks were always eccentric and unanticipated, such as using the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits to create a dish this time. It was undoubtedly challenging given Bu Fang's current cooking abilities, and in completing the task his cooking improved a great deal. Every temporary task had proved beneficial to advancing Bu Fang's cooking skills.

Alas, the objective of the system was assisting Bu Fang to stand at the top of the food chain and become the God of Cooking in the Fantasy World.

To become a figure standing at the top of the hierarchical ladder, Bu Fang had to undergo numerous trainings. The system provided Bu Fang with a chance to cultivate different skill sets with each task. As Bu Fang's own rank advanced, the difficulty of these temporary tasks would also increase.

Bu Fang smiled knowingly and continued to keep his mind focused.

Host: Bu Fang

Gender: Male

Age: 21

True Energy Cultivation Level: Sixth Grade (Achieved the state of true energy materialization. As a man committed to becoming the God of Cooking in the Fantasy World, the host will face a difficult road ahead, filled with difficult challenges. Work hard, young man!)

Cooking Talent: Two Stars

Skills: Level Two Meteor Knife Technique (60/100), Level Two Big Dipper Carving Technique (0/100)

Instrument: Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (God of Cooking Set)

God of Cooking Cumulative Rating: Primary Level Chef (Cooking abilities have finally begun to shine. Talent has also been stimulated. Gaining mastery of Cutting and Carving Techniques. The path to becoming the God of Cooking has opened for you.)

System Level: Six Stars (Conversion ratio it at ninety percent. Host is allowed to capture ingredients. Host is allowed to take in cooking apprentices.)

System reward: recipe for Dragon Liver Popsicle and a fragment of the God of Cooking Set (2/3)

(System's reminder: The Gourmet Map of Another World has been activated. The host must visit a location on the map every week, study the local gourmet dishes of another world, and further complete the system's temporary tasks. Please expose yourself to the various local customs and practices, grasp the diverse types of gourmet delicacies, and fully experience the culture of fine foods. The doors to becoming the God of Cooking at top of the food chain have opened for you.)

Bu Fang snapped back into reality and instantly wrinkled his eyebrows. Having advanced to sixth level Battle-Emperor, Bu Fang's abilities were truly enhanced. Yet, at the same time, it seemed like the system's demands were also increasing.

"The Gourmet Map of Another World? What is that?" Bu Fang asked in puzzlement.

"The Gourmet Map of Another World is a map the system has created specially for the host outlining the various gourmet delicacies across the realm. On it are also details of the various local customs and practices as well as descriptions of diverse culture of fine foods," the system replied solemnly.

Bu Fang was taken back. A gourmet map. But given the system's account, it sounded like he would need to travel across the entire Hidden Dragon Continent?

"As of now, the host's cultivation level only enables access to the map of the Light Wind Empire. As for that of the larger southern lands, the host must reach another breakthrough to retrieve." The system clarified.

Bu Fang nodded his head. His cultivation level had only reached sixth grade Battle-Emperor. If he were to encounter a fierce warrior, such as an eighth grade War-God, he would have a slim chance at defending himself.

"Alright, system, what did you mean by allowed to take cooking apprentices?" Bu Fang wrinkled his brows again and asked perplexedly.

"After activating the Gourmet Map of Another World, the host will be absent from the Light Wind Empire intermittently for short periods of time. The store will need helpers in the kitchen, and so the host will need to take on cooking apprentices. The host must teach him or her a signature dish of the store within a set amount of time."

Bu Fang tugged the corners of his lips. What the hell, "What is the set amount of time?"

"To be determined by the system's evaluation of the apprentice's talent," the system responded solemnly.

Bu Fang suddenly felt pain shooting up his ass. Take on apprentices... only the system could come up with something like that. But then again, it had its upsides. If he were to take a leave of absence from the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire, the store didn't have to shut down business. The crystals earned from opening business directly affected his cultivation level, and in this sense it was convenient to have an apprentice.

However, the apprentice selection would be the next big problem.

"Temporary Task: The host must find two cooking apprentices and teach them the signature dishes of the store: Egg-Fried Rice, Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, and Red Braised Meat. Task Reward: Recipe Journal."

Bu Fang wore a deadpan face. As expected... the system issued yet another temporary task. Couldn't one even catch a breath around here?