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 Chapter 234: Owner Bu, What Happened to Your Stony Demeanor?

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

What did a breakthrough to eighth grade War-God look like?

Many folks were extremely curious since this was unknown territories for them.

Zhan Kong, Bian Changkong, as well as other eighth grade War-Gods were certainly not interested. However, Xiao Meng, Wu Yunbai and the other seventh grade Battle-Saints stretched out their necks eagerly to observe, hoping to gain some revelations themselves through carefully studying Ni Yan's breakthrough.

At the end of the day, a breakthrough was a big matter. Though the old drunkard was intoxicated by the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, he wasn't careless enough to forget about the real deal. His figure flickered as he arrived near Ni Yan's side.

"Everyone, a breakthrough is such an important event in life, so even the slightest mistake is intolerable. One blunder and one may risk slipping into mental and spiritual distortion. Everyone should be clear on this. This old man asks to have the little store to ourselves for a while so as to protect this young lady from potential danger." The old drunkard, with his face fully flushed, burped drunkenly and said with a grave tone.

Bu Fang gazed at the old fellow in surprise. So far, he was the first one who hadn't passed out after drinking the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew.

Everyone present was rather reasonable. Although they wanted to know what a breakthrough to eighth grade War-God looked like, they agreed unanimously that distractions were fatal to the moment of breakthrough. It could easily lead to a disaster of a mental and spiritual distortion.

This was the very reason why many warriors sought a quiet place to break through a rank.

The crowd began to disperse from the store. Their faces were filled with regret and disappointment as they kept on looking back when they stepped out.

"Everyone, please try to understand my difficult situation." The old drunkard remarked as he looked at them.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, peered at the crowd afar, and opened his mouth: "There is no need to be too disappointed. If anyone can obtain more Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits, you are welcomed to bring them to the store. I can cook Dragon Gate Leap for you, though it would require extra fees."

Everyone's eyes flickered when they heard Bu Fang's words. Zhan Kong and Bian Changkong both looked at Bu Fang with meaningful glances.

This Dragon Gate Leap could guarantee the seventh grade Battle-Saint's breakthrough to eighth grade War-God, and had much stronger effects than consuming the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits just on their own. The owner of this little store deserved more attention in the future.

Plus, the trump cards of this little store were simply too frightening. An invincible Supreme Dog, a powerful puppet, and a chef with amazing skills-any single one of these should be taken seriously.

With the crowd leaving the store, it immediately cleared up the space inside.

The old drunkard, with his hands behind his back, came to Bu Fang's side. He grabbed a chair and sat down.

He peered at Ni Yan, who was fully concentrating on her breakthrough, then cast a glance at Bu Fang. He narrowed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

"Owner Bu, the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew is undoubtedly a top-notch fine wine. However, my own wine is not bad at all. This is my very own Dragon's Breath. Owner Bu, you can give it a try."

The old drunkard raised his hand majestically and focused his mind. After a flash of light, a small purple gourd appeared in his hands.

Bu Fang was baffled, then uttered with bewilderment: "Dragon's Breath?"

This old fellow turned out to have Dragon's Breath on him? Could it be that this old fellow was the same elder who brewed the Dragon's Breath, as mentioned by Ni Yan earlier?

Bu Fang was immediately hooked as he gazed the purple gourd all intrigued. The gourd was not big in size and was glazed with a radiating gleam. With just one look, one could easily tell this was nothing ordinary.

"Yes, this is the Dragon's Breath that I created painstakingly all by myself." The old drunkard laughed as he waved his hand casually, summoning the purple gourd to fly toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang easily caught the gourd of wine, but then the expression on his face changed. He had to apply some force with his arms to hold it steady.

This delicate gourd appeared light and insubstantial, but turned out to be rather heavy.

Just as he unplugged the purple gourd, a dense aroma of wine wafted out, much like a small serpent twisting around before Bu Fang's nose.

Sensing the rich aroma of wine, he couldn't help but lick his lips.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth curled with great interest. He raised the gourd toward the old drunkard as a friendly gesture, and then poured the wine into his mouth in a rush.

Gulp gulp!

The wine nectar flooded out of the gourd and filled his mouth. The strong, piquant sensation immediately turned Bu Fang's face red.

One sip down his stomach and he felt like he had burst into flames. Bu Fang felt as if his throat was badly burned by boiling water, opening up every single pore on his body.

As one exhaled, one could practically spew out flames. This prickling, burning sensation could not be easily forgotten.

"Dragon's Breath. One sip and one could practically breathe fire. This strong wine is the finest and most exquisite wine I have ever come across!" A flushed Bu Fang stuck out his tongue as he praised.

After the scorching sensation in his stomach had ebbed, it was as if the spring winds brought everything back to life again. It birthed a faint sweet tint, one that was infinitely intoxicating.

After the numbing sensation on his tongue had faded, Bu Fang couldn't help but lick his lips. He was not yet ready to part with the aftertaste of this wine. The Dragon's Breath was extremely impressive, and it evoked Bu Fang's memory of drinking an exceptionally strong alcohol, the Er-Guo-Tou, in his last lifetime. Only it taste was much more subtle and indescribable than the Er-Guo-Tou.

"Hahaha! This Dragon's Breath is a product of many years of observing other fine wine. What a pity...it is still miles away from Owner Bu's Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew." The old drunkard rubbed the purple gourd as a trace of pride smeared across his face. However, one look at Bu Fang, and that confidence was washed away.

He had been developing this wine for so many years, yet Owner Bu had created a wine as spectacular as Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, and at such a young age... he felt like he was utterly defeated.

Bu Fang curled his lips as the alcohol rushed to his head. He exhaled a drunken breath, stood up and walked to the kitchen, then came back with a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine. He placed down two more ceramic cups, one before the old drunkard and one before himself. Then, he filled both cups with wine and remarked: "Even though this wine here cannot compare with Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew or Dragon's Breath, it is still of good quality. Having tasted your Dragon's Breath today, I suddenly felt like a thousand cups are not too many when you drink with a soulmate. Come on, cheers."

Huh? Cheers?

The old drunkard subconsciously mimicked Bu Fang's movement and clinked glasses with him. Then, Bu Fang tossed up his head and drained the cup. He exhaled a breath with the utmost satisfaction.

His eyes also sparkled as he drained down the wine just like Bu Fang. In that instant, he couldn't help but burst into laughter.

A thousand cups were not too many when you drink with a soulmate, excellent!

This elder and young lad, drinking one toast after another, somehow befriended each other.

On the other hand, Ni Yan's breakthrough was reaching a critical point. True energy surged through her body and burst out, enveloping her entire figure.


It was as if Ni Yan pushed open a great old gate. Her entire body was engulfed in the energy that could enable her to metamorphosize. Her eyes firmly shut as she sensed the gush of energy alongside her quick pulse.

In her energy core, a valiant and heroic armor, around which mystifying moires were floating, was coming into shape. It beamed radiantly.

On the armor were faint stripes of cloud-shaped moires, both mystifying and beautiful.


Finally, Ni Yan opened her eyes. The spirit energy funnel hovering over her head began to fade away and finally dissipated.

Her breakthrough was completed in this state of tranquility.

Ni Yan's eyes flickered faintly. Her soft mouth slightly opened, letting out a tainted breath that contained all the impurities in her body.


The sound of porcelain cups clinking echoed in the air. Ni Yan, who had just finished her breakthrough, raised her head to seek the source of the sound. Absolutely dumbstruck, she witnessed an eye-blinding sight, causing her pupils to shrink.

What she saw was a flush-faced old man wrapping his arms around the neck of a young fellow, with his head pressed against the young lad's face, as he laughed hysterically.

They clinked the glasses in their hands and then tossed up their heads to drain the cups.

"Say, Owner Bu, this old fellow is enraged! I loathe myself for not meeting you earlier. A thousand cups are not too many when you drink with a soulmate. But for us, even ten thousand cups won't ever be enough. Come on, cheers!"

Bu Fang's complexion remained unperturbed, but the corners of his mouths twisted upward. The redness on his face betrayed what he had on his mind.

Ni Yan was completely shocked. Was... Owner Bu smiling?

What the hell!

This was her first time seeing a smile on Owner Bu's face, yet it was freaking directed to another man... Owner Bu, the stony, elegant demeanor you've upheld in my heart had just instantly collapsed!

How could you have so much fun chatting with this old drunkard? Just how bored are you?

"Hey, lassie Ni, you've completed your breakthrough? Come here, let me introduce Owner Bu to you. From this day on he is like a brother to me! When you see Owner Bu in the future, bleugh, don't forget to call him Uncle Bu!" The old drunkard's face flushed red as he informed Ni Yan delightfully.

Bu Fang peeked at Ni Yan and curled the corner of his mouth. His face was also crimson red.

Ni Yan stared at these two fellows blankly. Uncle Bu... what the hell? You old drunkard, your task is to safeguard me, yet you freaking end up getting me a new uncle?