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 Chapter 233: A Stirring State of Breakthrough

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"Lass Ni, go ahead and eat this dish. You have been saying everyday that you would attain the rank of War-God, but I have not seen you actually achieve it", the old drunkard said to Ni Yan as he drank from his wine gourd.

Ni Yan was stunned. She did not expect that the old drunkard would buy the dish for her. Bu Fang stood at the side, eyebrows raised, but did not say anything.

"Aren't you going to eat it? If not, I will go ahead and do it", the old drunkard said as he laughed. If the Path-Understanding Fruit had not been used to create the dish, perhaps he would not have given the dish to Ni Yan, as he would have needed the fruit to brew wine.

However, the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was used by Bu Fang to create a dish, therefore the opportunity was lost to use it to brew wine. When the old drunkard bought this dish that could induce a state to attain a breakthrough, he was definitely doing so to give it to Ni Yan.

Ni Yan was touched. Although she and the old drunkard would bicker and squabble daily, and that she would sometimes also steal his Dragon's Breath to drink, their relationship was very good.

Ni Yan did not have to spell out anything unnecessary. She turned and said to Bu Fang, "Owner Bu, please bring a cup of the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew for him".

Although the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew was not as expensive as this dish, to the old drunkard, using wine was a better way of expressing one's gratitude.

Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew? The old drunkard was stunned.

Bu Fang glanced at Ni Yan and nodded. He stood up and went into the kitchen.

When Bu Fang came out of the kitchen, he was holding a pale blue jar of the Path-Understanding Brew. The rich fragrance of the wine filled the entire area, causing some to feel a little intoxicated.

"This... this wine fragrance!" The old drunkard just stared as his heart was filled with an inconceivable possibility.

"Lass, you weren't being genuine with me! To think you did not tell me earlier about such good wine!" The old drunkard was obsessed with wine up to the point of craziness. To him, a cup of good wine was more alluring than a beautiful lady.

Ni Yan smiled without saying a word. Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew was a newly introduced wine, and although she had not told the old drunkard, it shouldn't be too late to tell him now.

The old drunkard received the wine that Bu Fang passed over, closed his eyes, and hid in a corner to taste it.

Ni Yan, however, fixed her eyes on Dragon Gate Leap.

The fins of the fat fish gently flapped about on the porcelain plate, as if it had came to life. The mist surrounding it gave off an even more mysterious feeling.

She picked up her chopsticks and sat opposite to Bu Fang. Her alluring appearance when surrounded by the mist looked absolutely stunning.

Bu Fang looked at her through the mist and was shocked by her beauty. This woman really was a little too beautiful.

The smell of Dragon Gate Leap was actually not too strong. When compared to other dishes in Bu Fang's store, it was considered mild. However, the value of this dish surpassed other dishes by far.

The ingredient alone was already worth much more than the other dishes.

She gently prodded at the fish skin, pulling it apart to reveal a layer of succulent white flesh beneath. A small amount of water vapour could be seen coming out from the fresh and tender meat, and it looked like a bright and transparent jewel.

The piping hot fish gave off that faintly sweet fragrance found only in the freshest of fish meats, and after going through Bu Fang's own proprietary techniques, the usual fishiness associated with such a dish was completely removed. The dish now gave off a slightly fruity and meaty smell, as rich as milk and just as refreshing.

As she grabbed a piece of the meat, the juicy piece trembled a little as it left the body of the fish. Cloud-shaped moires surrounded the piece of fish meat, and it looked gorgeous.

It drew all the attention of the people around. Many a stomach rumbled as they voiced their craving for that tantalizing piece of meat.

The fair-skinned Ni Yan blushed a little due to the heat, making her look even better. She opened her red lips, revealing her pure white teeth, painting a picture that was simply irresistible.

As the meat entered her mouth, she was overwhelmed by the taste of the fish. It was as if the fish meat melted in her mouth and as she swallowed it, she could feel the warmness of the meat in her stomach.

The taste of the fish was retained in her mouth and every breath she took was filled with the wonderful smell of the fish.

"Um... hmm..." Ni Yan moaned tenderly. Her face showed that she was still totally immersed in it. She stuck out that small tongue of hers and gently caressed her rosy red lips, savoring every last bit of fish juice left on them. That sight... was simply gorgeous.

The people around stared in awe. It was impossible to tell if they were attracted to the delicious cuisine or the alluring beauty.

Bu Fang could not help but to pinch his own nose. This woman... couldn't she be less charming?

"Delicious!" Ni Yan came back to her senses and gasped. She then placed another piece of fish into her mouth, totally enjoying it.

The taste of Steamed Fish came from its delicate flavor. It did not have the same impact as spicy Boiled Fish, neither did it have that strong alcohol taste of a Lees Fish. It relied on that special taste of the fish fats.

This was also one of the reasons why Bu Fang chose to use this fat fish as ingredient. Although the grade of the Illusory Spirit Swamp Fish was not high, it was still a pretty good ingredient.

Snake-man Yu Feng's jaw dropped as he looked at that delicious fish. He ate that fish for many years and could recognize it straight away. But could it really be so delicious?

Uncontrollably, his throat wavered a little.

Once one started eating Bu Fang's cuisine, he would have a hard time stopping, be it the Egg-Fried Rice or the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, and even now the Dragon Gate Leap.

Having grabbed a chopstick full of meat, Ni Yan instinctively reached for a second. Except for the time interval where she was immersed within the fish meat taste, her chopstick was practically always reaching out for the fish meat.

Very soon, the fish meat was almost fully eaten and the target of Ni Yan started to change. She started aiming for the Path-Understanding Fruit inside the fish's mouth.

Everyone's eyes glowed up. They knew it was time for the main act. The reason why they looked forward to this dish was because of the Path-Understanding Fruit. The precious part about this Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was that it could help a person to achieve a breakthrough.

However, after making it into a dish, no one knew if it would still have that effect.


Ni Yan grabbed a piece of fruit and took a bite. Amazingly, the fruit didn't turn mushy from being cooked but instead retained its crispy texture. The Path-Understanding Fruit had a slight sour and sweet taste, just like a plum, and was oh so mouth-watering.

After swallowing it, Ni Yan went for yet another piece. Her energy core started revolving at a blistering speed. Like a roaring furnace fire, the energies within churned. The true energy in her body operated so fast that her meridians started to feel hot.

She took a breath and finished the last piece of fish meat. At this moment, Ni Yan's face was already red. Biting her lower lips, her eyes looked a little blurry.

She could not hear a word. The Path-Understanding Notes in her ears were like thunder. This sound was like musical notes revolving around her body, forming an image in her mind.

Every tremor she felt signified that she was getting closer to entering the War-God echelon. At the end, she felt that she was just a step away from it.

Bu Fang looked at the overwhelming true energy around Ni Yan and the unique implication to her body, he knew... this woman was experiencing an epiphany. Once she was at that stage, she was very close to achieving a breakthrough.

She was already immersed in epiphany, so how worthless would she have to be to not breakthrough?

Epiphany... it was a state everyone dreamt about yet some would never meet its requirements even with a lifetime of trying.

Xiao Meng looked at Ni Yan with envy as she sat there cross-legged and immersed in an epiphany. He knew that Owner Bu's dish was working effectively, and if possible, he had really wished that it was him who ate that Dragon Gate Leap.

The others may still doubt Bu Fang, but Xiao Meng was one who deeply understood Bu Fang's store. It had many more dishes which were more effective than elixirs.

Zhan Kong's eyes narrowed and his face revealed a look of astonishment.

How could this chopped Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit still be so effective in helping people achieve a breakthrough? Additionally, it looked as if it was even easier to break through. Couldwhat Owner Bu said be really true, that eating this dish would definitely allow one to breakthrough?

Inconceivable! How did Bu Fang do it? When the spirit fruit was chopped, the spirit energy would be lost. Its essence would be very volatile, with its effectiveness being reduced to less than ten percent. This was what Zhan Kong was worried about.

But after Ni Yan had eaten the dish, it proved to be even more effective than eating the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. This was clearly a slap on his face.

Zhan Kong now knew that he was wrong. This dish's effectiveness was really outstanding. He let out a long sigh, knowing that it was too late to regret now.

"Fine wine!! This is a really exquisite wine! How is it possible that such fine wine exists, it is even better than my Dragon's Breath! Impossible!"

The old drunkard said in a tone that revealed his surprise and discontent, as everyone's attention was drawn toward Ni Yan, who was focused on achieving her breakthrough.

The old drunkard looked at Bu Fang and said, "One more cup!"

A wine that was even tastier than Dragon's Breath... This made the old drunkard excited to the extent that he was shaking.

Bu Fang calmly looked at the excited old drunkard and said, "We will only sell one cup of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew today".

The old drunkard's facial expression stiffened, and he seemed to be eager to argue with Bu Fang.

However, before he could even say anything, Ni Yan, who was immersed in that state, looked up. Her whole body exuded true energy that rippled outwards in waves.

The facial expression of the old drunkard, as well as everyone else's, changed.

A majestic pressure was gushing out of Ni Yan's body, and this pressure was far greater than the one from a Battle-Saint...

"This girl is about to reach the rank of War-God!"