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 Chapter 232: The Downfall of the Ghost Chef

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The old drunkard's bold words left Zhan Kong and Bian Changkong at a loss for words. He had made a show of not lacking money earlier when they were fighting over the Path-Understanding Fruit, and thus they were long prepared for such a possibility.

But now, they were beginning to hesitate, unsure whether or not they should continue bidding. None of them knew whether the Path-Understanding Fruit, when made into a dish, would have the same effects as the Five Stripes Path-understanding Fruit, even though Bu Fang had said multiple times that it would definitely allow a Battle-Saint to break through and reach the echelon of a War-God.

As eighth grade War-Gods themselves, they were the definite authorities on what it took to reach that level, and how difficult it was to do so. To claim a mere dish had a hundred percent chance of achieving a breakthrough sounded very much like pure fantasy.

Ten thousand crystals might seem like a lot for a seventh grade Battle-Saint, but for a eighth grade War-God it was still within reasonable limits. However, they just couldn't believe that a mere dish could have such an effect.

When a Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was cut open, it would mean the dispersion of most of the spiritual energy within. What effect could it still have in such a state?

"Are you going to call a price? If not... this dish here will be mine." The old drunkard placed a hand on his wine gourd, which rested on the table. He looked at Zhan Kong and Bian Changkong, knowing full well that they were the only two people who could actually contest him.

Xiao Meng was greatly conflicted. He really did want to buy that dish, for he was well aware of how effective the Owner Bu's dishes were, but... he didn't have that many crystals to spend-or rather, he didn't dare to spend that much. That was because he did not only have to account for himself, but also for the Xiao family, and the expenses of the daily cultivation of the Xiao family's few hundred guards. All their livelihoods depended on him.

Bu Fang was unconcerned with how much they were bidding. Considering how the system worked, he would only be able to get the fixed sum of 5550 crystals in the end, regardless of how much those people spent.

"The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit is, more or less, a spirit fruit of the eighth level, so it's quite normal for the price of a dish made from it to cost a bit over five thousand," Bu Fang thought. The Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew was made using three types of seventh grade spirit herbs, in a highly complex process, and yet it still sold for merely five hundred crystals a cup.

The system's pricing would usually not be too much higher than the value of the ingredients used, and that was something Bu Fang knew well. Since the recipes supplied by the system were all made with highly valuable ingredients, it was reasonable for them to be sold at high prices.

Bu Fang sat upon the chair, slowly circulating energy through his energy core, dispersing true energy within throughout his body to recover his physical and spiritual condition. He scanned the crowd, and upon seeing that nobody else seemed to be bidding, he narrowed his eyes.

"Well then... Since you're all not going to name a price, looks like he'll be the one taking this Dragon Gate Leap," Bu Fang spoke those words solemnly, slamming his hands together with a loud sound and quirking his lips slightly as he announced who the valuable elixir cuisine was going to.

The old drunkard stroked his shaggy beard and grinned.

Zhan Kong and the others all sighed, feeling some regret.

At the entrance, a hand suddenly slammed onto the doorframe. The muscles of that hand were twisting strangely and tearing apart, with blood dripping from the skin.

The Ghost Chef jerked his head up, and there was madness in his eyes. The agonizing pain all over his body made him well aware that he didn't have much time left. If he did not eat the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit, his body would be completely crippled and wasted away as a result of the Essence Meat Broth's side effects.

He had been taking a gamble all along, just so that he could drink the soup at the very last moment. It was his final trump card, and the basis of his confidence in being able to obtain the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit.

But he had been mistaken. The two fellows who had rushed out from the little shop had beaten him within an inch of his life, and within an inch of despair.


The Ghost Chef's skin began to wither and break apart all over his body as if it was being burnt, and blood was seeping out and making his entire appearance terrifying and hideous.

There was only madness in his eyes as he stared at the Dragon Gate Leap which sat upon that table, emitting hot steam and spiritual energy. He could detect the scent of Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit from within that dish...

He craved for that dish, for it was his final hope.


The Ghost Chef Wang Ding made a desperate attempt and flew toward the Dragon Gate Leap at such a speed that he appeared like a black shadow.

Everyone was still too stunned to react, as the Ghost Chef's appearance had thrown them all for a loop, including Bu Fang.

"What the hell is this..." Bu Fang said, shocked by the Ghost Chef's visage, which was as terrible as a demon from hell. The stench coming from the Ghost Chef's body brought a frown onto his face.

The old drunkard narrowed his eyes, displeased that the hell-knows-what thing wanted to lay its filthy fingers on the dish he had just spent ten thousand crystals on. With a glare and a shake of his white beard, he let out an angry roar.

It was the first time the old drunkard had made a move to attack.

The wine gourd was picked up, and it rapidly expanded in size to become as large as a person.

There was no curbing the madness in the Ghost Chef's eyes, as all that remained in his mind was the Dragon Gate Leap. It was the only thing that could save him, to prevent him from becoming completely crippled.


The wine gourd came crashing down on the Ghost Chef's body, with a frightening wave of true energy pouring out from within it. The Ghost Chef gave a shrill screech while clawing at the gourd with wild eyes.

"You think a piece of trash like you, who only reached the eighth grade with the help of drugs, is worthy of fighting with me?"

The old drunkard gave a scornful laugh and grinned, as the wine gourd began spinning. He placed a palm upon the gourd and an unstoppable force exploded outwards, blasting the Ghost Chef right out of the shop.


The Ghost Chef's body rolled in the air and landed on the ground in the alleyway... right behind the butt of the old drunkard's donkey.

The Ghost Chef's whole body had basically been smashed to bits, and his skin began to flake off.

The donkey smelt a great stench coming from behind it, felt a chill, and was greatly startled. It brayed, then lifted its hind legs to give a great kick which landed squarely on the Ghost Chef's raised head.

That was a donkey capable of flight, and its kick very nearly burst the Ghost Chef's head open like a watermelon.

The Ghost Chef lay collapsed on the side, spasming uncontrollably, and with his entire body spewing blood.

The crowd came out of the little shop and stood by its entrance, frowning at the pitiful appearance of the Ghost Chef.

Xiao Meng heaved a sigh upon seeing the miserable end that the Ghost Chef had come to, yet at the same time he also felt a great weight lifted off his chest. The unforgivable evil known as the Ghost Chef had finally been punished for his many sins.

Zhan Kong looked at the breaking skin all over the Ghost Chef's body and the face behind his silver mask became rather grave.

"This damned thing must've taken some drugs, but their side effects... are rather bone-chilling."

"Don't you two think that the side effects it suffers are very similar to the methods used by that faction?" Bian Changkong drew in a deep breath and asked while his expression darkened.

The old drunkard and Zhan Kong paused for a moment, then their expressions changed.

"You mean the medicine taken by this fellow... rather, this damned thing, has something to do with the Shura Sect, which plagued the northern territories a few thousand years ago?" the old drunkard asked darkly.

Shura Sect was a terrible faction which had lain buried for many years.

"I've only read about a type of medicine called the Soul Devouring Pill in the records of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands. They state that it was able to temporarily activate one's potential and give them a great but temporary boost in their abilities. The side effects, however, were brutal. This damned thing we see now must've used some special methods to consume the Soul Devouring Pill."

Bian Changkong hunched his back and, watching as the Ghost Chef's broken skin began to rot, became increasingly disgusted.

Zhan Kong drew in a deep breath with a grave expression. Then, cupping his hands to the old drunkard and Bian Chankong, he spoke, "If this person is really connected to the Shura Sect, then I must take him away. There is some history between Shura Sect and my White Cloud Villa, of which you two are likely aware."

Bian Chankong and the old drunkard both nodded. While they might not be the most powerful ones among their respective factions, they were well informed. Since they knew Zhan Kong's words to be truth, neither made any protest.

Zhan Kong thanked the two of them, and looked at the Ghost Chef with eyes that were steadily growing colder. With a flash of light, a pitch black chain appeared in his hand.

He bound the Ghost Chef with the chain, which glowed with seal symbols, and locked it such that he could not move an inch... even though the Ghost Chef had already fallen into a daze after being kicked by the donkey.

Bu Fang drew his legs up and leaned back in his chair to get more comfortable.

He eyed the old drunkard, who was still squeezed in the doorway with the others, and said, "So are you eating this dish or not? Don't blame me for not reminding you that if it gets cold... the effects might just get weaker.