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 Chapter 231: Elixir Cuisine, Dragon Gate Leap

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The flow of true energy in his body was almost depleted. Bu Fang's face became pale as sweat dripped down his forehead.


There was a strange fluctuation from within the steamer. Bu Fang's eyes brightened up and he removed his hands from the lid of the steamer, cutting off the input of true energy. He took a step back and breathed deeply.

"It's finally done. My true energy was almost depleted. The requirement of true energy cultivation is really too high," Bu Fang mumbled. His cultivation was only at the level of Battle-King and this was far too low. When cooking dishes with true energy that had some ingredient of higher grade, he would be fully exhausted.

However, fortunately, Bu Fang predicted that his recent turnover was reaching the breakthrough point to become a Battle-Emperor, and thus his true energy capacity would increase significantly.

When the time came to display his true energy culinary, he would have lesser problems when dealing with ingredients of a higher grade.

Looking at the steamer that was overflowing with warm energy and giving off a strong aroma, Bu Fang could not help but lick his lips. This tempting aroma made people want to starting feasting.

As the lid of the steamer was removed, the water vapour gushed out and dispersed, giving off a strong aroma and the same fluctuations as before that had a mind clearing effect.

With a flick of a hand, the water vapour diffused into the air, and Bu Fang fixed his gaze onto the steamer.

A brilliance surfaced from within the steamer. This brilliance was not too overwhelming, but a little obscure instead.

"A dish that can glow." Bu Fang smirked, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

He heaved a sigh of relief as the dish that was taken out from the steamer remained hot. As the dish was displayed on the stove with the lights in the kitchen shining brightly on it, its brilliance was evident.

The blue and white porcelain bowl contained a fat fish that looked as realistic as ever. It almost seemed alive. A strong feeling of vitality along with that strange fluctuation flowed throughout the whole fish. There was a slight movement by the fish within the hot mist, as if it was flying within the clouds.

Cloud-shaped moires gathered on top of the dish. The fish looked as though it was a dragon swimming among the clouds in the air.

This was a spectacular dish, at least to Bu Fang, who was definitely amazed by it.

This was the charm of culinary. Who would have thought that the final product would look like this.

"This dish... is beyond my wildest imagination. It's too beautiful," Bu Fang whispered. He then started to brainstorm on the name of this dish.

"Steamed Path-Understanding Fish? Well... this seems a little too straightforward. How about Dragon Gate Leap? Not bad. It sounds good."

Bu Fang pleasingly and confidently decided on the name of this dish, to call it Dragon Gate Leap. A fish that leaped through the dragon gates after eating the Path-Understanding Fruits sounded pretty symbolic.

"System, how do you find this dish?" A hopeful Bu Fang asked.

This time, the system did not give Bu Fang a quick answer. It took it some time before it said sternly, "Name of dish: Dragon Gate Leap; Chef: Host Bu Fang; Spirit energy level of the dish: ninety percent; Path-Understanding Factor: ninety percent; Final evaluation: After a Battle-Saint consumes this dish, he will definitely break through to become a War-God. Hence, it passes the evaluation."


As the system finished its sentence, Bu Fang started to smirk and snapped his finger, expressing his joy.

Indeed he passed the evaluation, while the process of making this Dragon Gate Leap looked easy but every step really tested the skills of the chef, be it how the flesh was treated at the start or the handling of true energy during the steaming process.

The requirement of every step was very strict and there was no margin for error. Once there was a mistake made, the efforts previously would have been wasted.

To control the spirit energy level of the dish, Bu Fang used the steaming method. This method was the easiest to preserve the ingredient's spirit energy. As for retention of the Path-Understanding Factor, Bu Fang firstly spread the juice of the Path-Understanding Fruit onto the flesh of the fish. This allowed the Path-Understanding Factor to be retained well during the steaming process.

Taking a deep breath, Bu Fang controlled the happiness he felt in his heart.

"System, since this dish has already passed the evaluation criteria, does this mean that this temporary mission has been accomplished? Then this dish.... Can i choose to sell it?"

"Congratulations to the host for completing the mission in time: using the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit to create a dish that passed the system's evaluation. The reward for completing the mission will now be released, and the sale of the dish will be allowed. The system is currently determining the price of the dish..."

This time, it did not take too long for the system to come up with a price for the dish.

"Dragon Gate Leap, elixir cuisine, the price will be five thousand, five hundred and fifty crystals."

Bu Fang was stunned. Five thousand, five hundred and fifty crystals for one dish. This was the most expensively priced dish ever by the system.

There was a gurgling sound, and Bu Fang got excited. If this dish went for sale, his business volume would reach the requirements for advancment straight away.

Lifting up the Dragon Gate Leap, Bu Fang slowly moved out of the kitchen.

In the presence of everyone's eyes, and from the shadows of the kitchen, a tall and thin silhouette started to emerge slowly.

With both hands, Bu Fang held a bright and shiny dish that radiated heat and an aroma. The dish was beautiful, looking similar to a cloudy fog, causing people to be bewitched by it uncontrollably.

Zhan Kong and Bian Changkong clenched their fists as they came into the shop, and their facial expressions revealed that they felt comfortable.

In the alley, the Ghost Chef felt extremely miserable, with his head swollen to the point that it looked like a pig head, and he could not stop coughing up blood. He was about to run out of breath.

His eyes were filled with rage, but were even more filled with fear.

Bu Fang placed the dish on the table, and a rich aroma dissipated and slowly filled the entire store, causing people to feel pleasant and comfortable.

"Owner Bu... is this the dish made using the Path-Understanding Fruit?"

The old drunkard asked as he laid down his wine gourd, with his eyes widening as he stared at the dish.

Bu Fang nodded and faced everyone, saying, "This dish was made using the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit and it can definitely help Battle-Saints break through to the rank of War-God."

Tsk tsk tsk!

The moment Bu Fang said that, everyone gasped coldly. Even the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit could not guarantee that Battle-Saints would attain a promotion to the rank of War-God, but Bu Fang actually dared to say that this single dish could help Battle-Saints achieve that breakthrough... To think he had so much confidence.

"Owner Bu must be joking... How is it possible for such an amazing dish to exist?" The old drunkard could not believe it, and the others were also suspicious.

Bu Fang got a chair and sat on it, taking a deep breath. Creating the Dragon Gate Leap had caused him to use a lot of his energy and experience.

"Well, this dish will only be made once, and even if anyone wants it in future, they might not have the opportunity to eat it, therefore this dish is very previous. As for the effectiveness of this dish, you can eat it first, and if it is not a hundred percent effective, you do not have to pay."

Bu Fang's tone was very calm yet confident. But that calmness was filled with confidence in the dish that he had made.

Everyone turned to the Dragon Gate Leap and looked at it seriously, as their attention was pulled toward the dish.

"May I know how much this dish is selling for?" Zhan Kong asked as he frowned.

This was the question that many others were curious about, and they turned to look at Bu Fang for his reply.

Bu Fang touched the corner of his mouth and raised his fair and long fingers, pointing to the menu behind them.

Everyone was stunned and turned toward the back. After taking a careful look, they let out a sound of surprise.

"Five thousand, five hundred and fifty crystals for one dish?!"

"My God, why is this dish so expensive?!"

"Owner Bu, this is simply extortion!"


Everyone was simply uncomfortable with the high price of Dragon Gate Leap. Five thousand, five hundred and fifty crystals. The price of the dish was comparable to the entire wealth of a Battle-Saint.

However, in the eyes of the strong, like Zhan Kong, this dish was not considered expensive and could be said to be cheap instead. If it could really help a Battle-Saint become a War-God, then it was really cheap.

"There is only one of this dish, whether you choose to buy it or not, you only have one chance to do so, this shop will never make this dish again", Bu Fang said.

"Owner Bu, I am buying this dish", Zhan Kong said unhesitatingly. He had promised Wu Yunbai that he would attain a Path-Understanding Fruit, and since he could not attain the fruit, he had to buy this dish.

"I also want to buy this dish", Bian Changkong said.

Both of them had competed non-stop for the Path-Understanding Fruit, and this time they would compete with the price of the fruit.

"Owner Bu... Xiao Meng would also like to buy the dish!" Xiao Meng said excitedly as he looked at the dish with high emotions.

Bu Fang did not reply him.

There was only one portion, and yet so many people wanted it. The outcome of who would get the dish had to be determined by who was willing to pay the highest price.

They discussed their bids.

The old drunkard gulped a mouthful of wine, laughing heartily as he banged his wine gourd on the table, saying "I will buy this dish for ten thousand crystals!"