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 Chapter 230: The Ghost Chef Who Failed at Showboating and Ended Up Getting Thrashed Instead

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As expected, Bu Fang failed the evaluation test, and then he confirmed that passing the evaluation would not be as simple as it seemed.

"The main criteria of the evaluation was the amount of spirit energy retained and Path-Enderstanding factor accumulation..." Bu Fang murmured to himself while touching his chin.

He used the Golden Dragon Bone Knife to slice the fruit, so the spirit energy should have been well preserved in that point. As to why that much of spirit energy was wasted, it was because during the cooking, he did not control the movement of the spirit energy well.

"Then, this dish was wasted..." As Bu Fang looked at that cloud-shaped mist diffusing, he felt a sudden pain in his flesh.

"For the host, who wants to become the top chef in this fantasy world, if his dishes fail the evaluation, they will not be allowed to be put for sale." Words that were strict and conscientious echoed from the system.

If the failed dishes were allowed to be sold, it would mean disrespect to both the customers and one's own culinary skills. When a chef presented a dish, it had to be a successful dish, one that was better than a chef's previous dishes.

Bu Fang let out a sigh. Whitey appeared beside him unnoticed. He touched its fat belly, and its those sharp eyes gleamed as its round and plump stomach opened up, like a bottomless pit.

This was the hole that Whitey used to collect waste... Bu Fang lifted up the dish, frowned, and although he felt it was a waste to throw it away, he resisted this feeling and threw it into Whitey's belly.

This signified that the first Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was now wasted.

After handling the first failed dish, Bu Fang did not rest but instead went into deep thought for a while, thinking about ways to create the dish in a way that could ensure that the spirit energy and Path-Understanding factor could be preserved.

The system did not provide a recipe, but Bu Fang was already used to such a situation. Many of his dishes were created by himself and this was very important for a chef. This was what was called creativity.

Bu Fang had an idea and took out a few ingredients from the system's storage space. Wandering Dragon Cow meat, Illusory Spirit Swamp Fat Fish, and some spirit fruit and herbs. These were all the ingredients that Bu Fang had, and the system did not provide many ingredients. There were two Path-Understanding Fruits left. If Bu Fang wanted to complete this mission, there was no room for any errors.

He stared at the few ingredients he had and stopped at the Wandering Dragon Cow meat and the fat fish. Which amongst the two ingredients should he choose?


He snapped his finger. Bu Fang had an idea. Surprisingly, he did not choose to use the seventh grade Wandering Dragon Cow meat, but instead the mysterious Illusory Spirit Swamp Fat Fish.

These fat fish were collected by Bu Fang from the serpent-men. Its meat was succulent and fleshy, and its taste when grilled was delectable.

This time round, Bu Fang was not planning to grill the fish, because he was sure that grilling was not compatible with the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit.

Firstly, he cleaned the fat fish, then cut open the fish stomach. Gripping onto the Dragon Bone Knife, he used the back of the knife to pound the flesh of the fat fish. True energy flowed from the Dragon Bone Knife directly into the flesh, causing the flesh of the fish to glow up. He then carved some patterns on the body of the fish.

Bu Fang then started to handle the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. He cut the fruit into two, ensuring that its juice was kept in a porcelain bowl, before further cutting it apart. The dense spirit energy started to dissipate around the entire kitchen, causing one to feel extremely alert. After extracting the juice, Bu Fang carefully and meticulously spread the juice on the fish meat. He made sure that the entire fish was coated with the juice. The juice quickly seeped into the fish meat.

He took the blue and white porcelain bowl, retrieved two pieces of the Path-Understanding Fruit pulp and insert them into the mouth of the fish, blocking the air passage of the fish. Then, he took the remaining fruit pulp and spread it on the fish, covering it.

He opened the pot, started the fire, and placed a steamer into the pot.

Bu Fang put the fat fish that he prepared into the steamer. Undoubtedly, this time the dish he chose to cook was steamed fish.

However, steaming was not any easier than boiling, Bu Fang had to always ensure the flow of true energy and control the change of spirit energy of the fish.

The higher the grade of the ingredient, the higher the level of true energy control required of the chef. The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was of a very high grade, containing a highly concentrated amount of spirit energy and Path-Understanding factor. To not destroy the spirit energy and Path-Understanding factor, Bu Fang must make use of true energy to control it.

This could be considered as a type of true energy cooking, and such method really tested the cultivation level of a chef.

Bu Fang concentrated, and the true energy emerged from his energy core, constantly spreading from his hands and covering the steamer.


Ghost Chef had a smug on his face when he entered the premises of the store. In his mind, he was thinking that the people in this store were definitely sharing the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit and he had to obtain one of this fruit at this moment.

After drinking the secretly-made meat broth, the Ghost Chef achieved godlike culinary cultivation level. He also regained his youth, strength and confidence.

However, after entering the store, his expression changed.

The people in the shop looked at him suspiciously, not knowing what this authoritative man wanted there.

Ghost Chef raised his eyebrows and turned toward the corner, where the Path-Understanding Tree was, and then he froze.

The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree leaves were thriving. They were greenish, radiant and overflowing with spirit energy. It was growing very healthily, but... the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits had disappeared from view. It was clear that they had completely divided up among the people.

"Dam it... i was indeed too late!" Ghost Chef cursed softly before turning his gaze toward the other people in the shop.

"Did your divide up the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit? I will spare the lives of the people who handover the fruit!" Ghost Chef was anxious, as he really needed the fruit. He had even been prepared to use the highly effectively, secretly-made Meat Essence Broth to get the Path-Understanding Fruit.

For the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit, he couldn't care less anymore.

There was a large number of people seated in the store, waiting for Bu Fang's Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit dish, but instead, there was one random person who appeared and demanded them to hand over their Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits.....

Damned be your sister! We also want to have the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit!

Zhan Kong and Bian Changkong looked toward that Ghost Chef with a hostile look. They planned to pay a fortune, but were unable to buy over Owner Bu's Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit, and this weird random guy in front of them actually threatened them to hand over the fruit. Who did he think he was?

Zhan Kong stood up and was in a sulky mood as Owner Bu had vented his emotions on him. At this moment, both parties felt like venting their frustration on each other.

Bian Changkong also stood up. After consuming an elixir previously, he had mostly recovered at this point.

The two of them walked with gloomy faces toward the door, where the exasperated Ghost Chef was at.

The old drunkard laughed heartily and gulped down a mouthful of wine, merrily preparing to watch this show unfold.

"Are the both of you looking for death?!" the Ghost Chef threatened in a gloomy tone as he narrowed his eyes.

He now had the power of a War-God. In his impression, that was the highest level that one could attain. Were the two ants in front of him looking for death?

He feeling very egoistic at the moment.

"Who do you think you are threatening?!"

Bian Changkong coldly opened his mouth and swang a slap toward Ghost Chef as he whistled.

Ghost Chef was visibly stunned and angrily rebuked, "Looking for death!"


Ghost Chef was stunned. He blocked Bian Changkong's slap but was unable to defend himself from Zhan Kong's. His face immediately swelled.

"Holy mother! What kind of situation is this? How could I, someone with a cultivation level of a War-God, be hit in the face?"

Ghost Chef raged, and the increased power in his body surget out as true energy.


There was another slap by Zhan Kong. He had not shown any mercy and displayed a stern facial expression. However, beneath the silver mask, Zhan Kong's face hid a mocking expression.

"Who do you think you are to threaten the commander?" Zhan Kong replied coldly. He could not defeat that black dog in a fight, but how would he lose to this random dude.

"Damn it! Go to hell!" Black smoke started to gush out from Ghost Chef's body as he shouted in an angry and anxious tone.


However, without even waiting for the black smoke to completely gush out, Bian Changkong kicked the Ghost Chef out of the shop and into the ruins of the small alley.

"What a retard."

Biang Changkong and Zhan Kong looked at each other and laughed before successively dashing out of the shop.

At this moment, they felt depressed and wanted to vent their frustrations. Where did this retard come from... It was timely, as it allowed them to vent their frustrations.

Blacky, lazily lying in front of the store's doorstep, sleepily gazed at this one-sided domination and then yawned.

Ghost Chef's miserable cries sounded endlessly. He had believed that he was going to demonstrate his lofty skills. However, he did not expect that he would be beaten up by two dudes.

With no ability to retaliate, he knew in his heart that these were truly two War-Gods.

Xiao Meng leaned against the door of the store, looking at the miserable and pathetic Ghost Chef. Xiao Meng felt a flash of happiness.

"Ask your slave to spread the news. You made the whole Imperial City fall into a turmoil, and now you finally got beaten. A person like you definitely deserves a beating."

Xiao Meng gloated at his misfortune.

Suddenly, an aroma came from the kitchen, bringing with it an unusual implication. Everyone was stunned and turned toward the kitchen with expectancy as it looked like Owner Bu's dish was about to be completed.