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 Chapter 229: The Path-Understanding Blossoming Flower

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Bang Bang Bang!

Miserable howls kept on resounding within the small store. Every miserable howl signified an expert being turned into a blood mist.

That was practically hell. It was frightening to the point of making one feel their heart tightening the moment they saw the scene.

Whitey had already reinstated back to its red-eye mode. The bloodstains on its body had also been automatically purified. Once again, it was turned back into its original white and plump appearance as it stood behind Bu Fang.

Ni Yan and the others were in shock. Their complexion had turned deathly white due to the frightening scene.

They had never even once seen such a gruesome scene before. Even Xiao Meng, who was accustomed to slaughtering, also felt his heart shuddering. His pores had widen up and his back was drenched in cold sweat!

Ye Ziling widened her eyes while her lips turned deathly pale. She was originally an obedient girl who stayed within the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Even though her cultivation was pretty decent, she had never even witnessed any bloody scenes of a battlefield before. Let alone this shocking scene that was in front of her right now.

Looking at the big black hound which was standing in the middle of the alley barking, at that moment, everyone couldn't help but feel some reverence within their hearts.

Bu Fang complexion was also slightly pale. However, he still tried his best to control himself.

The ferocious barking did not resonate throughout the Imperial Capital as it was shrouded by Blacky's true energy, causing the barking to only resonate within this alley. Therefore, outside of this alley, the Imperial Capital was still the same as before, auspicious and peaceful. So much that there was not even any trace of the frightening energy.

The alley floor had finally been shattered and was tainted by the fresh blood.

Some of the people had fled from the alley but their spirit had long been repressed. They did not even dare to turn around to take another glace as they tried to frantically escape from the alley.

Those who had managed to escape are basically those who possessed a cultivation level of Battle-Saint and above. These Battle-Saints all had a set of uniquely life-saving methods. Therefore, they were able to survive from this calamity.

The ferocious howling had finally come to a stop.

The large hound had also lowered its head, which had been perking up. Its eyes apathetically swept around its surrounding once as he looked at the spacious and empty alley. It harrumphed once while its body started shrinking. Ultimately, it returned back to the form of the plump dog, Blacky.

Striding in its graceful cat steps, Blacky returned to the store.

The frightening imposing pressure had also finally dissipated from the valley. They heaved a sigh of relief and loosened up the tension that had been building up in their bodies. It was as if the boulder which had been in their hearts had finally fallen off.

Blacky opened his mouth and yawned. That lazy appearance... it was as if Blacky was asking for a beating.

However Xiao Meng was actually looking at that black dog in reverence and did not even dare to manifest his awe-inspiring prestige at all.

Bu Fang patted Blacky's head. He raised his head and looked at those people who were hovering in the sky above the alley and said indifferently: "Do any of you still want the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit?"

Want? Want your sister!

Everyone was cursing in their heart. Indeed, they wanted it but would they still have the courage to? Such a frightening dog... it was not something they could contend against. Even if a War-God were to face this dog, they believed that War-God would also be powerless against it.

"Er... There is not a need for all of you to be discouraged or disappointed," Bu Fang looked at those people who were hovering in the sky and said seriously.

"The reason why I am not selling the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit is because I needed this fruit and would use it to make dishes. You might not be able to obtain the Path-Understanding Fruit, but you can still choose to buy the dishes made from it. I believe those dishes would certainly not make any of you feel disappointed."

Make dishes with it? Using the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit? Everyone hovering at the sky felt somewhat comical as if they were overwhelmed by Bu Fang's decision.

Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was a heavenly treasure. And you are freaking telling us that you want to use it to make dishes?

Zhang Kong and Bian Changkong complexion was also somewhat dumbfounded.

On the contrary, the old drunkard grinned and felt that it was very interesting. He had wanted to use the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit to brew wine, but Bu Fang actually wanted to use it to make dishes... The line of thoughts from both sides were just using a different method that would lead to the same result.

The Old Drunkard immediately started laughing heartily. He picked up the wine gourd and poured a cup of wine for himself so as to keep his surprise under control.

After that, he pulled the stubborn donkey down to the middle of the alley and started walking toward the small store.

Ultimately, that donkey was forced to stay within the alley by that Old Drunkard, outside the store.

"I am looking forward to Boss Bu's dishes that were made using the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit." The Old Drunkard smiled.

Bu Fang looked at that old man in surprise. Bu Fang nodded his head and did not say anything.

In the sky, Zhan Kong and his men frowned. Finally, they also chose to descend, and then entered the small store.

The disturbance had finally come to an end. No one knew how many experts had died in this unremarkable alley in the Imperial Capital. There were Battle-Saint who had managed to escape from this alley. They all had rushed out of the Imperial Capital fanatically and did not even bother to turn their head back. They were all frightened to death by that dog.

Above the streets of the Imperial Capital, Ghost Chef Wang Ding slowly advanced over. In one of his hands, he was carrying a porcelain jar and his appearance was very placid.

"Where did all the fluctuation go? Could it be that I have arrived late... and the battle has already ended?" Ghost Chef was somewhat puzzled. According to what he had understood, it was impossible for this small store to be able to contend against all the onslaught from those experts.

Arriving at the alley entrance, he looked inside. The secluded alley was extremely spacious and empty. There was not a single person there.

However, there was a heavy reeking of blood assaulting his nostrils. This caused the Ghost Chef to feel as if he had been thrown into an ocean of blood.

Ghost Chef deeply sucked in a breath of air. His complexion carried faint traces of grave as he entered into the alley. The moment his foot touched the ground, he felt that the sole of his foot had submerged down. He was startled. He lowered his head to take a look. The floor of the alley had actually been covered by a layer of chisel powder...

"Inside this alley... what exactly had happened!" Ghost Chef's heart suddenly started thumping as he felt a sense of uneasiness.

"It's so quiet... Could it be that it has really ended? But why hasn't this small store been destroyed?"

Ghost Chef slowly strode over and arrived in front of the small store. Unexpectedly, the store was actually filled with people!

"Could it be that this small store had been invaded and occupied? It seem possible... It's definitely possible!" Ghost Chef's heart was certain about it as he deeply breathed in a mouthful of air.

He no longer hesitated as he opened up the porcelain jar lid.

The dense fishy stench drifted out, causing the Ghost Chef to slightly wrinkle his eyebrows. The smell was really too smelly!

By the entrance of the store, the Ghost Chef drank all the broth from the jar in a shot. In an instant, he felt that his whole body meridians had started to swell.


The porcelain jar fell onto the ground and shattered into pieces.

It immediately caught the attention of everyone inside the store. All of them looked out and were surprised to see an old man with dishevelled hair kneeling down on the ground fighting against his convulsion.

After convulsing for a while, that old man stood up. That supposingly aged facial features had unexpectedly become a lot younger.

The Ghost Chef Wang Ding twisted his neck and felt the insurmountable strength within his body. He endured the urge to laugh heartily. Was this the strength of a War-God? Sure enough, it was able to let one be attracted by it.

"Next, it's time for me to seize the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit."

Ghost Chef smiled sinisterly as he lifted up his head. His gaze fell onto those curious eyes that were staring at him.


Bu Fang grabbed onto the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit and returned back to the kitchen. He placed the spirit fruits, which were covered in brilliant lights and vibrant colors that emitted rich true energy, onto the cooking bench.

He stared at the three fruit and wrinkled his eyebrows. No one knew what he was thinking about when he touched his chin while contemplating.

The current mission was to use this Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit to make a dish. Only by passing through the system's evaluation would the quest be counted as completed. But the problem was what kind of dish should he make? This was the main problem, which still remained unsolved for Bu Fang.

"Use the smash cucumber salad method to handle this Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit so as to restore back the original feel of the spirit fruit?" Bu Fang murmured. However, the idea was being dismissed by him very quickly. If he were to really handle it this way, he would definitely not pass the evaluation. After all, according to the craftiness of the system, it would never allow Bu Fang to complete his mission so easily.

After giving much thought to it, Bu Fang took one of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit and a green smoke appeared around his hand, after which a pitch-black, simple and unadorned Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared on his hand.

Bu Fang took out a chopping board. After brandishing the knife, he sliced the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit into two.

Immediately, a rich fruity smell pervaded out and unexpectedly brought along faint heat with it. After slicing it into half, the pulp inside it started to leak out the thick fruity juice, that also carried a mild and humid heat with it.

After sizing up the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit, Bu Fang muttered to himself for some time before started to cut the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit very quickly. Da Da Da. He chopped the spirit fruit into portions of equal size.

Bu Fang decided to cook a dish to test it out first.

Bu Fang took out an egg from the cupboard. This was a fifth grade spirit beast egg. There was still a disparity if he were to match it with this Path-Understanding Fruit.

After cracking the egg into the bowl and beating it up, Bu Fang ignited the fire and started warming up his pan.

He waited for the pan to reach a suitable temperature before pouring oil into it. After the oil had started boiling, he poured the neatly sliced Path-Understanding Fruit which was pervading the air with its aroma and spirit energy into the pan. Immediately, sizzling sounds resonated.

The oil splattered in all directions.

Bu Fang controlled his true energy and directed it into the pan. He controlled the spirit energy direction so as to prevent destroying the spirit energy in the spirit fruit.

After stir-frying it for a while, Bu Fang poured the egg liquid into the pan. At the same time, he also poured in the neatly sliced Path-Understanding Fruit into it. Both items were mixed together. Immediately, and rich aromas burst out, causing one to feel intoxicated by it.

Bu Fang sniffed the aroma and felt that his brain had become clear and sober. Extremely Refreshing!

"It's so fragrant!" He praised. Subsequently, he started to stir-fry it very quickly.

It was only for a moment and the egg liquid started to solidify. Because of the mixture with the Path-Understanding Fruit juice, the solidification did not look as tender and yellow as it was supposed to be. In contrast, it was somewhat glittering and translucent, as if it was frozen.

Bu Fang covered the pan with a lid so as to steam if for a moment. He controlled his true energy to pull out the spirit energy within the pan, causing the spirit energy of the dish to attain a kind of equilibrium.

Finally, Bu Fang opened the pan lid. The heat burst forth as it brought along the dish aroma and rushed out of the kitchen.

Bu Fang took a white round porcelain bowl and poured the dish into it.

With his professional arranging skills, the plate retained the brilliant glow and vibrant colors, with heat being emitted out of the Path-Understanding Fruit. In the middle of it, it was decorated with the glittering and translucent scrambled egg. The scrambled egg spirit energy bubbled up while the spirit energy of the spirit fruit burst forth. Clouds emerged on top of the dish, forming a moire.

"Path-Understanding Fruit Scrambled Egg... Er, this name is too crude. Let's call it Path-Understanding Blossoming Flower. It is a lot more classier. It would make it appear to be more decent."

Bu Fang spun the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife around his hand, and the knife turned into green smoke and vanished.

He looked at the plate with the dish, was shrouded by cloud lines in its magnificent golden color, and the corner of his mouth rose.

"System, is this dish able to pass the evaluation process?" Bu Fang questioned the system.

If this dish was able to pass the evaluation, then it would save Bu Fang a lot of efforts from innovating again. Therefore, he was somewhat looking forward to the answer.

Nevertheless, the solemn and conscientious tone of the system resounded inside Bu Fang's mind very quickly.

"Dish name: Path-Understanding Blossoming Flower. Chef: Host, Bu Fang. Amount of spirit energy contained inside the dish: 70%. Path-Understanding Factor measurement: 70%. The Final usefulness evaluation: After a Battle-Saint had consumed it, it would be hard for him to rely on this to successfully break through to a War-God. Therefore, the dish is a failure."