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 Chapter 228: Lord Dog Made a Move!

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Within the Imperial City, a large wave of true energy surged and spread toward the sky. As it reached the clouds, it scattered in all four directions, covering the entire city. Within the surge of different forms of true energy, a flood of angry voices followed.

At this point, the entire small alleyway was filled with chaotic shouting, all for the sake of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits. The crowd could not hold it in anymore.

Ni Yan's face whitened. Hearing the shouts from those experts with their fuming facial expressions, she pulled Ye Ziling toward her to prevent her from getting lost among the crowd.

She glanced toward the direction of the small restaurant, as more experts surrounded the building.

Ni Yan could not understand why Bu Fang did not accept the deal to sell the Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits. If he had agreed... this situation would not have occurred.

If he agreed to the sale, the crowd would not have turned violent. After all, anyone who could purchase one of the fruits would be of a certain strength. For example, both Zhan Kong and Bian Changkong were eighth grade War-Gods, and nobody would dare harbour any desire to rob them.

Yet, Bu Fang still held on to the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits. This gave the crowd the chance to rob him. That was the ultimate reason why all that tension was created.

"Sister Ni Yan, will Owner Bu... be okay?" Ye Ziling doubtfully asked, turning to face Ni Yan only to see her biting down on her lips, as she seemed to decide. Her true energy started to circulate.

Immediately, Ye Ziling was shocked, "Sister Ni Yan, you want to join in the fight?"

"Fight, what fight? Be a good girl and stay at the old drunkard's side, I will go and help Owner Bu." Ni Yan snapped and knocked on Ye Ziling's head.

Ni Yan knew that Bu Fang had a terrifying puppet, Whitey... and a black dog. However, the opponents in front of him were just too many. Even the flow of the alleyway was jammed due to the large crowd, with their colliding true energies enough to collapse the walls of the alleyway.

With a large number of seventh grade Battle-Saints present, their combined strength could even compete with an eighth grade War-God.

"Now is not the time for an idle chat." Ni Yan strained her eyes, causing the true energy from her body to surge forth. With her snow-white legs revealed, she dashed forward a few steps to block the path of two incoming shadows.

"All of you, get lost!!"

Ni Yan gave the ground a mighty kick and true energy overflowed from her shoulders. She reached out and grabbed two nearby two Battle-Kings before viciously throwing them backward towards the crowd.

Bam Bam!

Swatted away by the oncoming crowd, whose heads had been clouded by greed, the two Battle-Kings vomited blood from their severe injuries before letting forth a miserable howl.

Ni Yan was truly a domineering sight to be seen, as three thousand green threads danced in the air, each strand powered by her surging true energy. Her face was one of seriousness and tempestuous anger.

As she continued to toss away multiple waves of experts, a sinking feeling hit her.

She had already blocked many experts, but there were just too many in the crowd.

An arrow fast as lightning glided across the crowds, with a large sonic wave trailing it. Several people were pierced, gravely injuring them.

"Sister Ni Yan... I will help you."


"Since everyone is eager to seek death... so be it"

Bu Fang's voice wasn't loud, yet it transmitted throughout the entire alleyway. As the crowd heard it, those anxious experts did not feel afraid at all, but instead their eyes became redder in anger!

"Kill! If you don't hand over the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit, we will thrash your restaurant and then kill you!" Somebody in the crowd shouted.

The shout of "kill" could be heard echoing from the crowd.

Whitey, with its large belly, blocked the entrance of the restaurant. Its red mechanical eyes flickered, turning to purple.

"Whoever wishes to harm the host must be eliminated."


The chopper reappeared in Whitey's hand. With a downward stroke, it split open the heads of the two most front Battle-Emperors.

As the thick blood oozed, not only did it not force the crowd to retreat, rather, it increased the bloodthirstiness of the crowd.

Ni Yan and Ye Ziling started to retreat as they continued to battle, till they reached the front of Bu Fang. Their two appearances were a mess.

"Owner Bu... are you crazy! Going against so many people?!" Ni Yan tone was slightly angry as she spoke. She did not understand Bu Fang's thinking at all.

Those who were familiar with Bu Fang also helped to block the encroaching crowd as they retreated to the restaurant entrance.

The appearances of Xiao Meng, Wu Yunbai and the rest were dishevelled.

As Bu Fang's eyes swept over the people who helped him, his gaze warmed. However, as his glance turned toward the greedy crowd, his eyes turned cold.

"Lazy dog, these people... you do not need to hold back," Bu Fang coldly spoke. For the first time, his voice contained a killing intent.

As the little black dog's mouth and nose started to twitch slightly, its eyes revealed a sense of excitement.

"Don't need to hold back? Great..." Its tongue stuck out as it licked its lips, revealing razor-sharp white teeth.

"Greed is the root of all evil... all these reckless humans." A calm male voice echoed throughout the entire alleyway.

Within the crowd, Zhan Kong suddenly halted from the impending sense of danger that was strong enough to cause his heart to beat wildly.


Without a single thread of hesitation, Zhan Kong turned his body and retreated out of the restaurant's surroundings.

A few shadows dashed out of the crowd and floated in the sky, hearts pumping wildly.

One of them was the old drunkard riding a donkey... To think that the old man's donkey could float in the air too.

Bian Changkong dragged Mu Lingfeng away as he retreated from the surrounding. Within the crowd, there were many who were able to sense the impending danger.

Those in the sky looked with fear as they stared downwards.

Blacky strode out of the restaurant like a cat while Bu Fang asked Ni Yang and the rest to retreat into the restaurant.

Blacky came to a stop beside Whitey, which by now was totally covered in blood.

Whitey, after all, was a puppet not able to generate any true energy. Even though it possessed the battle strength to go against ninth grade experts, when faced with the large crowd, it had its hand tied up. At this moment, Lord Dog came to assist.

A sixth grade Battle-Emperor with eyes full of anger released a shout as his body was enveloped with true energy. The axe in his hand was pointed toward the black dog, preparing to slash downwards.

"Prepare to die!"

Faced with the shadow of the axe coming down on it, Blacky let out a bark as it raised its dog paw and patted down.


The axe disintegrated along with the Battle Emperor who became a puddle of blood.

While the fall of an expert brought a slight chill to the heart of the crowd, they angrily pressed forward.


A terrifying pressure surged from Blacky's body, blocking the crowd of experts' advancement. The herd of shouting came to a stop.

Under the crowd's panic-stricken eyes, the black dog body changed to a humongous size, without a trace of its former naïve appearance.

In a short moment, it became a two-meter-tall black hound enveloped in burning black flame.


The surrounding air seemed to burn.

Everybody in the crowd had a sense of being suppressed, as they couldn't help but kneel on the floor to the presence of the dog. Battle-Kings, Battle-Emperors and even Battle-Saints all collapsed to the ground.

As the giant hound took a step forward, the ground started to shake. It blinked its eyes as it sighed. Space seemed to rip as it disappeared from its original position.


The giant hound sprinted forward, leaving a path of blood behind it as it stopped at the center of the crowd.

As the giant hound's sight swept across the surroundings, its mouth twitched, revealing razor-sharp shiny teeth. Tilting its head upwards, a heaven scattering howl swept across the city.


With a single sound, the entire floor of the alleyway caved in.

The crowd of kneeling people all screamed in agony as blood seeped out of their orifices. Their only desire was to escape out of the alleyway. However, before they could even take a few more steps, they became blood puddles.

While the Battle-Saint held on for a while longer, the final outcome remained the same as they exploded without leaving behind a single intact limb.

As those experts hovering in the sky witnessed the gruesome scene, their hearts felt like it had been seized by a formless dog paw: all it took was a single squeeze and then, squish!

"Ni... Ninth grade... supreme beast!!"

At this point, Mu Lingfeng was certain that the dog before him had reached the realm of ninth grade supreme beast!

Cold sweat could be seen dripping on the foreheads of the people floating in the sky. They all felt fortunate knowing that they weren't down there right now.

In their eyes, the alleyway had become hell... Blood mist and explosions occurred non-stop, each signifying that an expert had fallen.

Everybody had misjudged the true strength of the restaurant.

The trump card of the restaurant... wasn't the puppet at all, but rather this existence which no one noticed... a terrifying ninth grade supreme beast!