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 Chapter 227: Saying That I Misappropriated... How Shameless Can You Get?

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

In a small courtyard within the Imperial City.

Ghost Chef Wang Ding walked toward the big wok in front of him. As the lid opened, a steaming hot stream of dense spirit energy immediately surged forth. The spirit energy collided with his wrinkled face, filling the air around it.

Taking a breath, his nostrils felt as though they were on fire, forcing him to retreat a step back and knit his eyebrows as the burning sensation became unbearable.

"The essence of 37 fifth grade spirit beast boiled into the Essence Meat Broth, plus an elixir found in ruins during my trips throughout the continent. This Essence Meat Broth is the cream of the crop." Ghost Chef's eyes shone as his entire body jittered in exhilaration.

"Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit... I must definitely get it. The water is muddy enough. I wonder if the little restaurant has been destroyed or not; rumour has it there's an eighth grade expert residing there... however, that little restaurant should have become a wasteland by now."

Ghost Chef mumbled to himself as he stirred the broth, bringing forth a rotten smell.

A porcelain jar, with the size of a fist and a round shape, was brought out.

Opening the lid, Ghost Chef filled the jar with the boiling meat broth from the wok, enough to fill the entire jar.

"With this Essence Meat Broth, even against an eighth grade War-God, I still have a fighting chance in a battle. It's a pity... the side effect of the broth is too great, I must get my hands on the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit."

Tightly clasping the jar of scalding hot broth in his hand, Ghost Chef put on a set of black robes and left the small courtyard.

Outside, two guards who were on duty noticed the Ghost Chef coming out. Their eyes widened but before they could utter a single word, Ghost Chef sliced their throats within a flash. A cold expression could be seen gleaming from the Ghost Chef's eyes.

These were people sent by Ji Chengxue to monitor him. Of course, he was aware of it. It had just been too troublesome for him to act before. Now, with the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit ripening, naturally he wouldn't be soft-hearted.

With regards to the Ghost Chef's character, the fact that he was able to roam the continent and survive attested to the point that he wasn't a soft-hearted person.

A cynical expression appeared in the Ghost Chef's eyes. Still clasping the jar, he took large strides forward with a short flash.


As the masonry around him broke, sands flew around the alleyway. A dense number of experts crowded around, heavily breathing could be heard, with eyes tinged with redness, glaring closely at the tiny store hidden in an alleyway.

Outside the restaurant entrance stood a strange combination: a skinny youth, a lovable young girl and a plump dog.

In Bu Fang's hand were three Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits which had just matured, emerging colorful and full of vigorous spirit energy. Their aura continued to fill the surroundings, daring the alleyway full of experts to make trouble.

The three Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits in Bu Fang's hand could be their window of opportunity. Getting one of the fruits would be the ultimate opportunity for them, offering the chance to have a breakthrough, something they always dreamed of...

For those War-Gods floating in the air, it was slightly beneficial for them. Although the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits were precious, it was only of immense use to the Battle-Saints. In the eye of an eighth grade War-God, the effect was weaker. However, being able to get their hands on it would not be bad at all, still a heavenly treasure.

After all, he had promised Wu Yunbai to get his hand on one of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits.


Within the ruins of a wall, a dishevelled figure could be seen crawling out. This person's appearance was miserable, with his whole body covered in fresh blood and sporting a vicious look.

"Cough, cough!" Bian Changkong coughed out blood with eyes full of dread. To think that a dog's paw would bring him so much more fear than the iron man puppet he encountered.

"This little restaurant... is truly inconceivable!"

"Elder Bian!" Mu Lingfeng hurriedly ran along the alley to Bian Changkong side. His eyes fell on the man's body, draped in blood, while supporting him up. Mu Lingfeng could not bear the sight and heaved a cold sigh. The one in front was an Eighth-Grade War-God, yet he was still beaten so miserably.

This dog... could it be the legendary supreme beast?

Supreme beast... even in the deepest area of the Wildlands, the existance of such a being was a taboo. To think that in this city and in this very alleyway existed such a terrifying being.

"Owner Bu, I'm Zhan Kong, one of the commanders from White Cloud Villa. Today, I come seeking a Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit."

Faced with the strong battle forces of the restaurant, Zhan Kong finally chose to compromise and performed a fist and palm salute to show respect to Bu Fang.

Seeing that it was one of the commanderes from White Cloud Villa, people from the surroundings started to whisper to each other.

White Cloud Villa was one of the powerhouses in the Illusory Spirit Swamp. Although the people present could not recognize it, Elder Bian did and his face started to change. With his position as an elder, naturally he understood the strength of White Cloud Villa. It was a force on the same scale as the Three Godly Temple of the Wildlands.

He eyed Zhan Kong's dignified face.

"Owner Bu, I'm Bian Changkong, one of the elders from the Three Godly Temples of the Wildlands. I also come seeking a Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit."

Far away, the old drunkard started to laugh yet he did not come forward for his self-introduction. He took a sip of wine, wiping his mouth afterwards in delight.

The surrounding people's gaze fell on Bu Fang, waiting in anticipation.

Bu Fang stood at the restaurant entrance, emotionless as his eyes swept through the surroundings. Looking at the damaged alleyway, his eyebrows knitted together.

"I know the reason why you guys have come today, the three Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits that are in my hands," said Bu Fang as he lifted his hand out. The three Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit attracted their glaze.

However, soon he retracted his hand to stow away the three fruits.

He curled the corner of his mouth while emotionlessly saying, "However... I don't plan to give the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits to any of you."

Everyone present was stunned. Soon and at the same time, they became agitated.

Bu Fang didn't plan to surrender the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits? Was he planning to keep all three of the heavenly treasures?

That statement had made everyone dissatisfied. They had travelled a long distance to reach the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire, all for the sake of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits. To think that Bu Fang wanted to keep the fruits for himself... Such a selfish act tempted the anger of the crowd!

Zhan Kong's face wasn't pleased. He had never expected Bu Fang to issue such a strong statement of rejection.

"Owner Bu, in front of so many people, you boldly misappropriate all three fruits for yourself. That is not very nice," said Zhan Kong coldly.

His words reflected the feelings of everybody present, as they continued to glare angrily at Bu Fang. What irritated the crowd more was that under everybody's gaze, Bu Fang's facial expression did not change at all.

Bu Fang shook his head and doubtfully looked at Zhan Kong, "Misappropriate? You say I misappropriate? I won this Five Stripes Path-Understanding seed fair and square, by winning the first prize from the Imperial City's Hundred Families Banquet. Since I won it, that means the seed belongs to me. I planted the seed in my restaurant and looked after it from germination to final maturity...You say I misappropriate, how shameless can you be?"

Bu Fang's voice wasn't loud and held no anger. It was his daily emotionless way of speaking, and yet it stunned everyone.

That was right. The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree belonged to Bu Fang. He was the rightful owner of the heavenly treasure. There was no reason for him to hand over the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits.

After listening to Bu Fang's words, a laughter came from the old drunkard. As he brought forth the wine gourd to his mouth to take a sip of wine, the wine fragrance scattered forth.

"But there are three Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits and yet you want them all for yourself. This will anger everybody. Heavenly treasure is a golden opportunity. You..." Within the crowd, somebody unwillingly yelled.

"Right... This heavenly treasure cannot be monopolized by one person!"

"If this old man is unable to gain this heavenly treasure today, I will fight it out with you. Whoever denies this old man the chance of having a breakthrough will be my enemy."

The voices of admonishment started to surge and as they got louder, the crowd became even more excited as they scolded Bu Fang. The killing intent started to surge.

As Bu Fang hugged the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits, he threw a glance over the crowd and became impatient. He must complete the system's temporary mission, three fruits were simply not enough for himself, so how could he share them with others.

He curled his mouth as he turned to make his way back to the restaurant, feeling lazy to argue with the crowd.

"Owner Bu, I will use crystals to buy the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits!" The silent Bian Changkong opened his mouth while staring at Bu Fang.

"Right... crystals are not a problem." Mu Lingfeng nodded his head as he realized that.

Since Bu Fang turned back and faced Bian Changkong, they thought that he was considering selling the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits.

At once, Bian Changkong was delighted, "I am willing to pay five thousand crystals for a single Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. Is Owner Bu interested?"

Five thousand crystals for a single Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. To be honest, the price was quite fair. After all, a Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit increased the chance for a seventh grade Battle-Saint to breakthrough to War-God, although it was not a hundred percent chance of a breakthrough. So, paying five thousand crystals for it still carried a risk.

"I'm willing to pay seven thousand crystals." Zhan Kong reported a higher number as he gave a look at Bain Changkong.

"Ha ha! I like this sort of peaceful solution. There no point in meaningless killing. This old man is willing to come out with nine thousand crystals. After all, Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit should be a suitable ingredient to brew wine." Old drunkard finally spoke with a laugh.

Bian Changkong stared furiously at the two other men, gritting his teeth, "This old man will pay ten thousand crystals!!"

Ten thousand crystals...

At once, everyone in the crowd sighed.

They were talking about crystals, not gold coins. Ten thousand crystals... was a price as high as the heavens. Just to buy a single Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit... It might not be worth it.

The entire wealth of a Battle-Saint probably was around ten thousand crystals.

Hence, everyone in the crowd felt that Bu Fang would accept the deal. After all, the amount was simply too irresistible.

Naturally, Bu Fang was tempted. Ten thousand crystals... if he was able to convert them to his cultivation, it would spare him of a lot of work.

"System, if I sell the fruits, will the crystals be considered as the store's earning?" He asked the system after deliberating for a while.

Within a moment, the system replied in a serious tone, "It will not be counted. The cultivation level of the host depends on the sale of the restaurant. Hence all sale must be from the dishes cooked by the host. If the fruits are sold, any crystals gain won't be counted in the increment of cultivation level."

Bu Fang was expressionless. Of course... he knew the system would not give him any shortcut.

The anticipating glances of everyone clearly showed that they assumed that Bu Fang would sell the fruits.

Bu Fang's heart ached. Still, he gritted his teeth and replied to Bian Changkong in an emotionless expression, "Do I, Owner Bu, look like the sort who lacks crystals? No matter how many crystals are offered for the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit... I will not sell them."


Bu Fang's words incited a lot of gasps. Bian Changkong was in a daze, with fires surging within him. He was pissed off.

"Owner Bu did want to misappropriate for himself after all! Get him!"

"This opportunity belongs to everybody, how can he take them all for himself! Kill! Snatch the fruits!"

"Damned! For an opportunity to breakthrough, everyone with me!"

Bu Fang's words were like a knife which severed the hopes of everyone present. The crowd finally couldn't resist taking action.

When there were enough benefits laid out in front of the masses, all fears of Whitey and the supreme beast were gone.

The crowd of experts, all releasing their true energy, rushed toward Bu Fang's restaurant with a look of avarice on their faces. As everybody rushed forward, the ground seemed to tremble from the terrifying momentum. Even Zhan Kong's face started to change.

Even now, Bu Fang eyes still had that same cold expression. Glancing at all these greedy people, he sighed.

"Since everyone is eager to seek their death... so be it."