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 Chapter 226: Gather Around, The Path-Understanding Fruit Finally Unveiled!

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Sounds of sky ripping apart echoed through the Imperial City. One after another, countless warriors with weapons on their backs galloped by and rushed toward the location of the ripe Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit, Fang Fang's Little Store.

These people were not all fierce seventh grade Battle-Saints, with some only fifth grade Battle-Kings or sixth grade Battle-Emperors. However, they had the same target as these Battle-Saints, and came precisely for the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree.

As the saying goes, obtaining rare treasures rested on a pinch of good fortunes. What if a bystander happened to be blessed by a stroke of luck and got a Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit?

That lucky bastard would have a wonderful life ahead, advance to the level of Battle-Saint, then breakthrough to War-God. By then, one may very well start fantasizing about reaching the echelon of Supreme-Being.

The shadows of figures converged rapidly at the alleyway in which Bu Fang resided, much like a swarm of flies.

The Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou, each full of power and energy, rushed toward the alleyway carrying their eye-catching, specialized weapons. Although the store evoked nightmarish memories, they still couldn't resist the temptation of Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits.

Ni Yan and Ye Ziling arrived at the alleyway almost at the same time. Both of their pupils shrank when they witnessed the big scene before them. The narrow alleyway was already filled with a crowded bunch.

The forces of energy on these folks were stable and strong, even distorting the atmosphere nearby. It was apparent that none of these bystanders had a weak cultivation level, and that they consisted mostly of seventh grade Battle-Saints.

However, none of the them dared to act recklessly. The ordinarily tranquil alleyway had been demolished into rubbles. Its walls thoroughly cracked and its pavement covered with shattered pieces of rocks.

Whitey's chubby figure stood still in the alleyway like a gigantic mountain. Not far from Whitey was a massive beheaded figure kneeling on the floor.


Ni Yan and Ye Ziling stared with their mouths agape.

A naked elder flew by and crashed into the floor right next to them as he landed on his face.

"Another one stripped... Bu Fang's demonic stripper has really lived up to its name." Ni Yan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She hurriedly covered Ye Ziling's curious eyes. Denied of the urge to peep, the latter was rather dismayed.

Ni Yan glimpsed at the naked old man with repugnance.

Bian Changkong's aged face quivered nonstop, but he dared not to object loudly. The puppet was way too strong, and he was simply no match to it. No wonder a Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree would appear in their remote little store. With such a terrifying warrior on guard, any absurdity that had occurred here now seemed understandable.

Extracting another robe from his spatial sprit ring and clothing himself, Bian Changkong finally felt a little better. But this satisfaction did not last long, as on a second thought, he snapped right back into anger.

He was a mighty elder of the three Godly Temples of the Wildlands and had already reached the level of eighth grade War-God. For someone like him to be stripped and flung onto the street was incredibly humiliating!

"What are you looking at, young lady!" Bian Changkong was in a fit of rage. As he put on his robe, he caught sight of Yan Ni and Ye Ziling staring at him with curious eyes. His face darkened immediately as he scolded them.

Now Ni Yan was no push-over. She proceeded to pull a long face as she rebuked him coldly: "How does an old fellow like you who strips down and streaks have the nerve to open his mouth? Do you really think your frail physique is somehow charming? How shameless."

Ye Ziling also stepped out and glowered at him.

Bian Changkong was so enraged that he almost coughed up blood. The true energy within his body began to circulate as he prepared to smack these two audacious girls to death.

However, just as a stream of true energy surged out of his energy core, he felt chills running down his back. He suddenly remembered there was still a terrifying puppet standing from a distance.


The sound of donkey hooves hitting the pavement echoed. A donkey sauntered into the small alleyway, and on it rode a figure.

The old drunkard filled his mouth with wine. With a flushed faced, he smiled. "Who the hell dares to make a move on the third elder of our Celestial Arcanum Sect?"

The old drunkard clutched a huge gourd filled with wine as he cast a tipsy glance at Bian Changkong. He suddenly raised his eyebrows and laughed pleasantly: "Oh it's you, old fellow."

"You!" Bian Changkong instantly knitted his brows into a frown. The old drunkard of the Celestial Arcanum Sect was very powerful. His arrival at the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire was surprising. Could it be he was also here for the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits?

That was very much possible, seeing how this man was obsessed with brewing fine wine, and the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit was a rare spirit fruit, one cut out to be a superior ingredient.

A long howl resounded through the air. The shadow of a burly figure leaped out and emerged from the sky.

This was a fellow with half of his face covered by a silver mask. Strong forces of energy projected from his body.

"The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits have ripen... I am not greedy and only seek for one piece," Zhan Kong said plainly as he hovered in the air majestically and peered down at the store beneath him.

Another eighth grade War-God!

The old drunkard took another sip of wine and narrowed his eyes.

Bian Changkong also shot Zhan Kong a meaningful glance.

Eighth grade War-Gods were indeed strong. But right in this very alleyway... a War-God had just fallen!

Zhan Kong wrinkled his brows into a frown upon realization that nobody had responded to his request. He took another stride forward, leaping over a large distance, and stopped right in front of the store.

Suddenly, a different sensation hit his heart, prompting him to peer inside the store.

Bang Bang!!

After a chain of explosions, and alongside the mournful wails of a spirit beast, a red clothed figure stumbled out of the store in fright and desperation.

Zhan Kong could sense that this fellow was a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

The color drained from Bian Changkong's face. "Oh no! Why is Lingfeng in that store?"

Aware of Mu Lingfeng's terrified state, Bian Changkong charged right toward him without further hesitation.

"Elder... Elder Bian, help me!"

Mu Lingfeng rushed out of the store, and seeing Bian Changkong dashing toward him, felt like there was still a last glimmer of hope. He bawled miserably.

Dead, all dead!

Lil' Fire, Lil' Water and Lil' Thunder had all perished!

It was the doing of that scary black dog. A seventh grade spirit beast couldn't cope with the force of his paw. Three of his seventh grade spirit beasts were now mercilessly slaughtered by a dog!

He was in so much pain and anguish, but on top of that, it was a sense of fear that dominated him.

That dog... was a demon!

Bian Changkong's face was filled with bewilderment. This was the first time he had ever witnessed Mu Lingfeng this petrified. He pulled Mu Lingfeng to his side and immediately sensed an aggressive force emerging from the store.

"Huh? A doggy paw of true energy?"

Bian Changkong was baffled. A small, delicate doggy paw could frighten the mighty young master of their Imperial Beast Hall out of his wits?

"Watch out, Elder Bian! Duck!"

Mu Lingfeng saw how Bian Changkong was foolish enough to try resisting the doggy paw, and that really scared the living daylight out of him. One could replace the three seventh grade spirit beasts they lost. But if the elder of the Godly Temples of the Wildlands died... the consequences would be freaking dire!

Bian Changkong was taken back, and his face became even grimmer. He conjured up a delicate true energy armor that enveloped his body. A beam of light then flashed within his hands, and a small black serpent appeared wrapping around his arm.

Hiss, hiss. The serpent flicked its tongue, and with it spread a terrifying force of pressure.

This was also a seventh grade spirit beast.

Bian Changkong directly flung the small serpent at the doggy claw. This seventh grade Black Water Snake was a precious treasure of his. It had a terrifying combat capability, and the average careless eighth level War-Gods couldn't escape its attack.

The small serpent ferociously stretched open its mouth, flaring its fangs as it spewed out poisonous venom.

In the very next moment, with a loud bang, the doggy paw merely trampled over it. The serpent...simply exploded and dissipated into a bloody fog.

Holy Shit!

Bian Changkong trembled from head to toe. Fear rushed into his eyes like an uncontrollable flood of water.

A seventh grade spirit beast was smashed into a smoke of blood with a single strike... could this doggy paw be any more terrifying?

Without needing to think twice, Bian Changkong was determined to take flight. But was he able to make a break for it?

He blocked Mu Lingfeng's body as the doggy paw came charging at them again.


With nowhere left to hide, Biang Changkong was forced to summon his spear and attempt to withstand this strike.


Out came a mouthful of fresh blood, and the bones in Bian Changkong's body crackled like fried beans. The long spear in his hand instantly shattered into pieces.

His entire body was tossed through the air and crashed onto the walls of the small alleyway. The armor of true energy wrapping on him had also fractured into bits and pieces...

The mere strike of a doggy paw had nearly finished off an eighth grade War-God.

Mu Lingfeng fell on his butt as he slumped onto the floor. He felt like his entire world has turned into a shade of gloomy gray.

The muscles on Zhan Kong twitched as he quietly coughed. He withdrew his palm awkwardly. That doggy paw evidently also... threw him off his game.

The small alleyway became deadly still in that moment. Sounds of warriors ripping through the sky to land in the alleyway rang once in a while. But having detected the grave atmosphere within the alleyway, nobody dared to make a noise.

Tap Tap Tap.

A series of footsteps echoed from the store, finally breaking the silence. Then, a slim figure emerged from the shadows.

Bu Fang clutched in his hands the three Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits infused with rich spirit energy. He approached the door with a big black dog walking cat steps on his right and a little loli following suit on his left.

This bizarre combination quickly drew everyone's attention. Seeing the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits in the slender fingers of that youth, everyone began to breathe heavily.

The protagonist... had finally appeared!