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 Chapter 225: The Dainty yet Terrifying Doggy Paw

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

This was the first time Bian Changkong had sensed such an intimidating force of pressure. He had nearly forgotten what a palpitating heart feels like, but it evoked sentiments that were buried deep inside.

The puppet lump before his eyes did not emit a flood of true energy which he found irrepressible, but it did give him a clear sense of unwavering, peerless quality. In terms of true energy, the puppet was unable to make him feel subdued, yet when it came to sheer momentum, he was forced to admit defeat.

When the gigantic knife came slicing down, the true energy from his long spear was like a winter's day ruined by a flaming bonfire, ice melting into water. In short, it did not awe the puppet at all.

Bian Changkong suddenly froze from head to toe. The single slash of knife terrified him so much that it felt like he had just fallen through the hole of an iced lake.

The true energy within his body circulated with great difficulty, a phenomenon that was unthinkable. He, a superior existence even in the three Godly Temples of the Wildlands, was now stricken with dread.

With his spear knocked out of his hands, Bian Changkong suddenly felt a sharp pain between his thumb and index finger. He remained dumbstruck as he subsequently sensed a strong wind brush past.


So fresh and crisp was the sound of knife meeting flesh, sending goosebumps down one's body.

The speed of this purple-eyed puppet before him was alarmingly fast, as a light breeze that had swept past him with a giant knife.

Afterwards, a hideous wail rumbled behind him.

Bian Changkong instantly felt his chest heavy. His entire figure trembled as he began drawing in sharp breathes.

At this very moment, the alleyway had become awfully still.

A rubber ball-like material bounced onto the floor, emitting a loud thud... everyone's heart shuddered as they gazed at the person behind Bian Changkong with petrified eyes, their bodies literally shivering with fear.

The wail came and went quickly, as if smothered by a hand strangling one's neck.

Bian Changkong slowly twisted his head. His aged eyes shrank as chills ran down his spine.

Whitey's also mechanically rotated its neck. The purple ray from its eyes flashed once again but then reduced into a shade of red. The ominous glare that targeted all of heaven and earth with a killer's instinct had also dissipated with this switch of light.

At once, the crowd felt a lessening tension in their hearts and began to breathe rapidly.

Before Whitey's body knelt a massive shadow of a figure. This gigantic body was covered with bulging muscles akin to stirring dragons, yet its head had been completely severed.

Fresh blood continued to spew out like a fountain, spreading a pungent bloody odor throughout the small alleyway.

The great knife in Whitey's hands turned back into a fan shaped robotic palm. It twisted its head around and targeted a dumbfounded Bian Changkong with a red glow of light.

Eighth... an eighth grade War-God... just got beheaded?

In this unremarkable little corner of the Light Wind Empire, an eighth grade War-God... had fallen?!

Bian Changkong's aged face shook violently. His hunched back slouched down even more.

All of a sudden, his entire body was showered with coldness. He lifted up his head and locked eyes with the red gleam emitting from the metallic lump puppet.

The intent to kill that he had worried about was no longer present, but... he still had an indescribable bad feeling.

"Troublemaker... you will be stripped as an example to others."

Whitey announced mechanically after flashing its red beamed eyes and scanning it across Bian Changkong's body.


"Owner Bu, I really need this Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. I am wondering whether you might bear the pain to give up this beloved gem?"

Mu Lingfeng's eyes glistened as they shifted onto Bu Fang. He simultaneously began summoning the force within his body. This force of pressure produced by his cultivation as a seventh grade Battle-Saint spread and inched toward Bu Fang.

A fifth grade Battle-King was no different from an ant in the eyes of a seventh grade Battle-Saint. Simply by releasing a force of pressure with one's true energy, a seventh grade Battle-Saint could send a fifth grade Battle-King down to their knees like a dead dog. That was the discrepancy of their power.

Even though Mu Lingfeng recognized deep down that this was somewhat immoral, he suddenly craved to witness the stony Owner Bu sprawling over the floor like a dog.

Just envisioning this fascinating image filled his heart with excitement!

The store's primary buffer was currently preoccupied with an eight grade War-God outside. Though he didn't know how that turned out, he didn't expect there to be any suspense left. After all, the number of eighth grade Battle-Saints outside... definitely exceeded one.

"Are you threatening me?"

Bu Fang's mind had just snapped back from receiving the system's orders and immediately noticed Mu Lingfeng edging closer and closer to him with a body fully charged of true energy.

An expression that clearly harbored malicious intentions belied Mu Lingfeng's elegant, gentle complexion. His gaze... was clouded by a strangeness.

Kneel... could it be that I haven't released enough forces of pressure?

Mu Lingfeng muttered quietly inside as he took a step forward. He shuddered, however, when he detected Bu Fang's perplexed look.

Taking another stride, Mu Lingfeng increased his pressurizing by another degree, one which any typical sixth grade Battle-Emperors would find unbearable, let alone a mere Battle-King.

Bu Fang blinked his eyes and watched as a flushed face Mu Lingfeng closed in on him. He couldn't help but roll his eyes. This one here... was he an idiot or what?

Why hasn't he knelt down yet? Why has he managed to stay perfectly calm under my force of pressure?! Impossible!

Mu Lingfeng's pupils shrank as he finally affirmed that his power was simply incapable of suppressing Bu Fang. With that, a trace of loathsome hatred filled his eyes.

Since he had already made a move on Owner Bu... there was no point in recoiling now.


Mu Lingfeng stopped applying his force of pressure, and instead summoned up a wave of true energy as he clawed at Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu, sorry for the offense! The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit has a huge impact on my good fortunes, and I mustn't forsake it!" Mu Lingfeng exclaimed coldly.

From afar, Ouyang Xiaoyi had already backed away in reaction to Mu Lingfeng's terrifying aura. She had sprang back and recoiled to the corner of the Path-Understanding Tree. With the Path-Understanding Tree as a shield, she managed to minimize the influence that Mu Lingfeng's force of pressure had on her.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's petite face blanched as she cast a worried look toward Bu Fang. Would the smelly boss... die?

As for this fellow before her eyes... who had turned against them with the snap of a finger, he was truly detestable!

Bu Fang did not fear any kind of forces of pressure, and therefore remained unaffected by Mu Lingfeng's attempts. But seeing that Mu Lingfeng decided to make a move, he couldn't help but wrinkle his brows.

Though his cultivation had much improved, he was still miles away from... tackling a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

Whitey was currently held up outside... as for that lazy dog, huh? Lazy dog?!

Bu Fang's eyes flickered and witnessed a large black dog walking toward him like an elegant cat.

Mu Lingfeng's eyes were filled with elation. As soon as he captured Owner Bu, he would become the new owner of the store. Hence, the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit would naturally fall under his possession. After he consumed this Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit, he could finally enter the echelon of eighth grade War-God!

Eighth grade War-God was a serious obstacle and a state of being he had wanted to achieve even in his wildest dreams. Becoming an eighth grade War-God, outshining the other competitors from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands, and finally becoming its future successor!


Finally... finally all of this was about to come true!

Mu Lingfeng felt so satisfied that he wanted to break out into laughter.

However, in the very next second, a black dog walking cat steps barged into his sightline and blocked his way. It lifted its doggy head, opened its doggy mouth and yawned loudly.

"What's up with this dog walking cat steps? A dog thinks it can stop me?"

Mu Lingfeng cracked up.

His hands, wrapped with horrifying waves of true energy, continued to claw down, this time with intentions to tear through the dog as well.

However, just as he stepped closer to the dog, the jade pendant before his chest began to scorch. The burning sensation sent alarming signals down his body.

The jade pendant emitted a ray of beam, from which a fiery red shadow surged out and hovered overhead.

The Fire Lion's massive figure instantly occupied a huge chunk of space, making the store seem rather crowded.

Blacky gazed at the Fire Lion floating above his head, then curled his doggy lips and humphed contemptuously. He lifted up a dainty little doggy paw and patted at the Fire Lion ready to launch towards him with all its mighty fury.

The Fire Lion was a seventh grade spirit beast, one extremely ferocious and powerful. Its sudden emergence was accompanied by foul wind and a rain of blood, striking terror into the hearts of many.

Even Bu Fang felt his heart beating with fear.

"Lil'Fire?" Mu Lingfeng flinched and took a step back. He couldn't understand why his Fire Lion, originally resting happily in the imperial beast rune, had suddenly popped out.

However... he froze the very next second.

A fierce lion's roar echoed, but it was a wail carrying an infinite amount of terror and grief.


After a loud boom, Mu Lingfeng's terror-stricken eyes watched as the Fire Lion simply exploded into a confetti of minced flesh.

Sploosh Splash.

Blazing hot streams of blood splattered over Mu Lingfeng's whole body, but his heart had never felt as bitter and cold as it was now.

Shredded flesh and streams of blood showered the store but then quickly and visibly dissolved into ashes that scattered into the air.

A seventh grade Fire Lion, all because a coquettish dog walking cat steps lifted its paw... had just perished without leaving behind a corpse.

Who would have thought that the store... had a trump card like this. The many rumors about a Supreme Beast residing in this store... turned out to be true!

Blacky laid down his paw, his doggy eyes gazing coolly at a Mu Lingfeng so scared out of his wits that he had fallen, butt first, onto the floor. Blacky's doggy nose wrinkled.

Bu Fang curled his lips, rubbed Blacky's smooth, immaculate fur, and then turned around to walk towards the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit.

He didn't even bother flickering a glance at Mu Lingfeng, who was still shaken over Blacky's paw.

Bu Fang's frostiness filled Mu Lingfeng with despair, as this meant Bu Fang was no longer concerned with his life or death. Instead, the one he had to face... would be a terrifying Supreme Dog!

This was a wretched, depressing situation, yet it was a tragedy that Mu Lingfeng had brought upon himself.

Blacky's doggy lips widened, showing off a row of sparking white doggy teeth. He cast a glance at Bu Fang's back, then snorted before lifting up, once again, his doggy paw.

The target this time was the simply terrified Mu Lingfeng.