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 Chapter 224: What on Earth was This Monster?

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

The buzzing was not loud. It rang like a gentle breeze passing by and jiggling the bells.

The sound had a soothing effect, fluttered like ripples and caressed the mind. It cleared one's head and led one's true energy to circulate smoothly inside.

This was the Path-Understanding Notes.

An unusual aroma wafted out of the store. The originally faint fragrance was becoming richer. If it was akin to a light milky scent previously, it has now turned into dense, silky streams of milk-the two stages were completely different.

Bu Fang was at a loss, and so was Mu Lingfeng. They both turned and looked towards that ordinary corner of the store. A sapling, one a little higher than a man, was shaking slightly as it bloomed. Mystifying runes floated around the sapling, making it lush and full of spirit energy.

The earthen yellow flowerpot had also completely changed in appearance. In replacement of its dustiness was a delicate sheen of glazed jade. The earthen yellow surface peeled off, revealing the essence inside.

Three fist-sized, lime fruits were hanging from the Path-Understanding Tree. Four lines of cloud shaped moires suspended about, with the last flickering stripe coming into shape. It seemed like it was about to materialize right away. Once all stages were completed, the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree would have matured and bore fruits, which meant its Path-Understanding essence would have reached the peak.

When that time came, even an eighth grade War-God couldn't help but burst with greed.

The shimmering flame in Mu Lingfeng's eyes instantly brightened. The Path-Understanding Fruit on the Path-Understanding Tree, had finally ripen!

Bu Fang was also eyeing the lime colored fruits on that Path-Understanding Tree with great interest. He had seen Three Stripes Path-Understanding fruits before, but the one he came across was not in a very good condition. It had been placed in the vault of the Light Wind Empire for too long and more than half of its essence was lost. That one was no comparison to the glittering, crystal clear fruits on this tree, which were surrounding by cloud-shaped moires as they shone brightly.

"Owner Bu, did that Path-Understanding Tree... bear fruits?"

Mu Lingfeng, dressed in red, turned to look at Bu Fang as he uttered this words in a meaningful tone.

Nonetheless, he quickly became dumbfound as he noticed that Bu Fang took no notice of him and was instead staring blankly at the lush Path-Understanding Tree with shaking twigs.

"The System has detected that the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree has borne fruits. Temporary task: the host needs to protect the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree and invent a dish with its fruits. The dish needs to pass the system's evaluation review. Task reward: the recipe of Mapo Lightning Tofu."

The moment Bu Fang had cast a glance at the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree, the System's solemn voice went off in his mind, even startling him a little.

He did not expect the system to chime in at this time, let alone suddenly announcing a temporary task.

"Invent a dish with the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits?" Bu Fang felt the corners of his mouth twitch.

Now that the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits had matured, it had lured a bunch of warriors to gather by the door. In announcing such a task at this very moment, the system was clearly butchering the hopes of those Battle-Saints outside.

The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits were naturally necessary to develop a dish. He also knew immediately, without having to give it a hard thought, that it would not be easy to pass the system's evaluation. There were only three Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruits, which was too scanty a supply for Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu..." Mu Lingfeng frowned slightly as a trace of discontent flickered across his fine, refined face. Bu Fang dared to completely ignore him.

However, another idea struck through his heart. He took a look at the metallic puppet battling the wild crowd alone outside, and then gazed at the matured Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree inside the store. Standing right before him was Bu Fang, merely a fifth grade Battle-King...

If he caught Bu Fang, did it mean that the Path-Understanding fruits would belong to him?


A long spear burning with furious flames struck right in front of Whitey, whose mechanic eyes were shining in a shade of purple. It sent shattered bits of rocks exploding everywhere.

Everybody looked up at the sky in shock only to see a figure so huge it had obscured the sun and sky suddenly emerge. It was a giant black dragon, on the back of which rode a small-figured elder with a hunched back.

Though this elder was rather petite in size, his energy was frighteningly strong.

"Bian Changkong?" Xia Da, who was covered in blood, finally breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing the spear in front of him effectively blocking the terrifying puppet's further attack, he felt his heart skip a beat.

The hunchbacked elder stepped out, with hands behind his back, and appeared to be physically strolling on air. The black dragon folded its wings, and with the beckon of the elder, disappeared into a flash of light after a loud howl.

Bian Changkong, elder of the Imperial Beast Hall, was a War-God and was unusually strong.

"As an Elder of the Godly Temples of the Wildlands, you have allowed yourself to be beaten like a dead dog. You have utterly marred the reputation of the Godly Temples of the Wildlands." Bian Changkong flicked a glance at Xia Da, who was covered in blood and had barely escaped being cut into two halves, as he sneered derisively.

He raised his hand and the spear flew back into it. A huge wave of pressure repressed the crowd as he waved his hand.

Bian Changkong looked toward the purple-eyed Whitey with a grave complexion. Xia Da was an elder of their Godly Temples of the Wildlands. He couldn't just watch him die here so he chose to step in.

A dense aroma drifted out, with the rings of the Path-Understanding Notes nearly reverberating throughout the entire Imperial City.

One by one, the Battle-Saints residing within the Imperial City began exerting their strong forces of energy. They could no longer sit still... the Path-Understanding Notes permeated the air, alerting them that the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree had matured and borne fruit. Needless to say, their hopes of advancing to the echelon of War-God relied on that.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless shadows of figures rushed through the Imperial City at the speed of lightning and one by one, converged at the small alleyway.

Zhan Kong returned to the inn just in time to catch Wu Yunbai trying to sneak out. His lips curled and his face broke into a ruminative smile.

"No rush. Let's go together. I'll secure a Path-Understanding Fruit for you. Once you reach the peak of seventh grade Battle-Saint, I will assist you to achieve the breakthrough." There was a rare trace of tenderness in Zhan Kong's words.

Wu Yunbai was dumbstruck. Master Ah Wu, standing next to her, could only blink to ease the awkward expression on his face.

In Xiao's Quarter, Xiao Meng draped on his silver armor. He carefully combed his jet-black hair, took a spear, and stepped out of his residence. He was headed for Fang Fang's little store.

Having guarded the capital for such a long time, he felt he deserved to seize the chance to do something for himself. He wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to advance into eighth grade War-God.

A flash of sword cut into the sky along with the blooming, fierce energy of the sword. In the sky, an elder with white brows and hair was flying on the blade of a sword. He was heading rapidly toward an alleyway he desperately wanted to erase from his memories.

The hairs on Tian Xuzi's beard bristled. Even though he had a nightmarish experience in that alleyway, he couldn't bear giving up the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit and lose the chance of reaching eight grade War-God.

"Hahaha! The Imperial City sure is lively today. Everyone seems to be going for that Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit. Tsk Tsk."

The donkey's hooves stamped on the grounds of the Imperial City and echoed a crispy sound. The old drunkard rode on the back of the donkey, laughing as he poured wine into his mouth.

Ni Yan and Ye Ziling rolled their eyes at this old fellow. They both rushed past him and soared away as swift as two swallows.


Whitey's purple eyes flickered. The shining shade of purple was ice cold and released with it an intention to kill. Everyone who sensed it felt chills run down their spine and goosebumps creeping over their skin.

One of Whitey's arm became a huge blade, bringing about a sharp breeze of wind even with the slightest wave.

Xia Da looked at Whitey in fear, with his heart trembling and shuddering. This puppet was way too frightening!

Bian Changkong pointed his spear at Whitey and spoke with a hoarse voice:

"This fellow is a warrior of our Godly Temples of the Wildlands. Could you kindly show some mercy and spare his life?"

Xia Da's face was flushed red. He felt like his chest was blocked by a suffocating heaviness that couldn't be lifted. He was in a state so pathetic that he needed this old fellow to beg for his mercy...that was simply excruciating!

Whitey's robotic head turned and its purple eyes were still glistening as it announced: "Anyone with the intent to kill the host will be exterminated."


Then, Whitey directly stomped down, sending bits of rocks flying about as the ground beneath it shattered. Whitey moved at a speed so fast it was hard for the human eye to detect.

Bian Changkong's pupils shrank as he bellowed thunderously.

"If so, please pardon my offense." True energy started to gather around Bian Changkong, one that seemed even stronger than that of Xia Da.

The spear pierced through the air like a flying dragon. Suddenly, there emerged the silhouette of dragon, waving its claws and grinding its teeth. Strong wind hustled and scattered rocks rained down. The force of pressure was simply terrifying.

This hurl of the spear stifled all of the nearby Battle-Saints.

Whitey kept charging forward to counter this strike. Its purple eyes flickered.

Then it raised the blade on its hand and lashed.

Sploosh Splash!

Boom Bang!

A loud explosion echoed and the dragon-shaped spear shattered into pieces, much like a collapsing bridge. The ferociously howling dragon silhouette was sliced into two halves by the blade.

Bian Changkong's hand trembled. He felt like his entire figure was engulfed by a strong, hostile sense of killing intent. His body stiffened as if he had fallen through the cracks of an iced pond.

Damn it?! What on earth was this monster?!