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 Chapter 223: Purple-Eyed Whitey, Rampage!

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

The thunderous tremor continued to pound, causing the entire alleyway to shake and pieces of gravel to shoot through the sky.

Dense ashes formed a dust storm, from which resounded beast-like howls.

Boom Boom!

The invisible forces of energy finally diffused.

From his position in the store, Bu Fang could feel rolling waves of energy blasting on the roof, but then subsequently scattered by an unseeable force within the store. His face displayed a sense of astonishment.

"Hahahaha! I finally blew you up!!"

A last explosion followed the deafening roar of laughter, and the floor of the alleyway was instantly reduced to a pile of ruins.

Blacky was lying by the entrance of the store. He twitched his doggy nose and glanced lethargically at the center of the ashes. Through his eyes, he could see everything within the smoke and dust cloud limpidly.

The bystanders standing from a distance of the alleyway drew in chilled breaths. This was an eighth grade War-God, one able to bring about such a magnitude of wreckage by the sheer force of his body.

Demolishing a small alleyway was something they could accomplish themselves, but only with the application of true energy. Without true energy, their bodies of flesh, though still strong, could never yield such destructive forces.

"Sheng Mu... that... that puppet should have been blown up right!" A Battle-Saint had excitement written all over his face, with both of his eyes beaming.

"How the hell would I know! But since Elder Xia made a move, that puppet must have been ripped into shreds... his label 'beast in human form' isn't a meaningless saying!" Sheng Mu's eyes burned like flames.

Suddenly, a gigantic figure leaped out of the smoked ashes and landed on the floor. His chest heaved, and his mountain-like fists still emitted hot steam.

In the next moment, Xia Da lifted up his head as his eyes fixated on the storm of dust. A light breeze brushed past and dispersed the fumes in the air.

Xia Da focused on the flying sparks of dust and squinted his eyes. All the muscles on his ferocious face quivered.

Bu Fang also stared intently at the smoke dust, but straightaway, the corners of his mouth gently formed a curve.

Beep Beep!

A rattling sound echoed. Amidst the ashes, a silhouette materialized, and its shape became progressively clearer.

It was the same old chubby, white figure radiating with a metallic gleam.

The red beam from its mechanic eyes continued to flash, also at a rather alarming speed.

"What the hell! This is still not freaking smashed into smithereens? This puppet..." Somebody who noticed Whitey's scratch-free body yelped in astonishment.

Sheng Mu also took in a chilled breath. The crazy punches launched from Xia Da's exceptional body were enough to end the life of a seventh grade spirit beast. Yet this puppet... was intact and unmarked!

Bloody hell... did it have to be so extraordinary?

Xia Da's pupils also shrank. Afterwards, his chest pumped out a huge puff of air as he bellowed with laughter.

He stomped ferociously with one foot, crushing the rock beneath him into bits. His entire body sprang up as he swung his rock-like fists straight at Whitey yet again.

If it couldn't be crushed with one or two attempts... then tens, hundreds of times it shall be... surely it couldn't survive after all of that?!


However, his fist didn't even reach Whitey this time.

The red beam from Whitey's eyes froze. Its palm batted down like a fan and slapped Xia Da, who had just sprinted a few steps, right onto the floor.

"Damn it!" Xia Da was enraged. This puppet's attack caught him by surprise!

Bang! Whitey's mechanic eyes aimed at Xia Da, and its palm rose and smacked down once again. With a loud boom, Xia Da's body literally sank into the grounds, sending tiles flying everywhere.

The floor was now effectively and utterly destroyed.

The cracks in the ground extended to Blacky's resting spot but stopped short, as if blocked by an invisible force of energy.

Blacky yawned and continued to watch with enthusiasm as the chubby Whitey... tortured the poor fellow.


Whitey's every whack appeared so calm and composed. However, for Sheng Mu and his crew, it was almost as if the smacks landed on their own chests. Their hearts trembled with fear.

"You abominable piece of shit! Now I'm pissed!" With a holler, a rich wave of true energy surged up before Whitey.

This rush of true entry shot straight to the sky and spread through the entire Imperial City. Numerous people felt its force.

The force of pressure from an eighth grade War-God had finally and wholly burst forth in this very moment.

Whitey's swinging palm was caught by Xia Da, now covered from head to toe with an armor of true energy. Xia Da gradually lifted up the palm as his eyes stared daggers at Whitey coldly.

He had long forgotten when was the last time he had suffered such a huge loss. But being knocked onto the floor ruthlessly, now this was a first.

It has always been him tormenting others. Never had there been someone who dared to treat him this way!

The armor created by true energy shone brilliantly and lustrously, as if made of tangible materials. This was the uniqueness of an eighth grade War-God. Once one reached the breakthrough to the realm of War-God, one could generate matter through the force of energy vortex in one's energy core. Then, by nourishing it with true energy and an infinite supply of vigor, one could then transform it into an actual weapon.

"Your puppet here sure has something up its sleeves. Just you wait... once I tear this puppet apart, you'll be crushed into pieces next!" Xia Da's glance suddenly shifted toward Bu Fang. As the owner of the puppet, Bu Fang was the ultimate culprit in bringing about his utter humiliation.

The clear intent to kill rushed from Xia Da's body, and fed into his growing might. The force of pressure that had spread through the air made it hard for Sheng Mu and the crew to breath evenly.

Whitey's eyes, which had thus far targeted Xia Da, suddenly blasted with a brightening red ray that nearly blinded others.

"Sensing the troublemaker's intent to kill the host. Shifting mode, prepare for extermination."

The red beam burned so fiercely that it had reached its peak, suddenly dulled, and transformed into an odd shade of purple. That tone of purple caused both Xia Da's body and heart to shiver. He definitely had a bad feeling about this.

Purple-eyed Whitey, switched on!


Whitey lifted up a foot, at a speed that Xia Da was unable to discern, and landed a kick swiftly on Xia Da's stomach.


With a crackling sound, Xia Da's entire body was thrust into the sky by Whitey's kick. The armor of true energy before his abdomen had fractured... and fell off piece after piece.

Xia Da's eyes widened, and he couldn't help but heave uncomfortably. There was nothing but wrath on his face, and his intent to kill had just amplified.

With a loud bang, the small alleyway brimmed with brilliant rays of light. Standing before Whitey was a colossal silhouette of a demonic god with three heads and six arms!

"Go to hell!" Xia Da covered his stomach, and the fragmented armor of true energy gradually repaired itself. He lifted up a clenched fist, and simultaneously the silhouette of a demonic god also raised its gigantic fist and punched toward the purple-eyed Whitey from below.

Whitey's purple eyes beamed, and its entire figure instantly vanished like a lightning. What a complete juxtaposition to its previously sluggish manner.

Everyone lifted up their heads instinctively, only to see the chubby puppet floating in the sky. Its raised palm easily withstood the punch of the enormous demonic god silhouette.

Everyone stared aghast as Whitey's robotic palm transformed into a sharp knife covered with mystifying markings.

The blade of the huge knife glistened, as sharp as ever.


The blade flashed by like a beam of light, and slashed through the arm of the demonic god silhouette. With a crack, it was smashed into pieces and dissipated into true energy that had scattered into the air.

Xia Da's heart trembled violently and, with a howl, he released a black cascade from the mouth of demonic god. That stream fluctuated with destructive waves of energy, as if determined to finish off Whitey.

Whitey remained unmoved, and even the purple beam of light from its eyes froze. A massive black hole appeared before its chubby stomach and completely consumed the black-colored cascade crashing onto Whitey's body.

"Oh my god!! What kind of monster is this!"

Xia Da's pupils shrank. He was well aware of the capabilities of that black cascade, which had the power to demolish an entire city. Yet today it was easily absorbed by this puppet.

Could it get scarier than this?

Whitey's hand, having transformed into a giant knife, swiped through the air and sliced down from the head, completely butchering the true energy demonic god.

Xia Da spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his entire figure staggered backwards. His gigantic stature was like a leaking balloon, and quickly reduced to its original size.

The armor of true energy that had shielded him also began to crack... and continued chipping off piece by piece.

After that one slash, he had met his defeat.


Whitey landed on the floor with a deafening boom, a sound which reverberated through the alleyway, and swung its knife again. Its imposing manner caused Sheng Mu and his crew to become limp with fear. They could barely stand straight...

A puppet had basically vanquished their elder, an eighth grade War-God!

"That was... dog fuckin' unbelievable! A mere puppet... how could it be so powerful?" A seventh grade Battle-Saint trembled with horror and couldn't help but curse. Whitey had truly scared them out of their wits.

From a distance, a black dog lifted open an eye and gazed at the seventh grade Battle-Saint who had just spoken... Last time it was a young monk who wanted to eat dog meat, this time it was a dumbass who wanted to screw a dog?

When the hell did dogs offend you people?

Blacky humphed derisively and curled his doggy lips to show a row of pearl white teeth. Afterwards, he lifted up his doggy paw and lashed at the air.


The seventh grade Battle-Saint who had just swore felt his heart thud. In an instant, he was hit with a blackout.

Sheng Mu goggled as the seventh grade Battle-Saint besides him was turned into a pile of ashes that dissolved into the soil. His heart almost stopped beating that very moment. Terror, panic, desperation... all sorts of negative feelings had poured into his mind.

That puppet... was virtually the devil!

He attributed this Battle-Saint's death to Whitey... as the purple-eyed Whitey before him looked like a terrifying demon.

Nobody noticed that a black dog lying by the entrance hummed delightfully and gradually lowered its delicate doggy paw.

Xia Da struggled badly and finally pulled himself up from the floor. Both of his eyes were bloodshot.

However, Whitey's enormous knife was not merciful... With a swoosh, a deep gash appeared across Xia Da's body, and blood spurted out of that wound.

This puppet... was out to kill him!

Xia Da's ferocity had evaporated, and all that was left was infinite horror!

Bu Fang, who stood by the entrance of the store, breathed with relief. Whitey will be Whitey, always living up to the reputation of the store's safety guarantee.

With Whitey here, what was the worth of... even an eighth grade War-God?

Whitey's mechanic eyes flashed a purple gleam, and stomped down with heavy steps. It was almost as if each step directly landed on the hearts of Xia Da and his crew.

This group of warriors of the Ferocious Hall... were frightened to death.

Suddenly, both a rumbling roar and a long spear shot from the far side of the sky. The spear was flung from the hands of a figure and pierced through the air. It traveled at a speed so fast that sparks of fire almost spurted out of the spearhead.

With a loud boom, the long spear was thrust before Whitey's body, and burning flames rushed up like a torrent.

Inside the store, the red-clothed Mu Lingfeng's face suddenly darkened. He had kept a close watch on the sequence of events outside and finally rose to his feet. This was a move made by Elder Bian of their Imperial Beast Hall!

Mu Lingfeng left his spot and strode toward the exit of the store.

Bu Fang, still standing by the door, cast him a perplexed look.

Mu Lingfeng suddenly stopped course and peered at Bu Fang, who was still by the entrance. An inexplicable beam of light seemed to be circulating in his eyes.

Only a fifth grade Battle-King... oh my dear Owner Bu.

Suddenly, a wave of Path-Understanding Notes suddenly poured out of the store. The Path-Understanding Notes were like invisible ripples and disseminated from the insignificant corner of this store to the small alleyway outside. Not after long, it had spread to the entire Imperial City.