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 Chapter 218: How About I Serve as the Guardian of this Small Resturant

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Yu Fu ladled a spoonful of piping hot Dragon Blood Congee into the waiting celadon bowl, where the vitality energy within soon surged and coalesced. Using a porcelain spoon, she carefully scooped up a bit of the congee and cooled it with a blow. As she did so, that dragon-like vitality energy dissipated, leaving behind a rich fragrance.

This was a bowl of Dragon Blood Congee and not some dessert congee. Because Wandering Dragon Cow Meat was added into the mix, the congee was slightly salty and that was reflected in the fragrance that wafted across the room.

The slightly red congee was carefully fed to the unconscious Yu Feng, and after two small bowls of it, the snake-man's countenance began to show some visible improvement. Instead of that deathly pale hue he had before, there was an increasing redness in his cheeks.

Unlike the previous time, the effect of the elixir cuisine was a lot more pronounced. The moment the third bowl was finished, Yu Feng suddenly opened his eyes, revealing what looked like vitality energy swirling within his pupils.

A surge of energy waves rushed out of his body and blew away Yu Fu, who was in the midst of preparing another spoonful of congee.


As if a ripple of energy was roiling about within him, Yu Feng's entire face turned blood-red like it was on the verge of bleeding.

An instant later, he spat out a mouthful of black fluid that filled the area with a pungent stench.

Previously, the serpent-man's reaction wasn't so pronounced. The fact that he acted this way had exceeded Bu Fang's expectations, though it didn't cause him much panic in the end because it was precisely the kind of effect he was looking for.

This single bowl of congee was packed full of ingredients which contained vitality energy. Just that Blood Crown alone was enough to cause Yu Feng to awaken. Adding in Dragon Blood Rice to supplement its effect made the efficacy of the elixir even more pronounced.

Yu Feng's aura surged for a moment before finally stabilizing a while later. As his inky black hair dryly slapped against his face, his contaminated sweat continuously rolled down his face, following the curve of his lower jaw till they finally dripped onto the floor.

These droplets contained within them the impurities of his body. Upon replenishing his vitality energy, his metabolism recovered as well, signifying that he had completely recovered.

"Father!" Yu Fu cried out, excited to the point of weeping. This journey of recovery was truly a dangerous one, fraught with so much hardship that almost made her lose her life multiple times. Looking at the recovered Yu Feng, there was nothing that could have pleased her more right now.

Yu Feng's eyes had a certain depth to it now. Reining in his aura, he threw his daughter a loving look before nodding at a visibly excited Ah Ni standing right beside her. Finally, he turned his eyes to Bu Fang.

With a wave of his snake tail, he came up to Bu Fang and shook his hands while sincerely thanking him.

"My gratitude, Owner Bu, for the elixir. Such a massive favor is one Yu Feng will never forget."

Narrowing his eyes for a moment, Bu Fang eyed the snake-man who had recovered thanks to his miraculous elixir cuisine, with admiration and jubilation filling his heart as he accepted the serpent-man's gratitude for his hard work.

"There's still a bowl of Dragon Blood Congee left over there. Once you finish it, your injuries should be completely healed up," Bu Fang said.

The serpent-man nodded his head and thanked Bu Fang once more before slowly finishing up the last bit of congee.

While that bowl of congee was medicinal in nature and filled with overwhelming vitality energy, it was also a rare delicacy to be savored. As the snake-man downed the congee, a sense of satisfaction filled his heart. By the end, he almost swallowed his own tongue by mistake as he slurped up the last bit of congee.

"Owner Bu's culinary skills are truly a marvel. Once more, I extend my gratitude for Owner Bu's aid. I'm not sure if we will ever be able to return this massive favor!" As he said that, the serpent-man looked Bu Fang right in the eyes.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, merely brushed it off with a wave of his hand. "I don't need you guys to do anything for me. My Ice Soul Monarch Lotus was obtained from your tribe and thus I promised your high elder that I would save you. This is an equivalent exchange between us. There's no need to harp on it."

Even though he said that, the serpent-man, Yu Feng, still knew deep down in his heart that this act of saving him wasn't something a mere Ice Soul Monarch Lotus could compare to. Although it was a valuable ingredient, Yu Feng knew very well that this bowl of congee contained at least two other ingredients that were just as valuable as said lotus.

"If Owner Bu doesn't mind... how about this one acting as a guard for him. In a vast city like the imperial capital, it must be hard for Owner Bu to run his business... While this one might not have too many skills, his cultivation is at least decent..." Offered the serpent-man after a moment of contemplation. For a top seventh grade Battle-Saint of the serpent-man tribe to act as a chef's bodyguard, that should be more than enough to repay the favor he was shown.

And yet in the face of this request, Yu Fu and Ah Ni displayed a rather curious expression.

Stunned, Bu Fang didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the moment...

"It's alright... being a bodyguard and all... er..."

"Does Owner Bu not look favorably upon this one? This one's cultivation might not be considered the top within the snake-man's capital, but dominating the imperial capital of Light Wind wouldn't be a problem at all..." Yu Feng declared with absolute confidence in himself.

At the side, Yu Fu and Ah Ni couldn't help but roll their eyes at him.

Where did he think this was? This was the renowned restaurant of Owner Bu... it was precisely this tiny, unassuming restaurant that threw the entire imperial capital into the turmoil it faced right now...

Who knew how many Battle-Saints had tried to pry into the restaurant's secrets and who knew how many experts struck out at it due to a lack of self-control. Even so, look what had happened so far.

The restaurant was still happily opening for business everyday.

This restaurant truly wasn't lacking in protection... especially not from him.

"Our restaurant isn't lacking in bodyguards, so there's no need for your esteemed self to be worried. Since your esteemed self has recovered, this one has fulfilled his promise. In that case, seeing as our operating hours have passed, it's time for this one to close the shop... Everybody, if you don't mind me not walking you all out..." Not interested in wasting anymore time on this, Bu Fang replied with a placid look on his face.

The inside was already guarded by Whitey and the exterior had the plump dog... err, Lord Dog, guarding it. To either of them, a Battle-Saint at the peak of the seventh grade was merely a toy...

"Alright, since Owner Bu doesn't need this one's services, this one won't insist. However, this one will remain in the capital for a year. Should this restaurant face any trouble... this one will do his best to help. Should Owner Bu need this one's help, please feel free to ask for such." Having said that, Yu Feng left the restaurant with Ah Ni and Yu Fu without even waiting for Bu Fang's response.

Helplessly looking at the trio leave, a strange look crossed his face.

"That serpent-man... why is he so stubborn? Was it because I was too indirect with him? Sigh... if I knew it would turn out like this, I would have just said so already, a mere seventh grade Battle-Saint... really isn't qualified to be our guard."

He pursed his lips and couldn't help but laugh a little to himself. Closing the door boards, he cleaned up the celadon bowl and the casserole before returning to the kitchen and practising on a few dishes. Having done that, he returned to his room to turn in for the night.

Back in the hall, the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree exuded an even richer fragrance. Looks like the little tree was growing up hale and hearty.


"Yu Fu... who was it that inflicted such serious injuries on you?" As Yu Feng slithered slowly out of an alleyway, his face couldn't help but darken while he eyed Ah Ni's and Yu Fu's injuries.

He already wanted to ask this question back in the restaurant, but out of deference for Owner Bu, he held back. Now, however, there was nothing holding him back anymore.

That was his daughter... to think the day would come where she ended up covered in injuries like that. Clearly, a great deal had happened while he was unconscious.

Hearing that, Ah Ni grew a little agitated himself. Now that Yu Feng had recovered, it was as if they had gained a support to rely on within this city where the Battle-Saints ran amok.

Ah Ni proceeded to recount all that had happened to them while Yu Feng was unconscious, including how Yu Fu was captured by Zhao Musheng and was tortured. He also mentioned how he promised Wu Yunbai something in exchange for rescuing Yu Feng and Yu Fu.

"That brazen old cur! He actually dared to injure my daughter... He's clearly looking for death!" Having heard all that, a flash of murderous intent made its way across Yu Feng's eyes. With a burst of light, an inky black long spear appeared out of nowhere within his palms. Immediately, a burst of bloodthirsty aura rushed out of the ominous black spear.

"Ah Ni, lead me to that old cur, I swear I'll skewer him to death with this spear!" Howled a furious Yu Feng.

However, Ah Ni knew exactly how frightening that manor of Zhao Musheng's was. Even with two Battle-Saints like Wu Yunbai and Master Ah Wu, they barely managed to avoid death. No matter how strong Yu Feng was, rashly breaking into that manor would probably end in misfortune.

Thus, he worked in concert with Yu Fu to placate the serpent-man's anger and then suggested that they paid a visit to Wu Yunbai first. Calming down, Yu Feng nodded his head. He knew just as well as the other two which was the more prudent choice. However, that didn't stop him from adding Zhao Musheng to his must-kill list.

"Oh right, Ah Ni, I want you to purchase an apartment near Owner Bu's restaurant. We'll live there for a year. Since I promised that I would protect his restaurant for a year, I must keep to my words." Giving it some thought, he said that while handing over several crystals to Ah Ni.

Clearly not prepared for that, Ah Ni accepted the crystals with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Hmm? Ah..."