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 Chapter 216: Miraculous Donburi

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Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows as he slowly made his way toward the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree. Sniffing the scent, it brought a sense of refreshment and clarity to one's thought.

As the leaves of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree swayed, the patterns became animated, with every thread of the patterns ever so conspicuous. Within the lush leaves, three round and green fruits appeared. While the fruits were not large and fully ripened, they had a faint cloud pattern etched on them. It bore some resemblance to the Three Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit.

When he extended his hand and gently stroked a fruit with his fingers, a slight amount of spiritual energy undulated outwards, scattering a chill fragrance. As it spreaded through his body, it gave Bu Fang a sense of comfort.

"Great... judging from its appearance, it is going to ripen soon", Bu Fang curled the corner of his mouth, and his heart rejoiced.

Bu Fang witnessed the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree's growth from a single seed to maturity. His heart had grown fond of it.

He stood up and sighed. Taking a final look at the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree, he turned and walked back into the kitchen.

As the restaurant continued its daily operation, the fragrance of dishes scattered throughout the store, intoxicating the diners.

Ouyang Xiaoyi could be seen hopping around joyfully. It had become a daily habit of hers to come over to the small restaurant to work; it was much better than rote cultivation at home.

Even though she helped out every day, her cultivation speed did not suffer at all. The cultivation atmosphere in the shop was most ideal thanks to the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree scattering out the Path-Understanding Notes, which were highly beneficial to cultivation.

"Xiaoyi, serve the dish."

Bu Fang's emotionless voice drifted from the kitchen. Ouyang Xiaoyi came to the front of the window and took an Egg-Fried Rice which was emanating a mesmerizing aroma. Having worked as a waitress for a long time, she had grown accustomed to the fragrance, although, occasionally, she would still lose herself in the aroma. She was more resilient than most people.

This was one of the difficulties any restaurant waitress must conquer.

Serving the Egg-Fried Rice to a customer, Ouyang Xiaoyi smiled as she retreated a few steps back. Suddenly, she noticed multiple shadows entering the store entrance as she tilted her head toward them.

"Where is Owner Bu? Hurry, ask Owner Bu to come over..."

With her face white as a sheet, Wu Yunbai staggered into the restaurant. Behind her was Master Ah Wu. He looked worried. Ah Ni and Yu Fu could be seen behind them, supporting an unconscious serpent-man.

When Ouyang Xiaoyi saw the serpent-men, her heart was filled with curiosity with regards to the strange serpent-man race.

"You guys wait here. My smelly boss is currently in the kitchen," said Ouyang Xiaoyi. After following Owner Bu for some time, her way of speaking had become simple yet concise.

"Master Ah Wu, don't be so anxious. Let's find a seat to sit down first," Wu Yunbai voice was a bit weak, her face white and lips drained of their rosy colour.

Master Ah Wu nodded his head as he pulled a chair out for Wu Yunbai to sit.

Yu Fu was a bit fearful when she looked at the restaurant's interior. "This is senior's restaurant? After going through so many hardships, at last, we have arrived."

Yu Fu's pretty face was full of scars, there were many ripped scales on her tail, which was covered in injuries.

After a long time, Bu Fang wiped the grime off his hand. He came out of the kitchen, nodded his head at Yunbai and her group after seeing them.

His glance fell on the serpent-woman Yu Fu, and after seeing the unconscious serpent-man Yu Feng, he knitted his eyebrows.

That serpent-man's breath was much weaker than before. It was obvious that during the journey here he suffered some serious injuries.

"You are injured?" Bu Fang emotionlessly spoke as his gaze finally fell on Wu Yunbai, who was also covered in injuries.

"Just some small injuries, nothing too serious." Wu Yunbai maintained her stance, even though her face was white.

"Owner Bu... I already said that there were some issues with Zhao Musheng. He insisted for you to go over intending to kill you. If yesterday you were the one who went instead, I'm afraid you would have died multiple times already... Luckily, Young Miss broke through to Battle-Saint last night, or else the mission would have most likely ended in failure," Master Ah Wu said in indignation.

That Zhao Musheng was truly a despicable man, to think that he colluded with the people from Godly Temple of the Wildlands. If the master was here, Zhao Musheng would have been beaten to death by a single palm.

However, the moment Wu Yunbai was injured, Master Ah Wu used a scroll rune to send a secret message back. White Cloud Villa dispatched one of their four commanders, Commander Zhankong. When the time came, Zhao Musheng would still be beaten to death by a single palm.

After all, Commander Zhangkong was an eighth grade War-God!

"Oh, your luck is not bad." Bu Fang wasn't too surprised after listening to Master Ah Yu. Zhao Musheng definitely would make some preparations since he dared to trouble Bu Fang. After all, he did suffer in the hands of Bu Fang before.

However, Bu Fang was curious exactly what this Godly Temple of the Wildlands was made of.

"Since you are injured, I would recommend ordering the restaurant's new dish. Perhaps it will be of some help to your injuries." Bu Fang spoke in a serious tone to Wu Yunbai as he looked at her.

Wu Yunbai was startled. Her injuries were grave, and thus any ordinary elixir would be ineffective, yet a simple dish would work?

However, as she thought about Bu Fang expertise in Elixir Cuisine, her eye shone. "Right... this chef in front of me is not an ordinary chef, perhaps he does really has a way."

"New cuisine?" Wu Yunbai had some anticipation as she turned behind to look at the menu. After scanning around, her eyesight locked onto the new dish which had just been added.

"Dragon Blood Meat Donburi?" Wu Yunbai paused for a while, as she felt some novelty to this cuisine name.

"Two hundred crystal... it's quite expansive!" Wu Yunbai sighed.

"The taste is not bad, and it should help your injuries," said Bu Fang seriously.

"Let's order a set. Crystals are not an issue, what's most important now is to heal Miss' injuries." Master Ah Wu anxiously urged him before Wu Yunbai could speak.

Bu Fang nodded his head before he turned to make his way into the kitchen. As he passed by the feeble serpent-man Yu Fu, he added, "Wait a while, till the restaurant opening hours are over."

Ah Ni was speechless as he saw the back of Bu Fang entering the kitchen. He could not utter a single word.

Back in the kitchen, Bu Fang took out some Dragon Blood Rice from a clay pot. After washing, he passed the water used to wash the Dragon Blood Rice to Ouyang Xiaoyi, for her to water the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree.

After putting the Dragon Blood Rice into a steamer, Bu Fang started to prepare the handmade beef barbecue sauce. He took out a tenderloin portion of the Wandering Dragon Cow. Spinning the kitchen knife in his hand, flowery patterns started to appear.


As Bu Fang carried the Dragon Blood Meat Donburi out of the kitchen, the aromatic fragrance of the beef barbecue sauce and Dragon Blood Rice diffused into the surroundings and the people sniffed the air in delight.

"Your Dragon Blood Meat Donburi, please slowly enjoy it." Bu Fang spoke as he placed the dish in front of Wu Yunbai.

Yunbai's eyes twinkled as she looked at the Donburi dish, however, her eyes soon revealed a flash of disappointment as it did not meet up to her expectation of an Elixir Cuisine.

Since it wasn't an Elixir Cuisine, would it have any effect?

Yunbai was clueless. However, she still used a porcelain spoon to scoop some Dragon Blood Rice to put into her mouth, under the envious stares of the other patrons.

Scalding! Fragrant!

Those were the first impressions the Dragon Blood Meat Donburi gave, as the scalding yet thick fragrance overpowered her taste buds, leaving them slightly numb.

The Dragon Blood Rice was chewy while the beef barbecue sauce was thick with flavor, even though it was not known what sort of spirit beast meat was in the beef barbecue sauce. It had a delightful mouth feel. After chewing for a while, Wu Yunbai pale face regained its rosy color. It could be due to the surging hot energy or due the recovering of her injuries. As she stretched her neck and gobbled down on the rice, her eyes sparkled. The spoon in her hand never stopped moving, as chumps of rice were continuously fed into her mouth.

Bu Fang was satisfied with Wu Yunbai's eating manner. With regards to delicacies, one should eat without constraints. That liberating way of eating was how you showed respect to any delicacy.

Eating in a hamfisted manner only meant that the food wasn't enticing enough.

Wu Yunbai widened her eyes as she continued. As the Dragon Blood Rice entered her stomach, she felt a hot sensation rising from her stomach. Her energy core became like an oven as turbulent spiritual and vitality energies gushed, enveloping her entire body.

At that very moment, her injured body was filled with energy. Through the activation of her cultivation method, her spiritual energy was turned into True Energy as it circulated the entire body and pulse. As energy gathered at the place of injuries, they were healed.

Her body, battered in grave injuries, was healed at an incredulous pace, visible to the naked eye.

Wu Yunbai's heart was surprised and shocked. To think that a bowl of the Dragon Blood Meat Donburi... was powerful enough to heal her injuries! It was simply miraculous!