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 Chapter 215: The Wind Whistled and Misery Came

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

A resplendent courtyard, throughoutly surrounded by pavilions and terraces, and partitioned by a miniature stream that ran right down the middle. All that framed within the picturesque backdrop of a false mountain from which the courtyard's river drew its lifeblood from, round and round, meandering through its stony crags.

As the moonlight shone over the entire courtyard, it reflected off the stream, turning it into a river of stars.

In a certain corner, two figures gently descended onto the plush greenery, ever so gently, so as not to be heard by others. With a face stiff with anxiety, Master Ah Wu closely kept pace with Wu Yunbai as she traversed the courtyard. This was the courtyard Ah Ni had told them about, the one where the serpent-man was held captive within. It was also the one where Zhao Musheng resided in.

"Young Miss... be careful, since this Zhao Musheng was so insistent that Owner Bu paid him a visit, there's no way he wouldn't leave traps behind or perhaps an ambush of sorts." Master Ah Wu prudently noted.

Wu Yunbai nodded her head. She knew of that as well. There was simply no way Zhao Musheng wouldn't make any preparation when dealing with Owner Bu.

Standing within the courtyard, they couldn't help but feel a little spooked by the serenity and almost deathlike solitude of the courtyard, barely broken by the intermittent whooshes of the flowing water.

"Let's move... we still have to find where the snake-man is being held prisoner," Wu Yunbai said.

With a zip, the two figures disappeared into the distance ahead, ever so quietly.

Zhao Musheng stood within a certain room, with his hands behind his back. At his side was a table on which rested a cup of tea still fresh from the teapot, which billowed its aromatic fragrance throughout the room.

Suddenly, his lips curled into a smile as he raised the cup to his lips and took a sip. Eyes closed, he took a moment to savor the fragrance before slowly leaving the room.

Stepping out, he couldn't help but blow a breath of hot air in response to the slight chilliness outside. Mere moments later, a rush of mental energy surged out of the man who took but one step forward and flew into the air!

Back within the courtyard, the roar of a wild beast could be heard crashing through the silence of the courtyard, deafening those who heard it and nearly destroying the courtyard in the process.

From within, came a multitude of tyrannical laughs that echoed thunderously in the air.

Boom! Boom!

As flows of true energies clashed, the resulting shockwaves tore through the resplendent courtyard, turning it into a horrific battleground in just the blink of an eye.

At that, Zhao Musheng grinned. "So, he finally took the bait."

Dashing through the air, he came to a stop above the courtyard only to see a chaotic battle already in progress beneath. There, he saw a multitude of figures surrounding another group of figures.

"Hmm? It's not Bu Fang?" He paused for a second upon realizing that it wasn't Bu Fang who the experts below were surrounding.

"Haha! Zhao Musheng, so these two fellows are the targets this time? Once we capture them, we will get the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree?" Came a boisterous yell from below. It was a topless brute seated atop an equally fierce looking cheetah, that issued that thunderous laugh.

Surrounding him were three other experts who also commanded a beast of their own. These were the men who surrounded Wu Yunbai and Master Ah Wu.

As Master Ah Wu stood there, hand clasped tightly around a serpent-man, his face couldn't be any paler nor graver even if he wished it.

That Zhao Musheng really did set up a trap for Bu Fang, and to think it was such a terrifying one as well...

Four seventh grade Battle-Saints along with two sixth grade beasts. Such a team was basically invincible within the imperial capital. Such a showing for a mere fifth grade Battle-King... that Zhao Musheng must have really taken the threat of Bu Fang seriously.

Standing in the midst of said trap was Wu Yunbai, with her brows knitted together and true energy surging.

"Men from the Third Godly Temple of the Wildlands, huh? To think the esteemed Third Godly Temple of the Wildlands would stoop so low as to collude with the insignificant Mahayana Island... your faces aren't worth much, I see!" Wu Yunbai coldly declared.

Third Godly Temple of the Wildlands wasn't a faction foreign to her. It was, after all, a power that could rival the White Cloud Villa's. However, these two factions were located in different regions with the White Cloud Villa occupying Illusory Spirit Swamp while the Third Godly Temple of the Wildlands occupied the central regions of the Wildlands.

While she said they were colluding, the only one who could dispatch so many Battle-Saints had to be the Third Godly Temple of the Wildlands. A mere Buddhist sect like the Mahayana Island couldn't provide such a showing even if they tried.

"Oh? A pretty little thing like you actually knows about us? Seems like your background isn't that bad either!" Sneered the brute seated atop the cheetah, as he threw a look at Wu Yunbai.

Zhao Musheng descended upon one of the false peaks and with a frown, called out to Wu Yunbai and Master Ah Wu, "Why is it you two rescuing the serpent-man? Where's Bu Fang?"

Hearing that, Wu Yunbai merely threw him an impudent look and said nothing.

"Forget it... since you two are willing to risk yourselves for Bu Fang, your relationship with him shouldn't be that simple either. Capturing you two for a negotiation with him should yield the same results as well." Zhao Musheng emotionlessly declared before turning to look at the Battle-Saints below him.

"Capturing them will give you a chance at the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree. Men... for the fruit tree... what are you all waiting for?"

"Hey, hey, Zhao Musheng, I hope you aren't lying here, for your sake as well as mine, otherwise you'll regret it!" The brute glanced at Zhao Musheng and laughed coldly after which he whistled. Immediately, the cheetah beneath sprang into action.



Within the Imperial City, a chain of explosions rocked the city without rest. All around, a frightening blast of wind swept through everything in its path.

Amidst the storm of dust, a figure could be seen dashing out, hands wrapped around a snake-man. The figure touched the floor outside of the courtyard where Ah Ni, who had been waiting outside all this while, immediately reacted.

"Move! We're leaving first! The Young Miss will act to cover our backs, quick!" Yelled Master Ah Wu, with a face as dark as the night and just as cold.

Hearing that, a chill gripped the heart of Ah Ni but he didn't say a word. Summoning his true energy levels, he flew off after the distant figure of Master Ah Wu.

Back within the courtyard, the explosions continued with no signs of abating. In fact, they grew even more intense with sword energies peppering the air around the courtyard. By now, this furious battle had long since made its presence known to the entire imperial capital.

Multiple Battle-Saints were already quietly observing the earthshaking battle with their consciousness.

Amongst them was a figure clad in a fiery red robe who silently swayed in the air as he toyed with his slender fingers.

"Musheng, that idiot... Stirring up such a scene at a time like this, aren't you just asking for trouble by sticking out like that? The pressure from that eighth grade beast had just dissipated not too long ago and you are already causing such a ruckus..." A disdainful Mu Lingfeng frowned.

The fact that the little restaurant which possessed a Path-Understanding Fruit Tree seemed to possess an eighth grade watchbeast was undoubtedly a piece of bad news for him. Such a beast was strong and with it guarding the store, he would have to pay a steep price in order to attain that tree.

"Looks like I have to request an elder's aid... the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree... I must have it." Mu Lingfeng's eyes narrowed as he twisted his finger. An instant later, a fiery bird appeared within his hand. Lowering his head, he muttered several words to the little bird after which it chirped and flapped away.

"By the time the elder arrives, that Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree should be ready to bear fruit as well... by then, it will be time to act."

Mu Lingfeng breathed deeply and then turned his attention back to the battle raging below. He quietly scolded the fool once more before flying away.


The corner of Wu Yunbai's mouth were stained with blood. As her chest heaved, the Cloud Sword and her arm both trembled.

Even though she had the Cloud Sword with her, facing off so many experts alone was still a tough task. Thankfully, she still had the White Cloud Villa's jade talisman with her. Activating it, she finally managed to escape that deadly trap. Had it not been for that trump card of hers, she would have probably lost her life back there.

After all, those experts from the temple clearly weren't going to show her mercy.

Gripping the semi-divine tool in one hand, she painfully clutched at her wounds with the other while speeding off into the distance. Suddenly, her face froze as she looked into the distance.

Right there was a dishevelled bald man dressed in rags, hobbling toward her while clutching injuries of his own.

"What's a beggar doing loitering around the streets in the middle of night?" She muttered to herself as she swallowed a gout of blood. Amidst her confusion, her eyes suddenly narrowed as she finally recognized who that man was!

"It's you?!" Obviously, she recognized who that bald monk was, especially given the undisguised killing intent in her eyes right now. "Isn't that bald man the guy ferrying news to Zhao Musheng?"

As for the bald man, the look he had on right now could only be described as thunderstruck. In order to savor a piece of dog meat, he nearly got himself killed by a slap from a dog. Truly, his lucky couldn't get any worse. Yet, just as he finally managed to drag himself to the doorstep of Zhao Musheng's manor, he found himself face to face with a sword-wielding pretty face with the word "kill" written all over her face. Exactly what did he do to deserve such a fate?!

"Damned donkey! Die!"

With a furious yell, the Cloud Sword, clad in piercing sword light, swung right at the bald monk.


A spurt of blood later, the bald monk was sent flying away, blood raining in his wake.

Still clutching her wounds, she felt a resounding thud echo from behind her after which she threw the bald donkey a final look and a harrumph before disappearing into the night.

The wind whistled and misery came...

Eyes filled with tears, the bald monk stared at the moon hanging high above him and swore to never eat dog meat again.


At the break of dawn, the first rays of the morning peeked through the windows of a tiny restaurant and bathed its owner's face in a warm soothing light. Stirring from his deep slumber, Bu Fang wrinkled his nose and opened his eyes.

It's the start of another beautiful day.

Bu Fang leaped out of bed and after freshening up, came to the kitchen to begin his daily knife work and carving practice. After finishing his routine, he then prepared a serving of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and walked out of the store, ribs in hand, to Blacky's sleeping spot.

"Blacky, it's time for breakfast..." Bu Fang gently called out. However, the reaction he received stunned him. Normally, this black dog of his would fall head over heels for a plate of ribs, and yet Blacky didn't seem the least bit interested today as he lazily sauntered over after throwing the plate of ribs a disdainful glance.

Looks like this plump dog of his must have really been pissed off by last night's incident. Seeing that, Bu Fang couldn't help but wonder exactly what did that fellow do to provoke such lasting ire from his dog.

However, since Blacky didn't seem to want to talk about it, he naturally had no way of finding out either. Walking back to his restaurant, his nose was greeted by a tantalizing fragrance that faintly lingered in the air.

Bu Fang turned his gaze to the Path-Understanding Fruit Tree he kept in the corner and stared wide-eyed. This tree of his actually bore three adorable little green fruits for him! That was where the fragrance originated from.

So the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree was finally going to start bearing fruits?