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 Chapter 214: Humble Monk only Envied Lord Dog Muscular Juicy Body

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On the Imperial City's street, in a quiet alleyway, outside Fang Fang's little store.

As the cold moonlight radiated down and covered the ground, it illuminated the alleyway where a plump, big black dog could be seen striding like a cat, casting a long shadow.

The big black dog emotionlessly looked toward the bald donkey in front of it, a bald donkey who dared to use a dagger on the Lord Dog.

At the current moment, in his heart, Shang De felt as though ten thousand black big dogs were galloping toward him. How could this plump big black dog in front of him actually open its mouth and speak? What was going on?

Barely containing the terror in his heart, Shang De got off the floor. Thinking of a hundred possibilities, the severity of the situation suddenly dawned on him.

"A dog which can speak... I'll be damned! I hope this dog is not the spirit beast Zhao Musheng is referring to?" In an instant, his confusion was cleared up as if a bolt of lightning had streaked across his mind, banishing the darkness clouding it. Turning to look at the dog, his face turned as pale as a sheet, as if he had seen a ghost.

The spirit beast he remained on guard against for the better part of the day, through some cruel twist of fate, turned out to be the target of his skullduggery tonight! Standing there, eyes watering and face etched with indignation and grief, Shang De truly felt like cursing the heavens for his misfortune.

But how could such a powerful spirit beast be a plump dog? Could a plump dog even become a spirit beast?

As Blacky strode forward, with its smug look seemingly intending to taunt his opponent, which caused Shang De's heart to tremble with fear. He thoroughly regretted his action. Why did he give in to a moment of desire and decide to trouble this black dog.

"From your body... this Lord Dog could sense a killing intent." Blacky emotionlessly spoke, its voice mild yet somehow charming. "Why do you bear such killing intent toward a dog?" spoke the Lord Dog with its mild voice as he stopped in his path, looking at Shang De.

Shang De's eyes widened. He grabbed his head with his hands and then slapped it. Under the uncaring eyes of the Lord Dog, he suddenly leapt into the air and with a forceful kick of both his legs, stepping onto the wall. Judging by his actions, he was planning to flee within the span on a breath.

Watching the panicking bald donkey stumble to get away, Blacky extended its doggy tongue and licked its dainty little doggy paws.

"I'm asking you a question here. What are you running away for?"

Blacky muttered curtly after which he violently swiped a dog paw onto Shang De's back.

With his heart totally swept up like a tsunami, the startled Shang De only had one single thought in his mind, which was to run away as fast as possible.

Although he could not sense any spiritual energy movement from that plump black dog, when he stared at the dog, his heart couldn't muster a single ounce of resistance. That sensation... it was like when he faced an eighth grade spirit beast in an endless desert before.

At that time, his cultivation level was only up to Battle-King, while he was facing a War-God spirit beast.

"And... that War-God spirit beast also knew how to speak."

What the heck, encountering a spirit beast which could speak, there's only one word: run!


Just as the thought of running crossed Shang De's mind, an incredible pressure appeared behind him. His body suddenly froze, unable to make a single movement, as the paw slammed him into the ground.

"Why did you, in the middle of the night, try and use a dagger on this Lord Dog?" Blacky raised its dainty little doggy paws while sighing.

Shang De's face was now full of fear. Even with his full-fledged muscular body, he was unable to make any movement, as though he was chained up... This threatening feeling was even scarier that the pressure he felt from that War-God spirit beast in the past!

Damn this dog!

"For some reason, this Lord Dog feels that you harbor bad intentions... Fess up, unless you wish to end up like this..." Lord Dog spoke.


Shang De groveled on the ground, with his whole body full of cold sweat. Glancing to the side, his pupils suddenly shrunk, as he saw that the floor paved with bricks had shattered into multiple fragments... A dog paw print could be seen superimposed on it.

"Lord Dog, Big Brother Dog! Please show some mercy!" Shang De felt like crying, being bullied like this.


Blacky rolled its eyes at the gutless bald donkey.

"Well, I humbly came in the quiet night, well, it's because... I admired Lord Dog's heroic and well toned muscular physique, so I was thinking..." Cold sweat could be seen dripping from Shang De's head... Should he said it out?

"And so what do you want?" Lord Dog blinked as it said.

"So I was thinking... about borrowing a slice of dog meat, to taste!" Shang De's heart trembled as he finally blurted out the the statement he was in the midst of mulling over. He immediately shut his mouth. In his heart, he knew he was in deep trouble.

True to that, at that instant, a surge of turbulent malicious aura fell on his back.

"You dare say you wanted to eat dog meat?!"


As though a slumbering beast had just been aroused, an oppressive aura enveloped the city.

At that very moment, the whole Imperial City boiled over. All the Battle-Saints who were sleeping soundly almost pissed in their pants as they opened their eyes and dashed out of the room, each of them feeling the frightening aura.

That aura was just too overwhelming!

At that instant, no matter who it was, their started to shiver.

In an inn, Ni Yan opened her eyes, twisted her slender body and leaped off her bed before dashing out of the room and into the sky.

A delicate shadow could be seen following behind her.

"Sister Ni Yan... this pressure! Could it be a War-God spirit beast?"

Ye Ziling was not aware of the action of arming herself with long bow on her back, clutching tightly with her palms full of sweats.

"No... there's something weird with this aura, it's seems to be much stronger than a War-God spirit beast, as if..." Ziling knitted her eyebrows. She found this aura familiar, as though she had felt this before.

"No matter what, there's going to be trouble brewing in the Imperial City! " Ni Yan sighed.


"Young Miss, should we still act?" Master Ah Wu's whole body trembled. Faced with the aura, his face turned dark.

"To think that within the Imperial City lay such a scary existence... This overwhelming pressure is at the same level as the Master of Cloud Villa! When did Light Wind Imperial City process such a hidden trump card? No! Let's use this chance. While everybody is stunned by this aura, we should immediately take action to rescue the prisoners!" Wu Yunbai bit her lips as she said.

Master Ah Wu's face paled. It looked like there was no choice but to take action. Having made the snake-man Ah Ni stay at the entrance to be their lookout, two shadows could be seen leaping over the walls.


Shang De's body could be seen shivering, "I told you I didn't want to speak at all, look at you... you got angry already!"

His heart was full of bitterness. He truly only wanted to catch a plump dog for its dog meat. To think that this dog, which was basically a pig at this point, hid such a frightening power within itself.

"Eat dog meat?! Who gave you the gall to eat dog meat?" Blacky was furious. Its entire body covered with dog fur could be seen radiating light.

Boom! Boom!

The tiles on the floor started to shatter as they could not withstand the tremendous pressure.

"Lord Dog! Let's speak calmly!" A ray of light radiated out, engulfing him. To think that Shang De was able to break out of Blacky's pressure. A Buddha simulacrum could be seen appearing from his body as he leapt off the ground to get back on his feet.


However, before he got the chance to continue to speak, a dog paw covering the sky cruelly patted down, and the Buddha simulacrum shattered like glass into many fragments.

Like a falling star, he felt as if his whole body was bursting into flames as he fell from the sky.

With his night clothes in tatters and multiple slashes on his skin. His whole body was flattened, while he vomited blood nonstop.

Boom! Boom!

A loud explosion could be heard throughout the Imperial City in the night, with sound waves cascading through, followed by the deep silence that came next.

On the outer walls of the Imperial City, a deep crater was carved into its stony walls, from which bricks could be seen falling down

A shadow struggled to crawled out of the crater. With his whole body bloodied, he barely managed to stand up. From his chest, pieces of buddhist relics could be seen falling into pieces.

"That damned dog.. such a misfortune!"

Shang De was truly covered in blood Were it not for those precious buddhist relics helping him to take on most of the damage, he would likely have become a meat patty already.

After eating dog meat for so long, finally he was beaten by a dog... All he could say was that he totally deserved this.

With his injured body and his heart feeling desolate, he slowly made his way toward Zhao Musheng's manor.

Blacky sniffed his nose indignantly. Still angry, he glared at Shang De's broken figure, sighed and lay down at the restaurant entrance.


Upstair, Bu Fang leaned against the window. Seeing that the alleyway floor was destroyed again, he crinkled his mouth into a smile.

"I already asked Blacky to be more gentle on the stone pavement, yet it got destroyed again."

Looks like there was no choice but to ask someone to come and repair the pavement on the following day. Bu Fang sighed as he closed the window and climbed back into bed, preparing to sleep.

This night, however, would most likely be a sleepless one for the Battle-Saints of the Imperial City.