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 Chapter 213: A Moonless and Windy Night... to Butcher a Dog

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"Miss... what did you just say?"

Master Ah Wu's heart quivered. He couldn't believe that the young miss just made such a lofty and heroic statement.

Wait... But before Master Ah Wu could open his mouth to dissuade Wu Yunbai, his eyes suddenly widened as he stared at her in a daze. Wu Yunbai true energy stirred and kept rising, which led to his heart palpitating with excitement.

"Miss! You broke through to become a Battle-Saint?!"

Master Ah Wu entered into a state of excitement and his mental tiredness totally vanished as his eyes shone like a bright star.

On the side, the serpent-man Ah Ni's heart also lept into his mouth. How did this crossdressed girl suddenly attain a breakthrough to become a Battle-Saint? She was still so young!

In reality, Wu Yunbai did, in fact, look very young. In other words, around the age of twenty and yet, her cultivation level had already exceeded most of her peers.

As expected of disciples of the White Cloud Villa. They truly deserve their reputation as a mysterious and gigantic faction.

Maybe... they really had a fighting chance to save both Yu Fu and Uncle Yu Feng! Ah Ni's originally faltering heart filled with hope again.

Wu Yunbai's mouth curled into a smile as she nodded her head to acknowledge. As she released her true energy, an even larger pressure emerged from her body, forcing the serpent-man to retreat a few steps back.

"It's really the aura of a Battle-Saint! Wonderful, if the villa master finds out that the young miss has achieved a breakthrough, he will be thrilled!" Master Ah Wu said as he danced in excitement.

"Owner Bu's Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew really is the good stuff. Not only was the essence of the Ice Soul Monarch Lotus Seed absorbed into the wine, it even combined all the other precious Spirit Herbs into one. With that scorching sensation... Its medical effect is definitely not weaker than the seventh grade Ice Soul Monarch Lotus. It deserves its price of 500 crystals." Wu Yunbai's exclaimed.

Was it really worth exchanging a mere cup of wine for the chance for a Battle-Emperor to break through to Battle-Saint?

Yes, it was definitely worth it!

"Master Ah Wu, let's hurry and rescue them now. Since we promised that serpent-man that we would do so, we have to live up to our words. Such a moonless and windy night is perfect for taking action. Besides, I want to try out the strength of a Battle-Saint!" Wu Yunbai broke into a beaming smile, tinged with excitement.

Master Ah Wu's face stiffened up. To be honest, he was wary of taking part in this rescue mission. Given the current state of the Imperial City, even if one were a Battle-Saint, they weren't entirely safe from danger either!

Furthermore, his goal here was to ensure the safety of Wu Yunbai. Naturally, he didn't wish for her to be embroiled in such a risky endeavor.

However, after seeing the strong determination of Wu Yunbai, he had no choice but to give in to Wu Yunbai as he changed into dark clothes and prepared to set out.


On that moonless night, as the chill wind blew, its stirred the sand on the ground.

A streak of shadow emerged from an corner. A figure with a bald head with multiple scars on it could be seen jumping from wall to wall at an incredible pace, with almost no sound being produced at all.

With a flip off the wall, the bald figure landed at the entry of an alleyway.

As the bald figure lifted his head, a pair of avarice-filled eyes revealed themselves. Peeking out, he turned his gaze onto the way of Bu Fang's squarish little restaurant. There, a plump black dog could be seen snoring away.

"It's such a rare sight to see such a plump dog. Tonight, on this wonderful moonless night, I can have a good feast!"

The man tried to stifle his laughter.

He remembered that the wily fox, Zhao Musheng, mentioned to him before that a scary spirit beast resided in the tiny restaurant. However, nobody knew what its cultivation level was. Hence, he needed to be careful in this snatch-the-dog mission, in case the spirit beast which Zhao Musheng is wary of would notice him. That would truly be... dreadful.

"This humble monk is just here to snatch a watchdog... That supreme beast should not be too bothered by that. After snatching the dog, I will immediately run away without looking back... there shouldn't be any problem there!!" Baldie formulated what was, in his mind, the perfect plan.

Turning his thoughts back to the plump, juicy black dog, he couldn't help but reminisce about the delicacies he could experience. That dry-grilled dog meat, red braised dog meat, honey-glazed dog meat...

The more he thought about it, the more he couldn't wait to take action.

"This humble monk is known as the Terminator of Dogs! Big black dog in front, here I come!"

Baldie snickered. As he moved cautiously toward the front, he took care not to stir up any large movements, to avoid being noticed by the supreme beast protecting the restaurant.

Baldie moved agilely like a swallow. It even seemed as thought he was flying toward the restaurant. With each step he took, his pace grew even faster.

His sight fell on the black dog lying on the ground, that thoroughly fattened black dog, chock full of meat...

"That's good ! I cannot feel the pressure of any spiritual beast. It looks like that incredibly strong supreme beast didn't notice me." Baldie heaved a sigh of relief, but he still remained on alert, fearing that the savage monster would lock on to him.

The black dog remained on the ground, with its nose twitching ever so slightly as it remained blissfully asleep, without any signs of awakening.

Baldie let out a sound of delight as he looked at the dog.

As his hand made a small movement in the air and flicked his wrist, a frigid cold glint of a dagger appeared and rested on his hand. The dagger shone, becoming a frightening sight in the moonless night.

"Such a plump dog, it's perfect for dry-pot dog meat!"

Baldie licked his lips as the dagger ferociously lunged at the big black dog.

In order to snatch away the dog without so much as a squeak, he had to be ruthless and precise. With one stroke, blood must be spilled and the dog silenced forever without a chance at even barking. He had practised this maneuver countless times before, and even the location he planned on striking was one he sussed out after numerous experimentations; there was no better location than this to drain its blood.


An ear-splitting screech, one so jarring that it gave those who heard it goosebumps, sliced through the dead of night amplified to deafening proportions by the deathly silence of this tiny alleyway.

Baldie was stunned. He couldn't believe that the dagger, which he used to savagely stab the dog, not only failed to leave a single scratch on the dog, but it bent as well, as though it was stabbing a piece of rock.

"Is this possible?" His eyes narrowed as he kept the damaged dagger and took out another sharpen dagger to stab the dog again.

I stab!

I stab!

I stab again!

I'll stab your a**! Baldie fell on his butt in disbelief after the three stabs, with his eyes glued on the now bladeless dagger in his hand. In his heart, a foreboding sense of unease began to wrap around him like vice.

He looked at the dog again.

The black dog finally opened its drowsy eyes, slowly turned its head around, and with twitch of its mouth, stared back in an almost human-like fashion.

"Damned bald donkey, what are you doing tickling this lord dog in the middle of the night? Is it fun or something?"

It was a man's voice, calm and affable.

However, the voice carried the force of thunder as it blasted toward Baldie and left him trembling as he stepped back. His face was white, as if he had seen a ghost.

This... This plump dog... can freaking speak?!

Blacky rolled its eyes. Even though it didn't understand what was this donkey doing stabbing him in the middle of the night and even though that dagger didn't hurt it in the slightest... this dunce had clearly disturbed this lord dog's sleep. Unforgivable!

Under the dazed stare of the bald man, Blacky actually stood up on its hind legs, nearly causing the bald man's eyes to pop out of their sockets. Eyes hanging by a mere thread, he gawked at the fat dog approaching him while doing the... catwalk!


On the second floor of the restaurant, Bu Fang was still sleeping soundly without knowing what was happening outside, in the alley. However, even if he knew about it, all he would do was frown.

Coming in the middle of the night to provoke Blacky... this bald donkey should have seen it coming.

At the same time, within the doorway of a resplendent courtyard in the Imperial City...

Three shadows wearing black clothing proudly stood at attention.

"So, this is the place?" Wu Yunbai couldn't help but ask as she stared ahead at the courtyard.

Snake-man Ah Ni nodded his head. With regards to this place, he was sure that both Yu Fu and uncle Yu Feng were locked up inside.

"Miss, this isn't some ordinary mansion. Are we really going to go in?" Master Ah Wu knitted his eyebrows as he looked at the manor. He had this sense of uneasiness, as if it was dark bottomless pit, waiting to swallow them all.

"What's there to be scared of... Master Ah Wu, do not forget, this miss is finally a Battle-Saint and can wield the semi-divine tool... the Cloud Sword!" Wu Yunbai said with confidence.

Hearing that, he paused for a moment before relaxing. That's right. The young miss was a lady who possessed a semi-divine tool, a seventh grade Battle-Saint. An ordinary Battle-Saint wasn't even a match for her, so perhaps he was really worrying too much.

"Let's go... to save them," Wu Yunbai said in a serious tone.

Even with an hidden trump card, one must still exercise caution with the current state in the Imperial City.

The true energy of the three people surged forth as they rushed toward the manor.