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 Chapter 212: This Lady's Sword... is Thirsty for Blood!

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

"Miss... you mustn't!"

Master Ah Wu's eyes almost popped out after hearing Wu Yunbai's proposal. Oh gosh, my dear lady, why would you go stick your foot into a problem like this? In the Imperial City nowadays, a slight action may trigger an entire chain effect. We don't want to become a thorn in the flesh for the rest of the Battle-Saints. That would truly be troublesome!

Even though White Cloud Villa was quite powerful, at the end of the day, there were only two of them in the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire.

Wu Yunbai completely ignored Master Ah Wu's objection, with her eyes still fixed on Ah Ni.

The high and almighty Serpentine Sovereign was a legendary figure who managed to singlehandedly build a serpent-man tribe powerful enough to counterbalance the White Cloud Villa.

Wu Yunbai grew up reading the legends of the Serpentine Sovereign as recorded by the White Cloud Villa. Even though she had lost count of which generation was the current Serpentine Sovereign, it did not diminish her enthusiasm toward the Serpentine Sovereign at all.

Ah Ni was dumbfounded, his brains suddenly stopped functioning. What was up with this human being before him? Why would you be so obsessed with the Serpentine Sovereign? Could it be... that they really were from the same family thousands of years ago?

The thought of that sent shivers down Ah Ni's spine.

"I grew up listening to the legendary tales of the Serpentine Sovereign. I have always yearned to see for myself what this mythical figure looks like, seeing that he was able to heavily wound my Herculean father, who wasn't able to recover until three years later."

The sense of excitement faded from Wu Yunbai's complexion as she flicked a glance at Ah Ni and explained coolly.

Um... this story sounded like it had taken a turn down the aisle of tragedy. Could it be that her fixation on the Serpentine Sovereign derived from the injury he caused on her father?

Ah Ni felt his mind running all over the place.

"Just give me the word, will you or will you not introduce us." Wu Yunbai crossed her arms, lifted her chin, and asked Ah Ni.

"Yes! If you really can rescue Yu Fu and Uncle Yu Feng, I'll do whatever it takes to plead with the head elder to arrange this meeting!" Ah Ni uttered with clenched teeth. Only once a year in the serpent-men tribe could one have an audience with the Serpentine Sovereign. This opportunity was truly rare.

"Consider this a done deal." Wu Yunbai was very satisfied. She chuckled lightly and snapped her fingers.

Master Ah Wu, who stood behind her, had tears streaming down his face. My dear lady... can we please not act capriciously and unrestrained? If you wanted to see the Serpentine Sovereign, why couldn't you simply ask the villa master once you return to the White Cloud Villa?

"Owner Bu, you must have Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew available today?! Give this lady a cup!" Wu Yunbai was over the moon at this moment. She waved her hands around boldly.

"My dear lady... can we give this a second thought?" Master Ah Wu coaxed.

However, Wu Yunbai completely ignored him, with her gaze landing on Bu Fang.

Bu Fang nodded expressionlessly, then turned around to head back into the kitchen.

Once he stepped into it, the sounds of footsteps echoed and travelled from the main entrance. Numerous figures had squeezed into the store.

Among the the first crowds was the Ouyang family. It was evident that the breakthroughs of the three Ouyang barbarians from yesterday came at a shock. Hence, they hurriedly charged toward the store this morning.

Ouyang Xiaoyi stuck out her head, her eyes peering toward the kitchen. If Owner Bu wasn't in the store at this time, he must be in the kitchen.

"Let me know if you want to order anything."

Ouyang Xiaoyi began tending to her duties, which included keeping the order of the store.

"Today's Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew is limited to five cups for sale." Bu Fang's calm voice drifted from the kitchen, after which he himself appeared with a white jade wine jar in his hands. His complexion was cool and indifferent.

Even though the crowd was displeased that the available amount of the wine had yet again decreased, they didn't voice any objections. This was a wine that could assist one to reach breakthroughs... When the fruit was the scarcest, its taste was the sweetest. That was the way of life.

Bu Fang placed the white jade wine jar on the table and took off the lid. There was still one third of the wine nectar left within the white jade wine jar. A rich wine fragrance instantly burst forth from the wine jar, intoxicating everyone.

In the early morning, a wine aroma wafted out of the small alleyway, engulfing the space around it.

Sploosh Splash, Bu Fang scooped up a cup of light cyan colored wine nectar with a bamboo tube. Stripes of cloud-shaped moires hovered above the wine cup, with its rich concentration of spirit energy faintly quivering.

"Your Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, please enjoy," Bu Fang said as he handed the wine cup to Wu Yunbai, who was unable to hold herself back.

Wu Yunbai received the cup with her eyes absolutely glued to the wine nectar. She licked her ruby lips, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and took a sip of the wine.

A burning, pungent flavor instantly rushed into her mouth, sending chills down her body. Her eyes lit up as she raised her head and took three more sips. With three gulps down her throat, the cup of wine was completely devoured.

Bu Fang caught the cup that Wu Yunbai flung across dizzily, and placidly turned to look at her.

Wu Yunbai's entire face became pink red, her flushed cheeks made her look adorable. After a light burp, Wu Yunbai took a step with her body shaking back and forth and her head spinning. Not before long, she landed flat on the floor.

"Miss!" Master Ah Wu was astounded and quickly stepped forward to support Wu Yunbai, yet the latter had already sunk into a deep drunkenness.

This one cup of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew had an alarming amount of strength. The so-called "pass out with one cup"... was obviously not a joke.

"Owner Bu... please excuse us. Here is five hundred crystals, we'll be one our way." Master Ah Wu was speechless at the young lady who had just vowed to come to the rescue but ended up knocked out cold after one cup of wine. My lady... aren't you a tease?

Bu Fang accepted the crystals and nodded his head.

Master Ah Wu said no more, supporting Wu Yunbai as he walked out of the store. He also summoned for the very much lost Ah Ni to follow along.

The three of them quickly disappeared from the store.

Bu Fang tapped the white jade wine jar with a bamboo tube and successfully caught everyone's attention. He announced coolly: "Only four cups left."

The crowd was immediately stirred up, their scramble for the goods caused a commotion.

After the last four cups of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew have been sold, Bu Fang packed up the white jane wine jar and took it back to the kitchen.

After the wine sale, the store resumed its regular business operations. The Ouyang family left carrying a passed out Grandpa Ouyang. Xiao Xiaoyong also had to support Xiao Yue, who lay on the floor smacking his lips, to find his way out of the restaurant...

"What a pity, there is a new dish today, but nobody wants to give it a try." Bu Fang curled his lips and muttered as he witnessed one customer leaving after another.

"Hey oh, Owner Bu, the store has been bustling with business these mornings! Now it is hard to squeeze even if we get here early." The big-bellied Fatty Jin stepped into the door with his heavyset troops as he remarked casually.

It was yet another couple of unexciting yet pleasant business hours.

"Xiaoyi, serve the dish."



Wu Yunbai lay sprawled on the bed motionless like an octopus. All of a sudden, her body trembled. She pulled blindly at everything around her, making a mess of the bed spreads.

She crawled up from the bed, pouted her lips, the expression on her face changing constantly. She rubbed her throbbing head and peered at the nightfall through the windows. Her eyes suddenly narrowed into a squint. She emitted a light breath, which was still rich with the smell of alcohol.

Wu Yunbai was startled, and then began to inspect herself to see whether the Monarch Lotus-made Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, one she did not have the chance to feel for herself after passing out, has helped her reach a breakthrough.

"This... this... oh my god!"

Wu Yunbai was simply dumbstruck. Within her energy core, a spinning lake of spirit energy was incessantly emitting true energy. If one could compare her true energy vortex from yesterday to a small pond, then today it has transformed into a huge lake.

Who would have thought that a cup of wine could help her reach a breakthrough whilst in a deep sleep.

The true energy vortex was as if a lake, setting off large waves as it circulated... this signaled that she had officially stepped into the echelon of seventh grade Battle-Saint.

Wu Yunbai's eyes widened, and her ruby lips cracked open to form a laugh.

She stood unmoved, felt a tug at her heart and subsequently a force of energy rushing down to her feet. Her entire body elevated in the air. She walked on void space as she took a few steps all tipsy. With that, Wu Yunbai could not contain her excitement.

Elevated Steps, only seventh grade Battle-Saints could achieve that.

"There really is a breakthrough! And all accomplished soundless and without a stir. Even though it was dependent on my personal foundations, Owen Bu's wine nectar was undeniably magical... I was worried that passing out from the wine would cause me to lose the best window for a breakthrough. Who would have thought that I could directly attain an upgrade!" Wu Yunbai clenched her fists excitedly, and couldn't suppress the mirth in her heart.

She walked out of her room and caught sight of Master Ah Wu all stretched out, snoring loudly in his sleep.

Serpent-man Ah Ni also sat on his rolled up serpent tail with his eyes shut.

Standing before this scene, Wu Yunbai narrowed her eyes. A trace of gentleness flashed across her eyes before opening her mouth to howl.

"Master Ah Wu!"

Master Ah Wu instantly jumped up in fright, with his drowsy eyes widened. Serpent-man Ah Ni also opened his eyes, very much confused.

"Come on, let's go rescue the hostages! This lady's sword... has been thirsty for blood since long ago!"

Wu Yunbai threw her arms up in the air in a heroic manner.