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 Chapter 210: Get There Early, Or Else There Will Be A Queue

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The imperial palace of the Imperial City, the main halls.

Ji Chengxue was dressed in his imperial robe, hands held behind his back, eyes squinting, and he carried a merry smile as he strode down the halls.

He was in a good mood, since he had finally tasted Owner Bu's dishes after all this wait. With his stomach satisfied, his state of mind was naturally uplifted. In fact, it felt like he floated in the air as he walked.

The numerous eunuchs within the halls, witnessing Ji Chengxue's giddy, certainly incessant paces, couldn't help but cover the smiles on their lips.

Now that Ji Chengxue was the Emperor, he had generally retained a stern composure and dignified majesty before others ever since his inauguration. Yet, his behavior today was a rare scene, easily amusing the eunuchs, who scrambled to conceal their smiles.

Ji Chengxue suddenly felt as if the air around him changed as he took a few more steps. With his brows arched, he glanced around to find blushing, simpering eunuchs covering their mouths. He was slightly taken back and realized that his prior actions may have triggered the eunuchs' laughter.

A faint hint of awkwardness creeped across his face. With a light cough, Ji Chengxue regained an austere complexion and said gravely: "What are you giggling about, haven't you seen this sovereign's after meal exercises?"

Having heard that, the eunuchs hung their heads even lower as chuckles escaped their lips.

Ji Chengxue couldn't help but crack up himself. He really was in a good mood tonight.

Having arrived in front of the throne, Ji Chengxue lightly tossed up the ends of his imperial robe and sat down comfortably.

Suddenly, a shadow flew through the main halls at the speed of lightening and appeared on his knees before Ji Chengxue. This startled Ji Chengxue quite a bit, causing him to emit a light cough.

"Reporting, your majesty. A change of events at the imperial mausoleum. Ji Chengyu has been taken and is nowhere to be found."

The messenger kneeling upon the main halls reported this incident solemnly.


Any trace of jubilation on Ji Chengxue's face was wiped clean. Ji Chengyu was demoted to the imperial mausoleum by Emperor Changfeng himself. Surely he didn't dare to escape without authorization? But his cultivation should have been sealed, he couldn't possibly have the capability of fleeing?

At this point, Lian Fu also emerged within the main halls, pinching his middle finger and thumb together, twisting waist, and a somber expression.

"I leave for a few days, and King Yu ends up being seized? Could it be a premeditated act of crime?" Lian Fu frowned as he remarked.

Ji Chengxue's brows have been knitted into knotted rope. Agitation stirred inside of him. Ji Chengxue's identity was very sensitive, but the unusual circumstances within the Imperial City induced him to bring in Lian Fu. He certainly did not expect things to take such a turn.

"Leaving the imperial mausoleum means blatantly defying the late emperor's orders. One would think King Yu has already lost the urge to rebel, but no, he finds in himself the guts to run away. If I ever see King Yu again, I will bring him to justice in honor of the late emperor!" Lian Fu swung his sleeves, pinching his fingers together. His shrill voice carried traces of wrath.

Ji Chengxue sighed. Could it be that King Yu wanted to make a victorious comeback by escaping the imperial mausoleum? He was still weighed down by the seal Emperor Changfeng placed on him under the spirited dragon array. No even a typical seventh grade Battle-Saint could break that seal, let alone... a commoner without cultivation like him?

"I originally spared your life for the sake of father. Hopefully you won't make foolish decisions..." Ji Chengxue closed his fingers into a fist, and his gazed hardened as he muttered quietly.


Bu Fang carried a circular plate out of the kitchen and placed this dish on the table. After washing his hands, he sat down in eager anticipation.

The circular plate was quite large, within which was the Donburi made out of Dragon Blood Rice.

The Dragon Blood Meat Donburi was made of Dragon Blood Rice and the tenderloins of a seventh grade spirit beast, the Wandering Dragon Cow. Just these ingredients themselves were enough to garner much attention.

Searing hot steams poured out, concentrated with coats of unfading aroma from the well-cooked meat and rice.

Bu Fang picked up a blue and white ceramic spoon and scooped up a spoonful of Dragon Blood Rice. The grains of rice were plump and full, appearing as moisten due to the rising hot steams. The red toned rice was certainly eye-catching. Even though the Dragon Blood Rice was nurtured by dragon blood, it was free from any raw, unpleasant odor and instead emitted the delicate scent of cooked white rice.

The refreshing fragrance felt like a stream of milk flowing through the heart, adding a faint sweetness that burst within.

Having sent the spoonful of Dragon Blood Rice into his mouth, Bu Fang arched his brows. As he chewed lightly, the grains of Dragon Blood Rice sprang apart and bounced between his teeth and tongue.

The Dragon Blood Rice was firmer in texture relative to the ordinary rice, adding more chewiness to its consistency. Bouncing within the walls of the mouth, it gave one an exceptional sensation.

Once sent into the mouth, its rich spirit essence instantly burst forth, surging out of Bu Fang's mouth and washing over his entire body.

Even though this spirit essence couldn't compare with that of the Blood Crown Black Swamp Boa, it was still quite decent.

Then, he scooped up a spoon of the sauce made of the Wandering Dragon Cow meat and poured it into his mouth. The simmering sauce mixed with the Dragon Blood Rice in his mouth. Plump, chewy Wandering Dragon Cow meat also swam on his tongue, sending shivers down Bu Fang's spines.

Bu Fang's mouth quivered as it blew out incredibly hot steams.

But the scorching sensation was part of the fun in eating this Donburi. The sweltering feeling was simply irresistible. As the rich fragrance effused within one's month, that cross between wanting to, but not daring to swallow it down, was... out of this world!

Bu Fang was immersed in this sensation of walking on air. Needless to say, it was like a wonderful, joyful misery. Finally swallowing the Dragon Blood Rice soaked with steaming sauce, Bu Fang felt a satisfaction that opened up every pore on his body.

"Yes!" Bu Fang let out a hot breath. A delightful sense of relief always followed once one gulped down a spoonful of steaming Donburi.

He licked his lips and discovered that his tongue was slightly numb from the burning sensation.

"Actually, the Wandering Dragon Cow meat sauce would taste even better with a pinch of chili pepper." Bu Fang mumbled with the ceramic spoon in his mouth as he mulled over this idea.

However, Bu Fang was never the biggest fan of chili peppers. Most of his dishes did not fall into the spicy category, though peppers actually made for very good seasonings.

"Guess we'll just make adjustments based on the customers' preferences from now on." Bu Fang curled his lips. He was stocked with chili peppers, since the Abyssal Chilli Sauce was still kept in the system's storage space.

No longer giving this a thought, Bu Fang began to concentrate on enjoying the Dragon Blood Meat Donburi. He was immersed in great pleasure, and covered his mouth from time to time as he breathed out hot air.

It truly looked like an amalgamation of joy and misery. But before gourmet delicacies, he really couldn't contain himself.

Once he had finished the entire plate of Donburi, beads of sweat covered his entire forehead.

Bu Fang patted his bulging stomach and sprawled over a chair, feeling so lazy he didn't want to move a bit.

After resting for a long time, he finally stood up, cleaned the table, and returned to the kitchen. This could count as a new dish. Bu Fang personally enjoyed it a great deal.

Dragon Blood Meat Donburi, both nourishing and delicious.

Having tidied away everything, Bu Fang stretched himself and yawned. He went upstairs to take a steaming hot shower, then lay on the bed and shut his eyes.

Having ate and drank to one's heart's content, it was time for a nap to recharge the body.

Early in the morning, the sun had crawled out. It exuded brilliant beams of light, enveloping the earth with its gentle radiance.

Fang Fang's Little Store, located in the alleyway, had also opened for business. The shutters had been removed, revealing a sleepy-eyed Bu Fang.

His elongated fingers clutched a ceramic plate, within which there was an aromatic Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

Bu Fang patted Blacky's head after placing the plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs before him. He yawned and took out a chair, enjoying the cooling breeze waft by as he sat down.

On the streets of the Imperial City, street vendors had already opened business for the morning market.

A troop of figures wrapped in black clothing carried a sedan-chair and stopped by the entrance to the alleyway.

A shadow arrived before the sedan-chair. This figure had a black piece of cloth covering his face and was dressed in a black warrior's robe. Clearly, he wanted to keep his identity a secret...

However, the shiny head and the multiple scars on it... were quite revealing. Bu Fang would have recognized him in a split second.

The young monk drew back the curtain on the sedan-chair, and lifted out a figure with one hand.

"God damn you, Zhao Musheng. You deprive this monk of a good sleep and make him perform such basic, incompetent duties this early in the morning." The young monk cursed as he took a few steps and swung the figure in his hand onto the floor. He flicked a glimpse at that silhouette, stamped on the long snake tail, and said with his body bent downwards: "Listen good Serpent-man, if you want to rescue your companions then go find Owner Bu. Don't say this monk didn't give you a fair tip..."

Ah Ni, who struggled in agony on the floor, glared at this bald man with a face full of anger.

"Get there early, or else there will be a queue..." The young monk rubbed his head and burst out into laughters. Then, he turned to leave with the sedan-chair bearers, leaving behind the serpent-men Ah Ni, who gnashed his teeth in anger.