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 Chapter 209: Dragon Blood Rice and Donburi

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

On the streets of the Imperial City, in a quiet alleyway.

A gentle beam of light flashed in the pitch dark alleyway. By the entrance of Fang Fang's Little Store, Blacky lay quietly on his stomach, breathing evenly in a deep sleep.

The shutters of the store were firmly shut. From the kitchen came the crispy, melodious sounds of knife chopping against a board.

Bu Fang's slender fingers were soaked by splatters of water. With knife in hand, he diced up the carrot on the chopping board with a steady rhythm. The knife moved at an amazing speed, almost dazzling one's eyes. Bu Fang carried forth in an orderly manner, without any changes to his composure. It was evident that, for him, this was not yet an impressive speed.

Finally, the last of the carrots had been chopped up. Then, Bu Fang twirled the knife in his fingers, after which the knife began to twirl like a windmill.

Afterwards, Bu Fang flung the kitchen knife, sticking it back into the knife holder.

Bu Fang stretched his body and yawned with his parted lips. Whenever he had time, he would practice his cutting and carving techniques. As someone who aspired to become a chef at the highest level of the food chain, the God of Cooking in the Fantasy World, he couldn't slack off. He must treat his training seriously to perfect a chef's essential techniques.

Having wiped off the water spots on his hand, a glint of excitement flashed across Bu Fang's cool eyes. His state of mind connected with and entered the system.

"The temporary task is completed. Your reward has been issued. The prize of this assignment is Dragon Blood Rice, and a ten percent advancement in true energy cultivation level... well done."

Bu Fang smacked his lips and felt a jolt of joy inside. The progress on his cultivation had not been slow. If anything, the speed of his breakthroughs was as fast as wind in comparison to the others undergoing cultivation.

For Bu Fang, his focus on cultivation was not the combat capacity associated with it. For him, the purpose of cultivation breakthroughs was to develop a stabler true energy, thereby enabling him to provide for the true energy dishes he cooked.

Even though he was a fifth grade Battle-King at this point, much of his true energy was consumed during the cooking process. The current supply of his true energy was near exhaustion, and this was certainly bad news for him.

On top of that, it was difficult to use the Golden Dragon Bone Knife for too long given his present cultivation level...

Just imagining how the Golden Dragon Bone Knife would degrade, half way, into a black lump knife due to true energy depletion the next time he hunts for ingredients... was too embarrassing.

The rewards of the system had already been released, adding a smile to Bu Fang's lips. Following the system's instructions, he bent down, opened the lower kitchen cabinet, and took out a ceramic pot.

To Bu Fang's surprise, this pot was quite heavy. The Dragon Blood Rice could be found inside.

Placing the pot on the table, Bu Fang unscrewed the lid of the ceramic pot. What gushed out was a slightly pungent scent of rice fragrance. The smell of the ingredient was not bad, and instead gave one the urge to inhale deeply.

Bu Fang's eyes glistened as he observed the plump grains of rice within the ceramic pot.

The rice presented a vermillion shade. At first glance, it evoked a dark and gloomy sensation. After a while, though, one would discern a bewitching hue of blood red radiating from the rice.

"So this is the Dragon Blood Rice? Seems like it's worth the fuss..." Bu Fang pursed his lips, picked up a grain of rice with two fingers, and leaned closer to study it.

"The Dragon Blood Rice is watered by the blood of a seventh grade spirit beast, the Viper Dragon. It absorbs the vitality and blood essence of the Viper Dragon, and is harvested into rice under harsh environments. Its grains of rice are plump, exude a dark red tint, and are rich with vitality energy and spirit energy. To sum, it is an exceptional, rare ingredient." The system reported with a solemn voice.

Having heard this, Bu Fang was taken back. He couldn't help but feel it was a pity that this Dragon Blood Rice was irrigated by the blood of Viper Dragon instead of a True Dragon. That distinction made a huge difference to the rank of the ingredient.

However, Bu Fang did not fret over this, since the System at this point only provided seventh level ingredients at best. Retrospectively, it may be due to the fact that his capabilities were limited. Once he achieved another breakthrough in cultivation, he could perhaps obtain ingredients of higher quality.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he gazed at this pot of Dragon Blood Rice. The system had yet to provide the latest recipe for the Dragon Blood Rice. Hence, Bu Fang would have to rely on himself to experiment with the cooking of this Dragon Blood Rice.

He grabbed a fistful of Dragon Blood Rice. Pitter-patter, grains of rice slipped through the cracks of his fingers and sprinkled into the ceramic jar.

Sensing the surge of spirit energy and vitality energy that passed through his palm, Bu Fang curled his lips. A plan was in place.

There were many ways to cook with rice. For example, Egg-Fried Rice was a very basic level gourmet cuisine using rice. As for his Egg-Fried Rice, it was simultaneously simple and difficult. For the typical chef, this was definitely a rudimentary dish and could be picked up in a few days. However, to truly master it was rather tough.

Bu Fang had no intentions of cooking Egg-Fried Rice with the Dragon Blood Rice. Certainly not because Egg-Fried Rice was an inferior dish, but because Bu Fang could not find... an egg worthy of this Dragon Blood Rice.

In the making of Egg-Fried Rice, the importance of rice was undeniable. However, the demand for quality egg was also non-negligible.

He emptied half of jar of the Dragon Blood Rice into a ceramic bowl, then poured in the spirit energy-infused Heaven Alps Spring Water to wash the rice.

After a while of rinsing, the water was dyed into a shade of red. Every grain of the Dragon Blood Rice sparkled with a glossy plumpness.

Then, the water used for rice cleansing was poured into the flower pot that held a burgeoning Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree-it was due for a good dose of nourishment.

Bu Fang returned to the kitchen, poured the Dragon Blood Rice into a steamer, placed it into a metal pot on the burner, and began the cooking.

While waiting for it to cook, Bu Fang began preparing the other dishes and took out a fatty piece of Wandering Dragon Cow Meat. A wisp of smoke twirled around his hand as he summoned the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. His hand whirled and instantly diced up the Wandering Dragon Cow Meat.

The fire was turned on, wok heated, and cooking oil added. With a sprinkle of seasoning, everything was sautéed, releasing a gush of penetrating scent.

Now, Bu Fang placed the Wandering Dragon Cow Meat into the wok and immediately released a surge of true energy that enveloped the metal wok. Then, the stir-fry commenced. Flames burned high and splashes of oil splattered everywhere as Bu Fang jiggled the wok.

The sound of ladle clashing against the metal wok reverberated within the entire store.

Not after long, a rich meaty aroma drifted out and pervaded the air of the little store.

A mixture of cornstarch and water was poured into the wok, and the rosy, glossy Wandering Dragon Cow Meat instantly quavered with a gurgle. Rich, fragrant juice bubbled in the wok.

The lid was placed. It was time for the Wandering Dragon Cow Meat to be braised.

During the waiting time, Bu Fang found himself a circular plate and took out a white radish. With a twirl of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, a delicate flower-shaped radish was completed.

For Bu Fang now, carving out a flower was a piece of cake.

Having placed the flower on the circular plate, Bu Fang approached the steamer that had already begun emitting a rich rice aroma.

Lifting up the lid of the steamer, hot steams sprang up, causing both the rich vitality energy and fragrance to drift outwards.

Bu Fang took in a deep breath and felt slightly intoxicated. The aroma of the rice contained a hint of refreshing sweetness, shooting a pleasant sensation of coolness through one's body.

A large spoonful of well-cooked Dragon Blood Rice was scooped onto the center of the circular plate. The rosy, glossy Dragon Blood Rice occupied half a circle, and stimulated one's taste buds and appetite with its concentrated yet invigorating scent.

Finished with the steamer, Bu Fang returned to the wok. Gurgling sounds and meaty aroma incessantly emitted from the wok.

The stove was turned off, and the wok unlidded. Suddenly, hot steams gushed out and burst forth like a bomb of aroma.

Within the wok, thickening sauce dripped out of bursting bubbles. The sparkling, fragrant Wandering Dragon Cow Meat was covered with shimmering sauce.

Bu Fang skillfully juggled the wok again and scooped out the Wandering Dragon Cow Meat with a spoon. He slowly poured the Wandering Dragon Cow Meat next to the fragrant Dragon Blood Rice. The mixture of both scents was so alluring that one would be instantly hooked.

A spoonful of thickening sauce was poured onto the Dragon Blood Rice and Wandering Dragon Cow Meat. It trickled down and emitted hot steams.

Under the light, the thickening sauce almost beamed with a lustrous glow. The Wandering Dragon Cow Meat sitting amidst the sauce quivered due to the hot steams. The sauce seeped through the pockets of air between the Dragon Blood Rice, loosening up the grains of rice and unleashing the intense aroma it contained.

Bu Fang snapped his fingers and curled his lips. This simultaneously simple and difficult dish was finally completed.

"Dragon Blood Meat Donburi, accomplished."