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 Chapter 207: Owner Bu... Do You Know This Serpent-Woman?

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

The wine... there definitely weren't any left today. The gaze that Wu Yunbai cast toward Bu Fang was filled with grief. Still, it was useless, no matter how distressed she was.

"There are plenty of other gourmet delicacies in the store. You can give those a try. If you want to order anything... just tell this lassie."

Bu Fang calmly patted Ouyang Xiaoyi's head, advertised his dishes, and then turned around to head back into the kitchen.

Ji Chengxue walked around in familiarity and found a spot near the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree. A fresh sense of spirit energy drifted in the surrounding, alongside a touch of mystifying energy waves.

Ji Chengxue held his hands behind his back and carefully inspected the path-understanding tree with glistening eyes.

Outside of the store, intrusive glances and forces of energy hidden in the dark had withdrawn. The Battle-Saints had clearly detected that the incident this time was unrelated to the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree, and hence left one after another. The path-understanding tree had yet to ripen and bear fruit, so they didn't want to get involved at this point.

Wu Yunbai ordered a few dishes. Even though the prices of these dishes were hard to swallow, as a mysterious young villa master who instilled fear in the Celestial Arcanum Sect, she was not short of crystals. Since she couldn't obtain the lotus from Bu Fang, she vented out a stomach full of anger on the food instead.

Ni Yan left with Ye Ziling. Ni Yan was in a hurry to head back to the inn and consolidate her recently strengthened cultivation, whereas Ye Ziling merely tagged along with Ni Yan.

The store became quite deserted at this point. The queue was gone and the three Ouyang barbarians scuttled away merrily. Having made some gains, they were eager to pass on the wonderful news to their father.

The rich aroma of food quickly drifted out of the kitchen. Such familiar scent broke off Ji Chengxue's gaze at the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree and stirred his emotions.

"Owner Bu's cooking skills have improved. The fragrance of his dishes is all the more alluring." Ji Chengxue took in a deep breath and sighed.

Lian Fu pinched his orchid-shaped fingers and sat on the side, still immersed in nostalgia. This store... once contained the late emperor's energy. Even though it was long gone, Lian Fu still couldn't help but feel certain illusions and dive in a sea of blues.

Evoked of memories from the past by these familiar sights, he pinched his orchid-shaped fingers and sniffled quietly.

Ji Chengxue peered at him helplessly.

The rich scent of meat fragrance rapidly spread in the air. Ouyang Xiaoyi energetically carried the Red Braised Meat to Ji Chengxue's spot and placed it in front of him.

Bu Fang also walked out of the kitchen, carrying a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

Ji Chengxue's eyes sparkled and couldn't refrain from licking his lips. It has been a long time since he last drank Owner Bu's wine and ate his dishes. He had such a craving.

"So fragrant."

Ji Chengxue edged his nose near the Red Braised Meat and inhaled, looking completely intoxicated as he remarked.

Bu Fang's Red Braised Meat was extremely aromatic, even attracting the attention of Wu Yunbai, who angrily sat afar.

He picked up a piece of glossy, flushed Red Braised Meat that steamed with heat and fragrance and placed it into his mouth. As he chewed, he could sense the tangy friction between his teeth and the tender meat, making him feel elated inside.

A piece of meat down his stomach and a swig of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, he felt jubilated all over.

Bu Fang noticed the satisfied expression on Ji Chengxue, curled the corners of his mouth, and turned to head back to the kitchen.

The bald long monk stepped into the alleyway with a smile on his face. As he charged toward the store, a big black dog lying by the entrance hit his eyes.

The young monk's eyes glistened and he licked his lips.

"What a chubby dog. It must be very tasty."

The catnapping Blacky suddenly felt shivers down its spine, as if it detected an ill-willed gaze fall upon it. It opened its doggy eyes and caught sight of the greedy ogle of a... monk.

What the... what was up with this look? The black dog glared its eyes. This was the first time someone dared to gaze at this lord dog as if it was a delicacy... Was the bald donkey seeking death?

The young monk patted his baldy head, and the muscles on his face lumped into a smile.

"Red Braised Dog Meat? Should be pretty good... It is hard to come by such a fat dog in the Imperial City. But never mind, let me finish off that old fox, Zhao Musheng's assignment, first."

The young monk smacked his mouth. What a pity. He glanced at Blacky with a trace of regret and walked into the store shaking his head.

Blacky was dumbfounded. This bald donkey... was up to no good? What was up with your regretful expression?

Blacky rolled its doggy eyes and lay back down to resume its nap.

"Meat... meat fragrance!"

Having stepped into the store, the young monk's eyes glistened even brighter. It looked as if an egg was mounted with sparkling diamonds...

There was wine... there was meat, this store was not bad!

The young monk's gaze rested on Ji Chengxue at a distance, who was just about to stuff a piece of juicy, aromatic Red Braised Meat into his mouth. Then, he shifted his glance toward Wu Yunbai, who had bitten into an oily, glossy Golden Shumai... He couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

The fragrance that pervaded within the store stimulated his appetite. The portion of bun that gave him a full stomach was immediately forgotten.

This was the location where that old fox Zhao Musheng had a task for him?

The young monk couldn't refrain from chuckling.

"What would you like to order? The menu is behind you. You can tell me the dishes once you've done deciding." Ouyang Xiaoyi explained skillfully to the odd monk who had just entered the store.

The young monk was taken back and twisted his head. Seeing the exorbitant dishes on the menu, the corners of his mouths instantly twitched.

"Please give this humble monk an order of the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, and also a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine," the young monk said to Ouyang Xiaoyi carefully.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was stunned. Since when could monks start drinking wine and eating meat without any reservation? What was the deal with this guy ordering wine and meat with such a straight face?

"The Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine?" Ouyang Xiaoyi responded with a question.

"Yes, dear benefactor, once the wine and meat had passed through the intestines, us votaries should not be subjected to the judgment of the common society. Eat whatever we want, and drink whatever we please, as long as the buddha lives in our hearts." The young monk pushed his palms together, coming off as extremely sincere.

"Alright, please wait momentarily." Ouyang Xiaoyi was dazed.

"Dear benefactor, this humble monk has another tiny request, which is seeing Owner Bu, of this restaurant." The young monk grinned. His complexion showed nothing but gentleness.

"You want to meet the smelly boss? Can you wait for a bit... He isn't available now." Ouyang Xiaoyi frowned. She still felt like there was something peculiar about this monk before her eyes.

The young monk was not in a rush, and found a seat for himself.

Ouyang Xiaoyi walked to the window of the kitchen, and relayed the order of the young monk to Bu Fang.

"This Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine was ordered by a monk..." Ouyang Xiaoyi said with an odd tone, "and he said he wanted to see you."

"See me?" Bu Fang was startled, and then he put a dish at the window. Ouyang Xiaoyi carried it away and placed it down in front of Wu Yunbai.

These two ordered a lot of dishes, buried their faces with food, and couldn't even stop.

They had never expected that Bu Fang's dishes actually tasted this good.

As Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen, he carried a richly aromatic Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in one hand, a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine in another, and stopped by the young monk.

The young monk squinted his eyes. Seeing Bu Fang, he brought his palms together as his nose twitched...

"Your Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine. Please enjoy," Bu Fang said calmly, and then glanced at this monk with a composed manner.

The young monk stood up, his face formed a smile: "I have heard much about the great Owner Bu. This humble monk, Shang De, has a longstanding admiration for Fang Fang's Little Store. I've come to pay my visit today."

Bu Fang did not respond him, and continued looking at him with a deadpan face.

The young monk Shang De snickered, stroked his bald head, and gave it a light tap.

"Owner Bu's cooking skill is indeed impressive. This aroma has fully intoxicated this humble monk. However, this young monk came with a purpose today, and has some questions for Owner Bu."

"Go ahead," Bu Fang responded coolly.

The young monk's face became grave. With his palms pressed together, he bowed lightly toward Bu Fang.

"Us votaries have benevolent, merciful hearts. This humble monk came across a young serpent-woman on the streets of the Imperial City. As it goes, to rescue one person from death is better than building a seven-storied pagoda for the god. This humble monk came to her aid, but she quickly lost consciousness since she was heavily wounded. This humble monk felt rather helpless. However, the serpent-woman shouted out Owner Bu's name before she fainted. And so this humble monk came here to inquire, whether Owner Bu knows... this serpent-woman?"