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 Chapter 206: Where Was the Lotus? The Lotus You Promised?

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

On the streets of the Imperial City, street vendors were peddling their goods, hollering at flows of pedestrians.

A bald young monk dressed in a black linen garment carried a portion of steaming buns, stuffing the meat bun into his mouth as he walked.

The white meat buns emanated hot steam, yet the young monk was unaffected. He picked one up with one hand and gave it a good ol' bite, causing sauce to splatter everywhere. The aroma of the meat buns pervaded the air.

Not long after, the portion of buns was quickly devoured as he walked on.

He carelessly threw the empty food container onto the road and wiped his greasy mouth with his linen garment. Then, the young monk tugged off the gourd hanging from his waist and poured wine into his mouth. There was a satisfied look on his face.

"There's wine and there's meat... now that is the life!" The young monk grinned broadly, and walked toward Fang Fang's Little Store with large strides.

Suddenly, his steps froze as he cast a solemn gaze toward the small alleyway. This was because he could feel ferocious forces of true energy gushing from the direction of the store. He took another swig of wine, with his face as grave as ever.

"Which absentminded seventh grade Battle-Saint is putting on such a great pageantry of cultivation training in the Imperial City?" The young monk burst out into laughters.

There were countless seventh grade Battle-Saints in the Imperial City nowadays. Consequently, every Battle-Saint had their hands tied, afraid to do anything too flashy. This was a critical period, as there may be a lot to lose by sticking out one's neck.

"Whatever, who cares if he has the cultivation of a Battle-Saint. My objective is just to gather some information, hehe, and to get a look at the legendary Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree at the same time." The young monk chuckled, lightly tapped his bald head, and stepped forward.


Bu Fang carried the white jade wine jar into the kitchen, hid it well, and walked out again.

He caught sight of a few familiar shadows just as he was leaving the kitchen. Bu Fang studied the figures and instantly froze.

Wu Yunbai saw Bu Fang and her eyes sparkled. Sure enough it was him, they were in the right place!

However, Wu Yunbai did not move imprudently, as she saw the cross-legged seventh grade Battle-Saint seemingly about to reach a breakthrough. A Battle-Saint's breakthrough... now this was no joke.

Creak Creak, the sound of footsteps echoed once again.

Two shadows appeared by the entrance, standing right behind Wu Yunbai.

Ji Chengxue's pupils shrank as he peered at Ni Yan, who sat in the center of the store. He felt grim inside. Was this woman about to achieve a breakthrough? Breaking through at such a sensitive timing...

Lian Fu was filled with emotions as he glanced at the store. Ever since accompanying the late emperor here last time, he had never set foot into the store again. Suddenly hit with the cozy atmosphere, he couldn't help but recall old memories. He pinched his orchid-shaped fingers and sniveled.

Ni Yan's breakthrough did not last too long. Though the forces of energy on her body were rising, they stopped short at breaking into the echelon of eighth grade War-God from the peak of seventh grade Battle-Saint. The true energy within her gradually receded, and Ni Yan opened her eyes helplessly.

After drinking a cup of wine, the sounds of Path-Understanding Notes buzzed by her ears, enabling her to nearly reach a revelation. Yet it was truly onerous to arrive at such state, thus Ni Yan merely improved by one level on her cultivation as a seventh grade Battle-Saint. To reach the echelon of eighth grade War-God was too difficult.

The true energy that filled up the store dissipated. Ni Yan stood up and stretched, revealing her perfect body shape that attracted many pairs of eyes.

"Too bad, Owner Bu, your wine is quite something... but it was still an inch away from helping me reach a breakthrough. Just this last layer is as impenetrable as a natural barrier." Ni Yan's voice carried a trace of glumness, but it was fine. She didn't feel too dejected.

Though the breakthrough was unsuccessful, her cultivation level still witnessed an improvement.

"Owner Bu, long time no see, how have you fared lately? Has business been booming?" Ji Chengxue laughed as he walked through the door and brought his hands into a greeting gesture.

Bu Fang cast Ji Chengxue a surprised look. How was this busybody free to visit his store today?

Wasn't this guy off being the emperor?

"Business has been good," Bu Fang replied calmly.

Wu Yunbai cast an irritated look at the young man who had interrupted her encounter with Bu Fang, even though by the tone of their voices it sounded like they were old acquaintances.

"Owner Bu's restaurant is floating with the aroma of food as always..." Ji Chengxue exclaimed.

Suddenly, the tone of his voice changed into a chuckle: "Owner Bu, last night the wine you brewed stirred quite a commotion. The wine fragrance enveloped half of the Imperial City. It certainly shocked everyone. I have no idea what kind of wine you brewed. Is it possible... to give this young master a taste?"

Bu Fang peered at Ji Chengxue, but shook his head, and said: "You're too late. Today's Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew has been sold out. No more will be for sale, you'll just have to order something else."

Sold out? Ji Chengxue blanched, then rubbed his chin and nodded his head. Bu Fang's store was bound to be different from the others, even in terms of sale modes. It has been a while since he last had a drink in Bu Fang's store, to the point he had almost forgotten Bu Fang's style.

"Haha, the fault lies with this young master. Then, could Owner Bu give me an order of... the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, and a Red Braised Meat. Owner Bu's Red Braised Meat is the best among the entire Imperial City."

Bu Fang nodded, then turned back to head into the kitchen, ready to start cooking. But a sound behind him caught his attention, causing him to twist his head.

Wu Yunbai walked closer to Bu Fang and knitted her brows into a frown, saying: "Bu Fang, I don't suppose you've forgotten all about me?"

Bu Fang looked at Wu Yunbai with a deadpan face, curled the corners of his lips, and responded: "I have not forgotten, just didn't expect you to actually show up."

"You still owe me the lotus, of course I'd come... this is a matter of whether I can reach the breakthrough!" Wu Yunbai said seriously.

Huh? Bu Fang turned pale, the lotus...

Reminded of the lotus, Bu Fang instantly batted his eyes, cast them at Wu Yunbai, but kept silent.

Bu Fang's expression drained the colors from Wu Yunbai's face, could it be... that this guy had already spoiled the lotus? It was a seventh grade spirit herb... how could it just go to waste like that!

Snapped, Wu Yunbai lifted her long pale finger and shakily pointed it at Bu Fang: "You... you didn't spoil the lotus, did you?"

"I wouldn't say spoil, just that it has been used." Bu Fang coolly replied, calm and undaunted.

Seeing Wu Yunbai inadvertently struck up some other memories in Bu Fang. It had been a month, so why hasn't that serpent-man visited yet? If that serpent-men wanted to live, he definitely needed to seek for the Elixir Cuisine from his store.

Could it be that they encountered some unexpected obstacles on the journey here?

Typically speaking, they should have arrived by now. That they haven't appeared yet signified they probably got into some trouble.

Bu Fang sighed silently.

"How could you use the lotus... What about my breakthrough? What did you do with the lotus? Tell me now!" Wu Yunbai was livid. Here she was, having finally arrived at the Imperial City, yet this brat had already used up the lotus.

"For wine brewing. Nothing is left." Bu Fang answered.

Wine brewing? The lotus could be used to brew wine? Wait! Wu Yunbai suddenly remembered something, and glared at Bu Fang with her large eyes.

The so-called wine mentioned by this guy... could it be the wine with an aroma that engulfed half of the Imperial City last night?

Seventh grade spirit herb used for wine brewing... Dear brother, can we not be so extravagant?

There was a stabbing pain in Wu Yunbai's heart, a heartache that almost stopped her breath.

"Then where's the wine... Give me a taste. Maybe... there's still some leftover herb effect." Wu Yunbai put on a long face and said with the last of her hopes.

"Oh... that wine has been sold out today, so please come back again tomorrow."

Bu Fang glanced at Wu Yunbai gravely and replied. That sober complexion came off as extremely infuriating, giving Wu Yunbai the urge to kick his face...

Outside, the echoes of footsteps rang in the air. Silhouettes of figures appeared one after one.

The gushes of energy emanated from a seventh level Battle-Saint just then had attracted the attention of many Battle-Saints in the Imperial City. These Battle-Saints all poured into the little store to keep the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree from being snatched.