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 Chapter 205: A Breakthrough by Wine Drinking, How Incredible

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

"Master Ah Wu, time to get up. Let's go find Bu Fang."

The sound of knocking echoed in the inn. Wu Yunbai, dressed in a white robe, held a hand behind her back as she knocked.

After a lengthy flurry inside the room, Master Ah Wu finally walked out, nodding to Wu Yunbai and smiling timidly.

"Miss, up so early this morning." Master Ah Wu remarked.

"Early my ass. It is already late in the morning. Come on, let's go find Bu Fang." Wu Yunbai rolled her eyes at Master Ah Wu and led the way to the inn's door.

The two left the inn, squinted their eyes to detect the right direction, and walked toward the location of Fang Fang's Little Store. Since they'd already enquired the inn clerks, they didn't get lost on their way.

The two walked for a while and arrived at the remote alleyway. According to the inn clerk, Fang Fang's Little Store was located within this small alleyway.

The two of them were filled with curiosity, as the alleyway was not as quiet or secluded as they expected. Instead, it was bustling with noise and excitement, and an uninterrupted flow of people walked out of the small alleyway, carrying drunk bodies that emanated a rich wine aroma.

From afar, two figures strolled forth, one of which had a handsome and youthful complexion, a gentle smile, and emitted an overbearing pressuring aura.

The elder next to the youth had a fair complexion, but look quite odd. His torso twisted as he walked, his thumb and middle finger pinched together to form orchid-shaped fingers.

This peculiar combination caused Wu Yunbai to wrinkle her brows. Her face became grave.

It was because she could clearly detect that the cultivation level of this sissy elder next to the youth... was very high. At least stronger than that of Master Ah Wu judging by his subconscious emanation of pressure.

"Nowadays, the Imperial City is muddled with all sorts of people. Battle-Saint warriors... can be seen everywhere." Wu Yunbai murmured, and then stopped paying attention as she took Master Ah Wu along to enter the alleyway first.

"Uncle Lian, do you happen to know... those two people?" Ji Chengxue glanced at the back of Wu Yunbai, and softly asked Lian Fu, who stood besides him.

Lian Fu pinched his orchid-shaped fingers and lightly waved them as he responded: "It's apparent that they don't belong to our Light Wind Empire. I would not know."

"Then it should be Battle-Saints from other places... Is their target the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree as well? This... item is actually this alluring?" Ji Chengxue muttered.

"Oh gosh, my majesty, the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree is a treasure that can assist seventh level Battle-Saints reach eighth level War-God. Nevermind other Battle-Saints, even your old servant, I, cannot contain myself." Lian Fu flicked his orchid-shaped hands and remarked.

Ji Chengxue nodded his head. Being able to help seventh level Battle-Saints reach eighth level War-God, the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree was naturally priceless. However, back when the seed was still in the palace, they had used countless methods and planted it for a long time but still failed to make it germinate. Why was it that it successfully and rapidly grew once falling into Owner Bu's hands.

A possible explanation was that Bu Fang had some kind of special soil that could grow this treasured seed.

Or perhaps this Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree was destined not to belong in the palace.

"Come on, let's go take a look at Owner Bu's new wine. About that... this sovereign is extremely excited." Ji Chengxue laughed and walked forward with big strides.


The light cyan wine nectar flew in Ni Yan's baby red lips, through her jade-like white teeth, and into her mouth.

A flame-like burning sensation burst forth in her mouth, adding a layer of red flush on her pale face. Her delicate tongue licked her lips as she let out a breath. As the wine nectar glided down her throat, a sudden iceberg-like shock froze her entire body... The momentary transition from heat to cold made her face blush, and she couldn't help but emit a moan.

As the third explosion burst in her stomach, the sensation caused Ni Yan to lift up her head. Her hair streamed loose, teeth bit into her lips, and eyes blurred with drowsiness.

"Good wine!"

With another sip, the wine rushed to her head, where she felt a numbing throb. Besides her ears were whispers of peculiar Path-Understanding Notes.

Path-Understanding Notes? Ni Yan entered a focused state of mind, concentrating on the stirs of this path-understanding sensation.

Having gulped down the last of the wine nectar from the blue and white porcelain cup, Ni Yan felt a sense of paralyzing comfort.

Ye Ziling, who stood behind and carefully scrutinized Ni Yan, caught her in her arms and asked worriedly: "Sister Ni Yan... are you ok?"

"Dragon's Breath, sealed at the bottom of an ice mountain, supposedly stunning all beneath heaven once excavated... hahaha! You old drunkard, see how pleased you are with yourself. But Owner Bu's wine here... tastes better than your Dragon's Breath! Better than... your Dragon's Breath!"

Ni Yan's flushed face broke into a chortle, with her fair, long arms waving wildly in the air.

Yi Ziling felt rather awkward. She had no idea what Ni Yan was saying... but a drunk Ni Yan was stripped of her goddess-like image. Eh, to be more accurate, she never truly upheld that reputation.

Ye Zilin was lost over Ni Yan's words, but Bu Fang certainly made sense of it. He heard Ni Yan's evaluation of the two wines in her drunken state. Without a doubt, given Ni Yan's assessment, the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew clearly emerged victorious.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the temporary task: the 'Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew' you created yourself has surpassed the 'Dragon's Breath'. The task rewards will be granted now..."

The solemn voice of the system rang in Bu Fang's head. Beyond all questions, his Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew has outshone the Dragon's Breath, meaning he had completed the temporary task.

Bu Fang let out a light breath, much like he was just relieved of a great burden. The completion of this assignment made him feel rather rejoiced inside.

Ye Ziling supported Ni Yan, who suddenly shook in her arms and flicked open her eyes. A sense of panic-stricken fright appeared in her eyes, her pretty brows knitted into a frown. With a wave of energy, Ye Ziling was pushed away.

Ni Yan stood erect and fell into a deep meditation.

Boom Boom Boom!!

This fluctuating waves of muffled sound reverberated in the air.

Those in the queue were instantly alarmed and gazed toward the three Ouyang barbarians, who sat cross-legged on the ice cold bricks of the small alleyway.

The levels of energy on the three brothers rapidly rose. On top of their heads emerged small funnels of spirit energy vortexes, enabling spirit energy to rush into their bodies and transform into true energy.

With a ring alike bursting open a stratum, the energy of the three brothers of three Ouyang barbarians immediately elevated by a large degree. In that instant, they reached the peak of fifth level Battle-King...

The bystanders in the crowd became all the more terrified at this scene, since before this the three brothers were merely at the initial stages of fifth level Battle-King. In fact, their levels of energy were even rather unstable. Yet, after sharing this cup of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, the three brothers actually simultaneously reached the peak of fifth level Battle-King.

Was this a joke? What would that make of breakthroughs in cultivation, if it was no different from eating food or drinking water?

Those in the crowd took in a chilled breath, since they knew that the three brothers' breakthroughs were inseparable from the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew.

Those who drank it previously had not reached breakthroughs. Seeing that they passed out after one cup, none had the chance to regulate the rich spirt energy contained in the wine nectar. However, they should be able to experience breakthroughs soon enough.

This wine nectar was truly capable of assisting people reach breakthroughs!

At that, those left in the crowd felt heated with anticipation within. If it could help reach a breakthrough, five hundred crystals... was not a bad deal!

The remaining four cups of wine were sold without a struggle. Once the fourth cup was sold, Bu Fang instantly sealed the jade white wine jar. Only half a jar of wine nectar was left.

There were a total of three jars of this Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew. Bu Fang did not plan on brewing this spirit wine again in the future. Not only because the process was complex, but also because the ingredients needed were precious and rare.

Plus, the brewing of this spirit wine required way too much energy.

Three jars of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew... were enough. Once it was all sold, it would be plainly out of stock.

The three Ouyang barbarians had completed their breakthroughs. The drunken drowsiness had vanished from their faces. The three stepped into the store to thank Bu Fang, only to discover that the bystanders' gazes had not fallen on them.

Instead, they were looking at the breathtakingly beautiful woman sitting there cross-legged.

The woman's long hair fluttered with the breeze of true energy. Amidst the fluctuation of her true energy, there were signs that she may reach a breakthrough.

This woman, the three Ouyang barbarians recalled... was a seventh level Battle-Saint.