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 Chapter 204: Your Cup of Wine, Free of Charge

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Ouyang Xiaoyi skipped down the road and entered the small alleyway in shock, gaping at the long queue lined up ahead.

In the queue, she saw a couple of familiar faces. Some were regular customers of the store, others were unknown strangers...

"No wonder I didn't hear your snores this morning. Turns out you guys sneaked here, to the smelly boss' store, for a booze!" Ouyang Xiaoyi immediately recognized three familiar, thickset figures once she stepped into the store. Who else could they be but her three idiot brothers.

The three barbarians of Ouyang twisted their heads to look at Ouyang Xiaoyi. Their faces scrunched up, as traces of utmost grief creeped over their complexions.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was instantly startled. Brothers... can you stop terrorizing people in broad daylight?

"Owner Bu's wine... costs an arm and a leg." The elder, Ouyang Zhen, pouted his lips, extremely upset. The three brothers couldn't afford even one cup of wine with all of the crystals on them. It was simply... damning.

Who would have thought that Bu Fang's newly brewed wine was not only exorbitant, but also sold in terms of cups!

How much was there in a cup... it wasn't even enough to fill the slits between one's teeth.

"Xiaoyi, my dear sister, could you lend your brother some crystals?" Ouyang Wu moved closer to Ouyang Xiaoyi brazenly, causing the latter to heighten her vigilance.

Ouyang Xiaoyi opened her eyes wide and peered at the menu in bemusement. She ran her eyes down the menu and discovered the newly added dish at the bottom...

"Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, five hundred crystals per cup."

Ouyang Xiaoyi was dumbfounded, five hundred crystals... a cup? This... must be a mistake of the smelly boss? What kind of wine could be worth five hundred crystals a cup? The Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine wasn't even one tenth the price of this new item.

No wonder her three brothers had to borrow crystals from her...

"My dear sister, Xiaoyi, this wine is too enticing. If your brother doesn't get a taste, he won't be able to sleep tonight. I'd feel weak all over even when I walked..." Ouyang Di put on a long face. He looked in pain.

Three hefty, burly fellows pouring out their woes to a little loli. With their snots and tears, certainly made an entertaining scene.

Ouyang Xiaoyi patted the faces of her three brothers, took out crystals from her sachet, and handed them to her brothers. As the gem of the Ouyang family, she was never short of crystals.

"Thanks, little sister!" Ouyang Zhen was wild with joy as he received the crystals. On top of what the three of them had, they finally pooled five hundred crystals, enough to buy a cup of wine.

As Bu Fang's bamboo tube scooped, the sound of flowing wine nectar reverberated through the entire store. Such wine fragrance gradually diffused, intoxicating the three Ouyang barbarians.

"Here, your Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew." Bu Fang carefully passed the blue and white porcelain cup to Ouyang Zhen, who received it with the utmost caution. Such behavior came off as both attentive and comical.

Ouyang Zhen held the wine cup, on which Ouyang Wu and Ouyang Di glued their eager eyes.

The three of them convened by a corner and deliberated: "There is only one cup of this wine. The three of us each takes one sip. Nobody is allowed extra!"

Ouyang Wu and Ouyang Di promptly nodded.

Ouyang Zhen instantly narrowed his eyes, lifted up the cup, and took a small sip. He drank precisely a third of the wine.

After a taste, he fell utterly into a state of inescapable intoxication.

Ouyang Wu received the wine cup from his hands, deeply inhaled the wine aroma, and also took a sip. An exploding wine aroma bursted forth within his mouth, causing his hairs to stand on their ends.

Lastly, Ouyang Di got hold of the wine up, and tipped into his mouth whatever was left in the cup...

The scene of three burly fellows meticulously divvying up one small cup of wine was, needless to say, pitiable. The sight became all the more bleak and desolate at this moment in time.

Nevertheless, after drinking up this cup of wine, the complexions of all three underwent dramatic transformations. Their pupils widened, and the true energy within their bodies was actually fluctuating.

They didn't pass out after one cup, since the three of them shared a cup. That's why they weren't completely drunk, but only tipsy.

After devoted training, the cultivation levels of the three Ouyang barbarians had just recently, around the Spring Festival, made a breakthrough to fifth level Battle-King. Now, with this cup of wine down the stomach, they felt the true energy within their bodies circulating at full speed, as if the true energy was boiling inside.

With flushed complexions, the three walked out of the store, and directly sat down cross-legged in the small alleyway to undergo cultivation.

They could hear the indistinct whispers of Path-Understanding Notes flowing through their ears. Going along with the Path-Understanding Notes, they seemed to feel the many questions arising from cultivation training were readily and easily solved.

The queuing crowds gazed in astonishment at the cross-legged three brothers sat upon the ice-cold bricks of the small alleyway.

The energy on their bodies was fluctuating, and continued to build up. It looked as if... they had consumed elixirs.

The eyes of many people instantly sparked. A cup of wine... surely couldn't induce one to reach breakthroughs?

Was it really true? A cup of wine had the effects of elixirs?

Ni Yan's eyes shone even brighter. The fire in her heart burnt more fervently.

Not only Ni Yan, but many others had discerned the effects of this wine... Everyone was instantly amazed. It could help one reach breakthroughs? This wine was truly badass.

However, as these people stepped into the store and witnessed the exorbitant price, long faces were put on. The colors on their faces were drained into ashen tones.

Most people simply couldn't afford it, or did not bring this many crystals. There were also people who rummaged up and down, finally getting together five hundred crystals, and bought a cup.

Sure enough, everyone passed out after one cup.

Those sprawled on the floor were subsequently taken home by their acquaintances.

Fatty Jin and his lot were not there for the wine, but for the food instead. It was, however, pretty obvious that Bu Fang did not appear to have time to cook their dishes. They were not impatient, and instead sat there in good spirits, fascinated at the rare sight of wine selling.

Bu Fang gazed at the half drained white jade wine jar, and scrunched his brows into a slight frown. He lifted up his head and announced to the crowd: "Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, only five cups left for sale today."

Five cups? Ni Yan blanched. She never thought that this wine was not only sold by the cup, but also freaking limited in quantity!

But so be it, if was her turn anyway.

The corners of Ni Yan's mouth curled as she stepped before Bu Fang. Her red lips formed a playful grin as she asked: "Owner Bu, how did you think of brewing such good wine?"

Bu Fang peered at Ni Yan's breathtakingly beautiful face, one lovely enough to cause the downfall of cities and countries, and knitted his brows into a slight frown. He did not answer her question, but instead took in a deep breath as he eyed the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew in the jade white wine jar.

"Your cup of wine, free of charge." Bu Fang scooped up a cup of wine and handed the blue and white porcelain cup to Ni Yan.

Ni Yan, Ouyang Xiaoyi, and also Ye Ziling who stood behind Ni Yan, were all taken back. Everyone was rather dumbfounded.

What did it mean? What was the meaning of this?!

Owner Bu... you shouldn't forgo your principles just because this lady was attractive!

"Why is it free?" Ni Yan took the wine cup Bu Fang offered her without reservation. Her red lips glistened mesmerizingly as they curled, with her eyes narrowed into slits.

She knew Bu Fang wasn't the type tempted by a beautiful face. If he gave her a drink for free... she'd be damned if he wasn't up to something.

"You've drunk 'Dragon's Breath', right? Then, give this cup of wine a good taste. Afterwards, give an assessment of which is better, the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew or Dragon's Breath," Bu Fang studied Ni Yan solemnly and said soberly.

Wine match? Ni Yan froze. She never guessed that Bu Fang treated her to wine for the purpose of a wine match... and also that the target of comparison was "Dragon's Breath". Could it be that her innocuous comment last time about how the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine couldn't compare with Dragon's Breath stuck with Owner Bu?

Owner Bu shouldn't be so bored as to care about such trivialities... Maybe, the making of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew was merely a coincidence.

Ni Yan thought assertively in her head.

But... Bu Fang really did make the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew just for the sake of competing with Dragon's Breath. If Ni Yan learned of Bu Fang's true intentions, she definitely wouldn't know whether it was more appropriate to laugh or cry.

With Bu Fang's comment, Ni Yan's heart was all the more curious. It seemed like Owner Bu was very much confident in this wine.

Her jade-like, long pale fingers clasped the blue and white porcelain cup. Her nose edged closer to the cup and sniffed gently. A waft of wine fragrance drifted up her nose, absolutely enchanting.

Her baby pink tongue licked her rosy lips, both beguiling and seductive. She lifted up the wine cup and took a small sip.