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 Chapter 203: All Down With One Cup

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Hu Yifeng carefully picked up the tiny blue and white porcelain wine cup with two fingers, afraid to spill even one drop of the wine nectar. Every drop counted as crystals!

His heart was bleeding blood, but it didn't stop his mouth from smacking and watering. He sniffed the rich wine fragrance, unable to hold himself back.

The light cyan colored wine nectar rested in the delicate blue and white porcelain cup. The nectar appeared slightly thick, emitting a faint glow. A wisp of smoke floated on top of the wine cup. Its rich wine aroma spurted out like a tiny snake and up his nose. It opened up every pore in his body.

Merely smelling the fragrance of the wine nectar sent shivers down Hu Yifeng's spine. A smear of drunkenness appeared over his eyes.

Pursing his lips, he took a small sip. The light cyan colored wine nectar flew into his mouth and in that very moment a flame-like burning sensation caused him to screw up his face in shock. It felt as if his tongue was on fire.

The scorching sting came and went. Once the wine nectar was down the throat, it became as cold as ice. It nearly froze Hu Yifeng to death. However, the penetrating coolness was pleasant in its own way, causing Hu Yifeng's eyes to bulge.

With the wine nectar down his stomach, three explosions immediately followed. Wine burps came out one after another, beyond his control, and filled the surrounding with wine fragrance.

"Good... good wine!" Hu Yifeng's gentle, refined demeanor was washed with drunkenness. The wine had an alarmingly amount of strength. After the three explosions, the wine rushed right up to his head, almost blasting him out of consciousness!

"Amalgamation of fire and ice, oh yes indeed! This wine... is a delicacy that is simply out of this world!" Hu Yifeng bellowed.

Lifting up his head, he emptied the cup with one swallow. Once again, that burning sensation in the mouth, but then chillness down the throat, which satisfied him from head to toe.


With one cup of wine down the stomach, the floating wine mist hovering above the blue and white porcelain cup had dissipated. However, the remains of a light wave of spirit energy was still within the mix. Hu Yifeng's face flushed red, with his eyes shooting out sparkles. As he huffed air out of his nose, spirit energy continuously poured out.

Hu Yifeng was lightheaded and dizzy. Everything before his eyes had become blurry. He squinted his eyes, but blaring Path-Understanding Notes rang in his ears. The sound was akin to thunder piercing the ears, as if it all broke out right in his head.

The second and third master of the Thirteen Bandits stood not far from Hu Yifeng. As they witnessed the staggering Hu Yifeng, their pupils shrank.

"Brother!" The second master stepped forward and caught the falling Hu Yifeng.

The second master was bewildered when he grabbed hold of Hu Yifeng, after which a rich waft of wine fragrance hit his face... is the elder brother drunk?

What the hell... down with one cup?

The second master and third master exchanged glances and detected the puzzling look in each others' eyes. Their brother did not have a poor tolerance for liquor. A case of him passing out with one cup was simply unthinkable prior to this.

"What did you do to our dear brother!" The second master, still in disbelief, starred daggers at Bu Fang. It must be the brat before his eyes who tampered with the wine nectar. How else could his brother be knocked out cold after one cup?!

Bu Fang twisted his head and with his deadpan face looked back at the scowling, burly fellow, before remarking coolly: "As you can see, this chap... is down with one cup."

The third master stood up in a fury. "You're a liar. We know how well our brother can handle his liquor. You lad... don't even think about hoodwinking us. Spill, what did you do to our brother!"

"As I have said before, he is drunk. If you don't believe that, drink a cup yourself," Bu Fang said evenly.

The third master was taken back for a moment, but immediately began hollering: "Then hit me with a cup fast!"

"Five hundred crystals per cup. If you don't believe me, look at the menu behind you." Bu Fang thought it would be better to be clear on the price ahead of time.

"What? Five hundred crystals?! Why don't you just go ahead and rob me right here?!" The third master almost bit his tongue in shock when he heard Bu Fang's words. Five hundred crystals for a cup of wine... has he gone crazy over his desire for crystals?

"If you're not ordering, then leave the store. You know the consequences if you try to cause trouble." Bu Fang remained unperturbed.

The third master clenched his fist, peered at his drunken brother lying within the second master's arms. Seeing his flushed face and incessant spewing out of rich, intoxicating wine fragrance, the third master's heart hardened.

"Five hundred crystals... damn it! Brothers, lend me some crystals to expose the true colors of this lying, cheating, black-hearted owner!"

The third master gritted his teeth and turned to borrow crystals from his brothers. The second master shoved his crystals to the third master without a word.

The rest also handed up their crystals, albeit a little hesitant.

They were not Hu Yifeng, which meant they did not have a lot of crystals on them. However...scraped together, the twelve brothers were able to pool five hundred crystals easily.

With a "bam", the third master slammed the crystals on the table. Bu Fang then poured a cup of wine for him.

Having carefully inspected this magnificent cup of wine, he couldn't contain his urges and drained the cup with one swallow.

This was his habit when it came to wine drinking. He differed from the learned, refined nature of people like Hu Yifeng. Instead, he was merely a burly brick, and doing shots was the common way to go.

But this wine was no common wine...

Bu Fang even stared in astonishment at the third master, who had drained it in one shot, before blinking his eyes.

Having drunk the wine with one swallow, the third master's face became instantly distorted. The amalgamation of fire and ice burst forth on top of the explosion from the three moires. Such rupture of sensations had the third master completely hooked. In short, he was on cloud nine.

Sure enough, the third master's face also flushed red. He pointed to Bu Fang as his eyes rolled, but he toppled over and hit the floor before taking out a single step, descending into a deep sleep.

Another case of down with one cup...

The rest of the Thirteen Bandits were shocked out of their wits. This wine really could make one pass out after one cup... damn it, that was truly enticing. They couldn't wait to jump at it and give it a try.

But not after long, they scurried out in dejection having learned of the skyrocketing price.

The seventh master couldn't decide what to do. When he stepped into the store earlier, he was still clouded with a lingering fear. It was in this very place... that he was stripped mercilessly and then had to sprint back to the inn stark-naked. It was a complete disgrace to his reputation. He was back in the same spot, now with a completely different state of mind.

Evidently, he did not have any crystals left. He had lent all of his to the third master. His pocket was completely empty at this point.

"My apologies, this store does not allow anyone to leave it on the tab. So please leave if you do not have any crystals." Bu Fang was simply ruthless.

The seventh master ground his teeth in anger, as fumes of rage rose from his body. He only wanted to drink a cup of wine. Why was this so difficult?

Whitey's plump figure could be faintly seen inside the kitchen. The seventh master's heart sank. His mind replayed the all too memorable scenes from before, and so he instantly chose to exit the store without a second thought... Making trouble in the store? What a joke... He did not want to relive the streaking.

And so, the Thirteen Bandits came in a formidable flood, but left carrying two weaklings, who were knocked out cold after one cup of wine, back to the inn. This was infuriating... some of them didn't even get to taste the wine.

The Thirteen Bandits carried their two brothers and walked out of the alleyway, only to bump right into Ni Yan and a sleepy Ye Ziling.

"Such a strong wine scent, are they drunk?" Ni Yan twitched her nose and murmured.

Afterwards, she pulled Ye Ziling before Bu Fang's store.

However, there was a long line in front of the store.

The rich wine fragrance that drifted out of it made Ni Yan's heart itch.

Ye Ziling was unaffected though, since she hadn't developed any concepts about alcohol yet.

"This Owner Bu is quite intriguing. Last time when I visited the store I complained that his wine wasn't good enough. This time he had already issued a new wine. Could it be that he wants to compete with the "Dragon's Breath"?" Ni Yan felt exhilarated. This was the first time she came across a wine that could possibly be compared to the old drunkard's Dragon's Breath.

The two didn't try skipping the line, and instead honestly stood behind Fatty Jin and his crew.


In front of the Gate of Peaceful Tranquility of the Imperial City, two figures slowly sauntered out. Ji Chengxue was dressed in a brocade robe, with a jaded crown on his head. A smile hung on the corners of his mouth as he walked out of the palace.

Besides him, there was a eunuch also wrapped in a brocade robe. He was the long absent, aged Lian Fu.

"Uncle Lian, let's go to Owner Bu's store, or else we'll miss the fine wine." Ji Chengxue beamed.

Lian Fu pinched his orchid-shaped fingers, nodded his head, and cleared his throat before saying: "Your Majesty, your wish is my command."