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 Chapter 202: Whether You Buy It or Not, The Wine Will Always Be Here

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

In the face of the burly fellows with incredibly powerful levels of true energy, Fatty Jin and his crew became aggrieved young ladies who got squeezed to the back. Since they weren't matched in strength, they didn't dare to risk it, which meant they had to suffer the bitterness in silence.

Bu Fang was slightly taken back. This group of people... got here early, could it be they came for the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew? Even though he vaguely remembered announcing last night that it was first come, first served, this crowd still gathered way too early.

"Owner Bu, morning! Can we purchase wine now?"

Ouyang Zhen scratched his head, with his eyes sparkling as he peered at Bu Fang. In the clash of the Battle-Saints last night, the Three Ouyang Barbarians did not dare to make a peep. In order to obtain this delicious wine, they had arrived much earlier today with intentions to stealthily purchase the wine before the seventh grade Battle-Saints could notice.

"Hey... did I give you permission to buy it first?" The Thirteen Bandits turned their gazes to the Three Ouyang Barbarians at the same time. These folks were all at the peak of sixth grade Battle-Emperor, certainly not someone with whom the Three Ouyang Barbarians could compete. Simply their imposing manners suppressed the three of them entirely.

Infuriating! However, the Three Ouyang Barbarians had to swallow such insult and humiliation silently, since they were truly inferior in strength.

"Owner Bu, I am Hu Yifeng, of Mozhou. Last night I had the fortune of smelling the fragrance of a fine wine brewed by Owner Bu, after which I suffered a sleepless night. I've arrived here this morning with my brothers to purchase the wine, hoping that Owner Bu will allow it." Hu Yifeng, otherwise known as the elder of the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou, smiled at Bu Fang.

Of the Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou, the eldest Hu Yifeng was the only learned and refined gentleman of the lot, whereas the twelve others were burly bricks. In truth, it was a wondrous sight.

Bu Fang flicked a glance toward them and nodded slightly as he walked toward the store. As he walked, he announced: "Form a queue, purchase the wine in an orderly fashion."

Form a queue? Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou were perplexed. Did one need to stand in a line to purchase things?

They were bandits, and therefore were accustomed to robbing and looting. The concept of queueing was quite unfamiliar to their minds, explaining why they were genuinely confused when Bu Fang instructed them to line up.

"Form a queue quickly, according to ranks of seniority among us brothers." Hu Yifeng wrinkled his brows as he commanded. He arrived at the entrance first, took a stride and stepped into the store.

Behind him were the second master, the third master... and so on.

As Bu Fang returned to the store, the voice of the system rang in his head.

"Price evaluation of the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew complete. The final selling price: five hundred crystals a cup."

Bu Fang's stride froze in the air. He sharply took in a chilled breath. Five hundred crystals for a cup...Oh damn! That is freaking expensive!

"But I like it..." The corners of Bu Fang's lips curled. He resumed his steps and walked into the kitchen.

Hu Yifeng entered the store, and suddenly felt as if a mysterious wave of energy enveloped him. Such wave of energy caused his eyes to sparkle.

The energy waves of the path-understanding tree could boost one's cultivation training... It was extremely helpful to achieving breakthroughs!

Hu Yifeng's eyes turned, and his gaze landed on the sapling sitting in a yellowish flower pot in a corner of the store.

This sapling was expanding in terms of scale, already nearly as tall as an average person. Its branches had spurted out, with it fresh green leaves stirring. Waves of rich spirit energy, mingled with unusual path-understanding waves, emanated from it.

"The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree has really lived up to its name. If I can take possession of this precious tree and undergo cultivation training every day, reaching a breakthrough to seventh grade Battle-Saint would only be a matter of time!" A trace of greed flashed across Hu Yifeng's eyes. At that moment, his natural instincts as a bandit surfaced and tickled his heart. However, recalling the terrifying robotic puppet from Bu Fang's store last night... Hu Yifeng decided otherwise.

That robotic puppet was an existence that could even defeat a seventh grade Battle-Saint. He himself was merely at the peak of sixth grade battle emperor, and therefore was simply not a match. There was no point in seeking for humiliation and getting stripped for nothing.

Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen with a white jade wine jar in his arms and a expressionless face.

He placed a few blue and white ceramic cups. He picked up a bamboo tube, placed the white jade wine jar on the table, and lightly tapped it, successfully diverting Hu Yifeng's attention away from the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree and back onto himself.

"This is the wine you wanted to purchase. It's called the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew," Bu Fang stated calmly.

After the announcement, Bu Fang lifted the lid of the white jade wine jar. In that very instant, a rich, intoxicating wine fragrance blasted through. The wine aroma was reckless and unrestrained, it drifted out immediately and engulfed the entirety of the small alleyway. In fact, it showed signs of continuing to spread outwards.

Merely sniffing the wine fragrance caused the Three Ouyang Barbarians' mouths to water. This scent was undoubtedly enticing.

Hu Yifeng's eyes lit up and cast a burning gaze at the white jade wine jar. Those in his profession were naturally wine lovers. Alcohol could help boost one's courage, and hence what couldn't be missing from their lives... was liquor.

"Fine wine! Fine wine! This aroma... is indescribable!" Hu Yifeng was full of praises. His entire face trembled.

As for such compliments, Bu Fang was naturally happy to receive them. After all, this wine cost him an immense amount of energy, and so the end product would obviously be spectacular.

"The menu is behind you, and so is the price of the wine. Take a look," Bu Fang said.

"No need! Owner Bu, I'd like to buy this jar of wine!" Hu Yifeng waved his hands heartily and declared boldly.

Yet, Bu Fang continued to wear his poker-face, and flicked a cool glance at him before replying: "You can't afford it."

"Huh? I can't afford it?" Hu Yifeng was taken back, and then chuckled exuberantly: "Owner Bu, there's no need to look down on me. Even though I am not swimming in money, I can still easily bear the expense of a jar of wine."

Even though the fragrance of the wine was incredibly rich, at the end of the day it was still just wine. How pricey could it be. Regarding this matter, Hu Yifeng did not bother giving it a second thought.

"The menu is behind you, why don't you take a look at it before you speak." Bu Fang didn't care to offer further explanations.

Hu Yifeng knitted his brows into a frown, and displeasure filled his heart. It was just a jar of wine, why the hold-up?

HOowever, Hu Yifeng still acknowledged Bu Fang's words and twisted his head to study the menu.

Hu Yifeng's eyes instantly shrank as he started reading from the top. This menu... was truly frightening. This was a menu? Damn it, even elixirs didn't go at such a high price!

Wine... where was the wine? Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine... no, not this one. Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, this was it!

Hu Yifeng swept his eyes across the menu and finally located the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew. However, after seeing the price of the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, Hu Yifeng's dismissive gaze froze. His pupils gradually widened, and his face was as if he had seen a ghost.

"Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, five hundred crystals a cup."

A cup, five hundred crystals... crystals... crystals...

"This is... robbery!" Hu Yifeng's lips quavered. "Is this how you operate your business? You sell at five hundred crystals a cup, this is pure extortion!"

The Thirteen Bandits of Mozhou being extorted... Now this was quite the irony.

Bu Fang flicked a glance at him and nodded his head solemnly before saying: "A cup of wine is five hundred crystals. The price is fair. We cheat neither the old nor the young."

It was as if an invisible arrow pierced through Hu Yifeng's heart, paining him tremendously. Fair pricing... don't toy with me just because I am not highly educated.

"Knock if off, Owner Bu, let's stick to good business practices." Hu Yifeng's complexion was clouded by a sense of distaste. This price... was simply too exorbitant.

Mozhou was a poor, destitute region. As bandits, they did not earn that much. Sometimes they had no gains for a whole month...

Purchasing a cup of wine with five hundred crystals was a definite loss!

Bu Fang fingered the bamboo tube and tapped it on the white jade wine jar. He took out a cup, extending the bamboo tube into the wine and scooping out a tube full of light cyan colored wine nectar.

Sploosh splash. The sound of wine nectar trickling rang in the air. The wine fragrance became richer still and the spirit energy mixed with the aroma wrapped around Hu Yifeng's heart like arms of silk.

Bu Fang poured the light cyan colored wine nectar into the wine cup. A mist of spirit energy hovered above the cup and three cloud-shaped moires materialized. All of that was too beautiful to be fully absorbed.

"Whether you buy it or not, the wine will always be here," Bu Fang cast a glance at Hu Yifeng and said soberly.

Gulp. The strong wine aroma caused Hu Yifeng's throat to quiver. In that moment, his addiction to wine took over him.

You win! Hu Yifeng was incensed... this was plain case of temptation and robbery. However, he found himself unable to overcome the enticement of the light cyan wine nectar.

"I'm freaking buying it! Damn it!" Hu Yifeng clenched his fist and with the wave of his hand, a huge bag of crystals landed on the table. This was all of his money. His heart was dripping with blood.

Bu Fang arched his brows, merrily grabbed these crystals, and stored them into the system's dimensional storage.

"This wine is yours, please savor it attentively. Maybe you'll be hit with a surprise." Bu Fang remarked.