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 Chapter 201: Last Night I Might Have... Gotten Drunk

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In the dark of the night, two crescent moons intertwined and fulfilled each other, emitting a brilliant glow. Thousands of stars shone near the crescent moons.

The brightness of the crescent moons spilled down, as if masking the earth with a gossamer veil.

Imperial City, in a luxurious mansion.

Zhao Musheng stood in the courtyard, with a cloak of moonlight draped over his shoulders. With a gentle complexion and kind eyes, he peered at the serpent girl within the courtyard, who looked back at him timidly.

"You said you came to the Imperial City in search of Owner Bu?" Zhao Musheng's eyes squinted into a wink, giving him a mild, benevolent countenance. His body emitted a golden layer of gleam, which momentarily helped ease Yu Fu's sense of unrest.

"Yes..." Yu Fu's serpent tail swayed, and her entire body slightly shrank back.

Zhao Musheng suddenly curled the corners of his lips and enhanced the compassionate, tender look on his face, "Don't be afraid. Owner Bu and I are quite close, perhaps... I can take you to him."

Yu Fu was taken back, but her beautiful eyes suddenly lit up. She was unfamiliar with the Imperial City, and did not even know where was this store Bu Fang had mentioned... If the human before her eyes was speaking the truth, then it would be such a relief.

If she could find Owner Bu, her father could be cured.

"The serpent-men's tribe is located in the Illusory Spirit Swamp, right? That is quite far from here. You trekked over a great distance and came all the way to the Imperial City just to find Owner Bu. What for?" Zhao Musheng asked.

Yu Fu's heart shivered as she looked at him in alarm.

Her sharp vigilance prompted Zhao Musheng's complexion to slightly freeze. His eyes became gradually colder, and the layer of soft golden glow on his body, as well as the warmheartedness, had all evaporated into thin air.

Zhao Musheng's eyes dimmed, as if a queer glow circulated beneath his eyes. With that, Yu Fu zoned out and involuntarily spilled out everything...

"Someone come, take the serpent-woman down, and guard her well... Who would have thought that this serpent-woman has actually had contact with Bu Fang. What a pleasant surprise," Zhao Musheng said coolly, after which a couple of shadows dashed into the mansion, dragged down the serpent-woman Yu Fu, and locked her up.

Serpent-men were very rare in the Light Wind Empire. Zhao Musheng originally took in the three serpent-men purely out of curiosity. Little did he know that he could end up gaining extra information on Bu Fang.

Bu Fang had associations with the serpent-men? Could it be that Bu Fang came from the Illusory Spirit Swamp himself?

"The enigmatic White Cloud Villa is the only powerful force in the Illusory Spirit Swamp... could it be that Bu Fang is a disciple of the White Cloud Villa? But if that is the case, why would he come open a restaurant in the Imperial City?" Zhao Musheng instantly sank into deep thoughts.

Among the ten greatest sects, the Mahayana Island was the most powerful sect, only next to the Wuliang Mountain's Celestial Arcanum Sect, and so he knew plenty of secrets himself. The White Cloud Villa was a mysterious force of power, and only the equally secretive Celestial Aracanum Sect could compare with it...

With hands behind his back, Zhao Musheng walked around the mansion immersed in meditation for a long time. Finally, his lips curled up.

He clicked his fingers, and a shadow swiftly emerged from the darkness.

This was a bald young monk dressed in a black linen garment. On his head, there were two streaks of scars, one of them was like a ferocious centipede extending from this person's brow all the way to his nape.

"Elder." This young monk smiled in a way that made him look harmless. If it weren't for that centipede-like scar, he could come off as rather simple and honest.

"Shang De, amongst all my disciples of the Mahayana Island, you have the highest cultivation level. I have arranged a task for you tomorrow, go complete it..." Zhao Musheng held his hands behind his back and announced to this young monk with a grin.

The young monk Shang De beamed: "Go ahead, my elder. If Shang De can accomplish it, I would go through fire and boiling water, die ten thousand deaths for you."

Zhao Musheng curled the corners of his mouth. Even though this young monk was from the Mahayana Island's Buddhist Sect, he was actually full of lies. He could easily lie through his teeth without a second thought.

"Pay a visit to Fang Fang's Little Store tomorrow. Subtly bring up the topic of serpent-men to Owner Bu, and observe Bu Fang's reactions." Zhao Musheng instructed.

The young monk Shang De was taken back, "Fang Fang's Little Store? That recently hyped store in ownership of a Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree?"

Zhao Musheng nodded his head. The young monk's eyes instantly lit up. That gleam was extremely devious.

"Hehe, elder, you can wait and see. Tomorrow, Shang De will stop by the store. I've been meaning to visit it myself. The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree is truly a precious treasure!"

"Remember, don't fight recklessly. You only need to detect Bu Fang's reactions." Zhao Musheng cautioned.

The young monk nodded smilingly, then turned around and left the courtyard.

Zhang Musheng watched as the young monk Shang De's shadow disappeared. One couldn't tell what exactly was on his mind.


"Miss, that group of Battle-Saints have all returned... It's pretty obvious they didn't get to drink that wine."

In the room of an inn, Wu Yunbai sat cross-legged as she underwent cultivation. Master Ah Wu sat by the window, and as he witnessed the flock of Battle-Saints fleeing under the moonlight, he couldn't help but inform Wu Yunbai.

Wu Yunbai did not respond to him, but merely nodded lightly.

She naturally detected the wine fragrance, but she couldn't be bothered to contend with the Battle-Saints. The Imperial City nowadays was changing rapidly and was filled with powerful warriors. She didn't bring many people from the White Cloud Villa, which meant her sphere of influence was limited, and that explained why she didn't want to risk anything.

She had plans to go seek out Bu Fang the next day, ask him for the Monarch Lotus, and then use it to help her break through to seventh grade Battle-Saint. That way she might have a bigger voice of influence in the Imperial City.

By then... she would have the opportunity to join the fight that determined the fate of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree.

"Oh gosh! Miss, there's actually a Battle-Saint streaking under the moonlight! Goodness heavens, are the Battle-Saints in this Imperial City all so brash and forward?" Master Ah Wu exclaimed in surprise.

Wu Yunbai shut her eyes even firmer, with her face turning green... "I am undergoing cultivation, can we please stop being so jumpy and jittery? I almost got a cramp...

"It's only Battle-Saints streaking..." Wu Yunbai envisioned it in her head, tsk the image was too beautiful, it must have been eye blinding.


Light Wind Empire Palace, the main halls.

A light shone faintly as Ji Chengxue sat on the throne with knitted eyebrows. He naturally knew about the massive flood of Battle-Saints into the Imperial City, but he was rendered helpless and couldn't do anything about it.

As he listened to the eunuch's reporting from beneath, his lips suddenly curled.

"Owner Bu's strategy is not bad. Awing and frightening the already restless Battle-Saints provided the Imperial City with a breathing space. These Battle-Saints have been incredibly overbearing, making it difficult to maintain order in the Imperial City.

"But I really look forward to Owner Bu's new wine tomorrow, which has evidently surpassed the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine. It makes this monarch's heart tickle." Ji Chengxue exclaimed with a long face.

With a sigh, Ji Chengxue stood up from the throne, took a few strides, and asked the eunuch besides him:

"How is the Ghost Chef doing lately? Anything worth noting?"

"Report to Your Majesty. The Ghost Chef Wang Ding has been quiet all month. He has been staying in the quarter that Your Majesty has prepared, making food and taking walks... other than that, there's nothing special." The eunuch reported back with his head bowed low.

Ji Chengxue nodded his head. As for this Ghost Chef, he has been filled with rage toward him... If it weren't for him spreading the news, how could the Imperial City be drawn into such a crisis. But then again, this was an established Battle-Saint they were talking about. It would simply cost too much to settle him for once and for all.

"Continue with the surveillance. Also, help me make preparations for tomorrow, this monarch is taking a trip out of the palace." Ji Chengxue instructed.

That eunuch instantly lifted up his head. His face was filled with astonishment.


In the morning, when the sun had already leaped over the horizon.

Bu Fang opened his tired eyes and suddenly stretched them wide. He propped himself up from the bed, with his face still relaxed but also dazed.

"Huh? What happened last night? It seems like... something happened last night. Oh yeah... I drank quite a bit. Everything seems hazy to me," Bu Fang muttered to himself, then patted his frozen face. He crawled out of bed and washed up.

He walked into the kitchen and began his daily cutting and carving exercises.

He had two cups of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew last night and felt incredibly dizzy afterwards. As to what happened later, he only remembered snippets. It seemed like last night Whitey stripped someone again and made him streak. He couldn't, however, remember who it was exactly.

Since he couldn't remember, he didn't care to recall the details. Bu Fang twirled the knife in his hands, placed it back onto the knife rack, and began cooking Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

The shutters of the door were pushed open and with it, the coldness of winter blew in. The Spring Festival had already passed for more than a month, and the temperature was getting gradually warmer.

Opening the doors to his store, Bu Fang placed the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of Blacky. He rubbed the latter's silky smooth, immaculate fur, and stood up.

But before he had the chance to return to the store, the sounds of footsteps echoed from the alleyway...

Bu Fang was a bit perplexed and turned around only to see a large crowd making its way through.

In the front of the crowd were thirteen unrestrained burly bricks. Oh, there was a middle-aged pale face amidst those fellows.

Behind the thirteen hefty men were the muscular three Ouyang Barbarians, as well as a bunch of people Bu Fang didn't recognize. These folks all had strong levels of energy.

Bu Fang's eyes were sharp and he detected Fatty Jin and his crew behind the crowd... They were presently in a state of bewilderment.

It was so early in the morning... Why did so many powerful warriors show up? Could one not have a peaceful breakfast first?