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 Chapter 200: The Clothes Are Gone, Forget About the Wine!

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Bu Fang staggered back into the kitchen. As he let out a light breath, the rich smell of alcohol spread from his mouth.

Having drank two cups of wine, Bu Fang felt all tipsy and lightheaded. He had to admit that this new wine was much stronger than the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

He put away the rest of the wine jars in the kitchen, leaving out only three white jade wine jars. In these jars was the newly brewed spirit wine, which fragrance had engulfed half of the Imperial City.

The three white jade wine jars were carefully lidded, sealing the rich wine aroma within the wine jar themselves to prevent it from further dissipating. Bu Fang patted the white jade wine jars and licked his own lips. The scent of alcohol once again gushed out of his mouth.

Gazing at these white jade wine jars, Bu Fang fell into a deep contemplation. It was time to name the wine...

A spirit wine brewed with three types of seventh grade spirit herbs... maybe call it, Three Treasures Wine? Bu Fang quickly shook his head. This name sounded awfully gawky, and it would devalue the wine.

"One sip fills the mouth with burning flames, once swallowed it becomes cold as blades of ice... how about Frost Blaze Wine? Nope, still too unsophisticated, perhaps Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Wine? Hmm... let's go with Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew."

Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he mulled over this, but his heart was indeed fervent. The Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew had easily surpassed the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine. He wondered how it might compare with the Dragon's Breath?

Bu Fang's knowledge of the Dragon's Breath rested on Ni Yan's description. He hadn't personally tasted the Dragon's Breath himself, and so he was unable to make a valid judgement.

"System, is it possible to test whether the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew or the Dragon's Breath is more superior?" Bu Fang asked the system in great anticipation.

However, the system remained silent for a while before solemnly replying him: "The comparison needs to be made by someone who has tasted Dragon's Breath. Thus, the host is unable to complete the temporary assignment at this stage. Please continue trying hard. However, the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew has been successfully recorded, and so the price valuation has begun..."

The system's reply exceeded Bu Fang's expectations, leaving him slightly dumbfounded.

Must the comparison be made by someone who has tasted the Dragon's Breath? It caused Bu Fang to wrinkle his brows.

Not after long, he relaxed his brows and curled the corners of his lips. There was one person in the Imperial City who had drank the Dragon's Breath before. That was Ni Yan, which meant that the a judgement could be issued once she came by on the following day to try the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew.

The System was still working on the price valuation. Bu Fang didn't have a clue over how it would turn out. However, he was clear on one thing: it certainly wouldn't be cheap.

The results wouldn't be in for quite a while, and Bu Fang was also drowsy from the wine. He yawned, walked out of the kitchen, and got ready to close up and withdraw upstairs.


Whitey stood by the store like an unshakeable mountain. A red light flickered continuously in its mechanic eyes.

A thick rain of swords fell before Tian Xuzi. These shadows of blades were all generated from the sword in his hand.

Tian Xuzi's face was grave. Dark red blood trickled out of his nose and stained his white beard...

"Behead this robotic puppet!"

With a light snarl, Tian Xuzi concentrated hard and released waves of true energy from his body. Clink, clank. The shadows of blades whistled and charged toward Whitey.

The shadows covered the sky, almost metamorphosizing into a shower of swords. Its density made one's hair stand on ends and one's heart shudder uncontrollably.

Amidst the rainstorm of blades was Tian Xuzi's vigor of sword. That was a seventh grade Battle-Saint's vigor of sword, a mighty, formidable and rare one. It poured down in a way that nearly crumbled the city gates. An ordinary seventh grade Battle-Saint wouldn't even have the guts to resist this move.

This move... was plainly terrifying.

Those nearby were in awe. They now had considerable awareness of Tian Xuzi's brooding strength.

Whitey's plump body seemed so tiny amidst the torrent of blades, as if a single boat on the vast sea, just waiting to be overturned by the tides.

A robotic sound suddenly rang in the air. Whitey's mechanic eyes raised up and emitted a red beam over the shower of blades.

At that moment, the dense torrent of blades had completely engulfed it.

"Hahaha! Crush it for good!" Tian Xuzi roared with laughter. He wiped away the blood dripping from his nose, absorbed by elation.

Suddenly, his hearty laughter stopped short.

This was because, right before him, the rainstorm of blades were being swallowed by a bottomless pit, and continued to thin out.

Not after long, only a few shadows of blades were left.

The incredible show of force had abruptly reduced to a sorry sight.

Tian Xuzi's eyeballs bulged as he glared at Whitey. Extending out a finger, he couldn't stop shuddering... Damn it, why was there such an intimidating puppet in this world.

Whitey's mechanic eyes flashed red once more, and the delicate metal sword in its hands was instantly bent out of shape. With a crack, the blade was completely broken...

That crispy sound reverberated in the alleyway once so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

In that moment, everyone in the crowd took in a chilled breath. Tian Xuzi spat out a mouthful of blood and retreated a few steps in dejection. His body couldn't stop trembling.

That was a spirit sword he had created with essence blood. Who would have thought that the robotic puppet before him could... simply crush it!

Tian Xuzi even felt his kidney twitch. He felt weak as never before.

"Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others."

Whitey's robotic voice rang. Nobody understood what that meant, and were all taken back.

The seventh master hiding among the spectators recognized this familiar, nightmare-like sound. His entire body shuddered and shivered in fear.

Again... not again! A demon obsessed with stripping others!

Whitey threw the broken sword in its hands onto the floor. Its palms lifted up, and with a whir, extended outwards. They rested above Tian Xuzi and simply lifted him up by the head.

That was a palm that could crumple a spirit sword...

The bystanders felt their brains freeze. If that palm even exerted a tiny bit of force-mind one that Tian Xuzi's brain was certainly not sturdier than the spirit sword-the consequences would naturally be... hard to digest.

But the reality wasn't what those in the crowd had envisioned, even though that sight would have be too hard to bear.


Tian Xuzi felt a chill breeze around his body. The robe he wore was torn apart by the metallic lump...

Oh my gosh! What did this metallic lump want? Has it lost it mind, unwilling to even let an old chap go?!

The seventh master's teeth chattered. This was a familiar sight, one that was eye-blinding... and fully evoked the pain in his heart!

Whitey's red beam scanned across Tian Xuzi's naked body, then its arms swung and flung Tian Xuzi away. He was like a bean bun tossed far away, kicking up the dust on the ground.

Ni Yan blinked her eyes and quickly covered Ye Ziling's eyes, "You little girl, don't look."

The Thirteen Bandits felt a pain shoot up their teeth as they wheezed one after another. Damn it, exactly as what the seventh master had said... This metallic lump was a demon obsessed with stripping others. It would't kill you, but it wanted to strip you naked, now that was messed up!

Tian Xuzi crawled up from the floor. As the wind blew by, his balls felt oh so cold. His old, saggy face became paler than ever. He had effectively snapped out of the temptation of fine wine. The clothes were gone, forget about the wine!

The metallic lump of a puppet before his eyes was a fierce warrior. That, alas, was the trump card of the store... no wonder it could possess a Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree. Turns out it had a puppet that could singlehandedly strip a seventh grade Battle-Saint. It was plainly terrifying.

Tian Xuzi no longer had the face to stay there. He waved his hand and numerous swords appeared in his hands. With a flick of a finger, these long swords covered the lower part of his body and began spinning, as if forming a skirt... but at least it succeeded in screening off the eye-blinding sight.

Xiao Yue was stunned. The elder of the Void Sword Pavilion lived up to his name. He knew how to have fun!

The light tap of footsteps rang. The tipsiness has yet to fade from Bu Fang's complexion. He walked to the entrance, flicked a gaze at the bare naked Tian Xuzi attempting to cover himself with rotating swords, and curled his lips.

Patting Whitey's fat belly, Bu Fang said coolly: "We are closed. If you want wine, come back earlier tomorrow and line up...

"Oh, there is a limited amount of wine. First come, first served."

Bu fang stated calmly. Whitey turned around, returned to the store and stepped into the kitchen. Bu Fang reached for the shutters and closed them before the dumbstruck crowd.

Having shut the door, Bu Fang felt his eyelids struggle in a battle. He was far too sleepy. Emitting another breath that was still rich with the scent of alcohol, he returned to his room on the second floor. After a bath, he climbed onto his bed and fell into a deep sleep.

There was a limited amount of wine, first come, first served... this announcement caused many to avert their eyes. They left one after another, each immersed in their own thoughts.

It seemed like this wine... could only be tasted tomorrow.

Try to snatch it by force? Tian Xuzi's eyesore of a spectacle was still vivid in their minds. They were not idiots, and naturally wouldn't consider making a move against Whitey, the demon clearly obsessed with stripping others.

"Let's go. Tonight's show has ended. Let's get here early tomorrow to drink the wine," Ni Yan said as she patted Ye Ziling's head. Afterwards, she pulled the latter after her and left the alleyway.